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This is your recurring reminder that @chenoehart's essay from 2016 (!) on the REAL implications of Self-Driving Stuff is still the benchmark for imagining this kind of technological change (and social, and urban, and and and): https://reallifemag.com/perpetual-motion-machines/
It honestly reads like someone correctly predicting Twitter after seeing ENIAC 🤯
People talk about containerization a lot—and they should!—but/and I think the more revealing "unit of analysis" might be the system of * container, * pallet, * forklift, and * pallet jack which, all together, constitute the universal "interface" for moving stuff through space.
Pallet Jack World is evenly distributed. Like the two marbled realities in China Miéville's The City & the City, it's right up alongside you, invisible, until it's not
There are worlds within worlds, and one of them is Pallet Jack World. Five years ago, I hadn't ever touched a pallet jack; now, part of my year RUNS on pallet jacks
I will concede that it is extremely Berkeley to dispute cliched depictions of Berkeley 😇
I think this is incorrect and pernicious. Berkeley is about as diverse as the U.S. itself, and its residents' dreams for their future are deeply different, deeply contentious. It is, in other words, a real place: not a trope, not separate from anything 😌
RT @corvidresearch: I’ve decided that moving forward, the term “fellow” is nonbinary. It’s a nice word, with a nice connotation, and I’d li…
RT @hardmaru: Need more philosophers in AI “AI research relies on fresh thinking about how the mind works, as well as how our biology work…
This is an amazing thread if you're interested in language, power, and/or gnarrrly bugs https://twitter.com/hoverbird/status/1203054184339083264
RT @robinsloan: I honestly don't have words for the feelings I get looking at early 90s Macintosh computers. Even now, they represent, for…
The creators of @berkeleyside are launching an Oakland newsroom led by @tasneemraja. This is going to be TRANSFORMATIVE for the East Bay—particularly the combination of the two sites together, firing like pistons. https://twitter.com/tasneemraja/status/1204401586677534720
RT @motokorich: Tokyo University is the most prestigious institution in Japan. Students prepare years to pass the entrance exam. It trains…
I didn't "do" anything, really. I was a kid; I had no grand projects, just halting gestures. On the Mac IIfx, I scanned pages of Batman comics, just to see them on the monitor, their halftone speckle blown up hugely. Mostly I just felt that ~capability~. I sat & vibrated with it.
for me it was the se/30 - the IIfx was beyond reason or fantasy.
My dad worked at a company that sold computer systems to businesses. Sometimes, when he went in on weekends, I would go with him. They had ~a showroom~ full of demo computers; I'd sit there & use the Mac IIfx with its scanner. Or the NeXT cube, which had a whole library of music!
I honestly don't have words for the feelings I get looking at early 90s Macintosh computers. Even now, they represent, for me, enormous, inchoate ~capability~
I truly cannot believe how good this sequence is. ANIMATION! https://twitter.com/randomsakuga/status/1204264637312704514
ISD Penumbra ~strongly approved~ https://twitter.com/DelilahSDawson/status/1204073641207566340
"ciclostile automatizzato" 😊
Greg Egan's novel Perihilion Summer, published by @TorDotComPub earlier this year, revolves around runaway fires in Australia. For me, it's the current benchmark for "cli-fi"—terrifying and ingenious https://twitter.com/robertmoor_/status/1204165372607287296
The great trick of Perihilion Summer is that in its world, the climate is warped not by spiking carbon emissions but rather a tiny marauding black hole that streaks through the solar system & perturbs the earth's orbit juuust so 😳
It's a neat move because it allows Egan to tell a story that is 100% about climate change—chaos, suffering, adaptation, invention—but with a faster clock and, notably, none of the "eat your vegetables" that afflicts some cli-fi.
Plus it's SHORT and you know I love short books!!
Can never get enough of Elisabeth's bird freefalls https://twitter.com/elisabethnicula/status/1204104023281790976
RT @romapancake: Is this not the plot of Sourdough by @robinsloan https://twitter.com/mashable/status/1203571662408564737
RT @Oniropolis: There’s a room in the empty flat I’ve just moved into me that terrifies me. I’ve just locked the door to it and will live i…
RT @jackclarkSF: I think 70% of our anxieties about modern technology can be traced back to Western governments transfering big chunks of R…
Usually I cut the orders for these zines off pretty quickly, but I'm letting this one run because it's the last of the year, and of this series. A one-page, two-color Risograph print, folded & mailed to you, 89¢ 😗 https://desert.glass/
cc @MrPhilHarrison 😇
There's a whole killer essay hiding out in these typeface design notes!!
I will read an unlimited quantity of extremely detailed typeface design notes https://klim.co.nz/blog/soehne-design-information/
Look at this BOOK 😍 https://twitter.com/ablerism/status/1203406800265056258
PrecarityPODS® https://twitter.com/timhwang/status/1203430647831744512
I try to keep this in mind whenever I read about the unemployment rate 😐
This is your recurring reminder that the Jain Family Institute's weekly social science-y newsletter is smart & wide-ranging & surprising—sui generis https://mailchi.mp/newsletter.jainfamilyinstitute.org/red-wave
RT @Oniropolis: Graffiti faces (Paris, 1930s–60s), as photographed by Brassaï https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/brassai-graffiti-p80980
RT @MagnaGallina: under popular request, Little Caesar now has a big gf
Truly the sharpest media criticism of 2019! https://twitter.com/jeremydlarson/status/1202241387846131712
Dr. Stone is sort of hilariously didactic. Many episodes consist of just watching its characters work their way through a flow chart: acquiring materials & booting up some crucial technology (as they ahem rebuild civilization on an overgrown future earth) and… it's delightful!!
For all the profusion of new shows, & their apparent variety, they are pretty uniform in their core storytelling. By contrast, one of my obsessions this year has been the anime series Dr. Stone, in which the characters are permitted the unthinkable: their plans work perfectly 🤓
Sadiya's reply makes me think streaming platforms really ought to be investigating new genres—new ambiences almost—to meet the needs of the 2020s. Seriously! https://twitter.com/SadiyaAnsari/status/1203129240276873221
I feel like the replies to Nav's tweet totally explain the surprising resilience of old Friends & Seinfeld episodes, as well as the soothing appeal of Terrace House
OMG don't you love it when an "is it just me or…?" tweet absolutely cracks something open & yields a torrent of fascinating replies? Here's Nav's from last night: https://twitter.com/navalang/status/1203118444864032770
(One of the things that's so delicious about AI Dungeon is that many—most?—gaming PCs cannot handle this… text adventure 😇)
and, IN SO DOING, (c) position Stadia as THE home—the salvation—for impossibly GPU-hungry AI story games, which will be an important new genre in *checks watch* five minutes
If I worked at Google, I would want to (a) give http://aidungeon.io/, currently running on CoLab, all the GPUs it could ever want—no cold starts, no crashes—but/and also (b) make it a Stadia exclusive 😈
"people who compile lists are afraid of dying" 💀 https://twitter.com/Oniropolis/status/1202377609444839431
(that felt like a tweet from 2010 and I'm into it)
Does anyone in SF or the East Bay have a copy of New York magazine dated November 25? (That I can borrow?) (I will come pick it up!!)
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