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It’s your Lucky Daye. Chill out to @iamluckydaye's smooth debut album #Painted 🎨
In this week’s episode of Why’d You Push That Button @ashleyrcarman and @kait_tiffany investigate go down the rabbit hole of promoted tweets today to find out if they’re worth it. Subscribe and listen on @Spotify here:
We’re bringing @flyinglotus’ Flamagra album cover to life with a storefront installation in the streets of L.A. Come see it before it’s gone. 📍5031 York Blvd, Highland Park, Los Angeles 📆 Today and tomorrow only
RT @JoeBuddenPod: The @JoeBudden Podcast Episode 250 “Tuck Your Summer In” is available now! Stream exclusively on @Spotify LISTEN HERE 🎧…
Check out the latest Mad Decent Weekly on @Spotify featuring new tunes by @walshyfire, @MAJORLAZER, @rosaliavt & @JBALVIN, @thegoodgas/@FKi1st, @ValentinoKhan + more
Who would've thought we'd ever get a collab from @edsheeran, @chancetherapper and @pnbrock? Hear what it sounds like 👉
Here's a story about yet another set of stupid, unnecessary hoops people need to jump through to satisfy overzealous copyright holders. I've been a @Spotify premium subscriber from day 1 (in the US). Yet I still buy direct CDs/downloads from musicians I like.
Hold your breath, @GrangerSmith is tugging at all the heartstrings 💓 Watch more on #HotCountry now
LIVE FAST, DIE WHENEVER. @SUICIDEBOYS / @travisbarker Play it loud 💥
The #Rocketman soundtrack has landed! Hear @eltonofficial team up with @taronegerton for re-imagined hits and the new track (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again 🕺
We all know @AllyBrooke does a killer @shakira impression, but this isn't that. Hear her new track Lips Don't Lie with @ArtistHBTL now 💋
Pure, uncut funk. Do yourself a favor and hit play on Steve Lacy's brand new album #ApolloXXI now
In loving memory of Nipsey 🙏 @YG's new album is here. Stream #4REAL4REAL now
RT @shaunking: Listen to the new episode of @TheBreakdown on @Spotify or stream it right here inside of Twitter as we fight to #FreeMichael…
Raise your glass to @MorganWallen's live #HotCountry performance 🥃 Now playing →
#NCTzen are you ready? #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN is finally here 🙏 Listen right now →
A special edition of @dissectpodcast all about IGOR. @theneedledrop and Chris Lambert of @KanyePodcast join the show to break down every song on @tylerthecreator's new album 👉
A whole new version of A Whole New World. Listen to @zaynmalik and @ZhaviaWard's collab from the #Aladdin movie now ✨
@blackthought is considered by many as one of the best rappers alive without a solo album. On the new episode of @JemeleHill Is Unbothered, he talks about why he's finally getting comfortable dropping solo projects. Tune in 👉
Unlike anything you've ever heard from @flyinglotus. This is Flamagra 🔥
We’ve been posting a lot of fun, never-before-seen moments on my @Spotify page. Have you seen it yet? #ThanksSponsor
@youngthug x @JColeNC x @trvisXX 😳 The London 🕷 Hear the new collab now.
thanks @Spotify for adding Nightmare to today's top hits, u can listen now!
Need some new tunes in your life? We've got you covered. Check out staff and critic's picks, genre playlists and more on our @Spotify profile:
RT @dopelabspodcast: Lab 008: Olympic gold medalist, Caster Semnya, was recently told by the IAAF that she can no longer compete as a woman…
Today just got a lot hotter 🔥 Hit play on the new @5SOS banger #EASIER right now → #5SOS
RT @TheAtlantic: New on Crazy/Genius: @alexismadrigal joins @dkthomp, @wphillips49, @BostonJoan, and @cjane87 to dissect how the far-right…
When @thehalocline do cover songs, it's beautiful. Hear about the weird and wonderful journey that led them to cover Donnie and Joe Emerson in Under Cover 💚
Attention! @edsheeran's No.6 Collaborations Project drops July 12. Help us fill in the blanks and @ an artist you want to see him collab with 👇
New on Crazy/Genius: @alexismadrigal joins @dkthomp, @wphillips49, @BostonJoan, and @cjane87 to dissect how the far-right flooded the internet. Listen now on @Spotify:
“When we share information, magic can truly happen.” Open source connects communities. When we collaborate and build together, amazing things, like the intertwined stories of @TheASF, @Spotify, and @J_A_E_G_E_R come to life.
If you need us, we'll be at the Spotify House for #CMAFest. Make sure to pay us a visit at @OleRedNashville, June 6-9th. Get more details →
“You have to study the greats in order to be a great.” @YbnCordae talks being inspired by @kendricklamar, @Eminem and more on #RapCaviar. Watch now
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5/ Today’s megaphilanthropists might not run brutal steel mills. But they are, just like Carnegie, asking us to focus less on how they earned their money and more on how they give it away.
You can find the new episode of the @JoeBuddenPod right here 👉 But where does one find a hat case like this, @JoeBudden? 🤔
Burgers, booze and candy bars for breakfast ✅ @soledadobrien gets real about her time on network television on the new episode of the @JemeleHill Is Unbothered podcast. Listen now 👉
🚨 NEW @DENZELCURRY 🚨 #SPEEDBOAT is here 🚤 Oh... and his album ZUU drops next Friday.
RT @jemelehill: My guest on the latest episode of Jemele Hill Is UnBothered is @soledadobrien, who has this advice for young people: FULL…
@Maluma has the perfect remedy for your broken 💚 Watch him perform an acoustic version of HP on #VivaLatino now
Just what the doctor ordered. Get a dose of @JonPardi's new single Heartache Medication now 💔
"I like my little studio set up minimal and functional, I am fairly content with the basics." - @dijondijon_ shows us his living/recording space (plus his 🐶). Check his track "Drunk" on #POLLEN now 👉
RT @dissectpodcast: 🌻 N E W E P I S O D E 🌻 With “Pothole”, Tyler reconsiders his mother’s advice & works to remove bad influences from h…
@soledadobrien guests on the new episode of the @JemeleHill Is Unbothered podcast to discuss why she's disappointed in today's media, how she coped with losing her parents, and a whole lot more. Tune in now 👉
RT @bushofficial: Thank you @Spotify!!
RT @jemelehill: NEW episode of Jemele Hill Is UnBothered is up. My guest is @soledadobrien, who discusses what it’s like raising 4 teenager…
Rescue Me 🙋‍♂️ Press play on @OneRepublic's new track now
RT @CIAra: A little @Spotify 8 Count playlist love for ya, Csquad!
We've been waiting on this 😈 @tydollasign x @JColeNC. Listen to their new collab #PURPLEEMOJI now
Mullet history repeats itself on #HotCountry this week with @MorganCWallen. Watch now ⭐️
Which piece of #GameOfThrones music has been your favorite? ⚔️
If you're not ready to leave Westeros, #GameOfThrones composer @djawadi_ramin has you covered 🎶
One of the most creative rap groups out right now. Listen to @InjuryReserve's official debut album now
RT @TheNational: Check out I Am Easy To Find on @Spotify
RT @JamesArthur23: Thank you @Spotify ❤️ #TodaysTopHits #FLTS
It got wild at our Houston #HottieRanch party with @theestallion celebrating her new project. What are your thoughts on #FEVER? 🔥
Take a Vacation with @wearefrenship's long-awaited debut album 🌴
We don't deserve this duo 😵 @charli_xcx and @lizzo teamed up for Blame It On Your Love. Listen now ⏯
A piece of #Velvet just dropped. Listen to @adamlambert's new track #NewEyes now 👀
Hottest song on @theestallion’s #FEVER is ___________
Woah. Just the fact that @chancetherapper did a song with @cudyman is cool enough to make you wanna listen 👉
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