RT @ag_dubs: #WebAssembly Interface Types are extremely exciting. def a *this changes everything* moment that we've been working toward f…
RT @tjpc3: today is the only day you can retweet this
Powell’s doesn’t have a copy of TRPL; I’ll assume that’s because they sold out. 😅
Thinking fondly about The Matrix, a great movie from a while back. It’s too bad people didn’t like the sequels; I doubt we’ll ever get another one. Now it’s time to take a sip of coffee and open up Twitter...
Time in Portland before I see police harass a black man: 20 minutes
20 hours later, I’ve made it!
Goodbye Taipei. It’s been really great. Next stop: Portland. @rustconf here I come!
Snack game here is so amazing
Tag urself I’m “spidy spice”
RT @lo_lifer: Reminder that ACLU helps protect free speech for fascists, but NLG is an actual antifascist legal org 🖤…
the rust track was super great yesterday. been enjoying the talks this morning. COSCUP is pretty great
oh my the schedule is wrong and this is in english, niiiice
RT @alephnaught2tog: Anyone have any examples of small Rust projects? Not to build, to look at. All I want is something very small with ve…
I’m “collapsing”
RT @unixterminal: Want to read a funny story about how the Windows API and @rustlang temporarily broke Debian stable?…
RT @_catte_: guys who really like topological math? they're mandelbros too me
Safe and sound! Thanks so much @blackanger 😍❤️🤘💯
I’m excited for the rust track even though I’m only gonna understand like 1/8th if it, lolol
There’s a lot of interesting stuff at this conf. It’s kinda fun watching talks in languages you don’t understand
Ugh why don’t I speak mandarin
RT @tweetsbyrocket: [getting married] priest: does anyone object to this union my boss: [standing up] one said anything about a…
Since when does Amazon’s football club have “ambassadors”
I actually got a SIM this trip. Think it’s gonna be very worth it
It’s been a while since I’ve left Austin. Leaving for two weeks. Feels weird man
RT @repi: We've released PhysX bindings to @rustlang + early WIP safe layer Quite complex big C++ project to build…
Just saw a guy with a shirt that said “bold labs” and I’m sure it’s some bullshit startup incubator but I wish it was for like, some sassy dogs
RT @yoshuawuyts: Rust's fish tube: ::<_>(|_| ()) (it's turbo fish + toilet closure. please laugh. also like and subscribe)
RT @CBSNews: Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell the morning he died
Did you know that at this rate, three years from now, tumblr will have to pay *you* to acquire it
"We've been evolving Automattic to be more of a Berkshire Hathaway-inspired model and businesses with a lot of autonomy, and this continues that trend." hmmm
Karl Marx failed to consider that automattic could purchase Tumblr
you could have invented "you may not need monads"
"Mr. Mullenweg said his company intends to maintain the existing policy that bans adult content. He said he has long been a Tumblr user and sees the site as complementary to “It’s just fun,” he said of Tumblr. “We’re not going to change any of that.”
so are reblogs gonna turn into pingbacks
Head cannon: “transformers! Robots in disguise” is actually about monad transformers
you may not need monads
RT @hdevalence: me: unwrap... or else rustc: or else what? me: or else F: FnOnce(E) -> T
Introduction to Memory Unsafety for VPs of Engineering
RT @kevinquaere: the government abducting the employees of a private company because they are "illegal", not punishing the company in any w…
RT @antumbral: imagine if tech companies hadn't been completely incompetent and refused to acknowledge their responsibility and failure for…
RT @ryanDeto: fwiw, I'm still mad about Carnegie's and other PGH robber barons' role in the Johnstown flood. Their negligence and desire fo…
RT @ryanDeto: Nobody: Me: Andrew Carnegie set in motion the idea that oligarchs can solve of society's problems with philanthropy and we a…
If I were bowling, I would simply knock down all the pins
RT @garybernhardt: you hate to c it
RT @yaahc_: This type is a freaking masterpiece. So beautiful. I wish my types were this cool.
Finally won a game. Had enough scrapping that this was my final deck. Yes, the entire deck.
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