Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!
How the Raptors took home the @NBA title: https://slate.com/culture/2019/06/raptors-2019-nba-title-warriors-kawhi-leonard.html #ReadbyRichard
When we ask each other questions – and really listen to the answers – we can gain not only other perspectives, but a far more well-rounded understanding of the issues at hand https://virg.in/wTX @SIRIUSXM
Governments, businesses, communities and experts of all kinds need to unite to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030 https://virg.in/wTX @oceanunite
Wonderful listening and learning with Canada’s Minister for Environment and Climate Change @cathmckenna on my @SIRIUSXM radio show https://virg.in/wTX
Discussing ocean conservation with @cathmckenna & learning about Canada’s commitment to eliminate single-use plastics https://virg.in/wTX @oceanunite @virginvoyages
Here’s a few sneak peeks at the latest episode of my @SIRIUSXM radio show Learning with Richard Branson https://virg.in/wTX
While #deathpenalty numbers have declined in the last few decades, thousands of men and women are still facing execution. We need to step up our efforts. President of @VirginUnite, @JeanOelwang, shares how we can help: https://virg.in/woH
Ever wonder what #LauncherOne looks like from Cosmic Girl’s perspective? Here’s some exciting footage from our most recent captive carry flight test, featuring never-before-seen angles of our flying launchpad https://virg.in/Uyu #VirginFamily @virgin_orbit
Ever wonder what @Virgin.Orbit's #LauncherOne looks like from Cosmic Girl’s perspective? Here’s some exciting footage from our most recent captive carry flight test, featuring never-before-seen angles of our flying launchpad https://virg.in/Uyu #VirginFamily
Thrilled to see @VirginAtlantic’s very own Katie Simmonds sharing her story on becoming a pilot #VirginFamily https://twitter.com/dwp/status/1139918037870620672
There are some people you meet throughout your life and it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak to each other all the time, but when you meet you just instantly pick your friendship back up and have a good time https://virg.in/w5F @VirginRadioUK
The time to shape the future of work is now: https://virg.in/wwY @thebteamhq
Chatting business tips with Chris Evans https://virg.in/w5F
It was so wonderful to be talking about how great it was that @virgingalactic have made it to space, not once, but twice – and to be talking to Chris Evans, back where he belongs on @VirginRadioUK https://virg.in/w5F
Take two! But Chris… Aren’t we live on air? Chris Evans managed to get my brain in gear when he interviewed me bright and early on the #ChrisEvansBreakfastShow https://virg.in/w5F
So great to chat with Chris Evans back where he belongs on @VirginRadioUK – he really is the most entertaining man on the airwaves https://virg.in/w5F
We do our best work if we are happy and healthy. Here’s how we like to balance work and wellness at @Virgin https://virg.in/woC #MondayMotivation #VirginFamily
“Isn’t life wonderful?” Remembering my delightful dad and his favourite quote this Father’s Day
Top tips for balancing work and wellness according to one @VirginUnite team member who is on a mission to complete all six World Marathon Majors https://virg.in/woC #MyWellnessMonth #VirginFamily @virginpulse
@Virgin is proud to introduce the first ever disabled air display team – working to change people’s perceptions of disability: https://virg.in/wJm @douglasbaderfou @VirginAtlantic #VirginFamily
Excited for Scarlet Lady to start sailing next year to some wonderful destinations: https://virg.in/wUq #VirginFamily @VirginVoyages
Scared of heights? You might want to look away now… https://virg.in/wUy
Everything anyone needs to know about the failed system of capital punishment in the US https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/14/opinion/sunday/death-penalty.html #readbyrichard
Why #Canada is a shining example of an emerging global ocean leader: https://virg.in/ww7 #OceanProtection
Had such a great time in Toronto – wonderful to meet the first @VirginVoyages Captain Wendy Williams https://virg.in/w3S #VirginFamily
Tips from yours truly on starting a side project and turning it into a business: https://virg.in/w3r
Everybody needs a Game Plan. The Game Plan Game is an educational, fun tool that teaches your child life skills and personal safety. Best of luck with it Ellie! http://gameplangame.com/
“It felt as though I had fire in my lungs; the taste of coal was thick in the air and seemed to strip my nose and throat as I breathed.” Photographer Charlie Dailey visited one of the world’s most polluted places https://virg.in/Uyj
My thoughts upon visiting a refugee camp in Ethiopia https://virg.in/wiw @TheElders
As we saw first-hand, Ethiopia has become a shining light to the world in its attitude to supporting refugees https://virg.in/wiw @TheElders
President Zedillo @TheElders said: “Whenever people criticise the UN, they should go to a refugee camp. Can you imagine how much worse off the world would be without the UN?” https://virg.in/wiw
When nations work together rather than retreat into insularity, then we can get on top of issues so much more effectively https://virg.in/wiw @TheElders
Visited Gambela refugee camp, where more than 80,000 of the 350,000 refugees living in Ethiopia are based. The situation was deeply humbling and dire, but the people living and working there were inspiring https://virg.in/wiw @TheElders
Seven innovative companies supported by the @BransonCentreCA have been awarded grants to help grow their product lines. See how they’re scaling: https://virg.in/wZd
Business has a role to play in protecting the ocean. Fantastic to see @VirginVoyages teaming up with @OceanUnite to push for protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030 https://virg.in/w45 #OneOceanOnePlanet #VirginFamily
Congratulations @Raptors! Well done to everyone involved in a great series #NBAPlayoffs #WeTheNorth
What was the name of my documentary again? Oh yes: Don’t Look Down! https://virg.in/wUy
Always great to hang out with all the #VirginFamily @VirginVoyages @Virgin @VirginMobileCan @VirginRadioTO https://virg.in/wUy
Hanging out at 1168 feet up at the CN Tower https://virg.in/wUy @TourCNTower @VirginRadioTO
I’ve always loved adventure and never feared heights. So dangling off the side of the CN Tower sounded like an Edge Walk in the park to me…until I got up there https://virg.in/wUy
@VirginRecordsEMI was originally a side project as part of Student Magazine. The fact we were doing this on top of working didn’t bother us as we were completely passionate about music. Passion is the key to juggling work and business https://virg.in/w3r
I learned more in the first year of launching and running @Virgin than I did across 16 years of schooling https://virg.in/w3r
Not being able to quit your job shouldn’t mean you have to quit your dream – instead it should complement it. Some of the world’s most successful companies began as side projects https://virg.in/w3r
If you have an idea for a business which is keeping you up at night, it would be such a shame to waste it: https://virg.in/w3r @VirginStartUp
Why you should embrace the side hustle: https://virg.in/w3r @VirginStartUp
Exciting step forward in making Spaceport Cornwall a reality: https://virg.in/wZw #VirginFamily
Fun day catching up with all the #VirginFamily in Toronto. Thanks for having us @virginmobilecan @VirginRadioTO @VirginVoyages http://virg.in/w3S
We do like to make a splash when we’re in town. And I’m looking at the CN Tower right now… https://virg.in/w3S
Delighted to share a brand-new line-up of itineraries for @VirginVoyages premier 2020 season – I’m looking forward to exploring archaeological treasures & dancing at beach bonfire soirees https://virg.in/w3S
Fun day catching up with all the #VirginFamily in Toronto. Thanks for having us @virginmobilecan @VirginRadioToronto @VirginVoyages https://virg.in/w3S
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