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Invisible insulation
Fill in the blanks
Which bridges?
Getting what the customers asked for
Without ambiguity: Black Lives Matter
Don’t give up
Listening is difficult
The truth about rubylith
Average is not the same as typical
Maybe everyone else isn’t faking it
I can’t imagine
Justice and dignity, too often in short supply
Consider a gap year
Meeting spec (doing the minimum)
Applying effort
Leaky roofs
Three paths for a soloist
Dancing with tools
Your defining moment
Craftspeople and time
A small business isn’t simply a little version of a big business
A community of practice
Waiting and worrying
“I’ve dealt with this before”
Pique blindness
Alternatives to perfect
But what if it works?
Bridges and tunnels
Cost and value
The moral imagination
When is it too soon?
And there’s a story at the heart of it
Following in the footsteps of those that came before
Seeing dominance and affiliation in politics
And when does it get boring?
The downside of authority
A situation vs a slog
Books for spring
What kind of org?
More information is a competitive advantage, but it’s not enough
Reality as an organizing principle
Today’s special
Thoughts on “I’m bored”
And now, what’s next?
A Sunday book reading:
A Sunday book reading
Bulletins vs bulletin boards
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