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This marsupial is heavily convergent on wolf and obviously not remotely like a tiger apart from the stripes. A thylacine skull is a favourite trick Q for zoology exams. In my year they double-bluffed us with a real wolf skull. Nobody could mistake thylacine for tiger skull
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Thylacinus, the Tasmanian Wolf, was still alive? I’d give a lot to see one. html
My beloved mother died today, a month short of her 103rd birthday. As a young wartime bride she was brave and adventurous. Her epic journey up Africa, illegally accompanying my father, is recounted in passages from her diary, reproduced in An Appetite for Wonder. Rest in Peace.
Diventare più grande di Dio: Una guida all'ateismo per principianti – il mio nuovo libro per i giovani è adesso disponibile in italiano
Outgrowing God. US book tour. Thanks to my interlocutor, @JannaLevin, last night’s full house event in New York was one of the best I can remember, in spite of losing my http://voice.Today it’s Boston with the provocatively brilliant Max @Tegmark:
Intelligent Design in this NY hotel. You can lock the bathroom door from the outside. But not inside.
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Evolution for America! - #CSICon, Richard Dawkins on Tour, and More - @center4inquiry's Cause & Effect Newsletter
Elizabeth Loftus is a brave hero, fighting this Freud-inspired latter-day version of the Salem witch-hunts.
“Those [countries that] support delay will go to the bottom of the queue.” What queue? Oh poor countries, they must be quaking with fear. Please big bold Bojo have mercy “Over half of the public will agree with us.” Really? Then put it to a referendum
OUTGROWING GOD is on sale now in the US! Get your copy here:
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I’ll make my horse a consul. Great idea. All my ideas great. I’ve done before. I don’t got horse? No worry. I could buy every horse in the land. Consul not in constitution? I can change constitution. I’m president, with greatest majority ever. USA GREAT!
This Sunday I'll be in Boston for the first official stop on my US tour, with special guest Max @tegmark. Come see us at the Somerville Theatre:
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Top Ten Bestseller! Outgrowing God is fourth in the Sunday Times bestsellers list today. -hw8n820p6
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In Memoriam: Napoleon Chagnon (1938-2019), pioneering anthropologist who dared to take Darwin seriously and was infamously traduced.
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Glad to see Origins Project Foundation now 501(C)3). Advisory Board includes Elizabeth Loftus, Noam Chomsky, AC Grayling, Penn Jillette, Werner Herzog, Ian McEwan, Martin Rees + 4 Nobel scientists. Looking forward to Mekong River expedition, Jan 2020
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In just 4 yrs, the wonderful Bertha Vazquez’s TIES (Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science) has run workshops in all 50 US States! Teachers help teachers teach evolution. It's hugely needed to combat creationism & it works @rdfrsTIES @center4inquiry
Abdus Salam was a hero of science. He should have been celebrated as Pakistan’s greatest son. Instead he was shamefully ill-used by that country’s ignorant religious leaders. This film is a movingly sensitive treatment of a wonderful world citizen
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My U.S. tour begins Sunday, October 13 in Boston for a conversation with special guest Max @tegmark, followed by events in Arizona, Los Angeles, and California's Bay Area. Get your tickets now:
One more week until OUTGROWING GOD is published in the US!
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Brilliant comparison. Please read it.
Preparing for my US tour and looking forward to some fascinating conversations with special guests. Get your tickets now: #BlasphemyDay
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I support Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose. It should go without saying that I do not support the religious mission of organizers of the conference — about whom I knew nothing when I wrote my tweet.
I gave a detailed description, forlornly hoping someone would remember. Some answered sincerely & plausibly (eg Glittering Prizes – but alas, it isn’t that). Others waste time & space with puerile jokes. One even went out of his way to say “No idea.” So why tell us?
I will be discussing my new book OUTGROWING GOD at York Theatre Royal tomorrow 30th September. Get your ticket here:
Please help locate a memory Old UK TV drama. Cambridge literary seminar. Young man “reading a paper.” Prof at back signals increasing displeasure by heel-kicking noise. After paper read, bespectacled acolyte of professor destroys it with faux politeness. Where is this scene?
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Pretentious postmodern nonsense is a serious menace in universities & contemporary culture. Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay & Helen Pluckrose are heroes in the fight against it. Hear them at the London conference on “Speaking Truth to Social Justice”
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