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And now I'm going to take a few weeks off work while I figure out how to explain to him why the Fed is set to cut rates with stocks at all-time highs and the unemployment rate near all-time lows.
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Renee DiResta @noUpside is the real deal, seriously involved fighting bad actors who attack the USA. /cc @brianstelter https://twitter.com/ReliableSources/status/1150447703563915265
This is wild. I thought it was spliced until I saw the French President tweeted it. https://twitter.com/emmanuelmacron/status/1150408570929917957
I just met up with my family after doing a TV spot and my 2 year daughter greeted me with “Is that your necklace? I don’t like it. It’s ugly. Take it off.” Should have consulted her earlier, I guess.
I was just on @ReliableSources - program is still going on with some great panels about information war. https://twitter.com/digiphile/status/1150426366850031621
"There is nothing illegal about propaganda," says @noUpside. There's no easy answer for a lot of this stuff, she tells @brianstelter – but she's suggested a number of approaches that could help: https://defusingdis.info/2019/01/23/weve-diagnosed-the-disinformation-problem-now-whats-the-prescription/ Key insight: limit freedom of reach, not freedom of speech.
what is the male equivalent of “wearing entirely lululemon on a six hour flight” and how can i start doing it
Full adidas tracksuit
who remembers juicy couture because my old juicy sweatpants (the version with the brand name NOT embroidered on the ass, tyvm) are still what i wear on 6hr flights. for men it has to be adidas.
juicy was huge when i was in HS worst pants ever
Just wear sweatpants.
Pat's Pants. https://www.patspants.co/
Mike it’s called Under Armour
Dude, how do you not already do this? Lululemon all day, bro.
This is basically the lunch menu for anyone working in SOMA in SF. 22. https://twitter.com/da1nonlycmart/status/1150053631586119680
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We need clearer articulation of what’s required of lawmakers. They need better tools to identify constituents. And all types of Pages need better tools to manage brigades.
So Rep Gonzalez is telling her *actual* constituents to mute or unfollow her temporarily to avoid drama/harassment/distraction. This situation is untenable. It’s so easy for non-constituent trolls to DDOS representatives...or to create a false perception of majority opinion.
Legislators can’t tell who they can and can’t block here. But it makes their page absolutely toxic to real constituents- the antivax brigade takes it upon themselves to mass spam even old posts and reply to real constituents, trying to draw them into the debate.
But politicians can’t tell. And these posts, as she is explaining, make her page toxic to her real constituents. She’s apologetic and telling them to unfollow or mute her for a while.
There are people on @LorenaSGonzalez ‘ page who don’t live in the state or even in the US - seems the accusations that she was “rude to the moms of vaccine injured children” (it is very often that grievance) hit the radar of Australian antivaxxers too. So they came to comment.
They are simply harassment from out of district, out of state, out of *country* (several Australian antivaccine activists showed up to brigade and mass-post). There is no way for legislators to tell what they’re looking at when these things happen:
The decision seems to be a grey area right now. Maybe muting is ok. Maybe blocking for explicit harassment is ok? Much higher standards for public figures. But this gets complicated because many of the thousands of comments are NOT her constituents.
Now, Rep Gonzalez is a public figure. She is not immune to criticism from constituents, and legally - for the same reasons as Pres Trump - she is not allowed to block or mute them. This is social media activism and engaging in the political process. Free expression.
The bill was sent to a suspense file for later hearing (this is what everyone already knew would happen). But the antivaxxers felt slighted and the usual calls to brigade began to spread in the antivax Facebook Groups.
They did not like the instructions. They wanted to say a lot more. It ranged from things like “I oppose YOU!” to trying to tell personal stories. Rep Gonzalez reiterated the rules a few times, saying the *Appropriations* committee wasn’t the place for stories about their kids.
She gave clear instructions to fhe antivaxxers who showed up, first on how witness comment worked, and then on what the rest could say when they came to the microphone to express opposition: name, affiliation, support/oppose. Video of the hearing is here. https://www.assembly.ca.gov/media/assembly-appropriations-committee-20190701/video
Here’s an example playing out in CA that illustrates the challenges of policy, manufactured consensus, and activism on social platforms. Rep @LorenaSGonzalez chaired a hearing of Assembly Appropriations committee yesterday, and a controversial vaccine bill came up.
RT has a whole article devoted to anonymous speculation about this very important question. Question More!
RT @noUpside: Some tweet will go viral this afternoon about how Twitter going down on the day of the #SocialMediaSummit was a vast plot by…
Some tweet will go viral this afternoon about how Twitter going down on the day of the #SocialMediaSummit was a vast plot by SV leftists.
Experienced outrage withdrawal. Had to get news directly from news sites. #TwitterDown
Facebook was down for me, too. Had to complain on Insta stories. 😅
🤔 https://twitter.com/jjmacnab/status/1149348182200946688
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cc @bobthecow god we're so behind with just our paper calendar. https://twitter.com/TaylorLorenz/status/1149341071769362437
Since of course there's a trending hashtag now: #SocialMediaSummit thread.... https://twitter.com/noUpside/status/1149339150983688192
Argue for more transparency around takedowns - something like Lumen. Argue for a better appeals process. Argue for more oversight and regulation - we need these! But the regs shouldn’t be tailored to manufactroversy rooted in hyperpartisan grievance-mill campaign donation grift.
"manufactroversy" is a fun neologism for the day.
Go back to the news coverage of Trending Topicsgate; this has been a long-running narrative that has never seen anything close to quantitative evidence. What has emerged, from engagement data, shows the opposite. And it’s not just libs pointing that out. https://www.fastcompany.com/90373754/some-conservatives-blast-trumps-anti-conservative-bias-social-media-summit
And then the deeper dive, after FB pulled down a bunch of domestic pages (from both parties) for coordinated inauthentic activity. https://www.wired.com/story/facebook-domestic-disinformation-algorithmic-megaphones/
Happy Social Media Summit day! 🎉 I was going to write something about the conservative bias debate but then realized I already did, twice, last year. “Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach”, part 1: https://www.wired.com/story/free-speech-is-not-the-same-as-free-reach/amp
RT @pushkinpods: The spread of dangerous misinformation online, especially on social media, is a growing problem. On a new #Solvable, @anne…
Somehow conservative sites are censored and yet they’re also driving the narrative. More tangible data (shares & attention this time) indicating that claims of anti-conservative bias on social media are counter to facts. https://twitter.com/libraryjournal/status/1147854757454913536
Party supplies? https://twitter.com/slangwise/status/1148640639707312128
I couldn’t figure this one out at all. Fake?
I figure it has to be some kind of elaborate Reddit troll
Next up, a Sokal-esque hoax with GANs-generated people in a NYT wedding announcement.
Agree. Complete clusterfuck by @flySFO. Will likely switch airports I fly out of to fly from San Jose more often. https://twitter.com/brandonreeves08/status/1148278299291865088
if you can, do it - equidistant for you.
There are tons of taxis waiting there
I got in constant trouble for uniform code violations when I was in HS (“problems with authority”) and now I’m here looking for my own kid’s uniform shirts and wondering if this could pass as a “navy blue polo”...
This was an extremely convoluted campaign that popped up several times, involved multiple types of actors. This article is good. Any thoro analysis needs 2 include the coordinated activity on 4chan to get # HisNameWasSethRich (fight club 🧼) trending etc. Bots drove trends then. https://twitter.com/katestarbird/status/1148637636224962560
Wonder what happened to this guy between 2015 and 2018.
This FB Policy move is a bizarre way to go in the era of “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” and ‘citizen media’-led viral mobs... https://m.facebook.com/communitystandards/credible_violence/
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Newt Gingrich's comments promoting the Seth Rich-as-Assange-source narrative were similarly memed.
In our Dec 2018 summary of the social media data sets for SSCI, there are examples of memes related to how the IRA, Assange, and Seth Rich content (among other conspiracies) was pushed on FB and Instagram.
If you'd like to read the IRA tweets on Seth Rich - "Julian Assange acknowledges murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was Wikileaks' source. Why is MSM covering this up?" - they're here https://russiatweets.com/tweet-search?terms=%22seth+rich%22&language=®ion=&start_date=&end_date=&orderby=&author= https://twitter.com/Isikoff/status/1148554104853225473
(Thread) Rachel is amazing at making complex concepts incredibly clear. https://twitter.com/math_rachel/status/1148267812479070208
I would have used “rank hypocrisy, sanctimony, economic illiteracy, and performative progressivism” but I ran out of characters. If you’re ok with a chain selling $10 water but not McDonalds your issue is not with chains. https://twitter.com/tummler10/status/1148439888796237824
Post-purchase bribery with future discounts. This is one reason that the top-recommended baby monitor on the platform, and the top-recommended testosterone supplement, have the number of reviews they do. Free or heavily discounted subsequent products. https://twitter.com/bobthecow/status/1148414240656461824
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