Proud son, brother, uncle, friend & dad to my lab Georgia. Passion for music, food, travel, art & bringing smiles to kids in hospitals across the U.S.
Thanks for the vote! P.S. don't tell @Sisanie and @TanyaRad this is an unpaid internship
Not sure if my mom had anything to do with this, but I’m truly honored. Click below to vote!
8 years ago we opened #SeacrestStudios at @ChildrensPhila, and today it’s a place of healing for the kids and their families. So cool to see the walls covered with photos of the special memories we’ve made. Thank you to everyone who help make it happen every day. Cheers to more!
There’s really nothing that can stop @JLo from doing her thing. Also need to give @TheGarden a huge shout-out for keeping everyone calm and safe during the blackout. Good luck tonight!
There wasn’t enough energy in NYC to handle the power of @JLo over the weekend
A challenge we can all get behind. I nominate everyone on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. #NoChallengeChallenge
You’re the man @FrenchMontana – thanks for making this happen! #SeacrestStudios
Waiting on mom to get off the house phone so I can explore the World Wide Web #tbt
Props to everyone who've stuck to their #NewYearsResolution so far. The rest of us are still trying to remember the ones we made in 2010.
Also did one while skydiving but my phone died #BottleCapChallenge
Georgia out on the town and marking her territory
#MercuryRetrograde is like gluten. No one really knows what it is but you know it’s bad.
Mom taught me to chew like I have a secret, so making this ASMR video was hard.
Your chances of having a great time just went up 4-folds. Tickets to our #iHeartFestival are available now!
“Hold on you're frozen, bad service… Can you say that again I can’t hear you?” – most convos between people who FaceTime in public
My morph into @MarkConsuelos will complete once the abs come in…which will never happen.
Next time I can’t open a bottle, I’ll play “Emotions” at 2:46 @MariahCarey
The mood after a 4-day weekend, brought to you by my niece #FloraMarie
Nothing like watching mind, body, and soul transformations to inspire a new you. A new season of #RevengeBody with @KhloeKardashian starts tonight at 9|8c on E!
WORLD. CHAMPIONS. Congrats @USWNT on @FIFAWWC #4! #USA | #USANED | #FIFAWWC | #OneNationOneTeam
Game day. Good luck @USWNT! #USAvNED #OneNationOneTeam
We the (party) people. Happy birthday America! #4thofJuly
Party like it’s 1776. 1 more to go! #FIFAWWC
Officially halfway into 2019. Only 6 more months until 2020 and all the vision puns to come. I can't wait to see them all!
Happy #WorldPride to everyone in NYC! It may be the last day of #PrideMonth, but remember to celebrate love, individuality, and inclusivity every day.
Happy bday @KhloeKardashian! Your personality is an inspiration to many - wishing you the best day!
Back in the day when standing next to my little sister made me look taller. #tbt
Even I couldn’t guess this faster than Jessica #WheelOfFortune
More pics from @BillieEilish’s #SeacrestStudios visit. Love seeing the kids this excited :)
From sold-out shows to special hospital visits…So impressed by @BillieEilish’s massive impact in music and how she continues to pay it forward. Thanks Billie for the incredible weekend at @ChildrensATL! #SeacrestStudios
Btw I call this pose, “Arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted.” @ArianaGrande #HappyBirthdayArianaGrande
From the Ari archives…Happy birthday to yuh @ArianaGrande! #HappyBirthdayArianaGrande
From the Ari archives…Happy birthday to yuh @ArianaGrande!
Major shout-out to @Normani for stopping by our #SeacrestStudios in D.C. last week! She’s busy crushing it on tour with @ArianaGrande but still made time for the kids. Thanks so much Normani. This meant a lot to the patients at @ChildrensHealth!
Here we go East Coast. The season finale of #KUWTK starts now on E!
Tonight. Season finale of #KUWTK starts at 9 p.m. on E!
Happy bday to my dawg @YO_RANDYJACKSON!
And while you’re up there, can you check on the #RockinEve ball? Need to make sure it’s good to go in approximately 16,538,400 seconds. #HighwireLIVE
Good luck to @NikWallenda and @LijanaWallenda on your highwire walk tonight! Walking around Times Square is a challenge in itself, so to do it 25 stories above ground is every New Yorker’s dream shortcut. #HighwireLIVE
Today is #BringYourDogToWorkDay, but for Georgia it's whenever she wants.
The bad news is, it’s the longest day of the year. The good news, it’s Friday. #SummerSolstice
Tonight, we're dancing on the ceiling. Happy bday @LionelRichie!
Happy #FathersDay to all the amazing dads out there! We raise our best dad mugs to all the great things you do...including the dad jokes.
The man who taught me the importance of a well-tailored suit, among many other things. Happy #FathersDay dad!
Happy #FlagDay from the Seacrest boys!
What a rock star! @ryanFoundation
It’s a BroShow @jonasbrothers #kellyandryan
Hope the extra chairs came in. Co-co-co-hosting with the @jonasbrothers tomorrow on #kellyandryan!
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