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RT @FINALLEVEL: Sometimes a Player has to just sit back and say… Wow….
RT @broderick: Oh wow @NewStatesman went full TERF. This article is one of the most bad faith hateful pieces of writing I've read in a whil…
RT @MarkDiStef: Activists claim they’ve milkshaked a Breitbart reporter in Salford
RT @FizzySodaWave: Boy going on a walk
You’re welcome Guy
RT @tH0TSPACE: explain this one atheists
the only upside to being astroturfed by radicalized mumsnet users is they think I'm actually capable of growing a beard
Twitter can be over if we want it to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s audience team stopped putting all their time into Twitter (and referral traffic stayed the same) nto-twitter-and-referral-traffic-stayed-the-same/
Oh wow @NewStatesman went full TERF. This article is one of the most bad faith hateful pieces of writing I've read in a while. ting-year
RT @imbadatlife: Almost 9,000 FB reshares for the probably mostly bollocks Farage bus story, good work everyone
"Um actually Nigel Farage wasn't hiding on his bus he walked around a bit and even walked real close to Burger King at one point. He just happened to quickly get back on his bus and refuse to come off at the same moment a pack of antifascists armed with milkshakes showed up."
incredible scenes
I regret to inform you that the Nigel Farage milkshake story may have milkshake ducked
The updates on this milkshake mob liveblog are incredible "Oh dear" lmao
Hi there, if you're currently part of the milkshake mob surrounding Nigel Farage's Brexit bus, my DMs are open!
RT @aljwhite: Current status: Wondering if I need to inform our US editors that as of 6pm our chief whip is hiding from journalists in a to…
RT @clinicallychill: . 🏳️‍🌈💒🏳️‍🌈 🕊 🐁🐁 🐀🐀🦔🦝🌷 🌷🐫🕊🐐🦃 🦆🦉🐝🐌🌷…
Change UK is a Banksy Dismaland-style art project and there's nothing that can convince me otherwise
Oh my god
RT @thelittlelight5: Few of my friends told me I should open a twitter account, so here I am (I’m new to twitter and learning how it works…
RT @sam_bambs: Theresa May as bottles of Tresemmé. A thread:
RT @souljaboy: on email talking to Obama about this whole troop situation. wow
RT @JoeLazauskas: Tyrion Lannister is a content marketing thought leader now
Give him mashed potatoes!!!
I’m gonna lose my fucking mind
RT @FizzySodaWave: I still can't believe this is real
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
RT @rexsantus: me interviewing for a job at vice when i was 22
Oh the Sparrows are a genuinely creepy and formidable political movement that spreads in the background so effectively that by the time Cercei does The Walk, you honestly don’t know how it’s all going to play out
RT @WeAreIntellis: Interesting debate about creating new publishing platforms with future potential controls within an evermore fragmented…
RT @Vamos_DCU: You get to hear the characters thoughts in their POV which provides much more context on their true feelings and motivations…
RT @csmith03: LADY STONEHEART! Also the entire Dorne plot. The Greyjoy family, particularly Euron. And gives much better insight into the…
RT @VinceMancini: @broderick The show does a lot right, but the political intrigue in Mereen is a lot deeper and more consequential in the…
RT @sara_bee: @broderick Daenerys' internal struggle with violence
RT @jehmaes: @broderick I love the mythology and the multiple belief systems. And Dorne, that was absolutely destroyed on the show
RT @simbernardo: @broderick I think that Tyrion is a MUCH more interesting and nuanced character in the books. The show basically made him…
RT @Imtyleredwards: @broderick Lady Stoneheart 😭
RT @borzou: The descriptions of the impact the wars are having on civilian lives
RT @justinhendrix: All the other panelists pulled out, my flights were canceled and there was a fire alarm that rang out just before we too…
Here’s a question for #GOT twitter. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if they should read the books. What’s one thing you think A Song Of Ice And Fire does better than the show? I think the Red Viper scene is better in the books (my personal fave) and I love GRRM’a use of gossip.
RT @animatedtext: gay rat wedding
RT @AngstromHoot: Attenborough has no respect for crabs. Always gives them ridiculous music. They are jesters to him
RT @jpbrammer: rat wedding bitch rat rat wedding bitch
RT @araga0: @broderick it's a thing in Brazil too!
The future of Twitter is just white nationalists fighting with fast food brands. Which incidentally is what’s literally happening in the UK right now.
Forget The Trade War. TikTok Is China’s Most Important Export Right Now. via @broderick
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