#Splunk was founded to pursue a disruptive new vision: make #MachineData accessible, usable & valuable to everyone. We turn data into answers.
#ICYMI We might be vendors and technologists, but at the end of the day, we’re citizens first. Our CTO Tim Tully shares a closer look into how we’re using #data to make an impact within the #publicsector (and the world): https://splk.it/2JNi2UO #SplunkGovSummit
#ICYMI Okay, so maybe we’re just being greedy...but why use only 50% of something when you could use the whole thing? Not anymore. Discover all the value your data has to offer with our #StateofDarkData report: https://splk.it/2QlftKR
#ICYMI Trust us when we say that June 19th isn't going to be just any kind of Wednesday. Nope, not even close. That's right – North American #SplunkBOTS Day is right around the corner, and Splunker @daveherrald's got all the info you need: https://splk.it/2JF28N1 #BossoftheSOC
#ICYMI If you’re a #security-focused service provider, you probably already know you need more than just a #SIEM solution. Thankfully, we’ve got a little something you might like. Take a look: https://splk.it/2HHBOOY #SplunkSecurity
#ICYMI Professional networking, a panel discussion, insight into career opportunities and more. The only thing missing? YOU. Join us at Splunk HQ on June 5th as we partner with @VetsInTech for an evening with the military and veteran community: https://splk.it/30zxvxz #splunklife
#ICYMI If you heard squeals of excitement coming from our corner of the room this week, here's why: #splunkconf19 registration is open! Now take a deep breath and settle in for even more good news – Early Bird pricing is available until June 20th. Go 'head, get your .conf on.
Looking to gain insights into your business processes? Then say hello to the new Splunk Business Flow. But don't just take our word for it – check out why it's got our customers saying "What The Flow!": https://splk.it/2X57ILE #BizOps
RT @splunkPartners: .@CRN's @GeeNarcisi recaps yesterday's #WOTC19 power panel with @CambiumNetworks, @MarketStar and our own @Channel_Chic…
That whole "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing? Yeah, probably not the words you want to live by when it comes to #IT. Because even though your legacy solution isn't broken, it doesn't mean you're getting the full value you need. See how #ML and #predictiveanalytics can help.
With less than a month to go until North American #SplunkBOTS Day, now seems like as good of a time as any to give you the 4-1-1 on 6-1-9 (oh yeah, did we mention it's happening on 6/19?). Get all the details from Splunker @daveherrald: https://splk.it/2JF28N1 #BossoftheSOC
From software-defined data centers to continuous delivery of services, let's face it – #IT isn't what it used to be. But while the struggle to keep up with the expanding IT infrastructure is real, so is the opportunity. How do you meet demands amongst the chaos? Take a look.
RT @splunkGov: Did you know we offer free @splunk training to #veterans? We’re committed to our efforts to train the #workforce of tomorrow…
Over here, over there, we’ve got Splunkers (just about) everywhere. From Sydney to Seattle, our teams are growing faster than you can read this tweet. Are you ready for the #splunklife? There's only one way to find out. Check out our openings in #IT here: http://splk.it/itjobs
What do three universities, a middle school, a boys and girls club, and a dormitory in Thailand all have in common? Aquaponics, duh. See what @seattleu and @eswhq are doing with real-time data and #Splunk4Good: https://splk.it/2Qf3y16
Calling all military and veterans! Want a peek into "a day in the life" at Splunk? Then mark your calendars for June 5th, because we're partnering with @VetsInTech for an evening of networking you won't want to miss. Reserve your spot here: https://splk.it/30zxvxz #splunklife
Hey, #interop attendees – have plans this afternoon? You do now. Clear your schedules and join Splunker Shirley Golen and @nyphospital’s Jennings Aske at 3:30pm to see firsthand how we’re partnering to help fight opioid abuse with #dataanalytics: https://splk.it/2wap264
The only thing that gets Susan St. Ledger more energized than a steady intake of Red Bull? (The cans really *are* bigger in Texas, y'all.) Meeting with customers, employees and Splunk community leaders around the world. Check out the highlights right here: https://splk.it/2JKhfnw
RT @splunkGov: #Fedgov agencies could unleash the beast of #AI, but struggle to tap into all their #data. @BrandiVincent_ digs into the res…
Still relying on BYOE (Bring Your Own Expertise) to solve your complex #IT problems? There's a better way, and it's a little something we like to call #NewOps. Learn more from Splunker @klinebch: https://splk.it/2WRN4hX
Things that can't come soon enough: the weekend, summer weather, and registration for #splunkconf19. Thankfully, the wait is over for one of those things. That's right – registration is now open for our biggest event of the year! Register today to lock in our Early Bird rate.
Maybe we’re just being greedy, but we say, why use only 50% of something when you could use the whole thing? Not anymore. Discover how you can uncover all the value your data has to offer with our #StateofDarkData report: https://splk.it/2HutZ08
The fact is, Splunk isn't *just* a #SIEM. And that's great news for you (and us) because, well, #security-focused service providers need more than just a SIEM solution. What do we mean? Let's break it down: https://splk.it/2HHBOOY #SplunkSecurity
RT @splunkPartners: Alright, you've put this off long enough. Reminder to register for our webinar at 10:00am PT today to learn how @splunk
At #interop this week? Here’s a session you won’t want to miss. Join Splunker @2impacthealth and @nyphospital’s Jennings Aske to hear how we’re working together to help fight opioid abuse and prescription fraud using #dataanalytics. Get the details here: https://splk.it/2wbZyFs
RT @VictorOps: [Register Now] DevOps teams are preventing outages and building reliable services faster with analytics, automation and coll…
Fresh off a week of customer meetings and #SplunkGovSummit, our CTO Tim Tully reflects on how we're using data to make an impact within the #publicsector (and the world). Because while we might be vendors and technologists, we're citizens first. Read more: https://splk.it/2JNi2UO
Heard of the "No BASS Rule?" Uh, not *that* kind of bass – we're talking the "Big Analytical SpreadSheet" kind. A new @IDC report says #BizOps pros need to spend less time sharpening their Excel skills, and instead be more like #IT. What else did it uncover? Take a look.
RT @splunkPartners: Mondays aren’t that bad, especially if you’re one of the winners of @CRN’s #WOTC19. Huge congrats to @jwm_80, Bonni-Jo…
#ICYMI Congratulations to our very own Haiyan Song for being named one of @SFBusinessTimes’ 2019 Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business! https://splk.it/2Q9iwFJ
Congratulations to all of the riders at the #AmgenTOC this past week, and a huge thanks to all of our customers and the @TrekSegafredo staff that made this event so memorable. Onto #GirodItalia! #PowerWithin
#ICYMI From London to Tokyo. Our President of Worldwide Field Operations, Susan St. Ledger, shares her takeaways from her most recent meetings with customers, employees and Splunk community leaders around the world: https://splk.it/2JKhfnw
#ICYMI When you're a pro cyclist burning 7,000+ calories in a single race day, nutrition is *kind of* a critical piece of the equation. That's why we're working with @stescheirlynck to help fuel the @TrekSegafredo team to victory. See how: http://splk.it/2Hn8qyx #PowerWithin
Imagine if 70% of your day was spent wasted on basic analytical tasks. Sounds awesome, right? Eh, not so much... And yet that's exactly how most #BizOps pros are spending their time. Thankfully, a new @IDC report has found a better way: https://splk.it/2Yyg52D
Those pesky problems that create downtime? Psh, tell 'em goodbye. See how Splunk ITSI and @VictorOps work together to close the loop between event management and incident response, enabling you to work smarter (not harder): https://splk.it/2Vwbe06
As Britney Spears would say, “Gimme, gimme more…data.” Okay – she *maybe* didn’t say the “data” part, but according to our #StateofDarkData findings, one thing’s for sure: the organization with the most data is going to win. Get the full report here: https://splk.it/2Qa75xB
🎶Oooh, smooth operator. 🎶 Searching for different values in the same field? It just got a whole lot easier thanks to this convenient little walkthrough, courtesy of Splunker Laura Stewart: https://splk.it/2Qg6OcN
From London to Tokyo (and plenty of stops in between). Our President of Worldwide Field Operations, Susan St. Ledger, reflects on her most recent learnings from meetings with customers, employees and Splunk community leaders around the world: https://splk.it/2JKhfnw
We’re not blushing, you’re blushing. Okay, maybe that’s just our very own Haiyan Song blushing for being named one of @SFBusinessTimes’ 2019 Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business. Congratulations, Haiyan! https://splk.it/2vZ5SA0
Ever find yourself wondering what’s really going on with your business processes? Hey, we all do. Thankfully, applying data-driven process mining with the new Splunk Business Flow can help deliver the new insights you need. Here's how: https://splk.it/2Q6s8kG
You already know we “love big data and cannot lie,” but we’ve got a confession to make – we’ve also got a soft spot for #DarkData. Why? The answer's easy. Our CTO Tim Tully digs into the #StateofDarkData and the impact it can have on organizations...if only they could find it.
Eating to win? Now that's something we can get behind. When you're a cyclist burning 7,000+ calories in a single race day, nutrition is critical. That's why we're working with @stescheirlynck to help fuel the @TrekSegafredo team to victory: https://splk.it/2Hn8qyx #PowerWithin
Containers and #Kubernetes? Try saying that five times fast. Luckily, we’re not asking you to (you’re welcome), but we *are* offering up this insider’s guide to running Splunk on #K8s. Take a look: https://splk.it/2Q6Q6fI
The hardest part about being data driven? Uh, actually getting started. But that’s just one of many takeaways from the #StateofDarkData Q&A with our CEO @douglasmerritt, CTO Tim Tully and CMO @carriepsandstad. Couldn’t tune in? Catch the full video here: http://splk.it/DarkDataFBLive
Oh, you think because the race is over that the data journey is too? Not even close. We're bringing data analytics beyond the #AmgenTOC finish line and all the way to the factory floor as @TrekBikes' @Rgierhart sheds light on finding the #PowerWithin across the Trek ecosystem.
Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Splunk Connected Experiences gives more access to more insights for more people. That’s right – get closer to your data no matter where you are. Yep, we’d say that calls for a hearty “Splunk yeah.”
What do Big Foot, #AI and #ML all have in common? Myths, and a whole lot of 'em. Thankfully, the truth is out there – which is why we've taken five of the biggest myths and dissected them to help you understand the truth about the today's AI landscape.
Yeah, we're pretty sure it's fair to say this is far from the worst way to spend a Tuesday. That's right – we're on the road in the California sun with the @TrekSegafredo cycling teams as they tackle the #AmgenTOC. #PowerWithin
RT @VictorOps: [You’re Invited] Did you know that up to 80% of outages are preventable? Join us for a webinar with @puppetize and @splunk t…
Demanding inclines? Definitely. Winding coastal roads? Check. Sweeping highways? You bet. This week, we’re joining the @TrekSegafredo cycling teams in our own backyard as they tackle #AmgenTOC. Check out this uniquely California race: https://splk.it/2Vmh8R9 #PowerWithin
@Reuters recently spilled the beans about #AI predicting who will survive #GoT, which got us thinking: if artificial intelligence can tell us whether Jon Snow lives or not, what *can’t* it do? Check out our #StateOfDarkData report to see how AI will impact the future of work.
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