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Whose finger would you rather have hovering over the nuclear button, a cunning criminal or a narcissistic imbecile? I know my preference.
I gave this presentation at @TEDTalks in http://2002.It was banned on their website It was reinstated with a warning about me being a pseudoscientist .What is nature of fundamental reality ? Wonder what you think now @TEDchris @RichardDawkins
Tories will be wiped out in EU election and are panicking about this PR disaster. More than 3000 have applied to Change UK to be MEP candidates (I am one of them)
Long an anomalous outlier, USA is finally starting to catch up with the rest of the civilised world. Those professing no religion now as numerous as Evangelicals or Catholics. The Islamic world will follow, just need better education. Internet may help.
“The British people want . . .” Have you noticed how the very people who keep telling us what we want are the most reluctant to actually find out what we want. If they are so confident of what the British people want, why are they so terrified of a People’s Vote?
V interesting: Fascinating, only need SLIGHT change in asteroid velocity to change a hit to a miss. Asteroid doesn’t hurtle towards us like speeding bullet. It’s in elliptical orbit around the sun. All we need is to slightly stretch or shrink the ellipse
Now almost certain UK will take part in EU Election. That horrifies the Tories – an indication it’s a good thing. Young people not yet registered to vote, please go to It’s easy, with no annoying questions (name of grandmother’s cat etc).
This is terrible news. One of the world's outstanding architectural treasures.
This is one of several horror stories of US executions going ahead in spite of new (often DNA) evidence: Reminds me of the obstinate tenacity with which the 2016 UK referendum vote MUST be upheld, regardless of massive quantities of new evidence. hare_iOSApp_Other
“How are you today?” As an opening gambit on the telephone, is there a more sure give-away diagnostic of a nuisance cold-call? Why do they do it? Other examples that provoke an immediate “No thank you, goodbye”?
Just saw news of this terrible catastrophe on BBC. Woman whose entire town was flattened: “I just thank God that my four grandsons were spared. God had his hand in this event today, I can just feel it.” Good old God!
As so often where Brexit is concerned, a majority of the “replies” are by people who haven’t read the article. How can you “reply” to an article you haven’t read? Of course it’s fine if you haven’t time to read it. But in that case please don’t waste our time by “replying”. ns-tweet-today-a8866391.html
I had some sympathy for Julian Assange. But he worked hard to secure the election of the biggest liar in US history. And now that liar is lying again . . .
English has different words for ape and monkey. Interestingly, most European languages don’t, and that’s surprising given that biologists make rather heavy weather of the distinction. No doubt replies will mention other languages that make the distinction. 65771.html iages-if-voted-to-power-1400687-2018-12-02
“One hundred million sharks are killed every year, just to make shark fin soup” (David Attenborough).
“Ferrous Fumarate tablet contains a form of iron called ferrous fumarate.” Aha! “Do not take Ferrous Fumarate tablets if you know you are allergic to ferrous fumarate.” Well well well!
Yes, natural selection certainly strengthened the skull massively in response to sexually selected charging. But sexual selection would push for ever harder & more repeated head-butting until just beyond the point of serious damage, however strengthened the skull might be.
Very sad to hear of the death of Professor Tim Halliday. Leading authority on amphibian biology and conservationist. His many books display his consummate skill as an artist. Amusing, witty companion, valued friend. I’m glad to possess two of his paintings to remember him by.
More French practice: watching Youtube documentary “Terres sauvages de la Russie - La Sibérie”. Bighorn sheep charge each other head to head. I suspect they probably suffer brain damage: sexual selection would push against natural selection beyond the utilitarian optimum.
1st picture of black hole (well, strictly picture of the ring surrounding it!) 8 widely distributed telescopes around the world united in forging a huge virtual telescope. Science leads the way as symbol of human-pride-inducing international cooperation. house/?
Meme / gene collaboration. Longitudinally transmitted mind virus acting as vector for horizontally transmitted RNA virus.
9 month delay? The longer the better. More time for young voters (who have to live with the consequences) to come of age. More time for Leave voters to drop off their nostalgic perch. More time for Tory party to destroy itself. And for 2-party system to destroy itself.
148 lashes and 38 years. The principal victims of Islam are Muslims, especially women.
Obviously inadvertent mistake but a particularly unfortunate one! Orang Utans described as human ancestors.
My new UK passport has arrived. Maroon in colour and with “European Union” in gold letters on the cover. Valid until Avril 2029. Good omen perhaps?
Conan Doyle may have been a gullible fool who believed in fairies. But he was a brilliant storyteller. Just listened to A Study in Scarlet (superbly read by Stephen Fry). Utterly gripping, such a pleasure. Anyway, is believing in fairies more ridiculous than believing in God?
Hallelujah! In Channel 4 News this evening, we heard a German speaking and were given SUBTITLES. Instead of fading his voice out in favour of an interpreter’s voice. BBC please follow suit. One of the reasons we Anglos are so lamentably bad at languages is we get no practice.
Yes yes, of course there are reasons to be proud of England: Shakespeare, Newton, Jenner, Brunel, Watt, Faraday, Darwin, Turing, Hawking, Sanger, Crick, Hodgkin. UK accounts for more than 1/4 of all Nobel Prizes in entire EU. So sad, great nation now laughing stock of the world.
I deeply envy those eligible for Irish citizenship. So ashamed to be English.
When I was about 11, my piano teacher played a piece containing the attached tune. I’ve no idea who composed it but it has stayed in my head ever since. I’ve made many attempts to trace it but so far always failed. Does anyone recognise it? I think it sounds kind of Russian.
As further language practice I watched Mon Oncle (yet again). What a gloriously, charmingly, deliciously funny film. Jacques Tati is a comic genius, a latter day Charlie Chaplin.
Incidental benefit of David Attenborough’s documentaries. Alongside the gorgeous scenic & wildlife images, he speaks slowly and clearly in an impeccable English accent, ideal for people trying to learn English. I‘d love to find a German or French equivalent.
Hitherto we have been offered an annual vaccination which makes a guess at the most likely specific virus strains to be expected in the coming year. A general flu vaccine is obviously desirable.
Just seen episode 1 of Our Planet & endorse every one of these superlatives: Yes, Sir D Attenborough should be put in charge of the world. A tiny quibble: The “team effort” of courting male Blue Manakins needs explaining. Why cooperate? Are they kin?
RT @ExmuslimsOrg: Kosovo Islamic Community suspends Imam for accepting Evolution
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