A new API for OpenAI technology: http://beta.openai.com It can do a lot today, and it will learn to do more.
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Coyote in Russian Hill!
"All the memories I didn’t think I’d remembered are rushing in": https://www.defmacro.org/2020/06/02/future.html
5) Enough. Watch the murder videos. Get uncomfortable. Commit to figuring out what you can do.
4) Twitter activism doesn’t cut it. I’m still trying to figure out how I can best personally contribute, but I commit to figure it out and will report back by the end of the month.
3) There are a lot of serious struggles in the country, but racism in the US is different—it’s the original sin of the country.
2) I’ve been aware for a long time of systemic racism and the inequities around criminal justice, and I have not prioritized contributing to fixing them. I think the other things I’ve prioritized are important but I wish I’d set the balance differently.
It’s easy and good, but insufficient, to tweet that Black Lives Matter. Here are some harder things:
1) I grew up around anti-Blackness in Missouri. I thought I’d gotten rid of it in college; I had definitely not. I still haven’t fully—I'm still noticing new ways I’ve overlooked Black realities—but I sure want to. Pretending otherwise gets in the way of getting better.
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RT @km: Time for a mini-thread on police unions, because it is both tricky and very high stakes.
The question isn't, "What will I be doing in 10 years?" But, "What will I wish I'd started 10 years from now?"
Idea Generation: https://blog.samaltman.com/idea-generation
Covid-19 is like a 10 year fast-forward button for the major trends of the world. Some of those trends benefit from this, and some really wanted to happen gradually.
My favorite co-investor: https://www.wsj.com/articles/lachy-groom-raising-about-100-million-for-second-fund-11589929101?shareToken= st529f25def0344b7080d2a3adb201a6f1
Also, if remote work really takes off, the state of CA is going to have some eye-watering budget problems...
Many wonderful things about the city (nature, culture, spirit of innovation); and a lot of cruft of a lazy monopoly winner. Hoping things will take a big turn for the better!
Very excited to see SF have to compete with other cities.
Can you imagine the tax impact of square and twitter employees leaving San Francisco???
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If you consistently do something today instead of scheduling a meeting for next week, your career is likely to be far more impactful than most.
How many IQ points would you trade to be 30% happier?
Airbnb has fantastic people--if you are hiring, you should reach out! (Also, I really appreciate how @bchesky is handling this.) https://twitter.com/bchesky/status/1257915103615172608
I think the only thing you can do is pay it forward, but the degree to which @paulg and @jesslivingston did this for a significant fraction of a generation of Silicon Valley, and the effect it had on us, is hard to overstate. https://twitter.com/WilsonCusack/status/1257465022797750273
RT @OpenAI: Introducing Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and…
RT @paultoo: A third solution to the pandemic https://paulbuchheit.blogspot.com/2020/04/a-third-solution.html
RT @hannu: We need a vaccine in six months. History teaches us that combining money with determined leadership can have an extraordinary ef…
Most of what VCs write about "Silicon Valley" is crap that I don't even think they believe; but this is the best thing so far this year. (I don't agree with everything, but where he's right he's really right.) https://twitter.com/absoluttig/status/1253125649486635010
Excellent work visualizing neural networks, which seems critical to understanding how they work: https://openai.com/blog/microscope/ By @ch402 @ludwigschubert @mpetrov @shancarter @nicklovescode @gabeeegoooh https://twitter.com/ch402/status/1250093898321428481
“I love having all the bullshit of my life cut out all at once. I can't believe how much accumulated.” “I hate it. Now I have to think about all the stuff I usually stay too busy to think about.”
I've been a long-time fan of @liamcasey and he's helped so many companies; cool to finally work with him and @pch_intl directly!
If there's enough demand (i.e. 1 billion), we'd be able to offer the masks at 32 cents each delivered to Long Beach, CA. If there's less demand, we might proceed anyway at a higher price.
These masks are not FDA-approved for treating patients with COVID-19, but they are what most people think of as “surgical masks” and provide meaningful protection. Thanks especially to @maxaltman for doing a lot of work on this!
1 billion masks: https://www.1billionmasks.com Masks help stop the spread of COVID-19, but they're hard for local governments and essential workers to get. This is a way to combine forces to get high-quality masks at a good price via crowdfunding.
Appallingly little willingness from some people to consider the merits instead of defending their identities. @carlesgelada, history seems likely to vindicate you! https://twitter.com/carlesgelada/status/1248347372259700736
https://jobs.lever.co/openai/55babd9c-584c-4646-b010-32afd3ccd527 https://jobs.lever.co/openai/333abb22-efde-4eed-a9e3- f3678a5bd2e0
The supercomputing team is one of the most important teams at OpenAI, and they’re hiring. They build some of the largest compute platforms in the world and craft powerful software tools to run large-scale machine learning on top. This is key to enabling our research.
Help With COVID now has 10,000+ volunteers, 500+ projects, and a new design--you can find something great to work on. http://helpwithcovid.com
RT @paultoo: This is huge! Current testing capacity in the US is only about 100k/day. This technology enables existing labs such as @QuestD…
RT @paultoo: We're developing a new rapid, high-volume, low cost test for COVID-19. If you or someone you know has recently tested positive…
Trash day during shelter-in-place: "did we really drink all these bottles of wine last week?"
“Normal life” is going to come from scientific progress, not herd immunity.
0.1% of the US has tested positive for COVID-19.
War on viruses. It should be easy for the federal government to spend $100 billion on this--viruses are now more of a threat to national security than traditional militaries.
RT @samsamoa: @sama A step towards this would be making individual health insurance tax deductible. Employer-provided insurance comes from…
(If you disagree, I would be very interested in a first principles explanation of why this makes sense.)
Your healthcare should not be tied to your job.
When you understand how health insurance in the US came to be tied to one's job, it's even clearer what a hack it is. (It happened because US companies during WW II couldn't compete for workers by raising wages, which were fixed. So they started offering health insurance.)
Do you think COVID-19 will be enough to undo the hack?
And it stayed because of racism https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/14/magazine/universal-health-care-racism.html
Agree. However, your healthcare should not be tied to the "Do Not Wear Masks, oh wait" government, either.
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