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RT @mikekarnj: Surprisingly, I get "Micheal" more than people misspelling "Karnjanaprakorn"
Easy ways to impress (90% of my inbound don't do this): Spell my name right. Spell my company's name right. Don't ask me if you can ask me a question, just ask it. Don't ask for a phone call, just explain your problem and what you've already tried. Be specific. Don't copy-paste.
Life makes little sense as it happens, but almost perfect sense looking back.
RT @shl: Something I wish everyone knew: the bar's not as high as you think. You can get that job, meet that person, start that company.…
Best way to improve at something: do it, get feedback, apply feedback, repeat frequently. Tweeting does this for thoughts and writing so well that I don't even have to name the best example of this because you already know who I'm talking about.
Don't direct message chefs on Twitter asking them to sign an NDA before you show them your world-changing recipe.
Want to start a restaurant? Start cooking. Invite friends over. Their friends. Start charging. Do pop-ups. Same goes for anything else. Get as far you can without permission, before you need anyone else's.
Are you non-binary and/or trans? I would love to talk to you (ideally over Zoom) and learn about your experiences. DM me, please?
RT @JamesAddison: @shl My wife and I have this chat every time we're watching futuristic storylines.
I think all far-future sci-fi should feature an entirely mixed-race cast. In a few hundred years of miscegenation, I can’t imagine people of any one “race” still existing.
If we solved hunger, housing, healthcare and lived in a post-scarcity society, what problems would humanity be wrestling with — personally and politically?
A question I ask myself a lot: if I can do what I love all the time, why don't I?
Excited to announce I'm producing a new animated TV show! If you're interested in contributing ($, talent) or know someone who might, send me an email:
The path to simplicity goes through complexity.
You think your boss sucks? Wait until you're your own boss.
Stop chasing unicorns.
Me: "Everyone can do it!" Someone: "No, some people can't." Stop telling people (who can speak for themselves) what they cannot do.
RT @iampliny: Film dude: I have this amazing idea for an app, I just need a coder to write it. Shouldn’t take long. Me: I have this amazin…
Something I wish everyone knew: the bar's not as high as you think. You can get that job, meet that person, start that company. But because you think the bar's so high, you won't even try. Which is what makes the bar so low!
No one cares about your idea more than you do. So if you're not going to put in the work to make it happen, who will?
When people ask me how to build a startup without being technical, I tell them to learn to code. When I ask people in LA how to make a movie: learn to write, storyboard, voice act & do improv, animate, produce, direct, edit, and more... Fair enough!
Today is a test in tweeting without much of a filter. No drafts, no scheduling, no editing over and over again. Thanks for bearing with it!
Every system has inertia. If you want it to produce something different, you have to bring the energy. That movie, startup, book, is not going to happen without you making it happen.
If you really want something to exist, but it seems like no one else does, make it anyways. I promise you a thousand other people were thinking exactly what you just were, and did what you *almost* did: nothing. (And they'll be your first supporters.)
I used to think the best software was built with computers I didn't have access to. I used to think the best painters had access to better paints and brushes. And I used to think the best writers had access to better words. Nope. They just put in the work. And I can too.
I picture Twitter arguments happening in real life and it's... very strange.
It's weird that the internet is used by several generations all at the same time.
I never understood the advice of "Be yourself." Isn't everything I do, being myself, by definition? Now I realize it means "Don't try to be someone else." And that's been much easier for me to internalize.
Thinking out loud is the best kind of thinking.
RT @kielhauck: I love this new episode of @betterproduct_ with @shl of @gumroad. An incredible story about re-discovering the true mission…
A characteristic I've started to notice in most successful creators, artists, and founders: curiosity that overrides fear.
How to build a business that matters: Start by solving your own problem, because the near-instant feedback loop will teach you the most about the space. Then move onto solving other people's problems within that space, because that's where most of the impact will happen.
When asking for help, make sure you have a really good answer to "What have you tried?"
Someone's favorite book has yet to be written. Someone's favorite painting has yet to be painted. Someone's favorite movie has yet to be made. It could be yours.
Hate is almost always misplaced.
RT @gumroad: We're looking for a Blender whiz to help us make some really cool stuff in the @gumroadians universe! Interested? Send a link…
🤔 Most people give me too much credit. I don't give myself enough.
Don't judge a startup by their unsubscribe confirmation page.
The first step of every argument should be to change it from an argument of kind to an argument of degree. From a black-and-white binary to a multivariable optimization problem. If that's not possible, there's no point in having the argument in the first place.
Once upon a time there was someone who was waiting for the perfect moment to start a company. Rumor has it, they're still waiting...
Compete with your own track record.
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You can't make what you don't measure. Want to read more books, lose weight, save money, call your parents more frequently, become a better writer? Start measuring.
RT @shl: When someone tells you: "You can't complain, someone has it way worse than you." Tell them: "You can't celebrate, someone has it…
When someone tells you: "You can't complain, someone has it way worse than you." Tell them: "You can't celebrate, someone has it better than you."
RT @shl: People don't want to use your software. They want to lose weight, laugh, be entertained, get smarter, spend time with loved ones,…
RT @tristajaye: For those of you asking me if I bought my wework equity—I did not. But, not because I didn’t choose to buy it. Despite join…
RT @pasql: Welp just created an entire episode of an animated show with our tool: Mr. Puppet.
RT @gumroad: Something we hear from creators just getting started: "There's no way I could make a living doing this." Something we hear f…
RT @sardamit: This company blows my mind every single day! And if it’s not evident already, I have been admiring @shl ever since he got on…
Climate change is literally elevating the world's consciousness.
After reading WeWork's S-1, we've decided our new mission is to elevate the world's creativity.
RT @earnestcapital: We're hiring 1-2 interns. Remote, part-time or flexible, paid.
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