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Square is starting to work with CBD sellers, in an invite-only pilot that represents a major policy shift: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/square-cbd-payment-processing/
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Why Instacart matters: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/why-instacart-matters/
What Away’s big deal — and Harry’s big sale — means for the direct-to-consumer business: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/away-harrys-direct-consumer-resy-amex/
Liquid Death’s founder explains his hardcore canned water startup: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/liquid-death-canned-water-brand-mike-cessario/
Understanding Harry’s $1.37 billion acquisition by Edgewell, the company behind Schick: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/harrys-edgewell-schick/
RT @fromedome: Stories are a massive hit for Instagram and Facebook, and present a huge business opportunity. But now Facebook has an impo…
Facebook’s Stories opportunity, Everlane’s sneakers cost structure, Apple’s latest mega-hit, and some slow media. Today's briefing for @newconsumer members: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/facebook-instagram-stories-everlane-tread-cost-airpods-slowdown/
The Noma experience, Direct-to-consumer deals follow-up. Today's briefing for @newconsumer members: https://newconsumer.com/2019/05/exiting-beta-dtc-follow-up-the-noma-experience/
RT @LeanLuxe: The Debrief No. 291 – @fromedome asks a very valid question: "Why haven’t there been more billion-dollar exits for blue-chip…
Everlane’s CEO explains Tread, the company’s new sneaker brand, in today’s member briefing: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/everlane-tread-sneakers-direct-to-consumer-twitter-snap-facebook/
Why there haven’t been more billion-dollar acquisitions for direct-to-consumer commerce startups: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/billion-dollar-direct-consumer-deals-warby-parker-harrys-glossier-dollar-shave-club/
Can Luminary, the Netflix for podcasts, possibly work? https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/luminary-netflix-podcasts-gimlet-media/ Today's briefing for @newconsumer members.
The consumer habits revealed in Uber and Lyft’s IPO filings. Today’s briefing for members: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/uber-lyft-ipo-filing-consumer-habits/
Netflix as the global culture platform, Starbucks the currency. Today’s Executive Briefing for members: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/netflix-earnings-global-culture-platform-starbucks-rewards-stars/
Notes from the Milan furniture fair, Google at Salone, Sweetgreen’s influencer club. Today’s executive briefing for members: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/salone-del-mobile-google-sense-for-being-friends-of-sweetgreen/
The CBD business is supposed to explode, but selling it online is still a mess. Today’s Executive Briefing for members: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/cbd-ecommerce-payments-elavon-stripe-shopify/
Snapchat’s new toys, the role of Snap, does Snap stand a chance? https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/snap-partner-summit-snapchat/
Sweetgreen’s office kiosk strategy is something the entire commerce industry should be watching: https://newconsumer.com/2019/04/sweetgreen-outpost-office-salad-delivery/ The salad chain now has “Outposts” in almost 125 offices, with hundreds — or thousands — more anticipated.
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