Founder of @ProductHunt, @WeekendFund investor. Working on something new: @yourstacks. Real likes, no gimmicks. ✌️😸
"Can FaZe Clan Build a Billion-Dollar Business?" @TaylorLorenz shares a 👀 into one of the largest esports orgs around: #investor
We need an “ICYMI” feature on Product Hunt. Just stumbled across this gem from last year.
Seems like more people are starting their own fund vs. joining an existing fund now days. 🤔 At least 5 friends asked me about this over the past year. They all chose to start their own fund.
Go, Spinks!
❤️ this collab, @paulbudnitz
Helped start up a company from scratch, first time in a while for me. This is obvs to many but new to me: these made that process infinitely faster, smoother & virtually painless and allowed us to focus on building product instead We Work Slack Notion Justworks Brex  Substack
Shoulders of giants.
nice stack ;) cc @yourstacks
let me know when the testflight is ready. :)
RT @shawnroos: Damn yesterday was a pretty big day on @ProductHunt
Proud to make this my first (tiny) investment as an LP
Never been a better time to start a fund ;)
What is the rationale for this change?
Will defer that Q to @avlok!
How many conferences are happening right now?
Never been a better time to start a fund ;)
I shared some quick thoughts on what’s trendy in consumer tech in this piece by @epeckham Hint: 👻
GitHub just launched a mobile app Now if only coding on mobile was easier 🤔
RT @rrhoover: A rip off 🥰
Basecamp Personal is the #1 Product of the Day on @ProductHunt right now. Thanks all!
Wow, very impressed with AuxParty. Bye bye, productivity.
A rip off 🥰
Looking forward to Zuckerberg's first TikTok by @RMac18
This podcast provides a peek into Spotify / @eldsjal’s grand master plan
"Control your computer like a Jedi"
Hashtags, lists, moments, and now topics. Curious to see how this evolves.
RT @hilarypsmith: Death is an industry - whether we like talking about it or not. I love their "brand compass" - definitely a great exerc…
Removing public like counts benefits Instagram's ad network
Facebook launchd their “” 🎶
Every startup: “We have so much to do. Let’s hire more people.”
+1! This is a daily struggle.
RT @ljin18: As we shift from ad-supported media to direct monetization from users (a key business model shift that enables the Passion Econ…
Impression: ET at a warehouse party 📸 credit: @jtzou
New @maxcoopermax ❤️ 🎶
Billions of dollars have already been spent on making really polished, immersive internet-based games & social networks. We got the “remote” part for free. Wasn’t being optimized for consciously. Rather than trying to get your folks to do new things, just use what exists.
The next step for remote work is remote play.
Great news for founders in India 📈
Competion is often used as a vehicle to motivate teams
Pet peeve: People who start off with "I know you're busy..." 1. You don't know that I'm busy. 2. Busyness seems like a failure of time management, not a compliment. 3. I'm not busy at all!
“I know you’re not busy…” ;)
They’re just trying to be considerate and respectful :)
Just received an invite to LinkedIn Newsletters. Haven’t heard anyone talking about this. What should my newsletter be about? 🤔
RT @rmward: This woman right here is one of the most intelligent, entrepreneurial, creative, innovative and caring humans I know. Proud to…
Anyone in HR or recruiting available right now to answer a couple questions over DM? 🤔 cc @vedikaja_in
A personal sex coach
RT @buckwilson: Found our old @turntablefm art assets folder.
Are you going to subscribe to Disney+? (I am)
No choice. Papa bear gotta deliver the goods
A scooter startup to help you start a scooter startup
RT @mattcano: Impressed with Stickered by @Rhai_Gb and team. Powered by @Snapkit and showing what sharing with the @snapchat camera can and…
RT @pardesoteric: This is interesting: a device for finding hidden cameras in places like Airbnbs. Surveillance tech begets anti-surveillan…
RT @allenthird: Alright I'm gonna come out with it. Sales the first few days of Scout being released were pretty disappointing. But after…
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