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Big tech needs to double their revenue every 5 years. What to do? 5 things: #nomercynomalice #Apple #Amazon #Facebook #Google #Twitter
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Unconscious bias training — "the majority of racist or sexist behaviors that take place at work would not have been predicted from a person’s attitudes or beliefs"
RT @mental_floss: Today marks 53 years since the Supreme Court struck down state laws making interracial marriage illegal. #LovingDay https…
Episode 6 tonight @VICETV
These are highly encouraging reports — will we act on them & wear masks? 2 Covid-positive hair stylists work on 140 people (masks, distanced chairs) — not one infected
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Great news — if we stick together
RT @LizHackett: Grow the hell up. Wear a mask. Look out for each other. It's not all about you.
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Government for the people, by the people, means this can’t be confidential
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Spoke to @DorothyABrown abt hiring people of color, listening to black employees & how the tax code can compensate for systemic racism. Plus #officehours where to invest now + why growth opportunities are a tremendous Yoda Find us on @Spotify or anywhere
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This is great — LeBron teaming up w/ @staceyabrams @fairfightaction. Esp after the voting lines yesterday in GA, voter suppression is a top national priority esp in the next 5 mo
To brighten the timeline ... Bezos as a kid.
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Episode 5 is up for streaming — guests @Nouriel Roubini & @SRuhle shed insight on recession @VICETV #nomercynomaliceonVICE 👉
Spoke to @drsanjaygupta @CNN about corona & the disruption of higher ed. Listen or look through transcript:
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Colleges are confronting sharply reduced revenue, severe budget cuts, warfare between administrators and faculty, and even lawsuits from students who want refunds for a derailed spring semester. @FrankBruni
RT @NYGovCuomo: If you attended a protest, assume you may have been exposed to COVID. Get tested. There are 15 new testing sites in NYC fo…
RT @nytimes: A wave of polls suggests that President Trump’s support is eroding across almost all demographic groups. His deficit among wom…
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Good point @SenGianaris "bad apples" comes from "one bad apple spoils the bunch" — we've left problems unaddressed & now the entire police force needs reform
RT @SenGianaris: We passed #Repeal50a to end New York’s police secrecy law!
Harvard University asking employees to consider early retirement, giving up vacation and reducing work hours as it faces a massive revenue shortfall
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“Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of the truth.” Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms already make the company the arbiter of people’s truths. m&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=rss+fastcompany&utm_content=rss
By bashing Romney, White House reveals how worried it is about the protests
RT @ASlavitt: Nearly Half of COVID-19 Cases May Be Spread Asymptomatically | Time
We’ve conflated luck and talent, and it’s had a disastrous outcome — a lack of empathy.
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RT @ritholtz: Shocking: 30% of all murder cases in Iran were honor killings of women and girls
We're hiring for 3 positions — in NYC or remote, part-time or full-time
RT @SenatorBennet: In the wake of the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the overdue demands of protesters across the nation,…
RT @SenGianaris: In Albany working to #Repeal50A — because bad cops must be held accountable
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