In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man: I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.
Published today. #SeeingTheBody @racheleliza_g - beautiful book.
Thank you. I was very happy to see this.
Here’s something I just wrote.
You can dish it out but you can't take it, huh.
Coleridge wrote about the “motiveless malignity” of Iago towards Othello. There are critics I think of as “Iagos” of this type. @parul_sehgal is high on that list.
If you want better reviews, there are plenty of good ones. But a better idea is to throw away the reviews and just see what you think of the book. Thanks for reading.
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Thanks. I’ve seen at least three scholarly papers discussing the eyes, but I enjoyed Julian’s thoughts on the subject, that’s all.
According to Julian Barnes in Flaubert’s Parrot, Madame Bovary’s eyes change color a number of times in the book.
I’ve spoken in Cambridge many times since then! Hope you managed to get to one of those events.
Dear Gabe, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Haroun and congrats on your excellent ”opposite paragraph”!
That’s actually isn’t how it begins, but a sentence patched together from different parts of the first page. The book’s publisher should know better than to misquote the book.
Sorry, I don't remember. Are you thinking of The Idea of Empire, documentary about Edward, made in 1993? Can't recall now if Eqbal was part of that. Directed by Tim May and Frank Hanly.
RT @PollySamson: This is so great.
Just dive in! Enjoy!
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You’re right about two things. That’s a fake quote - it’s nothing I ever said. And I don’t consider myself a Muslim. The rest... no comment. And goodbye.
This isn’t exactly right. Long ago I met various people who claimed they had worked on such novels. I have no idea if they really exist. I suspect they don’t.
Well if you want the detail, at that time Dyer was an officer in the British Indian Army which did use the term Brigadier General.
Yes in the passage about Jallianwala Bagh
Yes, rifles. That mistake has been sitting in the text since 1981. I should fix it. Thanks.
My old friend Rosanne Hodin has written a delightful and funny memoir of her family's crazy life in the English countryside. Perfect escapist reading for these locked-down times. #growinggoatsandgirls
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Very probable. Sounds right. It’s a long time ago and I’m afraid I don’t remember.
Thanks. But don’t hold your breath.
Yes. In writing QUICHOTTE for example I was helped by two SF stories, one by Arthur C. Clarke, the other by Katherine MacLean. Details in acknowledgments.
Yes. You should apply to the Emory Manuscripts and Rare Book Library (MARBL).
Yes. I think I made up the Robert part too.
Reshevsky published a number of excellent books about chess but I think I may have made this one up.
Keep turning the pages.
Amongst other books, yes, certainly.
Not a mistake. Giuliani and Koch are both former mayors of New York. So, yes, a sort of joke.
Yes! I remember reading the Gavaskar story in the paper not long after the novel came out and was amazed at the parallels.
Thank you for reading! Re: influences, I haven’t read the Blind Musician book, and Suskind’s Perfume was published 4 years after Midnight’s Children.
Fake account: @OfficialRushdie. That is not me. This is.
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