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RT @realDonaldTrump: Do you believe that the Failing New York Times just did a story stating that the United States is substantially increa…
RT @naval: @ggreenwald @zooko This single article by @ScottAdamsSays made me a much better writer. It's a cheat sheet:…
Following the lead of #SleepyJoe, @KamalaHarris is basing her campaign on the Fine People Hoax:
In case you missed me for coffee on Periscope today: Episode 566 Scott Adams: Who Will Win Democrat Debates, Odds of War With... via @YouTube nt=dilbert
RT @DanCrenshawTX: The US has decreased emissions by shifting to natural gas and more efficient technology. The future is in carbon capture…
I respectfully disagree. The flag's burnability is exactly what makes it indestructible. I'll only pledge allegiance to a flag I can burn in public. No weak flags, please.
Scott Adams tells you who will win the Democratic debates, odds of war with Iran, foreign influence, and coffee
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RT @chazfirestone: All the balls are the same color — and that color is *brown*!
Mind reading.
RT @subschneider: If @AndrewYang is smart (which of course he is) he will come out 100% in support of Nuclear Energy during the climate cha…
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I’ll tell you tomorrow over coffee who will win the first two Democratic debates. #democraticdebate
RT @joelpollak: All three cable nets cut away from @realDonaldTrump before he got to the policy change on health care for small business em…
RT @RepChipRoy: The Reynosa faction of the Gulf cartel is making hundreds of millions of dollars moving people. Not just fentanyl, not just…
Scott Adams listens to your work complaints to create Dilbert comics. (No politics).
Any creators who put their profile on the Interface by WhenHub app (my startup) can accept donations via credit card. #Interface nt=dilbert
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Scott Adams talks about limpet mines, Hatch Act, TDS recovery, and coffee.
Scott Adams talks about Trump’s philosophy on accepting information from other countries. With a beverage.
Question: Would it be legal for a President to listen to PUBLIC information about a rival candidate from another country? Would it not still have value?
RT @naval: @ggreenwald @zooko This single article by @ScottAdamsSays made me a much better writer. It's a cheat sheet:…
In case you missed me on Periscope this morning -- Episode 563 Scott Adams: Why the Press Can’t Tell the Difference Between... via @YouTube nt=dilbert
RT @jordanbpeterson: Deep Fake AI-generated video of Mona Lisa:
RT @GordonGChang: #China is absorbing the tariffs, @cvpayne. Yet as you suggest, the proportion paid by Americans will go up when President…
Foreshadowing: That lawyer is so good that, gosh, anything could happen.
Smart people would listen to the information first. I would do the same.
RT @joelpollak: Mexico is paying for the wall
RT @BotActive: Please pass this along: I am betting all comers $1000 that President Trump will leave office at the end of his term. If you…
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TDS is a terrible illness.
RT @mashable: It only took a couple days for this robot arm to build an entire house
Biden says he decided to run because he believed the Fine People Hoax. A heckler fact checks him.
Central Park Five Prosecutor Calls Out Director
MENTALLY WEAK: President Trump SLAMS Joe Biden in BLISTERING News Conference - YouTube
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Today is the day every political pundit realized President Trump took out Biden with one word: Sleepy. #Next
This is the funniest thing I have seen all week. 😂😂😂 Re: Biden’s sleepy speech today:
RT @joelpollak: You can't trust Fox News! Wait... this is the @MSNBC correspondent.
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I'm worried about Sleepy Joe Biden's health after seeing him on CNN today. His energy is super low and he thinks the "fine people" hoax is real. #SleepyJoe
If you missed my Periscope this morning, you can catch up on YouTube at #SimultaneousSip nt=dilbert
I would watch this movie.
RT @AmyAHarder: Michael Bloomberg open to backing nuclear plants in his new climate campaign.…
RT @realDailyWire: KNOWLES: Everything About The NYT 'Making Of A YouTube Radical' Piece Is Dishonest
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