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" Prime editing" = the "word processor" of gene editing
RT @skupor: What does the enforcement action from the SEC mean?
What does the enforcement action from the SEC mean?
"We are a nation founded on the overthrow of kings and the idle rich, so the hustle is deeply baked into mainstream notions of what it means to be American."
"When companies are threatened with retaliation by powerful politicians merely for exploring a radical new business idea, it doesn't bode well for innovation." via @FT
RT @WSJmarkets: Currently, stocks can be traded on 13 exchanges or dozens of off-exchange “dark pool” venues. Smaller companies say it is a…
Great to see this statement from @SEC_tradingmkts - suspending UTP has been a policy proposal that many of us have suggested over the years as worth looking into as a way to improve depth of trading liquidity for thinly-traded securities.
“There is a medieval expectation that German women have to be this perfect stereotype who can deliver on every front outside the workplace.” via @financialtimes
"When a leading cause of death among our young people is increasing, it behooves us to figure out what is going on." 0b9766ecb93b6&reflink=share_mobilewebshare
RT @FinancialTimes: Intelligence isn’t static. Instead, humility, imagination and an infinite hunger for knowledge are just a few of the qu…
This is not your grandfather's gaming world
It’s good for shareholders when boards consider public interest    - via @FT
Among the most significant changes to the VC ecosystem over the last 10 years!
Very cool: "The big change that happened in networking since the...term SDN was first used, is that those who own and operate networks are starting to take charge of how their networks operate. This, we believe, is the real story of SDN."
Was great to have @lloydblankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO 2006-2018) stop by the @coinbase office in New York this morning. Appreciate you sharing some great lessons with myself and the team!
Are you two biologically related??
RT @davidlee: A lesson from a long midcareer break: “Life is not a straight line” via @WSJ
Will AI lower divorce rates? 1971493688d6707d92dcd980 via @WSJ
No doubt that the decline in international students is impacting applications, but I wonder if there is a potential longer-term trend here about the attractiveness of full-time programs relative to more flexible part-time ones? via @WSJ
True: "But suggesting that companies must choose between doing well and doing good is a false choice. Successful businesses can and must do both."
Thanks for sharing @paulg - Best lines: Facebook is overvalued because its worth "nearly half the value of Yahoo" (even though Yahoo has 38x employees and 32x the revenue) & Google is overvalued because its "worth more than I.B.M." (and IBM has 8x the revenue)
RT @ChrisLyons: .@Forbes also covered the news this morning with a detailed story on how we plan to work together with our group of non-pro…
"I can't remember an Apple memo or statement that crumbles so quickly under scrutiny." via @FT
SEC halts Telegram offering
We are lucky to be involved in so many exciting things in this business, but few are as exciting - IMHO - as the opportunity for true impact that the Cultural Leadership Fund offers. Excited for @ChrisLyons and team!
Thanks, Freddy
"Your culture is how your company makes decisions when you're not there."
Thank you very much, Lawrence
Thank you Kurt - appreciate the feedback.
Good news re wage growth for lower wage earners.
10x increase in number of Chinese listed companies over last 20 years; 50% decrease in US over same time period. via @FT
Another reason why policymakers should care about the shrinking number of publicly-listed companies: buyouts, particularly of public companies, lead to job losses.
Engineering the Genome: Challenges and Opportunities in the Next Wave of Medicine via @a16z
"We now invest a lot of effort into finding minimal residual disease. Why not apply the same rigor and focus to finding minimal initial disease?" 0bf22f79728f via @WSJ
"Women born in the 1950s chose majors with potential wages that were 12.5% lower than potential wages for majors picked by men. Those born in the 1990s picked majors with potential wages that were 9.5% lower than men did." a0f6bdb161c48ef965569e4e74fe467 via @WSJ
If you are even remotely interested in open source software, check this out. Peter Levine both a CEO and investor in open source for over a decade now and share some great wisdom. via @a16z
Should UK pensions be able to increase VC exposure?
Question for the @KauffmanFellows team - how does this compare with previously published data showing that 2% of VC$ go to startups with a female founder. I am not sure I am reading your data correctly - what % are you showing across the industry?
A long, but good read if you are interested in the Harvard admissions case opinion
Good coverage by @mileskruppa on the implications on Chinese direct investment into the US as a result of new CFIUS rules via @financialtimes
FTSE 350 female board representation up 3x in 10 years to 30%
"Overdose deaths rose by an average of 8 percent from 1999 to 2013 and by a staggering 71 percent from 2013 to 2017. Yet the DEA...authorized a 400 percent increase in oxycodone output between 2002 and 2013."
Thanks for sharing @carlquintanilla - great reporting on the power of the tobacco lobby
A good read
Definitely an interesting read
Really?? "Nutrition studies...should not be held to the same rigid standards as studies of experimental drug."
I suspect if @andykessler spent a day in Silicon Valley taking pitches from the incredible entrepreneurs we all get to hear from, he'd have a very different take on the future of technology.
"The majority of these stake acquisitions need to be understood from the perspective of relieving financial stress."
“We’ve moved more to a microview of well-being, having positivity in the minute. Are we just careening from moment to moment?”
Well said from @fredwilson - tech companies enjoy premium valuations b/c they have long-term competitive moats, high unit margins and Ieverage at scale, driving high cash flow at maturity. Absent those characteristics, tech multiples are less applicable.
Interesting global data from @HarvardBiz on a variety of factors impacting gender pay disparities.
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