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Another iFunny user this month has been arrested for threatening mass violence. He wrote, “I will carry out what I post.”
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An iFunny moderator told me one of the more haunting things I’ve ever heard. Within hours of the Christchurch attack, a user on the app had built a simulation of the shooting in Minecraft.
I got ahold of iFunny’s 100-page moderation handbook. New from me: iFunny Moderator: “I Fear The Next El Paso–Type Shooter Will Come From Our App”
Ted Bundy 🙅🏼‍♂️ is canceled 😤💯
JUSTICE FOR @ToxicTikToks!!!
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RT @ScottLucas86: When @broderick started asking questions to @iFunny about why the site was overrun with neo-Nazis who glorify of mass sho…
RT @srubenfeld: Visiting the site reveals a heavily curated front page — your typical meme fare, screenshots of viral tweets, GIFs from Red…
I dug a bit deeper: The Meme App iFunny Is A Huge Hub For White Nationalists And Neo-Nazis
*tears falling from my eyes* I.....would cop....
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there he is
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UPDATE: The 40-person ArmyOfChrist server Olsen started appears to be down. Keep in mind, though, that it was active for at least 10 days after his arrest. Interestingly, the FBI affidavit includes screenshots from Discord but doesn't specifically mention Discord by name.
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When I wrote last week that any website can turn into 8chan, that’s what I meant. It’s bigger than one site now. It’s in every community, every group of young men. It’s too late to think that knocking down one website can destabilize this movement.
As for Olsen's iFunny account, it's as nihilistic and violent as you can imagine. He's obsessed with "Trad values" and fantasizes about a white Christian ethnostate. It looks like ifunny took his account down after I emailed them about why it was still up.
The Discord is full of every chan-adjacent trope you can guess. Hate speech, gun talk, white nationalist memes. They're even making fun of Olsen for being arrested.
Olsen's Discord server has about 40-50 users in it at the moment. I've reached out to Discord for comment.
I've never come across this complete of a radicalization trail before. Olsen was using his small following of around 5,000 subscribers on iFunny to advertise a Discord channel.
Anywhere can be 8chan: 10,000 Rounds Of Ammo And 25 Guns Were Seized From A Teenager Posting Far-Right Memes On iFunny
In Gangnam, a new style
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important reminder that yahoo had a very important plan for tumblr
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