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RT @nischelle_99: Definitely
RT @burnetteddy: @shiralazar There is a point if sharing too much. If you are sharing to ease your conscience, too much. If you just "won't…
RT @CadenBlantonNN: I would say yes, because i'm weird about my privacy, lol.
RT @Specularstone00: @shiralazar @WhatsTrending Lies are never the answer. The truth is what will show you who they really are letting you…
RT @battams_luke: @shiralazar My ex used to look through my phone and found a ladyship name in there she went NUTS and the lady in the phon…
RT @TheLorenaLeon: @shiralazar Absolutely it has, but oh well, maybe me telling my current beau about what my ex did wrong during sex shoul…
#IfWomenRuledTheEarth we would be led with peace, love and compassion!
Has oversharing in your relationship ever gotten you in trouble? Should you keep things private?
CALL 833-772-2557 @wearechannelq @theslaygawd
CALL: 833-722-2557 @wearechannelq @theslaygawd
Has oversharing gotten you in trouble? Should you keep things private?
RT @JarrettHill: Going live in a few mins with @shiralazar & @TheSlayGawd on @wearechannelq! We'll be talking about how a couple of presi…
RT @wearechannelq: Tonight on #LetsGoThere w/ @shiralazar & @theslaygawd we will not only be premiering @greysonchance’s new song “Shut Up”…
RT @rport16: @shiralazar Yes It can work
RT @JdotCov: @shiralazar @WhatsTrending There’s no way I could date a trump supporter.
RT @TomczakAl: @shiralazar I mean it’s working great for Conway and her hubby. Enough said
RT @Hannahwalters0: @shiralazar If you let something as unimportant as a political view effect or even ruin your relationship then you need…
RT @kellyd95: @shiralazar It’s simple, don’t talk about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Can people with different political views make a relationship work? Has it affected yours?
When ur going through something difficult,trying to make big decisions-remember it comes back to ur voice, instinct+gut feeling.Stop looking for validation from others to make a change or take that leap of faith!In the end,it comes down to u TRUSTING YOURSELF AND YOUR VISION!
Getting my workout on!!!
This is horrifying - we need to do better as a planet. We are all here on this earth together. I am disgusted that this poor animal and many have to endure this in their homes. What can we do?!!
RT @EnochsMarea: @shiralazar When people forget that you were just as hurt as the person you broke up with. No one likes to feel like the b…
RT @vincenzolandino: @shiralazar @WhatsTrending Changing the Netflix password (or having to get your own account)
RT @LizLovelace83: @shiralazar Missing their dogs!
RT @watermelonchiki: @shiralazar Cutting that attachment.
RT @TheLorenaLeon: @shiralazar Knowing that the good moments weren’t enough to keep the relationship going, and that those good moments wil…
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What is the hardest thing about breaking up with someone?
Don’t get stuck in a story of why something won’t work out, focus on why it can + ask the universe to lead u in the direction of ur higher purpose. If u veer off ur path, trust there are lessons to learn, healing + u will end up in the best direction for u. #MondayMotivation
Just found out @ladygaga name inspired by one of my favorite @queenwillrock songs #RadioGaga - which makes sense because Freddie Mercury and Gaga are two of my favorite artists!
Just found out @ladygaga name inspired by one of my favorite @Queen songs #RadioGaga - which makes sense because Freddie Mercury and Gaga are two of my favorite artists!
RT @deaconblade: @shiralazar uhhhh it's not supposed to be lol but talk about awkward, uncomfortable and rough if that's the case
RT @Dungleberry420: No, I font even like most of my family. As long as shes respectful it's all gravy
RT @courtttneylove: no cause i don’t either 😂
Is it a dealbreaker if your partner doesn't get along with your family?
CALL 833-722-2557 @wearechannelq @theslaygawd
CALL: 833-772-2557 @wearechannelq @TheSlayGawd
Is there such thing as too close when it comes to your partner & family?
We must stand together as a global community with love, faith and humanity for one another. Sending condolences to everyone impacted by this horrible and heartbreaking shooting in New Zealand.
Thanks for having me on!
Represent !! Congrats to @IISuperwomanII 🙌❤️
RT @KennyattaW: @shiralazar Because we know very little about ourselves and we use relationships as methods of trial and error instead of a…
RT @kalexander1012: @shiralazar I think we are attracted to people who reflect how we are feeling about ourselves - both good and bad.
RT @LOUABELL26: @shiralazar I don't know but I'm getting pretty annoyed by it!
RT @dancoopermedia: @shiralazar Because we match up with our parent-types, and most of us had bad parenting.
RT @_NEIKO_: @shiralazar @TheSlayGawd Because we’re not ready for the right one even when we think we are
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