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They're bringing out the "worse than Watergate" guy again! -- Carl Bernstein: Ukraine Whistleblower Story Has ‘Echoes of Watergate’ via @breitbartNews
Harris is the direct opposite of Trump, in the sense that she has no idea how to be interesting. Is she running for Bumper Sticker in Chief?
RT @ShellenbergerMD: so so grateful you’re spending so much time on mpg when literally anyone else in your position would be totally obsess…
RT @nickgillespie: Litmus test: Does this make you like or hate the Electoral College?
RT @TheHRH: Unrecognized: recent shift in rhetoric and tone from @realDonaldTrump which will make him more appealing to suburban women and…
RT @GordonGChang: #China's Communist Party, led by #XiJinping, is now pursuing all the same strategies that led to its near failure in the…
Talking about 3D printed guns, invisible Biden support, the Singularity, and delicious coffee #Dilbert
I favor the death penalty for this murderer.
I don't think I know even one voter who hopes Biden gets the nomination. Do you know any Biden supporters in your private life?
RT @Cernovich: Masterful and hard hitting. This is what the GOP should have been doing for years.
RT @adamscrabble: Pharma will spend $10 BILLION on ads in the US. Russia only spent +/- $10,000 🚨
RT @adamscrabble: 🚨 Question: Please read this article. It's shocking. We have to ask all of the candidates, Dem and GOP/Trump how they wil…
RT @subschneider: I was THE first person to make the claim that in order to be pro-science and support action on climate change you MUST in…
At least it’s purple.
RT @MichaelRCaputo: Watch real news from Ukraine, not the talking heads who ginned you up over a Russia hoax for two years. Learn from your…
Sipping and talking about Biden, brownface, and children in charge of the big decisions.
RT @ShellenbergerMD: @ScottAdamsSays @TheRealJB_33 @AlexCKaufman In support of what @ScottAdamsSays
RT @Jkylebass: There are only 4 American container “inspectors” in china. The chinese won’t allow them to look into the containers. They ar…
RT @subschneider: 54 reactors and 70,000 MWe nameplate capacity under construction completely debunks this. @YahooNews has gone full #FakeN…
I am following the example of the Hoothies in Yemen and announcing that I will not use drones and cruise missiles to attack Saudi Arabia. Turns out I don't have any of that stuff either. #HoothiesAndTheBullshit
Two questions: 1. Whose job is it to protect the integrity of U.S. presidential elections, including making sure the winner is not compromised by foreign entities? 2. How do you do that without asking Ukraine what's the deal with Biden? #BidenUkraine
RT @MichaelRCaputo: A telephone call between a world leader and Pres Trump? It’s privileged executive branch communications outside IC juri… #Dilbert
RT @subschneider: Finally @RepDanCrenshaw decides to break out his military bravery and bring Nuclear to the FRONT of his plan. Welcome to…
RT @cspan: Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) to @kathleen_belew: "The audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make…
RT @Cernovich: Prayers sent ⁦@jordanbpeterson⁩
The time President Trump made his critics talk non-stop about Joe Biden’s son who allegedly did . . . WTF???
Unless 3D printing is highly regulated. Which it will be. Because of this very thing.
RT @jackPosobiec: Candace just shut the door on this fake professor
RT @sapinker: Afforestation and halting deforestation are the ultimate carbon-capture technologies, which will be needed even if the world…
This is terrific gun context.
Cory Booker: Democrats Who Oppose Nuclear Energy Are Like Climate Deniers | Breitbart via @breitbartNews
I’ll be watching this tonight with @kristina_basham. Looks intense!
RT @MarkSimoneNY: Watch the Devastating New Ad Against Joe Biden: #MAGA #MAGA2020 #TrumpRally #Trump #CreepyJoe #…
RT @jordanbpeterson: For around 3 and a half years, @HoldSpaceFilms filmed what is now a very intimate look into my life. They have just an…
The well-informed left and right agree on one thing: Nuclear energy is necessary no matter what you believe about climate.
Fentanyl murder indictment is a first for Broward - South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Male votes not needed, apparently.
RT @NolteNC: She’s one of the worst “major presidential candidates” ever.
Taxes are the least of Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare for All' problems
Come have coffee with me while I solve healthcare, immigration and climate change.
RT @Viatcheslavsos3: @ScottAdamsSays Chinese scientists develop handheld sonic weapon for crowd control. Gas-powered device passed for mass…
RT @foundmyfitness: A new review of 24 studies concludes that nutrition is inadequately incorporated into medical education and that that m…
RT @CortesSteve: My newest op-ed: .html #Dilbert
Does it bother anyone else that our elected officials live in a panopticon run by our intelligence agencies?
It scares the hell out of me.
Our entire civilization has become a panopticon.
That’s a powerful word. You can almost feel it reprogram your thoughts in real time.
Under-informed @amyklobuchar is still pushing the debunked #finepeoplehoax. See what she got wrong:
Marianne Williamson On Nuclear Energy: Don’t Use ‘Hard Data,’ Think ‘With Your Hearts’ | Daily Wire
Matt Gaetz Exposes Al Sharpton's Racist, Antisemitic, Homophobic Rhetoric; Quotes Joe Scarborough | Breitbart via @breitbartNews
is that @ScottAdamsSays there working at a WeWork facility??
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