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If I was granted one superpower, I‘d want the ability to magically know the hot/cold positions for any faucet. (Do designers of fancy integrated faucets ever talk to users of faucets?)
If there is a bellhop involved in getting to my room, I ask where the light switches are, particularly around the bed.
How about doors that are meant to be pushed out only but have a pull handle?
I was just in Iceland and had to call the hotel front desk. 😞
Good use of curation. https://twitter.com/dnvolz/status/1175413356146155520
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The first ask here is important. The second already happened and no evidence of bias was found. Stop beating this horse. https://slate.com/technology/2019/08/facebook-anti-conservative-bias-audit-results-kyl.html https://twitter.com/hawleymo/status/1174777452285038595
Okay so it seems you basically read all of the mean replies in the process of hiding them, then at the end of that have created a visible record of the ones you really didn’t like. Streisand Effect the tweets that bothered you.
I have this (not sure if everyone does yet) and it mostly looks like it sticks the hidden replies, which have to be hidden one at a time AFAICT, into a quarantine of sorts where anyone else can see what I’ve quarantined. Which is weird.
The replies to this tweet prove the value of the feature. This isn’t “censorship”. https://twitter.com/twittersupport/status/1174790755455385601
It's easy to see how the difference between an average school vs an *amazing* school could be a big deal for someone whose parents are immigrants or themselves lack education and social capital, but there's a paranoia lurking in the upper echelons that doesn't make sense.
I sincerely don't understand what harms affluent highly educated people believe are going to accrue to their children if they attend so-so public schools rather "the best" ones or fancy private schools. Nobody quite seems to be able to spell this out.
Didn’t you go to Dalton and Harvard? Have you asked your parents this question?
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If your book is for sale on Amazon it isn’t banned.
Had a really great conversation with Stephanie from ⁦@TheMissionHQ⁩. We discussed influence operations and tech policy, then got into how having kids has impacted and inspired how I think about my role and goals. #MissionDaily https://mission.org/podcast/defending-information-integrity-with-renee-diresta-mozilla-fellow/
#ImageNet making me rethink this hat
I just spent 2 hours in this geothermal soaking pool. There was a swim-up mask bar. And a swim up bar bar.
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CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Chucking a menstrual cup was done by a “paid actor”.
It was a menstrual cup and blood. This is *madness*. After two days of chaining themselves to doors, committing assault two weeks ago, and mailing bricks through the campaign they’re tossing *blood* at Senators. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article235084637.html
This is insane. The law passed nearly a week ago. Antivaxxers are now chucking liquid off the balcony at the Senators “in protest”. Imagine any other group pulling a stunt like this. https://twitter.com/adlerben/status/1172666649456939010
Section 5 on, in particular.
This is a must-read for parents. It’s about NYC but it is also about San Francisco. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/10/when-the-culture-war-comes-for-the-kids/596668/
RT *and* Sputnik. Which are of course totally independent entities. https://twitter.com/sputnikint/status/1172172468884258817
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Alexa, what is Yahoo Answers Alexa, what is Boaty McBoatface https://twitter.com/cnbc/status/1172173654748254213
It’s a mess. I don’t know why airlines kept flights running. Everything is 2+ hrs delayed. https://twitter.com/chrissyfarr/status/1171092873497980929
This wasn't for lack of asking. The platforms are very concerned about preservation of privacy in the era of Cambridge Analytica - which involved academics. There are horror stories of data deanonymization. Striking the right balance is a huge problem for ongoing research.
Beyond engagement metrics - which the SSCI research teams released as summary stats for organic content across all platforms - we were not given anything related to audience makeup for the pages (even in aggregate), and were also not allowed anonymized comments.
This research framework highlights the tension bt privacy and security affecting our ability to understand impact of Russian interference. Those of us who did the SSCI project to assess the impact not only asked these q's but asked for more data. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2019-09-10/sinan-aral-social-media-science-russia-mueller-elections-intererference
RT @mathewi: This is a fascinating piece, about how tiny decisions made for no particular reason — turning left instead of right, sleeping…
Good look at multi-stream approach increasingly common in Russian disinformation: 1) overt propaganda, in this case via local state media, 2) distribution tactics on social, incl influencer marketing” boosts. Nominally decentralized operators. SEO games. https://meduza.io/en/feature/2019/09/09/troll-factories-so-2016
#SB276 was just signed. https://twitter.com/ZavalaA/status/1171213882389667841
Senate voting here now. Antivaxxers have been pounding on doors in Senate, Assembly, and Governor's office, screaming in the galleries. http://calchannel.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=18&event_id=5317 https://twitter.com/adlerben/status/1171193528329756672
RT @ZavalaA: Protestors of California’s vaccine bill SB276 have taken over the building. One group is chanting in the Assembly gallery.…
You could recreate this scroll experience replacing "Apple Apps" with Amazon Basics and Amazon's ~5 variants of reco engines. In an era of information glut, companies design recommendation engines as a mechanism for choice architecture. They are often helpful, but not neutral.
So, Amazon. https://twitter.com/cwarzel/status/1171085365521698816
I hope "democracy is doomed" becomes the new conventional wisdom, so we can all laugh at it when it proves to be just as wrong as the other big sweeping theses we laugh at now. https://www.politico.com/magazine/amp/story/2019/09/08/shawn-rosenberg-democracy-228045?__twitter_impression=true
I don’t think it’s entirely wrong. I think we are at a point where it’s increasingly impossible to achieve societal consensus - where groups increasingly operate in their own consensus micro-realities. the frameworks that enabled democracy are experiencing profound shifts.
here’s hoping it’s wrong. a lot of the critical convo about the Politico article is focused on derision about the speaker as self-serving Ivy elite...on-trend with social media era attacking messenger suitability rather than debating ideas.
I guess it's possible that information technology makes democracy obsolete. Industrial technology made monarchy obsolete. But then what replaces democracy? Anocracy? Totalitarianism? Both are very shitty for the real economy, and people still have to eat.
I’m not sure. The populist movements have largely recast expertise itself as “elite”, and that also isn’t going to help the people eat in the near term. A period of upheaval followed by the design of new systems? UBI and central administration of some sort?
big-T Truth problems (realities that exist independently of social consensus) like the climate issue beginning to have tangible impact on people’s lives...maybe accelerate the process?
I have no doubt our *economic* system will change. But will people stop choosing their leaders? Will China-style internet control become the only viable system of government? Will there no longer be any viable system of government? I think both of those are long-shot propositions
In the short term I’m more worried about people in one reality recognizing the legitimacy of a leader elected from the other. The micro-realities problem significantly impacts the future of democracy (so, again, maybe “destroys” is too strong but...I do think it’s a possibility)
Sacramento this week is gonna be 🗑 🔥
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