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Would you raise taxes and what would you do with the money? @JoeSquawk asks private equity titan David Rubenstein
RT @charliebilello: Negative Bond Yields through... 30 yrs: Switzerland 15 yrs: Germany, Netherlands 10 yrs: Japan, Denmark, Austria, Finla…
Would you trust Facebook to handle your digital wallet? @BeckyQuick asks the head of the company's new digital currency Libra @davidmarcus about consumers trusting $FB with their sensitive financial information:
"This is really designed from the ground up to be a great medium of exchange, a very high quality form of digital money you can use for everyday payments" as opposed to being an investment vehicle - @DavidMarcus tells @andrewrsorkin on Libra vs other cryptocurrencies
Coming up: a sweet segment with Hershey’s CEO Michele Buck!!
I would be surprised if the Fed cut rates today, but they will cut this year, private equity titan David Rubenstein tells @BeckyQuick
COMING UP: David Marcus, Facebook's Head of Calibra
Don't miss the man running Facebook's new digital currency Libra, @davidmarcus, on Squawk Box this morning at 7:15A ET.
BREAKING: Facebook announces its long-awaited digital currency, Libra, set to launch in the first half of 2020. @JBoorstin has all the details $FB
@chrishughes on his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg since he called for Facebook's breakup:
"The time for oversight has arrived," $FB Co-Founder @chrishughes tells @BeckyQuick on his call to break-up Facebook
The Fed will preemptively cut rates this week, says Jim Grant with the bold contrarian call
On the heels of a merger with $RTN @lebeaucarnews spoke with $UTX CEO Greg Hayes about the deal and criticism from activist investors "This is simply giving us scale on a technology standpoint to do things we couldn't possibly do before," said Hayes. #ParisAirShow #PAS19
Tim Cook took a shot at other big tech companies this weekend during his Stanford commencement address. Check out what he had to say:
Bitcoin crosses $9,000 for the first time in more than a year. What will Facebook's cryptocurrency mean for the market? @andrewrsorkin @beckyquick @michaelsantoli discuss 👇
$CHWY debuts on the NYSE today. Can it compete with Amazon in the online pet food industry? Volition Capital founder and early Chewy investor @larryvc makes the case for the company, saying customer loyalty is what sets it apart
Do Americans really care if a product is made in China? The answer might surprise you
Investor Sarat Sethi says there are three stocks he likes to weather the recent volatility
We are playing only songs by Canadian artists in honor of #WeTheNorth winning the NBA championship. Reply with your suggestions.
We will be interviewing this management team of Chewy in the 9 a,m. @SquawkCNBC hour
"Tesla's biggest bull makes the case for her 5-year $4,000 price target on the company: "This is very reminiscent of Amazon," says @CathieDWood $TSLA $AMZN
Does CrowdStrike's strong debut mean investors are fine with money-losing unicorns--as long as they aren't in ride-hailing? With @danprimack and @rettwallace $CRWD $CHWY $UBER $LYFT
$UBER unveiled its next-gen autonomous car this morning. "In 2020 we intend to do our first limited, no safety driver operations in various select small areas of cities," says @UberATG CEO Eric Meyhofer
"[The President] is working for the American people, not politicians," says @DanRDimicco to @HeidiHeitkamp
Do the rich support higher taxes? The answer may surprise you, with @robtfrank
BREAKING: Mortgage applications surge as rates keep dropping. Volume of applications up over 27% in the past week from @DianaOlick
Would shareholders benefits if the DOJ breaks up Alphabet? $GOOGL
We shouldn't be going after big tech companies, says @StephenMoore
The Fed should cut rates because prices are falling, not because the economy is slowing down, says @StephenMoore
Will the Raytheon/United Technologies merger get approved? Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter weighs in...sort of
"It's America first, but not America alone ... We view world leadership as taking risks, taking strong positions, reasons positions and really pursuing them." @SecretaryRoss tells Ash Carter the administration's playbook for negotiation, including tariffs
“I think eventually this will end in negotiation,” @SecretaryRoss tells @beckyquick on the U.S., China trade deal. "But the markets get a little too jumpy, and a little too trigger happy.”
Commerce Secretary @SecretaryRoss predicts a Trump-China trade deal--"even shooting wars end in negotiations."
Slack is expected to begin trading next week. The only Wall Street analyst with coverage of the company joined us to break down yesterday’s numbers from $WORK
"Does that make it less competitive?" @realDonaldTrump on potential Raytheon-United Technologies merger $RTN $UTX
"Even without a fair playing field we’re winning because the tariffs are putting us at a tremendous competitive advantage," says @realDonaldTrump
"[The Fed] raised interest rates far too fast," says President Trump @realDonaldTrump
“China is going to make a deal because they have to make a deal,” says @realDonaldTrump
Raytheon, United Technologies agree to all-stock merger. CEO Gregory Hayes "has rebuilt this portfolio into a technology juggernaut," says Ron Epstein, Bank of America Research Analyst. $RTN #UTX
RT @zerohedge: April payrolls were originally reported as 151,095K After revisions, May payrolls are reported as... 151,095K
Big tech has enemies on both sides, says legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller
"I'm going to shock you. I kind of agree with Biden. I don't really think capital gains promote investment as much as advertised," says legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller
"How in the world can @SenSanders be against charter schools if [he's] serious about the inequality issue ?" Says legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller
If you want to hurt workers, jack up the minimum wage, says legendary investor Stanley Durckenmiller
We are in worse shape for a recession now than ever before, says legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller
Many positives in the economy, like Google search, are not showing up in traditional economic measures like GDP, says legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller
Treasurys are no longer a "one-way bet" says legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller
The rise of company drug tests has led to an increase in the business of fooling those tests. @janewells has the report on the big business of fake drug tests…and you’ll want to see where she pours her sample when she’s finished.
Why did Stanley Druckenmiller sells almost all his stocks and buy U.S. T-bills last month? Don't miss him guest hosting this morning from 7-8A ET.
“They put a lot of young companies out of business because they can’t compete with them,” says @alanjpatricof on calls to break up $FB, $GOOGL & $AMZN. “Small companies that have to depend on these platforms feel very vulnerable.”
Two giant real estate deals in NYC this week, including @jeffBezos' new $80 million mega-pad. But those big deals may not point to a rebound. Here's @robtfrank's report:
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