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A surprise finding is always worth examining carefully, however counter to dominant orthodoxy. Here the surprise is that selective schools do better than non-selective, not just because of better teaching & home culture but because they admit genetically cleverer pupils.
Jerry has a very moving tribute to Grania. She was a leading figure in the burgeoning atheist movement in Ireland, and obviously an extremely good person.
To those who say “It could be nurture”: If you scrutinise my Tweet with a strong magnifying glass, you just may notice something about Baron-Cohen’s study of newborn (Day 1) girls & boys? If you look especially carefully, you may also notice a url to a Norwegian documentary?
How is it still possible for social scientists to deny scientific evidence for genetic sex differences in interests? M statistically more interested in things & how they work, F statistically more in people. Baron-Cohen on newborns especially convincing
Tories will be “toast” if they don’t deliver Brexit. Yes, and Britain will be toast if they do. Which do you most care about, the future of the Tory party or the future of Britain?
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Even worse is the left’s hypocritical Islamophilia, overlooking Islam’s atrocities for fear of being thought racist – as though a religion were a race! Christianity might be a bulwark against Islam, but a better bulwark is scientific rationalism (growing even in Saudi & Iran).
'he did not believe in God but “thought it crucial that people believed in him”.’ The hypocrisy that @DanielDennett identified as “belief in belief” is rife. ther
Congratulations to Waitrose. It’s a start. eist-column/1330231001/
US & UK already have (quite hard) citizenship tests for immigrants. Isn’t that another precedent? How about give the vote to all citizens over 18, but treat children as aspiring immigrants to adulthood & let them vote if they pass a citizenship test? Any other suggestions?
Under-age people can’t vote. Whatever our criterion for thinking them unqualified (eg insufficiently developed reasoning powers or knowledge) there must be some adults less qualified than some under-age people. Is age the only practical threshold or could others be devised?
I sometimes end an exposé tweet with “These people have the vote.” It is often misinterpreted to mean I think they shouldn’t. Actually, all I’m doing is trying to explain why we in Britain and America are in our current dire straits.
Who paid for his private jet? Does he pay tax? How is it possible that even 1 person, let alone a huge, donating congregation, is fooled by this charlatan? And there are lots more like him. People gullible enough to support such preachers have the vote.
National Anthem for Brexit Britain: t ebook&utm_source=socialnetwork
“The offence of misconduct in public office carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.” Life imprisonment seems a bit steep. Perhaps we could invoke the ancient law, said to be still on the statute book, “No idiot shall stand for Parliament.”
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The Twitter accounts @ExMuslimProphet & @ApostateRidvan are banned, perhaps because of orchestrated complaints re undeniable factual statements on Islam @Twitter @TwitterSupport, please reinstate the accounts
Which would worry you more? Being thought philistine for not appreciating the “art” of a pair of glasses dropped on the gallery floor? Or being thought a gullible fool for being taken in by a pretentious “installation”?
Sorry there was a delay & my tweet didn’t make it onto Twitter till too late. I listened on after my 9.20 interview. Really impressed by Julia George. Terrific interviewer, sufficiently and intelligently critical, yet she engages sympathetically with each of her interviewees.
I’m on @BBCRadioKent this morning, interviewed by Julia George, apparently stimulated by a Vatican-sponsored conference on atheism. About 5 minutes, somewhere around 9.20 am.
This is a sensible article. It’s depressing that she even needed to write it. Politically motivated opposition to scientific truth about individual differences is pernicious. And actually harmful to the very people it is supposed to protect.
Homeopathy doesn’t work. Shops that sell fake medicines should warn unsuspecting customers. @Center4Inquiry is suing Walmart for failing to do so. And please don’t bother telling us how homeopathy cured your granny. The placebo effect is well known.
More local good news. Sorry to be a killjoy. My justification is in my essay “I love fireworks, but . . .” reprinted in “Science in the Soul”.
Objecting to litter louts used to be a matter of aesthetics. We now realise it’s a matter of life and death to wild animals.
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"When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” (J Maynard Keynes). It is sententious rubbish to say a new referendum would be “a betrayal of the British people.” The information has changed since 2016. We now know more (& the lies have been exposed)
My addition is simple and correct. Here are the percentages: LibDem 20.3 Green 12.1 SNP 3.6 Change 3.4 Plaid Cym 1.0    Total Remain 40.4 Brexit 31.6 UKIP 3.3    Total Leave 34.9 Labour 14.1 Tory 9.1     Total Unclear 23.2 Northern Ireland results still to come.
Unless Labour belatedly get their act together, the Liberal Democrats, riding high in the European election, are the leading pro-Remain party in England (the SNP are that in Scotland). You can join here: (
Total vote for Remain parties in the Euro elections in UK exceeds that for Leave parties. There’s now real hope of a proper referendum in the light of all the facts that were unknown or lied about in 2016. Please support the Exit-Brexit campaign here:
Many congratulations to @billnewtondunn on his early-announced success in the EU elections. No doubt there’ll be many more @LibDem MEPs to congratulate by tomorrow.
To become a brain-surgeon, bridge-designer, airline pilot, ship’s captain, you need rigorously examined qualifications, fitting the serious responsibility. To lead a major country with nukes & a trillion-scale budget … er … let me see, what are your qualifications?
You can sign the petition here:
Our next Prime Minister? A leader to be proud of? #BorisJohnsonShouldNotBePM
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