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RT @brithume: A CNN commentator calls out his own network, and other outlets, about what Trump actually said after Charlottesville. https:…
Scott Adams talks with writer, boxer, brilliant guy @edlatimore about how to succeed. With coffee.
Join me live today on Periscope 10 AM ET to talk with @EdLatimore - writer, boxer, veteran, teacher, and all-round brilliant guy, about the keys to a better life. nt=dilbert
The third explanation (and the correct one, in my view) is false memory. The biggest pushback I get on this topic is "I heard it with my own ears," despite the fact it never happened. @jaketapper @donlemon @ChrisCuomo @CNN
RT @ScottAdamsSays: This is jaw-dropping.
This is jaw-dropping.
RT @Bencjacobs: In a new poll of registered New York voters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez favorable/unfavorable rating with Jewish voters is 16…
FACT CHECK -- Cory Booker: Trump ‘Couldn‘t Condemn Nazis‘ | Breitbart via @breitbartNews nt=dilbert
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RT @loopuleasa: Here is a tweet storm with the main distilled points from @ScottAdamsSays and @naval talk on periscope here…
Scott Adams makes a new climate change challenge, and talks about Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and more. With coffee.
RT @rmead777: @ScottAdamsSays @lieberman_jason @MSNBC This was/is a real tweet by CNN
Am I supposed to enjoy this as much as I am? I'm morally conflicted here. 😂
Cory Booker is making the world a worse place with Nazi hoaxes: ‘Here’s a guy that couldn’t condemn Nazis’ via @msnbc
Can someone smart tell me why this opinion on climate models is wrong? Are Climate Models Overpredicting Global Warming? via @CatoInstitute
Can someone who is smart tell me whether this persuasively debunks climate change predictions of doom or is it just another "cherry picking" situation?
RT @michaelmalice: The corporate press, with its decades-long bloodlust for war, genuinely believes it has less blood on its hands than 4ch…
Pollak: Definitive Takedown of the Charlottesville 'Very Fine People' Hoax ople-hoax/ via @breitbartNews
Good. Now let's erase him from history.
Scott Adams is offering to publicly deprogram anti-Trumpers suffering from TDS while you watch.
ADL: Extremist Killings DOWN 39% Under President Donald Trump | Breitbart via @breitbartNews nt=dilbert
RT @EdLatimore: A big problem we have today is that many people are too stupid to even know who's dumb.
Scott Adams talks about the best week ever for President Trump and maybe the country? With coffee.
RT @Viatcheslavsos3: @ScottAdamsSays Is it a drone? Or is it a rifle?
Latino voter: I'd like to see wall longer and taller @CNNPolitics
Best reality show ever.
California‘s Gavin Newsom Praises Trump‘s ‘Opportunity Zones‘ | Breitbart via @breitbartNews
Am I reading this correctly, that right-wing extremist murders dropped sharply under Trump? Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2018 via @ADL
RT @SharylAttkisson: ICYMI: Montana *solved* its 💰high cost of health care thanks to a brainy, common sense, gutsy sr. citizen who stood u…
Bullying seems like a plausible contributing factor. And video games. And racism, obviously. And maybe his recent testosterone spike. And mental illness.
RT @juliaonjobs: .@CNN has egg on its face today. Told America eggs are killing us, when the study shows eggs have an insignificant effect,…
CNN‘s John Avlon Lies, Repeatedly, in ‘Reality Check‘ About Trump and White Nationalism | Breitbart via @breitbartNews
Scott Adams talks about aspirin, the rise of white supremacist violence, false memories, and coffee.
BREAKING: People who make all the wrong choices about their health are more likely to have bad health outcomes. via @businessinsider nt=dilbert
Another good test for false memory: Do you remember that Clinton colluded with Russia or that Trump did? Nolte: Watch Chuck Todd Spread 4 Pieces of Fake News in 54 Seconds via @breitbartNews
Daily baby aspirin no longer recommended as heart attack preventative for older adults - CNN
RT @MZHemingway: RIP Dick Dale
As one can see from the transcript, Trump excluded the Charlottesville racists from the “fine people” category and condemned them totally and specifically. This is typically reported without the bottom part.
Senator Tim Kaine joins the ranks of those who have false memories of the “fine people” incident. @timkaine
I think Biden’s #gaffnouncement lacked sizzle. Would have been better in a snowstorm or on a skateboard.
ooh or a skatestorm!!!
RT @MediaBuzzFNC: .@MZHemingway says it's appalling for some pundits to say Trump somehow inspired the New Zealand mosque massacres, debati…
RT @joelpollak: For the benefit of our media "betters," here is Trump's entire speech from the White House denouncing neo-Nazis etc. the da…
RT @joelpollak: This is for @mkraju and other ignorant journalists: a speech by @realDonaldTrump denouncing white supremacy. @CNN reported…
Can we have a @snopes ruling on the myth that President Trump called neo-Nazis and racists "fine people" after Charlottesville? Transcript attached to highlight Trump's clear statement that he "condemned totally" the racists in Charlottesville.
Looking for an expert on false memories to interview on Periscope. I’ll check comments for volunteers.
Come test your false memory about the Charlottesville "fine people" hoax with a trained hypnotist. Live now.
Scott Adams does a public demonstration of false memory about the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax. With coffee.
RT @matt_beals: @ScottAdamsSays @breitbartNews The author of the fake Russia dossier - paid for by Hillary and the DNC and used to launch t…
RT @ScottAdamsSays: Compare the @Wikipedia description of the “fine people” fake news from Charlottesville to the actual transcript. Not ev…
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