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When the @RollingStones wanted to add some comedy into a concert movie, they turned to @JuddApatow and @RedHourBen. Watch Judd tell @HowardStern about their wild experience pitching @MickJagger and the band on the script during his 2015 visit to the #SternShow. #SundaysWithHoward
Start your weekend with @Megadeth's hard-hitting live version of #Trust from @HowardStern's 1998 birthday show. #SaturdaySoundtrack
Having already gotten Robin's expert assessment of his manhood, @ImMedicatedPete turned to Fred Norris for his take last year. #Howard100 http://strn.it/BLM9Vo
Not only did @Billy Corgan deliver outstanding performances during his 2017 and 2018 #SternShow appearances, he also left listeners intrigued by his mysterious shapeshifter story. Hear it all on #Howard101's #SternShowStories!
Are #TanMom and @salgovernale more alike than they appear? Aside from sharing a mutual affection, the two also share a passion for tanning, cooking, and more. Call into the #WrapUpShow to join the discussion with @jonhein and @RahsaanSalaam live on #Howard101. ☎️: 888-783-7610
Have you seen all #TopNoine moments from #HowardInHollywood? Jennifer Aniston, @Schwarzenegger, @jimmykimmel, @justdemi, & @RobertDowneyJr visit. @adamlevine & @GreenDay perform. Plus, @SnoopDogg & @Sethrogen advise @jdharm on how to smoke weed. Watch it all on the @SIRIUSXM app!
You may know what these sex terms entail, but does #TanMom? #Howard100 http://strn.it/wglFDZ
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@brenthatley has come a long way from “soft swinging.” Hear all the super steamy details from a party he attended with his wife earlier this year on #Howard100.
While @HowardStern questioned whether @jdharm got high when he smoked weed for the very first time in L.A., no one was left wondering about @rmlimodriver69. Watch the entire “JD Gets High” special now on the @SIRIUSXM app! #HowardInHollywood
#SternShowStories continue on #Howard101 as @SnoopDogg tells @HowardStern about the time Tupac brought him a special delivery at “SNL” (2018), Jimmy Iovine recalls working with John Lennon (2017), and @iamjamiefoxx delivers a spot-on impression of Quentin Tarantino (2017)!
Liz Astrof joins @robertAbooey, @jonhein, and @RahsaanSalaam on the #WrapUpShow to look back at @brenthatley's journey into becoming a full-fledged swinger. Tune in NOW! ☎️: 888-783-7610 http://strn.it/elFvai
After hearing Howard reflect on his college experience on #Howard100, tune into the #WrapUpShow today on #Howard101 as @robertAbooey tells @RahsaanSalaam and @jonhein about his recent high school reunion!
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@GreenDay put an exclamation point on @HowardStern's week in Hollywood with the title track from their Grammy-winning album #AmericanIdiot. Watch all the performances from #HowardInHollywood on the @SIRIUSXM app!
Are you Team @ImMedicatedPete or Team #TanMom? Relive all of the action of #WackPackFeud today on #Howard100 and watch the full video in the “Howard Stern Specials” section of the @SIRIUSXM app!
“The headline here is, I don't know if @jdharm is stoned or not, but @rmlimodriver69 is wrecked,” @robertAbooey reported to @HowardStern from the cannabis cafe. Watch the entire “JD Gets High” special now on the @SIRIUSXM app! #HowardInHollywood
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It's been more than 30 years since Fred the Elephant Boy first called into the #SternShow. Hear his first conversation with Howard from 1988 and more today on #Howard100. http://strn.it/FZXFHg
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What type of job could you see @salgovernale getting after Howard retires? @RahsaanSalaam and @jonhein break down his mock interview NOW on the #WrapUpShow! #Howard101
If Howard decided to change the #SternShow theme song, what would you want to hear to kick off each morning? Call into the #WrapUpShow on #Howard101 to share you picks with @jonhein and @RahsaanSalaam! ☎️: 888-783-7610 http://strn.it/bSiHqz
Watch @billiejoe share the emotional backstory to “Wake Me Up When September Ends” before performing the hit track with @GreenDay for @HowardStern at the @SIRIUSXM studios in Hollywood. Plus, see the band rock their new track “Father of All...” on the SiriusXM app!
Tune into #Howard101 as Bradley Cooper remembers getting arrested for underage drinking (2012), Rodney Dangerfield looks back on his childhood (2004), Sam Kinison talks infidelity (1991), and more #SternShowStories!
Honesty may not have been the best policy for @salgovernale in his mock job interview on #Howard100 ...
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Arnold @Schwarzenegger says the long-rumored #Twins sequel is now being written. “I cannot wait to do it because Eddie Murphy will be absolutely hilarious,” he told @HowardStern. #HowardInHollywood
“There’s some times where I like to be submissive. Like, it turns me on to be submissive,” a caller named Bianca told Howard, explaining she likes to be choked by her partner. #Howard100 http://strn.it/8O4Yvg
During her first sit-down with @HowardStern, @justdemi reflected on falling for her “St. Elmo's Fire” co-star Emilio Estevez and what struck her about the Sheen family dynamics. #HowardInHollywood
Today on the #WrapUpShow, Joe & Nick from the Found Footage Festival join @jonhein and @RahsaanSalaam to break down @rmlimodriver69 and @cwotd's antics in L.A. Call in to talk all things #HowardInHollywood! ☎️: 888-783-7610
@SnoopDogg has a full-time blunt roller on his staff and pays him $50K a year. “That’s his J.O.B. His occupation!” the rapper tells @HowardStern and fellow #SternShow guest @Sethrogen. Watch more #HowardInHollywood videos now on the @SIRIUSXM app!
Hear more #SternShowStories on #Howard101 today, including Sarah Jessica Parker laughing with Howard about the time she got fired from the animated film #Antz. http://strn.it/iKELT1
PHOTO: Could @salgovernale's eye infection have been caused by some fecal matter? Hear it all on #Howard100! http://strn.it/QNpHql
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AUDIO: @shalomshuli got a “vampire kiss” from the one and only #Underdog. Hear the full #Embedded special today on #Howard100 http://strn.it/wI4xe4
“Ladies, what would your man say is your biggest turn-on?” Howard asked during January’s #NewlyWetGame. But both @rmlimodriver69 & @brenthatley guessed wrong for how their women answered. Hear the full segment today on #Howard100 and watch the full video on the @SIRIUSXM app!
All this week on #Sternthology, hear celebs tell some of the greatest stories ever told on the Stern Show! #SternShowStories kicks off today with @iamjamiefoxx, Tina Fey, @JuddApatow, Matthew @McConaughey, and many more! #Howard101 http://strn.it/njfYJv
Today on the #WrapUpShow, @MichaelRapaport gives his take on all things #HowardInHollywood as well as the latest on his feud with @brenthatley. Call 888-783-7610 and chime in now! https://twitter.com/MichaelRapaport/status/1183515343756713985
“My thumb always slides off on these things!” @jdharm told @HowardStern as he struggled to use a lighter to spark up his first joint. #HowardInHollywood
Actress @MiaFarrow describes to @HowardStern what it was like the first time she spent the night with @franksinatra. Tune into #Howard101 all this week for more great #SternShowStories on #Sternthology!
“I’m not afraid of death, I’m just pissed off about it.” Know who said it? Take this week’s #WhoSaidItQuiz now! http://strn.it/7WBf3Q
@kendricklamar still remembers where he was when @drdre first called him to tell him he liked his music. “We was eating at @Chilis,” he told @HowardStern. “We was like, ‘Who the f-ck is this?’ … We hung up!” #SundaysWithHoward
From her first time on the #SternShow in 1989 to the recent @FriendsTV reunion to even giving @jdharm tips for smoking weed, watch all of the highlights from @HowardStern’s interview with Jennifer Aniston now! #HowardInHollywood http://strn.it/HW1Igo
“You are a great f-cking interviewer,” Arnold @Schwarzenegger told Howard during his visit to the #SternShow this week. Watch all of the video highlights from their interview now! #HowardInHollywood http://strn.it/weRpJd
“You are a great f-cking interviewer,” Arnold Schwarzenegger told Howard during his visit to the #SternShow this week. Watch all of the video highlights from their interview now! http://strn.it/weRpJd
Mickey Thomas “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” LIVE on the #SternShow in 1995 #SaturdaySoundtrack
On today’s brand-new episode of #Sternthology, Ralph takes a lie detector test, Howard gets pranked, and @robertAbooey says “mac-hine!” Tune in for all that and more! #Howard101 http://strn.it/Ttz3iC
“Welcome to L.A., baby,” @RobertDowneyJr said to @HowardStern when he arrived at the @SIRIUSXM Hollywood studios this week. Watch all of the video highlights from their #SternShow interview together now! #HowardInHollywood http://strn.it/DVEEN6
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