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Security Cameras + AI = Dawn of Non-Stop Robot Surveillance
Are Open Source Developers Being Underfunded and Exploited?
News Industry Argues Google and Facebook 'Rob Journalism of Its Revenue', Seek Government Help
These Are the Internet of Things Devices That Are Most Targeted By Hackers
Target Experiences A 'Massive' Nationwide Cash Register Outage
Star Trek Logo Spotted On Mars
How to Get XKCD Author Randall Munroe To Visit Your City
New Hampshire Unveils a Historical Highway Marker For The BASIC Programming Language
KDE Plasma 5.16 Released
Vim and Neo Editors Vulnerable To High-Severity Bug
FBI Issues Search Warrant To 8chan For IP Address of Shooter, Commenters
Caterpillar Takes Tiny 'Cat & Cloud' Coffee Shop To Court Over Trademark
Python Passes C++ on TIOBE Index, Predicted To Pass C and Java
One Dead After Fecal Transplant Gone Wrong, FDA Warns
Cellebrite Says It Can Unlock Any iPhone For Cops
Astronomers Detected Signs of Our Milky Way Colliding With Another Galaxy
Arctic Permafrost Melting 70 Years Sooner Than Expected, Study Finds
Prenda Copyright Troll Sentenced To 14 Years
Texas Appeals Court Says Government Can't Be Sued For Copyright Piracy
Ask Slashdot: Should All OSs Ship With a Programming Language Built In?
Graphene As an Open-Source Material
UK Porn Block Is a 'Privacy Timebomb,' New Report Warns
Study Finds That a GPS Outage Would Cost $1 Billion Per Day
Retail Stores Use Bluetooth Beacons To Track Customers
Citing Requests From People, FujiFilm Decides To Bring Back Its Black and White Film
Digital Marketer Mailchimp Bans Anti-Vaccination Content
Spy Used AI-Generated Face To Connect With Targets
In Stores, Secret Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move
Amazon Lays Off Dozens Of Game Developers During E3
Avast and AVG Are Causing Firefox Users To Lose Saved Passwords
NASA Estimates It Will Need $20 Billion To $30 Billion For Moon Landing
We Won't Be Listening To Music in a Decade According To Vinod Khosla
Facebook's New Cryptocurrency, Libra, Gets Big Backers
'The New Dropbox Sucks'
Huawei Delays Foldable Phone Launch Until September To Do Extra Tests After Samsung's Troubles
ThinkGeek Closes Site, Moves in With GameStop
Microsoft Edge Might Come To Linux
Lab-Grown Meat Will Overtake Plant-Based Alternatives By 2040, Study Says
Sleep Trackers Can Make Your Insomnia Worse
Earth Nearing 'Meteor Swarm' That May Have Caused 1908 Tunguska Event
Study Finds Nearly 400 Medical Devices, Procedures and Practices That Are Ineffective
AMD Is Working On a Monster 64-Core Threadripper CPU, Landing As Early As Q4 2019
SwiftUI and Catalyst: Apple Executes Its Invisible Transition Strategy
Credit Scores Based On AI and Your Social Media Profile Could Usher In New Way For Banks To Discriminate
LG's 5G Phones in Doubt as Chip Deal With Qualcomm Set To Expire
'Medicine Needs To Embrace Open Source'
Huawei Started Serving Ads On Phone Lock Screens Without Asking Users' Permission
Privacy Policies Are Essentially Impossible To Understand, Study Finds
Google Made a Video Game That Lets You Build Video Games
Lawsuits Claim Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant Illegally Records Children Without Consent
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