creating @gumroad, among other things: @shlpaints
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Experiments I want to try next year: Open source our product management workflow Profit-share with freelancers A month without Slack What else should we consider trying?
Great questions so far — thanks, everyone. Expect this early next week.
Success teaches you that success doesn’t make you happy.
Things you never regret: Going to the gym. Going for a run. Learning to code, write, or sell. Petting your cat. Hanging with your significant other. Closing Twitter.
I miss many things about working in an office. Like reading the Game of Thrones episode summaries on Wikipedia before the weekly lunch discussion and seeing how long it would take for people to realize I didn’t watch the show.
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I’m working on a piece today about my first year as a membership-supported newsletter publisher, and how I think it fits in to the future of media. Anything you’d like me to address?
How big you think the market is? # of publishers/writers/members and distribution curve too
The relationship between position, velocity, acceleration, and time. Track your numbers (position), but also how fast your numbers are growing (velocity), and also how fast that rate of growth is growing (acceleration). The most powerful graph at Gumroad: our growth is growing!
Entropy: All systems get corrupted. It’s not good enough to build something once. Everything needs to be improved, or it will die. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
Potential energy versus kinetic energy: how many people sign up versus how many people finish? When you start a company, you raise money on potential. When you are three years in, you’re raising based on how well you were able to convert it into kinetic.
“Why do they teach physics in high school? It’s useless in real life!” Here are some concepts from physics I use on a regular basis in business and life: Inertia: getting started is the hardest part. Coefficient of rolling friction: much less energy to keep going.
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To be honest I’m not sure how useful these metrics are to people anymore. I don’t want to share these purely for marketing purposes. I may end these in favor of focusing on the quarterly board meetings (next month!) and the emails which provide more context. What do you think?
Numbers give your other tweets credibility, but I think you should transition to taking about your customers more. Something like: This is Aisha who did over $10k in sales last month by selling her course notes. One thing that helped her do it was...
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Tomorrow I'll be sending out our extended monthly update with our 2020 roadmap I'd love your feedback on – sign up here: You can also check in on our top line metrics whenever you want, now:
Gumroad in November 2019: Volume processed: $7.4M (up 34% YOY) Revenue: $492K (up 42% YOY) Gross profit: $135K (28% GM) Net profit: $7K (growing the team!) 81 creators made over $10,000 932 creators made over $1,000 4,008 creators made over $100 11,876 creators made something!
The commonly cited 70% failure rate is only so high because founders and investors are trying to reach a certain scale in a certain amount of time. If you are willing to spend 10+ years to build a sustainable business that matters, your odds of success go way up.
Great news: you can now hide the Technology VC category. No more complaints!
Online hate is mostly poorly-worded concern.
RT @shl: Falling sick reminds you that the largest competitive advantage you can have is being healthy.
Falling sick reminds you that the largest competitive advantage you can have is being healthy.
He’s making a list He’s checking it twice Because everything autosaves now and there’s no explicit save button
@dhh @dteare I listened to your podcast conversation this morning. Thanks for taking the time, and not shying away from the tougher topics around VC and the challenges of running / growing a company over many years.
Listened and loved it too!
Your GPA should never be the most interesting thing about you.
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You don’t owe anyone anything. But if you want change, you can’t count on anyone else for that either.
The better the algorithm gets, the more who you follow becomes a purely social/political statement.
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Let me warp you back to the distant era of 2012... “Why would Facebook pay $1 billion for a company with no revenue?” “With Facebook’s public offering...only a few weeks away, spontaneous and improvisational business moves become more curious.”
For everyone who thinks the Instagram deal was a no-brainer: - Instagram raised at $500M the day before Zuck offered $1B - $1B was 25% of FB’s $4B cash on hand - It was weeks before the FB IPO - The board wasn’t consulted - Instagram had no revenue This was not an easy call!
Anyone who thinks it was a no-brainer doesn’t remember that day very well at all!
Also they only had 13 employees!
Also it is revisionist if one thinks of it as a merger of equal and profitable giant social networks. Ditto for YouTube.
I get into this in detail in my upcoming book but let me just say that Facebook’s most popular feature was photos, Twitter had the inside track to acquisition, and Facebook needed to dramatically surpass IG’s $500m valuations to seal the deal.
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Trying a new thing this Friday night: an AMA. Ask me anything!
when sacca and i were trying to convince you to join turntable fulltime, did you turn us down because you wanted to do your own thing or because you had concerns abt TT?
Because I wanted to do my own thing! Once I realized that people of your caliber (partly @seth and @billychasen’s faults lol) believed I was capable of starting & building a good company, I don’t think I could have joined anybody else’s company
Is there a peak day/time of week for digital content purchases?
Working hours for us! 9-5pm Monday thru Friday. And a bell curve, so I think noonish PST is peak. Something like that!
Genius. Use the same actress to continue the story we’re all bought into because it’s a story we all helped create.
Write down your current day. Write down your ideal day. What needs to change?
Changed my mind. Sometimes it’s still stupid
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If I may, start here:
Apologizing well is a learnable, essential skill if you want to be a great leader, manager, spouse, friend, coworker.
If you’re a CEO who has done crappy things in the past, apologize before there’s a PR reason to!
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