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This artist is the a b s o l u t e b e s t https://twitter.com/saitoukazu/status/1164175855691554816
(Yes, I bought the records, feeling extremely like a caricature of myself)
I mean this is legitimately fascinating!! https://boomkat.com/products/kankyo-ongaku-japanese-ambient-environmental-new-age-music-1980-1990
Cassette tapes = actually the best music format Zip drives = actually the best data format Bunkobon = actually the best text format You see the theme: substantial but/and pocketable; a little space for art on the label/cover; makes a satisfying sound
Searching for cassette tapes while the lentils cook, I stumbled across a cache of rare Japanese editions selling for ~$100 each (!) and I am now imagining the cassette tape collector's equivalent of the dustiest, haughtiest antiquarian book shop you can imagine… 😗
Hong Kong, add oil! https://github.com/hongkonggong/beyond-lennon-walls
Fascinating, thrilling, humbling: Alan Jacobs on Hong Kong's New Model Protest, with links to reports from the city https://buttondown.email/ayjay/archive/new-model-protest/
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Only Seattleites can possibly understand our degree of blithe thermal comfort. In a thousand years, after the AI Wars and the Reassembly, its misty memory will underpin all the religions of the Western Cooperativo
It occurs to me suddenly that San Francisco's deepest difference with the rest of the country might be… the near-total lack of air conditioning!! I haven't had (or needed) A/C anywhere I've lived since moving here* in 2004. *also includes Berkeley, Emeryville, & most of Oakland
RT @mark_riedl: This tweet just keeps getting more horrific the longer you read https://twitter.com/WIRED/status/1163591159547121664
RT @wblut: Chroma #Processing #hemesh #CreativeCoding #loop #GIF
RT @limlouisa: Finally made it to the Lennon Tunnel in Taipo. It’s a gigantic explosion of creativity and individual, pluralistic, politi…
The calm clear tick-tock of this history is breathtaking. I wish I'd had a document like this presented to me in high school. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/14/magazine/black-history-american-democracy.html
1. I wish I could attend this conference: https://econ.utah.edu/antitrust-conference/ 2. I will instead scour its materials, including this paper, which is terrific: https://econ.utah.edu/antitrust-conference/Mark%20Glick%20on%20the%20Consumer%20Welfare%20Standard.pdf (PDF) 3. I think I'm a New Brandeisian now!!
This killed me I'm dead 💀 https://twitter.com/RobGMacfarlane/status/1163125363314167808
RT @str_voyage: A few fish dart amid reef of shimmering coral. We review our lot and hope these fish will last us.
RT @randomsakuga: Key Animation: Teiichi Takiguchi (滝口 禎一) ??? Anime: Lupin III (ルパン三世) (2015) https://www.sakugabooru.com/post/show/62811 https://t.co/9aQdYJ…
RT @DannyDutch: Long before colour-sensitive films were invented, Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky used to take 3 individual black-and-…
In the space of a week, I got to experience (1) a meal adapted from one of my novels (!) and (2) a play adapted from one of my stories. Here, some notes on the delight of adaptation and transformation: https://desert.glass/newsletter/week-33/#text
👌 https://twitter.com/shaun_jen/status/1161288004280995842
Get in on this adventure!! https://twitter.com/ianholmes/status/1160950226259083264
[…] Borges renewed the Spanish language. Partly, his generous reading methods allowed him to bring into Spanish felicities from other tongues: English turns of phrase or the German ability to hold until the end of a sentence its subject. (Alberto Manguel, With Borges)
RT @annafifield: Hong Kong airport, one of the world’s busiest international hubs, is at a standstill right now as thousands of protesters,…
RT @martfack: 香港のデモのスケールを見ると、歴史が動いているのを感じる。香港はどこに向かってい るかは、まだ不明。第2の「ベルリンの壁崩壊」となるのか、又は第2の「プラハの春」 や「天安門事件」となるのか。今言えるのは、香港の市民が、最強の警察国家に立ち向か おうとして…
RT @lokinhei: people leaving #HongKong airport on foot as transport is totally not sufficient. This scene dubbed by netizens... "The Book…
RT @mxmtoon: my body built like a lego brick
RT @piyamuqit: Arrested protesters in #HongKong now being taken to immigration detention centre in the closed zone between China & Hong Kon…
Ideal response 👌 https://twitter.com/literaryqsand/status/1160558245116895234
RT @str_voyage: We think about the drowned ones.
More features like this please! https://twitter.com/freialobo/status/1160199149834268672
Wow, I totally love AND absolutely cannot parse this image. Like, my neural GPU's fan just came on https://twitter.com/saitoukazu/status/1159965878449926144
RT @jameskeithsloan: Field Notes has released a new National Parks Series of its 48-page, graph-paper notebooks. https://www.fastcompany.com/90373411/field-notess-latest-release-is-a-love-letter-to-our-national-parks
RT @str_voyage: A threatening breeze.
Immediately regret putting it betwixt cutesy emojis; it's actually quite grim
RT @debcha: Please bear in mind that I *never* say “you have to read this.” You have to read this. @yayitsrob wrote about land and climat…
Not sure I've heard a more quietly apocalyptic phrase than 🍂💀 multiple bread-basket failure 💀🍂 https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/08/how-think-about-dire-new-ipcc-climate-report/595705/
Over lunch, I ran across this amazing calendar in a typography book & decided to make a printable version. Here you go! https://rune-count.glitch.me/
RT @mjohnharrison: Science fiction story about acts of anthropocentrism, in which no one is confident enough to understand that the space v…
RT @ibogost: In 1983, Pizza Hut introduced the “personal pan pizza.” Before this you’d share a big pie or get a slice. The personal pan pi…
It has been SO much fun to follow @ra's game development process, presented in here's-what-I-did-today fragments. The project went from a rendering demo https://exuberant-giant.glitch.me/ to a whole lil Starfox https://twitter.com/ra/status/1155615490582224897 in like… a month??
Directly inspired by his openness—the fun of it—I'm going to start posting gifs of the interactive book I'm working on. (Or maybe… it's… a game…?) Last week, the renderer reached "hello world." An early test:
There's also a text engine that will paint words on top of these images. I'm obsessed with these boiling, spraying pixels!!
Behold my refractive cylinder dot gif
Train Dreams, right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKnXGEU0pO4
I haven't been able to stop thinking about this sentence: "…your job is not to consign your constituents to God, but to govern through law." https://twitter.com/cdespinosa/status/1157833796458123264
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