Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!
Looking forward to watching #TheRedemptionProject with @VanJones68, a powerful investigation into the restorative justice process, premiering 4/28 on @CNN https://virg.in/UnH
“Every touch-point the customer has with the business is part of its experience.” We’ve seen why it’s important to build a strong brand at @Virgin from the early days. Here’s why https://www.forbes.com/sites/jiawertz/2019/04/17/customers-who-have-excellent-experiences-with-brands-spend-140-more/#693265872794 #readbyrichard
“Be just as passionate about where we do agree as where we don’t agree. If we can preserve that, we can rebuild.” - @VanJones68 https://virg.in/UnH @VirginUnite
Why I think every business leader should become a global advocate for universal abolition of the death penalty. https://virg.in/Um9 @AmnestyUK
“One of the biggest killers of smarter thinking is a lack of courage. To think smarter, you have to buck the status quo” - Sara Blakely talks #SmarterThinking with @Virgin. Sara has been a close friends for 15 years & is one of the best in business https://virg.in/UsB @SPANX
“One of the biggest killers of smarter thinking is a lack of courage. To think smarter, you have to buck the status quo” - Sara Blakely talks #SmarterThinking with @Virgin. Sara has been a close friends for 15 years & is one of the best in business https://virg.in/UsB @SPANX
Finding the common ground with @VanJones68 @VirginUnite https://virg.in/UnH
Thanks for the replies. Now, how important is it to you that the businesses you shop with are purposeful? https://virg.in/UnZ
@VirginAtlantic is introducing a brand new social space for Upper Class customers on its first Airbus A350 aircraft – get your first look at The Loft https://virg.in/UmM #AvGeek #AirbusA350 #VirginFamily
How important is it to you that the business you work for is purposeful? Look forward to seeing your responses. https://virg.in/UnZ @virginunite
Why you should build on love not fear https://virg.in/UnZ
If you aren’t trying to make the world a better place, people will not want to work with you https://virg.in/UnZ
Meet the incredible woman helping build greater autism awareness across the BVI: https://virg.in/UWD #waaw
Investing in businesses that are doing good in the world pays off more than investing in ones that don’t https://virg.in/UnZ @virginunite
@virgin_orbit are now one step closer to launching satellites into orbit now that they've tested every part of their integrated launch system Here's a view from their testing of #LauncherOne's fully integrated first stage in Mojave #VirginFamily
We all have self-doubt. But we all we all do our best work when we take chances and stretch ourselves too. Here’s some interesting learnings about this from @HallaTomas https://virg.in/UeM @thebteamhq
Reflecting on a recent fire in the BVI. I stood behind a hose for an hour, as a brilliant team used fire extinguishers to put the fire out https://virg.in/Ugz
“I start with courage - not confidence - and I find the confidence through doing.” @HallaTomas https://virg.in/UeM
Find confidence through doing – don’t wait until you are ready or you will never do anything https://virg.in/UeM
We all suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time. Here’s some lessons from @HallaTomas on how to harness it https://virg.in/UeM @thebteamhq
Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is feeling fear and doing it anyway https://virg.in/UeM
The full lineup for @Virgin_Sport’s Hackney Festival of Fitness has been revealed – find out more and get your tickets now https://virg.in/UmU #VirginFamily
Inspiring acts of bravery in the face of inequality and oppression https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/apr/15/undercover-female-football-fans-in-iran #readbyrichard
A young BVI student, Tatiana, gave me great hope as she made diligent notes and summarised what she had learned beautifully: “Weapons are the bullies; presidents are the teachers; don’t we need a principal?” https://virg.in/Ueq
For big problems we need bold solutions. Tonight eight ideas for global change will be revealed live at 8pm ET #TED2019 https://virg.in/UeT @TEDTalks @TheAudaciousPrj
“We were all incredibly creative as school kids in the playground, inventing games with the things that happened to be at hand.” How messing around and making people laugh can lead to better ideas https://virg.in/Umj
“The future of humanity rests on our capacity to understand the dynamics of teams.” Using smarter thinking to tackle nuclear weapons https://virg.in/Ueq
“New solutions are only going to be found in the margins, where different fields combine.” Why we need collaborative thinking to solve big problems https://virg.in/Ueq
Why 2045, the hundredth anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, could be a viable goal to eliminate nuclear weapons https://virg.in/Ueq
Evolving the nuclear conversation: how we think about nuclear weapons and why it needs to change https://virg.in/Ueq
Simple ways to improve your memory. I like to train my mind and work on my memory by playing chess https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/12/smarter-living/how-to-improve-your-memory-even-if-you-cant-find-your-car-keys.html #readbyrichard
The crew from @virgingalactic's second spaceflight received their Commercial Astronaut Wings. They are the 5th, 6th and 7th people in history to be awarded this honour and Beth Moses is the first woman https://virg.in/Uss
Proud to have such a talented crew fly and test our SpaceShipTwo on our second spaceflight. 🚀
Proud investor in @agilyx - world leader in converting difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into valuable resources: https://virg.in/3zC
How truly sad to see the fire at Notre Dame, one of the world’s great landmarks. Hope everyone in Paris is looking out for each other.
“I realised that a life saved from Nazi Europe had to be a life that was worth saving” – the powerful childhood story behind the entrepreneur and philanthropist @DameStephanie_ https://virg.in/Um2 #ReadbyRichard
If politicians create Marine Protected Areas that support the ocean for generations to come - now that would be a legacy worth celebrating https://virg.in/Us7
Interesting read from @GuyKawasaki as he shares some surprising entrepreneurial stories from his life in his new book: https://www.amazon.com/Wise-Guy-Lessons-Life-Kawasaki/dp/0525538615/
Today just 3% of the ocean is protected. We must protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030 https://virg.in/Us7 @oceanunite
When it comes to ocean conservation, we are knocking on open doors and change is happening. But we all need to do more to protect the ocean for generations to come https://virg.in/Us7
“We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change. And the last who can do something about it.” @figuerescr https://virg.in/Us7
Being climate smart for ocean conservation https://virg.in/Us7 @oceanunite
Who are the people in your life who help you along the way? Be sure to thank them for their impact, and think about the impact you are having too https://virg.in/UmY #MondayMotivation
My top ten quotes on smarter thinking: https://virg.in/Uxo
Commercial human spaceflight now a reality as Beth Moses becomes the first woman in history to be awarded the prestigious Commercial Astronaut Wings from the FAA @virgingalactic https://virg.in/UmB
The @BransonCentreCA is committed to helping small businesses scale and Caribbean economies grow: https://virg.in/UmE
Help support kids in the British Virgin Islands this month by playing #GameOfThrows – take your best shot! https://virg.in/Um5 @VirginUnite
Meet Jamila and Hanan: two brilliant Moroccan artisans who have turned their skillset into a sustainable business model with the help of @eveBranson and @VirginUnite https://virg.in/Uso
Guam, an island in the Pacific, has been chosen to become the site of @Virgin_Orbit’s newest launch site https://virg.in/Us5
How getting outside can make you smarter: https://virg.in/Usq
“The track looks challenging from our work in the simulator, and pretty bumpy in some of the braking areas… It’s going to be an interesting race and I’m really looking forward to it.” @RFrijns is getting ready for the #RomeEPrix https://virg.in/UsQ #FanBoost #RobinFrijns
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