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A look at the size of hotel portfolios from top 5 operators $mar $hlt $ihg
Marriott continues to revamp its @Sheraton brand with revamped food & beverage options and investment in new hotel management. Question is if it’s enough to increase customer satisfaction. If $MAR were to sell/spin-off any of its 30 brands, most insiders say: Sheraton.
Encouraged by more visa-free destinations, Marriott says China outbound trips to increase from 117 million in 2015 to 160 million in 2020. $MAR
RT @CNBC: One of Russia's richest men is going on the defensive. Billionaire Oleg Deripaska, known to have ties to Putin's government, said…
Marriott up 3% pre-mkt after unveiling three year expansion plan. More emphasis on international vs. domestic growth. @cnbc live at Marriott Investor Day. More highlights to come. $MAR
Good chat on today's top stories
RT @CNBCFuturesNow: David Stockman sees 40% market plunge, says rally is 'just day traders, chart monkeys, robo machines'…
RT @Reuters: China makes major U.S. pork purchase despite steep import tariffs, as hog virus takes toll https://t.c…
An unfortunate development given Azhar's link to terrorism. Who is China trying to protect?
Coming up on @CNBCTheExchange, my story on the threat of fake news in India, the impact on the upcoming election and what U.S. social media firms are trying to do about it
India's seven-part election kicks off on April 11th. Here is a colorful map detailing when each district/state goes to the polls. @SpokespersonECI
India’s stock market climbs to 6-month high as election dates are announced. @fastFT
RT @Reuters: Women's Day unites activists, Turkish police break up crowd with tear gas
To smashing stereotypes and celebrating women. Happy #InternationalWomensDay! @nbc @cnbc #HereSheCan
RT @CSIS: New satellite imagery acquired yesterday shows that North Korea has essentially completed the rebuilding of both the rail-mounted…
If Italy officially endorses China's One Belt One Road Initiative, it would significantly expand China's reach across Europe. Here's a blueprint...h/t @WorldBank @JRReed
India has a range of retaliatory tools it can use if trade tensions with the U.S. escalate in the coming weeks ahead of the national election. Read here:
Speaking of growth problems..India GDP growth falls to 6.6% in Q3, slowest in five quarters
RT @FT: US economic growth resilient amid global headwinds — analysts
Starts with the foreign ministry in New Delhi limiting its communication with U.S. media.
Pakistani PM says Indian pilot to be released Friday as peace gesture
RT @diploSikh: We have not seen a path of de-escalation but rather actions that have the potential to escalate into further conflict https:…
India/Pakistan tensions should not be overlooked...and could impact U.S. interests. My story:
RT @Newsweek: As India bombs Pakistan for the first time in almost 50 years, the possibility of another war looms…
Cash-rich millennials, growing middle class and a desire to stand out...all playing a role in driving the luxury boom in #China, despite the broader economic slowdown. Our story:
Luxury shines, amidst China slowdown
Interesting to see how Europeans have changed their stance on 5G just as China ramps up investments across EU.
Surprisingly warm welcome given prior meetings between MBS and Pakistan’s government. Though @RichardRossow points out Modi has maintained relations with a number of Middle East partners (Iran, Israel, etc)
RT @DevirupaM: JUST IN India's full statement responding to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan #PulwamaAttack
RT @CFR_org: Forty years of finessing Taiwan’s status may be coming to a dangerous end, writes @RichardHaass
I need to re-read Atlas Shrugged
RT @TulsiGabbard: We stand with the people of India in condemning the terrorist attack in Jammu & Kashmir, and send our condolences and pra…
Anything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.
Atlanta says, please exploit us.
I think you need to figure out how to uphold standards, fight for small businesses while not discouraging large companies from seeing NYC as a good destination. Job creation is important.
Plenty of companies (even large ones) move to NYC without needing an unprecedented $3b tax giveaway that isn’t extended to other local business owners - just look at Google, for example. Deals have to be fair. This is what happens when they’re not:
How would you balance the protection of local interests with the preservation of the city’s competitive edge? Let’s discuss, when are you available?
I hope that the same group of dedicated NYers will work with our tech sector to find a consolation prize for LIC and the kids who are growing up in NYC, being taught STEM skills in our public schools, and want good jobs that excite them and give them a path to better lives.
You pose this as a victory, but who are its beneficiaries? NY forfeits a chance to become a major tech hub, loses tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions of dollars in tax revenues that could fund programs you support. How is that a victory?
Simply the best
Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed has claimed credit for the worst terrorist attack in Jammu & Kashmir in decades.
Shifting holiday shopping patterns may have played a role, but today's report still represents a considerable disappointment - HSBC
RT @CNBCFuturesNow: Wall Street bear warns the earnings slowdown will crush rally (via @StephLandsman)
Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta on China: ..yes I mean if the China economy slows down, continues to slow and stays growing at a slower pace I do think at some point it will have to have a ripple effect. But I want to be clear that we really haven't seen it. $HLT
Huang Ping, the Chinese consul general in New York tells a large crowd of China watchers: don’t allow a small group to poison the [U.S./China] relationship. Says he expects this week’s trade talks to go well.
RT @sean_oneill: This chart shows Expedia still depends heavily on North America. $EXPE
RT @BillGriffeth: Another fun Rapid Fire, this time with @CourtReagan and @seemacnbc
Expedia feeling the Brexit impact. CEO @MarkOkerstrom: "We have seen a drop-off in UK flight bookings both outbound as well as inbound. We expect its uncertainty around #Brexit and just overall uncertainty in #Europe." $EXPE
RT @axios: Trump announces that his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be held on Feb. 27 and 28 in Vietnam. https://t…
As India's election nears, the government is leaning protectionist, unveiling new regulatory hurdles that complicate Amazon's expansion and protect mom-and-pop stores $amzn $wmt
RT @Newsweek: Venezuela's Maduro tells U.S. citizens: Don't let Donald Trump start a war in my country…
So far 75 S&P companies have mentioned China this earnings season. Mix of good and bad. Full interview w/ cruise operator @RoyalCaribbean on China opportunity:
Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fain brushing off concerns about China slowdown, telling @CNBC he's seeing strength in the middle class and a growing number of outbound travelers. $RCL @SquawkAlley
RT @guardian: Putting Venezuela’s crisis and US intervention in historical context | Letters
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