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Auto mechanic texted me to let me know I owed him $900 and I replied "Thanks!" because I did not want to seem rude using a period.
I know, it's wild.
Did you know that if you are a company you can still tweet things that aren't self-promotional?
Some valuable takeaways for him here as unfortunately he was unaware of several of what I assured him are best practices
Sharing with my teenage nephew what I have learned about Tik Tok from top thought leaders
At my age the FaceApp Challenge is looking in a mirror every morning and it is a very HIGH-STAKES game.
RT @amertzman: GameStop doubles-down on brick and mortar with @RGA Austin and Chicago | Campaign US via @campaignli…
The highball is back! (And it's the perfect antidote to Ap*r*l Sp*i*z fatigue.)
To avoid confusion as to what is being modified by the adjective, "hot-girl summer" should take a hyphen. I'm actually a very fun person. Ask anyone.
RT @LBBOnline: Learning from Machine Learning: @RGA London's Max Wilke on how #ArtificialIntelligence can unleash human creativity. https:/…
me trying to get at the meeting food before it's officially released for public consumption
The word of the day is optics.
Look, we were in the room. We saw the presentation....
Long car trip with the kids, but passing the time taking turns composing and reciting manifestos.
I'm OK with my likes vanishing because it's not like my self-worth is at all tied up with that or anything.
The insight: people don't like to see bad tweets. The idea: pay money to promote my worst tweets.
We need to schedule daily stand-ups to get ready for the sit-down.
Mistakenly typed vommunity instead of community and now I know what Sir Isaac Newton felt when he discovered gravity.
98% of all workplace conversation is just discussions of Sweetgreen orders.
Sometimes when I see an artist has "dropped" something I allow myself a few moments of soothing misapprehension that they abandoned the project and it will never see the light of day. It's the little things that carry you through....
Yesterday I had the most successful business trip of my life. I sat on the tarmac for 10 hours, my flight was canceled, and I went home.
calling up people one by one to ask why they didn't like my post, then arguing strenuously in favor of their liking it
Ah that's better. I feel better now.
When the mechanical delays last just long enough to keep you on the ground for the weather delays
As a rule the promoted trend is the day's realest and most significant piece of news.
Counterpoint: the promoted trend is often the realest and most significant trend.
OK don't start a fictional ad agency, I guess.
Rock Hudson (Lover Come Back) -- dishonest Tony Randall (Lover Come Back) -- incompetent Doris Day (Lover Come Back) -- thin-skinned Eddie Murphy (Boomerang) -- think of the lawsuits Cary Grant (Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House) -- takes credit for others' work
People not to hire for your fictional ad agency: Jack Lemmon (Days of Wine and Roses, Prisoner of Second Ave.) -- erratic, unreliable Albert Brooks (Lost in America) -- anger issues Tom Hanks (Nothing in Common) -- sleeps with clients Mel Gibson (What Women Want) -- I mean
It's wild to watch how people touch their phones when they're not using them.
You: We need to present three different directions, each with a distinct look and feel. Me:
RT @patrickcoffee: The answer to the question “will you read my book on marketing and then write a story about it” is always no.
Amazing coffee. Possibly the world's best coffee. In fact, it's not just coffee, it's a movement. Millions of impressions served.
I threw out a headline I wrote because it was too embarrassingly punny for human consumption but after five minutes on the subway I'm not so sure.
The ads I am served make me want to be a better person.
Please don't take my self-delusion away from me. It's all that I have.
Great, now that there are "40 Over 40" lists I can't pretend age is the only reason I haven't made the other lists.
Congrats @saneel and co.
Time to re-up my supply of fancy design-y notebooks so I can fill them with nothing.
I just need something to say.
On the West Coast so it's OK that I'm tweeting now.
I feel like if I die leaving my children with nothing more than the knowledge that it is impossible to win an argument online, I will have succeeded as a parent.
Sketching on a napkin, 1959: I don't have anything else to write on. Sketching on a napkin, 2019: I'm a genius and this is going in a museum someday.
OK if you were trying to scare me, it worked.
Maybe it's not the best but I'm trying and honestly telling me my password is "weak" isn't helping.
I wonder how it's doing. I hope it is happy and having a good life.
Just remembered Big Data
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