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RT @AwwwwCats: Street cats in Istanbul are cherished. They can lay on the sidewalk and get love from passersby without fear. Some restauran…
RT @laurenduca: In regard to "Lauren Duca"
RT @JTSHEEPS35: Baby crocodiles sound like they’re shooting laser guns and it’s best thing ever 🤣🤣
RT @itstheannmarie: ya know when Katy Perry sang "do you ever feel like a plastic bag," I really felt that
RT @mslopatto: stares directly into the camera
RT @jawk: My godson had a customized @SFBART piñata at his birthday party
I am not about that cabin in the desert life but also
RT @whoisalexjacob: I spent way too much time putting together this video of Alex Trebek saying the word "genre," so now you have to RT it.…
I am spending the day antiquing and OH MY GOD look what I just found!
People are putting pants on chickens
Where is @trufelman when I need her??? Because I need to talk about this vegetable pitcher!!
I mean, imagine someone serving you cabbage on this cabbage plate. What a gift to live in a world where Fitz and Floyd exist.
Does anyone want to get weird and talk about how great Fitz and Floyd ceramic vegetable kitchen and tableware is?
i have been trying to fave every single one of your good frens but
ok today let us see your goofy pups and your chonky cats and your nefarious hedge hogs and your graceful cows and whatever makes u smile
Skippy doing great over here on this airplane
RT @EmilyRCWilson: My third-grader came home with a beautiful homework assignment yesterday: Sit still, eyes closed, for at least a minute.…
RT @_Zeets: Sometimes I remember Marcelo's reaction to Neymar's back injury and laugh so hard. The injury was of course bad, but Marcelo re…
RT @WatkinsAmya: wakanda forever! #nfid20
He’s obviously thrilled
Hey-o! It's the first post of a new home franchise I've just launched: Homes of the West! Each week I'll uncover a different style of home for sale in the Western United States, then round the best ones up for you to gawk at. Here's the first one:
RT @mslopatto: good-ass take
Question for the group: I have to use Outlook for work, but it's killing me. Is there something else I can use that will let me feel like I have control of my inbox?
Shoutout to my sleeping dog and his adorable tongue that slips out while he’s dreaming
RT @mslopatto: Tina Turner is 79 years old. She has been retired for 10 years, and she is still basking in all of the nothing she has to do…
RT @41Strange: The Rosy Maple Moth
RT @akurjata: "Don't try to give them coffee and get them sobered up, just let them go their course" - actual biology professor quoted in t…
RT @akurjata: Normally nocturnal animals likely overindulged on fermented fruit, naturalist says
RT @mayascade: it’s been over two years since mahershala invented the color yellow and i still can’t get over it
I am literally on this train right now omg am I this predictable????
RT @CaseyNewton: Every time I read an interview with @karaswisher I immediately feel 10,000 times more powerful htt…
I just got into a lyft and started crying (rough day) and then the driver asked why and I told him and he related so much that now he’s crying and we’re both crying in the car right now and this is a very Los Angeles moment
i find this pretty worrisome tbh
And if you can't afford a $40K solid bronze chair right now I highly suggest checking out the AI Weiwei solid marble chair at the (FREE TO VISIT) Marciano Art Foundation
RT @kimmaicutler: Factory-built housing made in Vallejo and then assembled on-site in Oakland.
Until next time, you sweet beautiful baby angel
Interior design superstar Kelly Wearstler designed a solid bronze chair that you can buy for $40,000 and i can't stop staring at it
Okay now Loki the corgi is back in her spot and we’re all feeling pretty great about today’s new friend adventure
Inching closer, hoping for pets
I have made a new friend
I grew tired of neon wall art years ago and I'm not into quotes as art, but if I could I'd put this dumb thing I just made above my writing desk in a heartbeat
occasionally it hits me just what a pickle we're in
Sometimes I look around and say “oh dear” out loud to no one in particular
Happy #InternationalDogDay to the love of my life and very best friend. Skippy, you’re one in a trillion and the world’s best tiny good big boy baby dog.
RT @cmonstah: Three architecture firms have submitted design concepts for the revamp of the La Brea Tar Pits. — One keeps the museum — One…
RT @Venuseswilliams: Thank you @nytmag for the beautiful feature, kind words, and the thoughtful way you told my story. This life’s been an…
Some personal news: Today is my first day as the senior home editor for @sunset, a magazine I’ve been reading since I was a kid. I’ll be overseeing 12+ pages of the home + design coverage for the mag and doing a boatload of digital content strategy. I’m beyond excited!
that is awesome, congrats!
RT @408Nate: Love the package of Mission Bay stories by ⁦@JohnKingSFChron⁩ ⁦@SFjkdineen⁩. Makes me want to check it out first hand. Missi…
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