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How to tell if a VC is interested based on emails? @RoyBahat suggests paying attention to their speed of response. If a VC responds in... Under 1 hour: they are in the event 1-day: you are doing well 1-2 days: maybe longer than 2-days : it's over Part 6 of 8 More 👇
Also applies exactly equivalently for candidates, in my experience.
Who's the best at custom enamel pin making? (Or just who do you like?)
“The name is Pierre. Pierre Delecto. Utterly charmed; and how do you do, madam?” 🧐
Yo you know you done fucked up if you can get AOC / Wyden AND Rubio / Cruz to come together on something you did: ng-letter-idUSKBN1WX2EN
Posting this in a cab on my way to the airport where I will be two and a half hours early. I have TSA Pre AND Clear.
Imagine, if you would, for just a moment, traveling with this person for like decades.
Remember the cardinal rule, Ryan: "Happy wife, happy life".
I mean jeez is Apple even trying to keep secrets anymore?
`npm init @architect ./myapp` Is now a thing thx to @ryan tireless obsession with better DX
Call me old fashioned, but between Amazon x Eero (+Alexa) and the new Nest Wifi (+Google Assistant) I'm increasingly appreciative of home networking gear that doesn't give a live mic in my house to an internet conglomerate that profits off my personal, private data.
RT @panzer: Secondary and tertiary businesses hinged on a new category often begin as clout chasing then become a sign of health. Which is…
Totally minor, but kinda neat to pick up on the addition of a couple new shell commands AWS quietly added to most Lambda runtimes:
Reading code you wrote not even six months ago...
I hope Tim Cook understands that the world's disgust at Apple's actions this week will not soon be forgotten. Apple's – and the world's – uneasy relationship with the Chinese government are overdue for a reckoning, and Apple is presently very much on the wrong side of history.
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How much you want to bet that if someone published to Facebook a similar 30 second ad promoting lies about Mark Zuckerberg committing all manner of illegal acts, Facebook would remove it within minutes?
RT @brianleroux: geez we are SO EARLY in this serverless cloud-y thing... anyways ICYMI things are way easier to kick the tires now https:…
Why, each year, I ask... yikes!
Last year’s:
Happy macOS day! And now for our annual upgrade-safety poll: So, is the Catalina GM safe / stable enough to upgrade from Mojave?
Mine has been hanging here for 20 mins. Not a great sign.
RT @brianleroux: #serverlessconf a list of the 💩 u no longer have to do (the venn diagram of this and k8s is a…
Can someone help me out here? So many folks seem to love Succession, so we watched S1E1 last night. Seems like another one of those shows HBO designed to be hate-watched, where you actively loathe and root against basically everyone. What am I missing here?
The same can be said of Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Veep. If you don’t like Veep, I’m pretty sure you won’t like Succession either.
Fascinating... how do you figure in that comparison? Might be too subtle for me, as Veep is a comedy, whereas Succession seems to be a vicious, solipsistic drama.
They are both vicious, solipsistic comedies.
But only one has Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale...
If you make it to S2 you’ll realize just how amazing some of these performances are. But if you need a sympathetic character, I understand that, and you should just stop watching.
Once you get into the second half of the first season, it gets more interesting. Second season so far is just great writing and acting, maybe twice as good as first season.
Folks keep saying that. Guess I'm having a hard time imagining investing many hours into a show about alternate-reality Rupert Murdoch and his spawn?
No need! For some, perhaps too close to home in an unpleasant way. For me, it's the only show I watch right now.
Fascinating. And what do you feel this means, Dan? *listens in therapist
The worst take. So politicians should craft public policy based on generalizations of what VCs think? Oh and PS, if VCs don’t agree with Senator Warren on this, it’s because they’ve have largely written off social as a category. WHY, you may ask?
Hi. I'd like to propose some new punctuation. Something that's a bit more stoked than a period, but definitely less ecstatic than an exclamation point. Can someone run this up the ladder at the English Language HQ for me?
There’s an interesting shift in expectation over the last 30 years here, too; when the band still existed, wearing a shirt was assumed to be a statement of a certain affinity for, or fluency in, the band’s work. That’s no longer assumed, but maybe it’s just commodification.
Nirvana t-shirts are approximately 10,000% more popular now than they were when Nirvana was a band. These kinds of things fascinate me.
Same with thrasher and nasa
You know who I always think must be kind of annoyed at the endless pop culture relevance of Nirvana? Dave Grohl. He's too classy to ever say it, but sometimes I bet he wants to say "hey! I was in that band! I still have a band! We're really good!"
But do you think these youths are actually listening? Or did they just buy the shirt on IG?
Misfits is a tshirt more than a band :)
So remember how a couple years ago all the normals were like: yo this asshole is, at best, compromised by Russia, and at worst he’s an active Russian co-conspirator... nterference-in-us-election/2019/09/27/b20a8bc8-e159-11e9-b199-f638bf2c340f_story.html
President: *extorts foreign government to meddle in our election and politically assassinate his likely rival NYT: eh, he crossed some lines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yesterday: installed iOS 13, enabled unknown call blocking. Today: the first day in years I haven't received a daily dosage of >10 spam calls. The future is looking up, y'all. 🌈
Considering a Facebook Portal, Portal TV, or other means of providing Facebook a live internet connected microphone? Please reach out, I have multiple bridges to sell you. They're great, and surprisingly affordable! 🌉
Stallman still doesn't get it. And he never will, which is exactly why his toxic ass needs to go now, needed to go then, has always needed to go, and it's a Very Good Thing he's finally been shown the damn door.
Followup: Apple really, truly does not want to see you paying Goldman and MC interest.
Let me also add that, despite any mincing implied by the Times, signing this letter took precisely zero courage by any CEO. None. Which also happens to be the exact same amount of courage necessary for the Senate to do something about our perverse and horrific gun laws.
Today 145 CEOs (including yours truly) sent a letter to the Senate demanding our elected representatives grow a goddamn spine and stand with the >90% of Americans who want comprehensive gun reform:
I just met (read: obnoxiously introduced myself to) @jsmooth995 and let me tell you two things: 1) it completely made my year, and 2) he is, no surprise, an incredibly kind and gracious human. 💕
RT @jessicaValenti: This is a perfect example of how powerful men explain away women's humanity
Serverless curious? We just shipped Architect 6: the simplest, most powerful way build a modern serverless app in 60 seconds. (No AWS account required!) Get started:
The anti-billionaire movement... lead by a management consultant/Aspen Institute elitist -- who had a quarter-life crisis! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Why attack philanthropists for doing philanthropy the way they want — it is their money after all! Nope, they're arsonists! 🔥
idk man, read the book, he makes a pretty compelling case.
Architect, our open source serverless framework, is getting its biggest ever release today: Ruby, Python, CDNs, better SPA & static site support, and CloudFormation-based deploys!
“I bet the climbing gym is going to be really quiet this week because of Burning Man” is the most San Francisco thought I’ve had in a while.
Let's be sure to go daily to test this hypothesis!
Also note: besides the default, they tell you *twice* how to ensure Goldman Sachs makes less money from your Apple Card usage via autopay.
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