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Hosted a dinner tonight for our friends from the Karam Foundation & Syrian Community Network, groups we got involved with thanks to a @chelseahandler event a few years ago. Get fired up - she’s my guest next week on the podcast! 👏🏻
RT @wojespn: Monster haul for David Griffin and the Pelicans. They maximized the AD trade without needing a third team. History of Griffin…
Ooh, good ones!
@jonlovett taking on income disparity in women’s sports on Lovett or Leave It?!?! Bestill my heart.
Fantastic! Loved hearing from her, @notthefakeSVP.
My question for @abbywambach is: How do you think substitutions will be handled for USA during group play in order to stay fresh for the knockout rounds, without disrupting the rhythm & prep of the first XI? @wellsfargo #ControlTheGame #ad
Watching the soccer games?? ️@wellsfargo is letting you Control the Game! Tweet your questions to @abbywambach and tag @wellsfargo & #ControlTheGame! She’ll be answering YOUR questions live tomorrow during the first half of US vs Chile! Whatcha wanna ask the 🐐? #ad
OMG! @lizzo on the organ for Rizzo. You guys weren’t kidding! This guy rules.
The Doogie Howser music for Verdugo is a nice tough from the Dodgers’ organ player.
RT @WNBA: They know what's up 👀 @KingJames @russwest44 @CP3
RT @MilesBridges: Sick NBA season over but we still got @WNBA 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Yes, @IzGutierrez!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️
RT @ItsJustThaii: 30+ year old twitter can relate
RT @thefootballgirl: ESPN superstar @SarahSpain joins the TFG Pod for a wide-ranging convo that includes carving her niche, what's next for…
RT @ramonashelburne: Three years ago Draymond Green texted Kevin Durant after the Warriors lost Game 7 of the Finals. This time, Kevin Dura…
They’re hypnotizing!
RT @darthAmin: I didn’t know people being murdered counted as “politics”. Thanks for your empathy
RT @darthAmin: I’m wearing my Sudan jersey to bring awareness to the brutality that’s happening in my country.
RT @Icepole4: @SarahSpain this is the famous glaze waterfall...
RT @LeBatardShow: #poll Guy who says, "Larry O.B." jerk or no jerk?
@darthAmin & I are in charge of @LeBatardShow today and we have done zero minutes of show prep. No idea what we’re gonna talk about - let’s do this!
RT @SherwoodStrauss: On what was left behind in Oracle
RT @Raptors: Board man gets champagne!
RT @MarcJSpearsESPN: Stephen Curry, family and friends take picture at Oracle Arena before leaving.
RT @TheUndefeated: .@superfan_nav explains how he was able to attend every @Raptors home game for 24 years! #NBAFinals #WeTheNorth https:/…
Sounds like a slip-up from Kawhi re: his future, telling SVP that it means so much to bring the first title to the Raptors: "Something for Toronto build on." (hears himself) "Something for all of us to build on."
RT @MarcJSpearsESPN: Warriors guard Shaun Livingston tells @TheUndefeated he could “possibly” play next season, but will seriously consider…
RT @WorldWideWob: What Kawhi told Kyle Lowry the day the DeRozan trade went down
RT @ringernba: 🇨🇲🍾
RT @Rachel__Nichols: Kawhi on what he learned from the last two years: “A lot of people thought I was faking the injury or didn’t want to p…
Kawhi Leonard 20 minutes after the celebrations.
RT @LRiddickESPN: I want to go to Drake’s party....🤷🏾‍♂️
RT @Sid_Seixeiro: Confirmation that Kawhi Leonard is indeed a “fun guy”.
RT @reesewaters: Toronto Maple Leafs rn
Next up: More 🏀 (On ESPN/ABC, no less!)
My girl @heydb just crushing this postgame. She's the best.
Good opportunity for Masai to thank the pieces that helped build this team and are now gone. Surprised he didn't take it.
KAWHI CELEBRATED!!!! Like, for real!!!
Enough with the whistles. Such an anticlimactic way to end such an amazing game.
Dammit, man. I can't even really enjoy this the way I wanted to for the Raptors. This just isn't how I wanted it all to go down. Damn damn damn.
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