World's first Investor in Bitcoin startups including,,, BitPay, Kraken, & interested in Voluntaryism
#BitcoinCash isn't about asking for permission. It's permissionless. is a massive improvement over the competition! #BCH vs #BTC
Show the people managing the startup incubator in Slovenia the magic of #BitcoinCash and the power of our community. qq83jllapjelr2wqx6q0w63zvv6hxagtecvw8lqahg
Name calling is not an argument. @maxkeiser
We just finished helping spread the message of #BitcoinCash and the benefits of the economic freedom it brings to the people of #Moscow.
BTC Average TX Fee: $3.33 BCH Average TX Fee: $0.00 This is why #BitcoinCash is the future.
A sub company of Japan's publicly traded ANA Airline Group just launched their new token on the #BitcoinCash network. As a holder, I'll be working directly with them to spread the use of BCH and ACD tokens across #Japan and the world.
Inventions by anyone anywhere benefit everyone everywhere.
Peer to Peer Electronic Cash for the world is unstoppable!
The next disruption may be the most exciting.
Anyone who buys #Bitcoin instead of #BitcoinCash thinking that it’s a peer to peer electronic cash system is being deceived. #Consensus2019
BTC is Bitcoin extended with censorship and control.
The revolution begins June 4th.
I received another letter from Ross Ulbricht, founder of the #SilkRoad today about his prison nightmare.
"Tokens are to the SEC as 3D-printers are to the ATF, or cryptocurrencies are to the Federal Reserve." -@SallyMayweather
Great idea @cz_binance ! I'd tag CSW in this tweet too, but liars and frauds like him block people who speak the truth.
Market competition leads to better products for consumers. The same is true in the market for currencies. @elixxir_io is another interesting one in the race:
Deplatforming is a leftist tactic.
The evidence clearly shows that full blocks were a disaster for BTC adoption. @maxkeiser #BitcoinCash
Bitcoin with intentionally full blocks is digital fool’s gold. #DropGold
My response to CSW’s 100,000 GBP lawsuit:
Join me in London tonight for the Bitcoin Cash Meetup! #BitcoinCash
Babies are dying:
@adam3us, what charity would you like to help? Starving kids? The homeless? Pregnant women? The economically illiterate? I’m offering $10k for about an hour of your time. I’ll do the same for @starkness too.
The belief that government is a necessary evil is the belief that evil is necessary.
I’ll donate $10,000 worth of the crypto of @adam3us’s choice to the charity of his choice if he has the debate. My prediction is that he still won’t since the only way his ideology got traction was through the censorship of /r/Bitcoin. It can’t stand up to actual scrutiny.
Never willingly cooperate with a government investigation, it’s like inviting a murderer into your house who says they just want to chat.
If governments are incompetent in producing cars or food, why do people think they would be competent in producing laws or justice?
All of the worst human atrocities were done in the name of the law, not in spite of the law.
Government uses inflation to steal your wealth.
Bitcoin Cash supporters never left Bitcoin. BCH is peer to peer electronic cash. BTC left Bitcoin.
If you see something, say something. #FreeAssange
On This Day... The United States Government Murdered 76 people in #Waco including 12 children under the age of 10. - Not ISIS - Not Al Quaeda - Not North Korea - Not Russia The USA Government did this.
Bitcoin Cash developers have studied economics. Bitcoin Core developers are ignorant of economics.
If it’s not a peer to peer electronic CASH system, it’s not Bitcoin.
I'm not here to be popular. I’m here to advance the knowledge and understanding that we have of the world we live in.
If Bitcoin is about censorship resistance then BTC has already failed by censoring its community.
Government isn’t special. It’s just people with guns telling you what to do.
With help from #BitcoinCash, the entire @wikileaks archive is now available on #IPFS at #FreeAssangeNOW
Cheney was never indicted. Bush was never indicted. Bolton was never indicted. Mattis was never indicted. Revealing crime is more dangerous than committing crime. #FreeAssange
Interestingly appropriate ordering of tweets in my feed:
Bitcoin Maximalist's attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of their intellectual bankruptcy.
Econ 101 lesson for @realDonaldTrump and other tariff supporters:
Bitcoin was built to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system—not a means for governments to impose more taxes on digital assets. #TaxDay
"The goal is to have fast, cheap, non-censorable, peer-to-peer electronic money for the world. Decentralization just happens to be necessary for those to exist. Bitcoin Core claims they want decentralization but they disregard the goals in the process."
Badger Wallet for Mobile is almost here! BCH and SLP tokens for everyone on the go!
Don’t spend too much time on Twitter.
Fees are high on BTC because they want high fees. That’s why I recommend #BitcoinCash
Nice to see all the progress @aXpire_Official has made. Vote for their listing on @ethfinex here: #aXpire #blockchain #cryptocurrency
If you don’t have privacy, you can’t have freedom.
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