RT @lunarville: Two very different sides to this community
RT @nnethercote: This "70% of security bugs in big C/C++ programs are memory errors" result seems to be remarkably robust. How many times h…
RT @emilyst: I'm such a powerful nerd that when I see "Visigoth" my brain turns it into some kinda early 80s program for visually implement…
to his credit, he replied like the absolute professional he is
imagine saying "Have you ever tried distributed transactions with relational databases?" to Kyle Kingsbury The Comments, they never (always) disappoint
can i get an f in the chat for faves
🎶you tell me what i wanna hear🎶 🎶i hear it all with my ears🎶 🎶But that won't do me any use🎶 🎶So I use rustc to see the truth🎶 🎶I've got🎶 🎶lifetime vision🎶 🎶I use🎶 🎶lifetime vision🎶 🎶I see🎶 🎶lifetime vision🎶 🎶I've got🎶 🎶lifetime vision🎶
👀👀👀👀👀 experimental-branch
wowow this is so evil / amazing
Raindrop mode is cool too
I just heard my dog fart from the other side of the living room
The video is now up!
The video for my talk “WebAssembly: dogging a bit deeper” is now up!
RT @Fancymancer: Me: Oh man a cool person followed me, I should probably think more about my tweets so I don't seem weird. Also Me: Inspe…
oh yeah cool man you wrote a "rant", I'll just re-write dozens of pages, this is certainly a thing that your response makes me want to do
i would sell my soul to get some sort of cosmic answer as to why folks find the rust module system confusing what i really want to do is just replace the current text of the book's chapter with "fuck you, figure it out yourself" ...because that's what people end up saying to me
RT @spacekookie: @steveklabnik Software developers Nuclear scientists 🤝 Atomic…
RT @Carols10cents: We're Manning's Deal of the Day today, May 23! Half off my and @JakeGoulding's video series Rust in Motion. Use code dot…
Software developers Nuclear scientists 🤝 Test driven development
RT @JPRPT98: Today, May 22nd, is Ash Ketchum’s 34th birthday. He is turning 10 years old.
the association for computing machinery! that group that has an ethical code for software developers. time to put on my face mask and check twitter
“We are a corporation that wishes to operate in California” “Must be willing to incorporate in Delaware”
"I bought an IBM mainframe for personal use."
i just called thermal grease "CPU glue" in a DM, AMA
My cpu and gpu have made it. But it’s gonna be like 10 days for the rest of the parts so I can’t actually try them to make sure they work yet ffuuu
RT @donjpetersen: @steveklabnik If that's the style you're looking for, can I suggest just going all the way?
phase two of the platonic democrat ideal is then blaming the folks they told to fuck off when they inevitably lose because they told folks to fuck off
computer, show me the platonic ideal of the democratic party. you know, the one where they tell you that they don't give a shit about your opinions yet still expect you to get in line
I am quite pleased. It’s a *little* undercooked in the middle. I’m sure I’ll sort that out at some point.
shout out to @ag_dubs for getting me set up with a starter. shout outs to @EasyTigerATX for making a really nice and easy to follow starter kit
RT @brianloveswords: who's gonna make an artifact repository and call it blathers?
RT @Jason_koebler: SCOOP: Watch and listen to a socialist-themed vegan meat company bust its union at a cringeworthy meeting that we got le…
RT @aanand: Absolutely perverse that you can now: - say something utterly stupid - disable replies - get a ton of quote-tweet responses in…
RT @Desch___: Today is the only day you can retweet this
RT @ritakozlov_: i don't know if anyone has really solved this problem — one thing i struggle with even with really good documentation is t…
How do I get on the G W BASIC core team, that’s the real question
wow, a faster, lighter scheduler for ruby + your own scheduler api
RT @timClicks: Would anyone be interested in a live stream where I edit my book? Hyper niche, might be an interesting look behind the scene…
this ended up taking 15 minutes to deal with. not too shabby. back to inbox zero again. only one email was an actual email; the rest were skim-able for various reasons. put some stuff on my calendar, put some stuff on my "to read" list... not too bad.
Hey everyone, some personal news. I have just put in my two weeks' notice at Cloudflare. It was a privilege to work on Workers, but I've decided it's time to move on. Not gonna say what yet, other than "I am extremely hype."
congratulations, and looking forward to hearing what's next!
wanna go back in time and tell both 14 and 22 year old me i just bought a copy of windows lololol
thanks everyone who attended! It's kinda weird to think this might be my only talk of the year...
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