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National security reporter for the Daily Beast & toddler dad on book leave. FBE4 2E53 A534 7875 BBD8 54B7 77DB 7CD3 9C8A 5582
RT @thenation: "A new generation of alternative cartoonists have emerged who are most often to be found online. Distinguished names include…
RT @mikeduncan: 2016: You hysterical fools, you have to take Trump seriously not literally. 2019: You hysterical fools, that's not *my own…
RT @AdamSerwer: I spoke to @JulianCastro about his plans to reform policing and immigration, which are probably the most ambitious in the D…
Per ⁦@peterbakernyt⁩, the new senior director for Russia on the NSC is... this guy.
DAUGHTER: *extrudes a play-doh log to garnish my immaculately executed spaghetti & meatballs* Look! It’s meatball sauce! ME: Meatball sauce? Sauce made out of meatballs? HER: Yes! ME: I didn’t know you could make sauce out of meatballs! HER: *muttering* You’re supposed to pretend
The post-Fathers Day hangover: getting excited over making a sandwich only to find the only bread you have is heels
Their extremely literal powers in tandem
A superhero duo called Terror and Virtue
RT @elivalley: #FUNFACT: Philosemitism is antisemitism with a friendly face, and "IQ" is a gateway to race science, eugenics, and Nazism. h…
ME: *presents daughter with slice of cake for dessert* DAUGHTER: I want more cake. ME: *scoffing* Eat that! DAUGHTER: And then more cake?
RT @JewishWorker: Never again is now.
RT @lindseyadler: Story on Edwin Encarnación, who is now a Yankee:
RT @goldietaylor: My father was ambushed and murdered when I was 5. I spent the next 4 decades looking for his killer. This is our story. #…
Encarnacion a Yankee??????
RT @samthielman: I will not share this video, which I have on my hard drive, or any info about it, with far-right outlets that elevate slur…
RT @3r1nG: For every lie, there is a 99% probability that I have receipts. I took screenshots of the video and also screencapped my own rep…
The Office of Legal Counsel is simply a tool for administrations to declare their most cherished & disastrous prerogatives legal, sometimes with the bribe of a judgeship in the wings.
An hour later, she patted my knee and said she was proud of me
This went on and on. She plans on bragging to her friend who mistakenly likes snails.
ME: *accidentally steps on a snail* DAUGHTER: Daddy! That snail will die! ME: I didn’t mean to, honey. *contemplative silence* HER: I want to give you a sticker. ME: For what? HER: Because you killed the snail! You did it! ME: What? HER: It made me so happy. I don’t like snails.
It had to be a day when I’m writing a section of the book dealing with the prelude to the Iraq invasion that the Trumpists escalate their Iran war signaling.
Time codes for those interested: Gaetz disputes Turner at 1:40:06. Slotkin is at 1:50:18(ish). Turner responds by 1:52:20.
DAUGHTER: Why is that light dark? ME: I haven’t changed the bulb. HER: If you do that, you have to turn the light off. ME: That’s true, you don’t want to get shocked. HER: You could get burned up. ME: It wouldn’t be that bad, probably. HER: You might never open your eyes again.
Heh heh when the wife’s away
DAUGHTER: *killing a mosquito with the bath faucet* 🎵the itsy bitsy spiiiiiiiiider crawled up the bug to die 🎵
Simple from here: - KD plays, suffers catastrophic injury, possibly not detected at time - max Knicks contract
RT @UnburntWitch: The fact that this “sex for nonexistent coverage” lie that has ruined my life came from ONE YouTube video that was based…
Prague memorial to Jewish children who fled Nazis vandalised | Czech Republic | The Guardian
So, for my book, I wanted to reference something from John Ashcroft's infamous "phantoms of lost liberty" testimony to the Senate judiciary committee in Dec 2001. For some reason, the committee's webpage attributes his testimony to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.
In the first thing I’ve ever agreed with Cuomo about, he says that New Yorkers “have a certain level of PTSD” when they hear about an aircraft hitting a building.
Cuomo says no indication of terrorism.
RT @NY1: BREAKING NEWS: The @FDNY says it is responding to a helicopter crashing into a building at 787 7th Avenue in #Midtown. Stay tune t…
RT @HelpRefugees: Pia Klemp, a German biologist and boat captain with @seawatch_intl faces 20 yrs in prison. Her ‘crime’? Rescuing migrants…
Unsurprisingly, Take-based content mills are as easy to game as social media platforms.
The greatest Video Music Box biopic promo was unquestionably “Bushwick Bill is taking no shorts.” RIP.
RT @bubbaprog: “We allow our employees, half of whom earn less than $20,383 a year, to buy company stock”
RT @BarrettBrown_: This happens because those responsible for such things know that the citizenry as a whole are not willing to act to stop…
RT @AdamSerwer: If maga twitter had been 1/25th as mad about toddler jails, denaturalizing servicemembers, praising police brutality, mocki…
Honestly thought we’d get to the 4th birthday party before contemplating a murder-suicide pact but I guess I underestimated her
DAUGHTER: *while we’re playing volleyball with a balloon* Daddy, if you’re not listening, I’m gonna die you. ME: What do you mean “die” me? HER: It means you’re gonna die. ME: What? HER: I’m gonna die you. With a gun. Not mommy and not Nonna. You ME: Wow. HER: Then I’ll die too
RT @MCamerlengo: damn Kawhi really is a different dude
I got maybe three sips out of this total
Do you call the theme park
Is this new Prince demos LP not on Spotify or what
RT @jkass99: Russia is making their own version of HBO's Chernobyl that inserts a CIA agent in who causes the disaster in order to make Ame…
No one is sure?
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