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Medium distance Netflix and Zoom
New game: Share a photo of something random in your home. I’ll go first.
Playing with facemoji
RT @tomloverro: Someone please create this app! A weather app with historical daily highs and lows. I've been searching for an iOS weather…
Ironically, attackers push opposition further away resulting in a greater divide. But they get their Twitter likes and feel justified.
Maybe we should have gone to EDC, @suzywillow
Currently browsing (found on @ProductHunt a few weeks ago)
Does Insta lead to more parenthood? 🤔
I love the idea of @sofarsounds but there’s no way I’m going to buy tickets to a concert without knowing who’s performing or at least the genre
I understand why their business is modeled this way. I’m sure many people appreciate the surprise, but I’d prefer investing my few nights out listening to artists or music that I know I’ll enjoy.
Simple and smart: “I’ve now started doing a weekly review on mondays of my schedule, and ensuring that 50%+ of my time is going towards my highest-leverage, most important priorities.” — @jwmares
RT @rrhoover: @MotwaniSuhas @shl “networking” has different meanings to different people, so it’s hard to discuss on Twitter. I have a bia…
Bingo. This lens is increasingly important as more people pursue entrepreneurship. Today you might have 10x more people exploring the same idea compared to a decade ago.
The good “dumb ideas” come from a founder’s non-obvious insight, which is why they seem so dumb to everyone else
This is relatable
DeepCasts coming soon — podcasts with your favorite podcasters, but they don't actually show up or do any of the talking themselves. /cc @Borthwick @rrhoover
Didn't we already do this with @ajlkn? 🧐🤖💭
Another win for decentralization
Relatedly, I’ve been meaning to check on style transfer for music and how well it works these days. Could be an automated way to generate remixes & new tracks. A new AI-generated Tupac album to accompany the hologram? -into-another/
RT @ashokraju: Excited to share my first ever post on @ProductHunt:! Presto is a new way to create intuitive how-to…
RT @jonsidd: Follow these accounts, if you’re excited about the future of Remote Work & Distributed Teams. 🌍👩‍💻👨‍💻 @skasriel @rrhoover @…
RT @jonsidd: Mind boggling. More than 75% say they would give up a portion of their salary for the opportunity to work fully remotely. And…
Someone mine these replies for patterns 👇🏼
RT @whizzzoe: I just launched on @ProductHunt ! 🚀Introducing "I Lazy To Read" 🔥Auto-summarize any online article into 5 key sentences 💪J…
This looks fresh ✨ ICYMI, two more days to register for our latest Makers Festival:
Hobo Johnson breaks so many “rules” in his music. Like it or not, he stand out.
As more VC firms emerge, funds are challenged to do things different. Human Ventures is mixing it up. 👏🏼 @HeatherHartnett @joemarchese
OH: “It’s like a notary on steroids” Thought bubble: “Why do they need all those muscles? 😳”
RT @FaresKsebati: Great interview: @Buffer CEO @joelgascoigne with @rrhoover of @ProductHunt: 👀 Building an 85-person #distributed team…
An honest conversation with @jamesbeshara and @ryan_caldbeck on the mental struggle many founders face
One sentence to your 20-year-old self. Go 💬
Surround yourself with exceptional people
Have more boyfriends. Don’t let anyone slut shame you ever.
A new handheld gaming console... with a crank??? 👏😮
Love this, @github:
A @weekendfund portfolio company is looking to hire a full-stack dev (experience in TypeScript, Node, React, Electron). They're in stealth. Well-funded. Remote preferred. Email me at if you’re interested in learning more.
"How a Makers Festival submission led to a venture-backed startup" by @jmitch
There are many “leaderboards” for people. Forbes 30 under 30, Grammy Awards, etc. Which one do you trust or respect the most? 🤔
The sort order of who I direct message on Twitter, Instagram, Messages, Messenger, etc? 😬
Two strong additions to an already formidable team at Q&A: @hemeon & @phillipeubanks
This is slick: Let’s give this a try sometime, @ProductHunt.
RT @FaresKsebati: Great interview: @Buffer CEO @joelgascoigne with @rrhoover of @ProductHunt: 👀 Building an 85-person #distributed team…
RT @nickabouzeid: This is v cool – update your iPhone Contact photos automatically. No more grey bubbles. 😻
RT @KunalsLab: Also, I don't like the sound of my own voice 😅 I think I'll have to change it to something Yoda-like with @voicemod h/t @Pr…
Very cool seeing our own @ChrisLyons recognized for the great work he is doing
My buddy @michaelsayman just launched his new app out of Google’s Area 120 😮🎉👏
RT @OlaHolstVea: @ProductHuntLIVE @rrhoover @ajlkn I love the smell of inspiration In The Morning, smells like ... coffee! 😺👍…
Here’s how you switch currencies
Slick onboarding. Mining ETH in <5 minutes.
Unboxing the @coinmine 📦
Huge win for DRF 💫
HUGE 👏🏼 to @jamescurrier, @gigilevy, @peteflint and the NFX team’s new $275M fund:
The CryptoKitties team just launched a new game, ridiculously titled Cheese Wizard. Wha???
👀 Instagram Bot An Instagram account that automatically generates visual stories highlighting the day’s top 5 upvoted products. BONUS POINTS: Include comments or reviews from the community.
📺 Product Hunt TV A site to channel flip through product launch videos, reviews, and unboxing clips. BONUS POINTS: Make it possible for people to turn on their webcam and record a 60 second video review of their favorite products.
📱 Makers Mobile App A super simple app to view, add, and start your maker goals pomodoro-style. BONUS POINTS: Ability to see what other makers are working on right now, in real-time.
Yesterday 100's of makers registered for our next Product Hunt API-focused Makers Festival. Selfishly, here are a few product requests... 😉
Woohoo! I’ll livestream an unboxing of the @coinmine tonight. (disclosure: #investor)
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