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RT @CabanForQueens: We’re confident that if every valid vote gets counted, we will secure this victory in the Queens DA race. We need your…
RT @brentNYT: Joan Didion on how Ernest Hemingway (he of the simple declarative sentence) made the English language new. https://t.co/sEfD…
I’m looking good & feeling good volunteering for @BernieSanders. Join me friends! https://act.berniesanders.com/signup/volunteer #MedicareForAll
Reason enough! Fuck him. Do it. https://twitter.com/chrislhayes/status/1152759671826145281
How can I use this acct to help #transform even more teens into card-carrying, meeting-attending socialists? Do you know a teen or millennial I can ensorcele? http://bit.ly/JOINDSA
@nycDSA @dsam4a @DSA_Labor @DSAEastBay @DSA_Enviro I pledge my children to your service. They make huge, violent dooks that stink up the whole house.
RT @WaywardWinifred: It's simple: The twitter primary isn't real, and voters REALLY like Bernie. 😀 https://www.newsweek.com/biden-sanders-gallup-favorability-democrats-2020-1450344
This is excellent. Also: an instructive thought exercise is to imagine socialism throughout history without the involvement of Jewish people. Not looking good, is it? https://twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/status/1152913020697415680
RT @jeremycorbyn: The next Prime Minister shouldn't be chosen by 100,000 unrepresentative Tory party members, but by the people in a Genera…
RT @ronanburtenshaw: Labour’s programme would lift millions of people out of in-work poverty, scrap punitive benefit sanctions, provide fre…
RT @SaulStaniforth: 'Corbyn is right. Labour must force a general election to unite Leavers and Remainers against austerity' Spot on, by @…
Good piece. I know Bernie Sanders admires Corbyn and I hope Labour studies Sanders’ campaigning tactics. https://twitter.com/jonashworth/status/1152858547815944192
RT @tedlieu: Our son Brennan just got his black belt in Kempo!!!
“Except Medicare For All, if you elect me” https://twitter.com/sahilkapur/status/1152735225354563584
@robdelaney what a thrill to meet you today at comic con. And yes, let's always hang out like this!
I enjoyed making love! Please PayPal me $800. xo
Done plus two dollar tip.
There are some DC ”strategists” that seem quite eager (almost wanting) to believe that Trump is a secret genius playing 3-D racism chess. They’re wrong. He’s simply an impulsive racist, one who leaves his party scrambling to excuse bigotry & scam the country. https://twitter.com/shaneharris/status/1152680414470987776
I beat my nephew Tamlin at racism chess yesterday.
RT @banditelli: This is a real "wow" moment at the #AARPIowaForums. @BernieSanders responds to the critiques of other candidates in the ra…
RT @banditelli: @BernieSanders @AARPadvocates Transcript on how @BernieSanders sells #MedicareForAll to seniors. Worth noting is he leaned…
I have been dealing with the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. I am their worst nightmare.
At any rate I stand 100% with Bernie on this — smoking pot should be legal but it’s extremely unpleasant. Say no to Choom Gang liberalism.
Haha me too. I couldn’t give a shit what other people do but keep that confounded weed away from me!
Justin join @DemSocialists https://twitter.com/justinbieber/status/1152431873814962177
RT @bbm0m0: @Muna_Mire @k_untess
RT @AyeshaASiddiqi: white journalists covering white supremacists
http://bit.ly/JOINDSA https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/1152561852897013760
https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bern-site https://twitter.com/cnnpolitics/status/1152029820647116800
RT @BernieSanders: Remember: the Walton family makes more money in 1 minute than Walmart workers do in a year. Trump wants people to think…
RT @jeremycorbyn: The UK tanker under Iranian control, and its crew, must be released. Escalation risks a deeper conflict, all sides must s…
RT @HeidiStevens13: I spent today with a man whose mom saved the July 21, 1969 Chicago Daily News for the moon landing coverage. (Column co…
Example 257 why @BernieSanders is the only candidate up to the task of beating Trump, GOP & corporate Dems. Other candidates using their (small) email lists to ask for $. Bernie using his (massive one) to promote LOCAL ACTION. (In addition to asking for $, which I’ve given him :) https://twitter.com/davidfbrand/status/1152331344564895749
RT @robdelaney: See you there. https://twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/status/1151925979474010112
RT @robdelaney: I’d be grateful to anyone who read this whole thing. Also anyone who could get it in front of Nancy Pelosi’s staff. https:/…
RT @robdelaney: 🚨I made a page where you can donate to the reelection campaigns of @AOC @RashidaTlaib @AyannaPressley & @Ilhan all with 1 c…
No shit https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/19/boris-johnson-uses-sky-executives-townhouse-as-campaign-hq
RT @BNeidhardt: The candidate with the highest favorability in the entire 2020 field: @BernieSanders https://news.gallup.com/poll/260801/biden-sanders-best-images-among-democrats.aspx
RT @BlackSocialists: The clock is ticking. Are you #ReadyToBuild? https://blacksocialists.us/dual-power-map #DualPowerMap
RT @elivalley: Shabbat Shalom to everybody but especially to Antifa, the focus of Cruz's digressional rage as he and his Party leap exubera…
I’d be grateful to anyone who read this whole thing. Also anyone who could get it in front of Nancy Pelosi’s staff. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/07/send-her-back-battle-will-define-us-forever/594307/ @AdamSerwer
RT @joshua4Congress: People killed in the last 10 years - Antifa: 0 Right wing terrorists: 313 ICE: 81 CBP: 98 https://twitter.com/SenTedCruz/status/1151945311876726784
Thanks for using the #GrizzleFilter https://twitter.com/ldnirisharc/status/1152188802842185730
thanks for dressing up, ron
RT @lloyddhr: Fantastic news - @AcornsHospice has put its closure decision about its Walsall hospice on hold. New funding from its local N…
Can confirm. I have asked my big rowdy son John to drop out and come home and help me clean the garage. https://twitter.com/JGreenDC/status/1152175896817733632
I am & will remain a @UKLabour member but it has some FUSTY old policies that deprive the UK of at least one massive means of discovering brilliant, inspiring talent like @AOC & @AyannaPressley who are doing such critical work in a dark time.
I’m happy to see support for them from Brits but I suspect many Labour members/voters don’t know how hard it is to even be allowed to run against a sitting MP. Read this to learn more: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/03/open-primaries-labour-alexandria-ocasio-cortez
Friends in @UKLabour who’ve been supportive of US Reps @AOC @AyannaPressley @Ilhan & @RashidaTlaib in the face of Trump’s rank bigotry: We wouldn’t know who 2 of these wonderful women are if the Democratic Party had Labour’s rules about who can run for MP.
See you there. https://twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/status/1151925979474010112
RT @SenSanders: Mitch McConnell is wrong. Since 1979, when a state has increased the min. wage, employment and wages typically go up, not d…
Worth noting that @robdelaney's dry, biting humor is truly this website's best content
RT @robdelaney: How to say this simply? I lived in the US until I was 37 & had private health insurance most of my life. For the past 5 yrs…
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