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Ask a busy person
Widest common denominator
“What’s their phone number again?”
Make a habit/break a habit
The anatomy of annoying
Responsibility and the power of ‘could have’
Toward full stack
The never-ending ratchet of conspicuous consumption
Innovation is guts plus generosity
The downside of possibility
Words that matter
The old media/new media chasm
Excited to be a speaker at #Signals19, @Cheetah_Digital’s inaugural conference designed for marketers by marketers
When will we learn?
What’s your podcast about?
Rules and responsibility
Fooled by reputation
Living in surplus
The problem with sarcasm
The perfect mustard
Pivoting the education matrix
People don’t change
Sneaky surveys (and push polls)
The essential quality of the boogie-man
Too big to care
Surrendering curation and promotion
Comparing % and mass
Three wishes
Where will the media take us next?
Two kinds of system risk
Say what you want
Toward or away?
Squeaky wheels
Which sort of presentation is this?
Paid to learn
Judging a day by the weather
What are you drawn to?
Now with recipes
Principles and being let off the hook
Next to the competition
“Everyone draws the line somewhere”
Open parentheses
The $50,000 an hour gate agent
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