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Pretty late to the game w/ this following tweet -- but I just logged into Google Chat for the first time in 4-5 years maybe and realized... Chat was sort of like Slack. (Obviously Slack is an amazing product and can't really be compared to Chat.)
If I had one blanket precautionary warning for very early-stage founders when raising capital, I would cite this one tweet.
"Launch With GS" - Goldman Sachs’ commitment to invest $500 million in women-led companies & investment managers:
When the number of Bay Area funds goes up linearly, the potential for signal risk increases exponentially.
The only 10x I care about is seed rounds going from $500K of total capital raised in 2013 to $5M sized seed rounds in 2019.
The camera work, lighting, and production value of the Netflix interview of Obama by David Letterman is incredible. Even though they only touched on some critical topics, it is a very rich discussion.
RT @TheRomit: @semil As Bill Simmons says, “pre agency”, not “free agency”.
RT @leepnet: Investors find signal from multiple vectors. From @semil's latest blog post.
OH: “They’re not officially raising but they’re starting their preemptive round next week...”
2018: "Bumble, but for seed rounds" was probably unrealistic but a witty Twitter line. 2019: "Bumble, but for seed rounds" would actually probably be a popular & useful service.
Oh em gee. Someone probably knows where to find this stat. Right?
Still cannot believe Roger had the ball in his hand with not one -- but two -- Championship points on his racquet but couldn't close it out. He was so close. Still angry at myself that I turned on the TV then, too!
RT @NaithanJones: The most productive individual contributors I’ve hired or met: * interviewed poorly * had resume employment gaps / firing…
Hey, haven't tweeted about Trump in a while. So, reminder: Trump and his apologists are a stain on our nation's history, and every thoughtful person should support efforts to resist today and build safeguards tomorrow for preserving our democratic system and um, avoiding fascism.
Thanks Gabe. People are going about their business and I get it, but if you don’t try to fight their administration, or worse, do business with him and his enablers, then you are on the wrong side of history.
If current Dem debates & roster is any guide, it is already too late
Federer in a Grand Slam Final, 20 wins tho 1-4 vs Djoko & 3-6 vs Rafa.
RT @SI_Tennis: Federer had/won... More overall points (218-204) Higher % of 1st serve points (79-74) Higher % of 2nd serve points (51-47)…
need a Djoko eating grass GIF with a gentle head nod
RT @andyroddick: Like it’s easy from the couch :)
4:38 hrs into this match and Federer looks like he's about to casually roll some sushi.
it sounds like the only people rooting for djokovic is djokovic’s family and tbh, i’m not even sure about that at this point
i can that being a great motivational technique for djoko
My pet-peeve line from tennis fans is when they say "we'd love to see more tennis!"
Turned on TV for one game and my heart rate is racing so may turn it off.
RT @semil: I'm a long-time tennis nut, but in big finals, I actually get too nervous to watch on TV. Tennis is intense. So, I follow along…
Q: I'm curious about folks' experience w/ @FrontApp -- clearly it's a great product... am specifically wondering, what situations is it well-suited for? And, in what situations does it create too much overhead?
RT @RampCapitalLLC: Oh you still use Tweetdeck? That’s cute. Me:
RT @_shahedk: How to enjoy your weekend:
RT @blakeir: Do what you say you will do. It’s the simplest way to stand out.
My all-time favorite @arrington post from a decade ago. Each line is amazing. "Are You A Pirate?" (maybe amended for today, a 10x Pirate"
How a Navy veteran refused to accept a ‘no’ to his battery invention | TechCrunch
RT @thathoo: Suppose you have 10 engineers on your team. Now you want to add an 11th engineer but they are a 10x engineer, as described in…
I love how @garrytan uses this line often to describe their process... "We’re entrepreneurs first. And game recognizes game, so it doesn’t take us long to sit down with a first-time founder focused on building and realize she has what it takes." Game recognize game.
Yes to all this
"Scaling Wokeback Mountain" takes the title for Best Op-Ed Headline of 2019.
Ludovico Einaudi helps me get work done.
RT @semil: [quick post] "Echolocation" (Thoughts on deal sourcing & what opportunities to pay attention to in a n…
RT @mattocko: This is really brutal & funny at the same time... 🤣...😬...🤣...😳
is it already dipshit vc day already?
every day is on Twitter!
RT @bryce: Dunk on Bird all you want but they are doing EXACTLY the kind of business model/technology/market exploration that venture capit…
RT @blakeir: Would love to understand what an average day looks like for @wojespn. How does someone build so much trust across so many sour…
RT @brian_armstrong: Achievement unlocked! I dreamt about a sitting U.S. president needing to respond to growing cryptocurrency usage years…
RT @balajis: Ten years after the launch of Bitcoin, the President of the United States and the Chair of the Federal Reserve are both discus…
RT @MichaelCarusi: The three stages of career development: 1. I can't wait until I'm important enough to be included in meetings. 2. I feel…
RT @msquinn: Four years ago I wrote about my own use of Slack outside the office - something that is increasingly common (see: Atlantic tre…
RT @paulg: A lot of the worst mistakes people make take the form of realizing too late that some market was more efficient than it seemed,…
RT @espnNBA: The amount of assets the Thunder got for Russ and PG is CRAZY!
RT @jordancooper: 33 Questions We Asked Ourselves Before Starting Pace Capital
[quick post] "Echolocation" (Thoughts on deal sourcing & what opportunities to pay attention to in a noisy environment where everyone is connected)
"Dunkstorm" - A tweetstorm where in each tweet in a thread, the author dunks on the same person, over and over again.
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