This Week On Howard: @bronk gets called out for his dating profile, @cwild22 reports on @Siriusjay's trip to #PigIsland, and @HowardStern teases a week-long celebration of @jdharm! Watch all #TopNoine moments from this week's #SternShow on the @SIRIUSXM app!
Hear @Siriusjay explain the two reasons why he doesn't feel bad eating pigs, which some experts say have the intelligence of 3-year-old humans
Do you think Benjy @bronk should change his dating profile picture or is he right to stand by it? Download the @SIRIUSXM app for more videos from this week's #SternShow!
Wendy the Slow Adult has to stay at a rehab facility while she recovers from a bad car accident, but at least she has a nice roommate. “We talk about playing bingo, we talk about a lot of stuff,” she told Howard.
AUDIO: @cwotd prank called #Tradio once again, but before they could play him off the show he did it himself
@rmlimodriver69 shares his excitement for the launch of the Cher Channel on @SIRIUSXM and tells @HowardStern he will soon be seeing the “Believe” singer live in concert after already enjoying her Broadway musical.
Today on #Sternthology: Howard sits down with John Cusack in 2012, @jdharm tries his hand at speed dating, and @bronk records a new song! #Howard101
Today on the #WrapUpShow, @robertAbooey, @jonhein, and @RahsaanSalaam break down new audio of Benjy @bronk to showcase his habit of avoiding straight answers to Howard's questions. Tune in on #Howard101 at 1:11 p.m. ET!
RT @sternshow: All next week, the #SternShow is celebrating staffer @jdharm by highlighting the landmark moments in his career from his fir…
Make no mistake, @MichaelRapaport assured Howard he's a “courtside guy” when he goes to see the @nyknicks play.
All next week, the #SternShow is celebrating staffer @jdharm by highlighting the landmark moments in his career from his first day in studio to his bachelor party and beyond! Tune in on #Howard101 starting Monday.
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“I write, really, a good profile that gets a lot of women,” @bronk told Howard of his dating app bio. “I say I work as a hula hooper.”
Angry Alice told @shalomshuli she has no plans of repressing her yelling or cursing anytime soon: “It just builds up, just like when you have an upset stomach. That thing got to come out sooner or later so I just let it out.”
Despite being relentlessly goofed on by @salgovernale at work, @robertAbooey remembers enjoying his co-worker on their trip to Europe that included a stop at Notre-Dame: “Sal and I bonded on that trip. I ended up loving him.” Download the @SIRIUSXM app for more videos!
PHOTO: See Angry Alice's shrine to her favorite #SternShow staffer Fred Norris: #MyFred
High Pitch Erik may have gained some weight back since his 2017 gastric sleeve surgery, but after his 48th birthday he is rededicated to getting into shape
Today’s episode of #Sternthology starts now on #Howard101 as Fred Norris takes on @Jeopardy record-holder @KenJennings in a 2012 game of Win Fred’s Money!
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Which Wack Packer would you trust in an emergency? Tune into the #WrapUpShow as @jonhein, @robertAbooey, and @RahsaanSalaam reveal their go-to choices! #Howard101
Angry Alice has been calling into the #SternShow since 1997. Hear a montage of some of her on-air arguments and check out what @shalomshuli learned in his visit to her home!
Not only does @jdharm still do his daily push-ups, as of two weeks ago he gave up soda and lost 5 pounds #Howard100
Angry Alice finally let @shalomshuli visit her to do an #Embedded — and she's still upset about the barrier blocking Fred Norris in the #SternShow studio. #Howard100
Tune into #Howard101 next week for a full celebration to JD Harmeyer hosted by @jdharm himself!
High Pitch Erik has been a Wack Packer for more than 20 years and this week he turned 48 years old — happy birthday, Erik! 🎈
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RT @rmlimodriver69: HAPPY HUMPDAY
From a seafood feast to Spanish tapas, watch @Siriusjay list everything he ate during a recent evening out in which he indulged in two separate dinners.
@cwild22's report on @Siriusjay's trip to #PigIsland left @rqui worried about her co-worker's health: “You are an alcoholic with meat,” she told him.
Benjy @bronk got called out by a listener for the photo he's been using on his dating profile, but the #SternShow staffer stood by his decision.
When @robertAbooey and @salgovernale took a European vacation together, Sal was reportedly surprised by what he saw at Notre-Dame: “He thought we were going to a college,” Gary told Howard.
Wendy the Slow Adult is on the mend after a scary accident, but she still isn't able to walk yet
He may have retired from #StumpTheBooey, but @robertAbooey proved he's still got it when Howard couldn't remember the name of a song stuck in his head all day
Today on #Sternthology, @salgovernale and @robertAbooey go to Europe in 2005 and @tomgreenlive sits down with Howard in 2001! #Howard101
AUDIO: Hear a montage of noises made by @Siriusjay while he happily feasts on pork at #PigIsland
In light of today's food revelations from @Siriusjay and @bronk, join the #WrapUpShow on #Howard101 beginning at 1:22 p.m. ET to talk staff eating habits!
I eagerly await the day when @HowardStern has to announce that he, too, has a podcast. @sternshow
I'm waiting for @marcmaron to host @SNL, myself
@Siriusjay attended a food festival called #PigIsland and after 4 hours of feasting, his body started shutting down. #Howard100
Benjy @bronk has been attending @onepeloton classes and makes sure to request on-camera bikes. #Howard100
Live from the “Infowars Studios,” it's “Alex Jones.” #Howard100
Despite the fact that @salgovernale first got onto the #SternShow by goofing on @robertAbooey, they once went on a trip to Europe together. #Howard100
Before one #Tradio host was able to play @cwotd off the show with some signature banjo music, the #SternShow staffer beat him to it. Hear the brand-new prank call now!
@MichaelRapaport says he's making "tuition money" from personalized videos for fans on Cameo
#SternShow staffer Will Murray skipped out on an Easter egg hunt with his kids to watch @TigerWoods win @TheMasters
AUDIO: @cwotd had something to sell on #Tradio, but he couldn’t remember what it was called. “It’s um, oh dang it, now it slipped my mind, one of those whatchamacallit thingies,” he rambles on in the new prank call.
Today on #Sternthology, @WoodyHarrelson calls in with @WillieNelson from Hawaii and @GeorgeTakei talks to Eric the Actor #Howard101
@MichaelRapaport called the #SternShow on Monday to set the record straight about his @nyknicks seats: “I’m a courtside guy. It’s called sitting on the wood.”
Benjy @bronk was seen by #SternShow fans in a Peloton class recently, but another staffer is set to buy a bike of his own! Find out who on today’s #WrapUpShow starting at 1:19 p.m. ET on #Howard101.
#ICYMI: Watch @OzzyOsbourne open up about his rehab experience and how he found the motivation to get clean during his 1996 interview with @HowardStern. See more classic interview clips on the @SIRIUSXM app!
Watch @sammyhagar & the Circle's full performance and interview on the @SIRIUSXM app!
RT @HowardStern: Fred is great with that Ronnie puppet.
The promotion tour for #HowardSternComesAgain began last week as @HowardStern sat down for interviews with the @nytimes, @RollingStone, and @THR. #Howard100
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