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Companies are fighting back against activist short seller attacks. Investors say they're smothering criticism
IMF supports U.S. Fed's 'patient' halt to rate hikes
ECB's Enria says merged banking giant must have extra capital, be 'resolvable'
Deutsche Bank CEO sees strong case for merger with Commerzbank: source
Breakingviews - Traders’ brave new world shrinks to same old story
Bank of England keeps rates on hold as businesses brace for no-deal Brexit
EU leaders to discuss stronger shield against Chinese influence
Norway hikes rates, in rare example of monetary tightening
Stock futures tread water after Fed turns more accommodative
ECB attacks EU goverments for denying it oversight of euro clearing
With a valuation of $6.6 billion, Levi Strauss & Co is set to come back to the stock market
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UK shoppers keep on spending as Brexit approaches
EU summit readies for Brexit in May - or next week
Gold hits 3-week high as Fed defers rate hikes; palladium sets record
RT @breakingviews: Malaysia Airlines has been losing cash for years. Now Premier Mahathir Mohamad is asking if it should fly at all. Foldin…
RT @breakingviews: Thailand’s vote may solve just one problem, says @ClaraMarquesRTR:
RT @breakingviews: Hong Kong may exclude white-collar crimes from a mooted deal to exchange suspects with the mainland. That’s an uncomfort…
Levi Strauss & Co is coming back to the stock market after more than three decades with a valuation of $6.6 billion
South Korean watchdog cuts fine on Qualcomm after decade-old legal battle
JUST IN: Deutsche Bank CEO sees advantages in merger with Commerzbank, and believes job cuts in store with or without merger - source
Australian state poll threatens $2 billion coal seam gas project
Asian shares up on accommodative Fed; growth concerns linger
Oil eases from four-month high on global growth worries
South Korean watchdog cuts fine on Qualcomm after decade-old legal battle
Fed Chairman Powell on ruling out a rate hike in 2019: The Fed must be patient
Wall Street down after dovish Fed statement
Netflix plans for more interactive content
The Federal Reserve says it will not hike interest rates this year amid a slowing economy
Levi Strauss valued at $6.6 billion as IPO prices above target
The S&P 500 and the Dow ended lower after the Fed affirmed a dovish monetary policy stance
Fed announces plan to end balance sheet runoff in September
Inside the Fed's balance sheet in four charts
Sales of pork rise in South Korea when the smog thickens. Here's why:
Fed sees no rate hikes in 2019, plans slowdown in balance sheet reduction
Tencent to post steepest profit fall in 13 years on games setback
Dovish Fed shift lifts Asian shares, dollar nurses losses
Financials weigh down Wall Street
FedEx shares drop after the package delivery company slashed its profit forecast for the second time in three months
RT @breakingviews: The Federal Reserve is essentially waving the white flag on so-called normalization @richardbeal…
After the success of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,’ Netflix vows to invest in more interactive content
Pork for pollution? South Koreans fight smog with grease
Fed sees no rate hikes in 2019
Netflix explores choose-your-own-adventure content following the success of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’
Banks stifle Wall Street rally following dovish Fed statement
RT @breakingviews: Google’s fines inadvertently make a good case for tougher antitrust curbs. @rob_cyran https://t.…
FedEx says weak global trade growth, international Express business to blame as it slashes its 2019 profit forecast
RT @breakingviews: Political donors in Silicon Valley have reasons to keep their 2020 powder dry @GinaChon https://…
RT @nicholagroom: U.S. judge blocks drilling over climate change, casting doubt on...
RT @RichardLeong2: Investors cool on cash. They pulled nearly $40 billion from U.S. money market funds, mainly institutional government one…
RT @ReutersBiz: Palladium hits record high above $1,600/oz on plans for Russia export ban
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