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Future, a $150/month fitness app which assigns users a human trainer who builds personalized workouts and proactively checks progress, raises $8.5M Series A (@joshconstine / TechCrunch)
Samsung researchers detail a machine learning method that can recreate lifelike motion from just a single image of a person's face (Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch)
Cardinal Analytx, which develops predictive analytics software for health care payers and providers, raises $22M Series B led by Kleiner Perkins' John Doerr (@kyle_l_wiggers / VentureBeat)
Lenovo reports Q4 profit of $118M, up 389% YoY, on revenue of $11.7B, up 10.1% YoY, helped by strong PC sales, says production is unaffected by trade war (@sijiaj / Reuters)
GitHub launches Sponsors, a tool that lets you pay your favorite open source contributors; developers can opt in to a "Sponsor me" button on their repositories (@fredericl / TechCrunch)
A look at Amazon's AI research centers in Germany, which employ hundreds of researchers, stirring concerns about an "internal brain drain" to foreign companies (@janoschdelcker / Politico) htt p://
Source: Amazon is working on a wearable voice-activated health and wellness device that works with a mobile app and can recognize human emotions (@mattmday / Bloomberg) motions-jw0fydco
GDPR has helped big tech companies cement their dominance in the data economy while smaller companies have suffered from relatively high compliance costs (@markscott82 / Politico)
RT @Techmeme: The "tech cold war", escalated by recent actions against Huawei, started over a decade ago when China began restricting US se…
A breakdown of Huawei's supply problems after the US ban, using its latest flagship phone as an example, from hardware to software to building an app ecosystem (@ronamadeo / Ars Technica) h ttp://
Walmart launches a line of Android tablets under its Onn store brand starting at $64, which ship with Play Store and Google apps, unlike Amazon's Fire tablets (@nexusben / 9to5Google)
Cala Health, an SF-based medical tech company developing wearable electronic devices to tackle chronic disease, raises $50M Series C from investors including GV (@psawers / VentureBeat)
Researcher: since at least October, source code for thousands of Instagram profiles leaked the user's contact info when loaded in a web browser; fixed in March (@lhautala / CNET)
RT @Techmeme: Leaked memo: ARM has told staff it must suspend business, including all active contracts, support entitlements, and pending e…
IHS reports cloud-based gaming earned $387M in 2018, with Sony's Playstation Now responsible for 36% of that total, and predicts it will grow to $2.5B by 2023 (@_boogs / VentureBeat) 5-billion-by-2023/
Indiegogo CEO and President David Mandelbrot steps down, citing personal reasons, will be replaced by Andy Yang, former Reddit core product lead and 500px CEO (@bijanstephen / The Verge)
Samsung files emergency motion to redact details of its settlement with Qualcomm last year, revealed to be $100M, made public in the FTC v. Qualcomm ruling (@camillahodgson / Financial Times)
Software dev Panic unveils Playdate, a Game Boy-like device with a hand crank control, will have a "season" of games released over time, coming in 2020 for $149 (@a_webster / The Verge)
Researcher shares zero-day Windows 10 local privilege escalation exploit that grants full control over files reserved for full-privilege users (@wirelesswench / Threatpost)
Modsy, which combines computer vision tech with human designers to help users design their homes, raises $37M Series C led by TCV, with a total raised of $70M (@lucasmtny / TechCrunch) /190522/p35#a190522p35
Deutsche Bank says a software glitch has, for almost a decade, prevented some potentially suspicious transactions from being flagged to law enforcement (@olafstorbeck / Financial Times)
Instawork, a platform that connects hospitality workers with employers, raises $18M round led by Spark Capital, GV, and Burst Capital to expand across the US (@kyle_l_wiggers / VentureBeat)
Google says around 25% of calls placed using its Duplex AI service started with a human; calls to ~12 restaurants found people made 3 of 4 successful bookings (New York Times)
Hot damn! Congrats @gozmike and the whole team @smoochlabs! This is a big exit for the #ConvComm space... /tip @Techmeme #bots #botness
Researcher: devices can be tracked across apps and sites with info from sensors like gyroscope; patched on iOS; a minor issue on Android, given poor calibration (@campuscodi / ZDNet)
Despite support from 7,500+ employees, Amazon shareholders voted down a proposal asking Jeff Bezos to produce a comprehensive climate change plan (Vox)
Source:, which raised ~$4B in its ICO, has made $174M in VC investments and bought back 10% of its stock, rewarding early investors like Peter Thiel (@alastairjmarsh / Bloomberg)
Testing finds Tesla's updated Autopilot software, designed to make changing lanes "more seamless", does not work well and could create safety risks for drivers (@itskeithbarry / Consumer Reports)
Razer says it will shut down its Ouya and Forge TV services on June 25, marking the official end of the crowdfunded Android game console, discontinued in 2015 (Owen S. Good / Polygon)
Ireland's Data Protection Commission, the lead EU supervisory authority for Google, announces investigation into Google's online advertising data collection (@ryan_browne_ / CNBC)
Amazon shareholders reject two non-binding proposals to ban sale of facial recognition tech to government customers, despite pressure from ACLU and others (@zackwhittaker / TechCrunch) 2/p25#a190522p25
Google says it's experiencing indexing issues that may cause stale search results; users searching for fresh news from sites including NYT or WSJ get no results (@michaelnovinson / CRN)
Toronto-based online investment management platform Wealthsimple raises $75M round led by Allianz X and says it now has 150,000 clients (@ryan_browne_ / CNBC)
EE says it will roll out the UK's first 5G network on May 30, beating Vodafone by a month, in six cities, including London, Edinburgh, and Belfast (@jonporty / The Verge)
Google begins rolling out an updated mobile search design with a black "ad" label and favicons for all organic results (@ginnymarvin / Search Engine Land)
Avaaz study finds extensive far-right disinformation networks on Facebook ahead of EU elections; Facebook says it removed 77 Pages and 230 accounts in response (@riptari / TechCrunch)
Source says Medium has 200K-400K paying subscribers, which at $50 per user amounts to a minimum of $10M per year from subscriptions alone (@alexeheath / Cheddar)
Transport for London says it will roll out default WiFi device tracking on the Underground this summer, after a trial in 2016, to improve analytics and more (@riptari / TechCrunch)
Box revamps its workplace automation tool Relay, launched with IBM in 2016, and updates Box Tasks and File Request Links (@kyle_l_wiggers / VentureBeat)
Federal court ruling affirmed the right to share copyrighted material for criticism and helped EFF protect a Reddit commenter's anonymity (@alexhmoss / Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Apple unveils Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution, a new web technology aimed at preserving user privacy without reducing effectiveness of ad campaigns (@zackwhittaker / TechCrunch)
Percepto, which provides autonomous drone solutions in industries like energy, oil, and gas, raises $15M Series A led by USVP and Arkin Holdings (@kyle_l_wiggers / VentureBeat)
KaiOS, which provides the OS for feature phones from OEMs like Nokia and Jio, raises $50M led by Cathay Innovation, says 100M handsets are now powered by its OS (@ingridlunden / TechCrunch)
All but the largest Apple device resellers have vanished from Amazon's marketplace six months after Apple cut a deal with the retail giant (@nickstatt / The Verge)
Interesting timing for KaiOS funding, given the crunch going on at the smartphone end of the spectrum both in sales and specifically with Huawei considering its own OS. tip @Techmeme
A close look at Apple's Taptic Engine and how it uses software integration and resonance to make haptic feedback feel better in its devices than the competition (@taylorcdixon / iFixit) 1
Federal judge rules in favor of FTC in antitrust case against Qualcomm, says its licensing practices have strangled competition in the modem chip market (@FOSSpatents / FOSS Patents)
Leaked memo: ARM has told staff it must suspend business, including all active contracts, support entitlements, and pending engagements, with Huawei (@davelee / BBC)
Google and UCSD research: of the 27 hacking service providers contacted online to hijack test Gmail accounts, ten never replied and only five launched attacks (@campuscodi / ZDNet)
Tip @Techmeme: BREAKING NEWS: Federal Trade Commission wins antitrust case against Qualcomm in Northern District of California <- This was the first article to publish and comment on the ruling.
Sources: US is considering blacklisting as many as five Chinese video surveillance companies, including Hikvision and Dahua Technology, from buying US tech (Bloomberg)
Sources: Indian ride-hailing service Ola is suspending its food delivery business and laying off ~40 employees, about 18 months after acquiring Foodpanda India (Livemint)
The 016, a small social network with no algorithmic feed, seeks to connect local media, organizations, and businesses with the citizens of Worcester, MA (@dankennedy_nu / Nieman Lab)
UNESCO says AI assistants are reinforcing gender stereotypes by mostly defaulting to female-sounding voices, urges better safeguards against gendered language (@nickstatt / The Verge)
The "tech cold war", escalated by recent actions against Huawei, started over a decade ago when China began restricting US services companies in its market (@benthompson / Stratechery)
RT @Techmeme: Circle, which owns trading platform Poloniex, equity crowdfunding site SeedInvest, and the USDC stablecoin with Coinbase, lay…
RT @Techmeme: Huawei reiterates that it has been working on its own mobile OS; sources: Huawei has been pitching app makers and European ca…
Huawei reiterates that it has been working on its own mobile OS; sources: Huawei has been pitching app makers and European carriers on its own mobile app store (@nat_droz / Bloomberg)
You can’t break up with me because *i* broke up with you 🙄
RT @mattRosoff: Here's the latest scoop from @chrissyfarr - an interesting move by Comcast - tip @Techmeme
MacBook Pro update, with 9th gen Intel 8-core processors in the 15-inch model. Also they tweaked the keyboard again to try and reduce ddouubble and msng keystrokes. Also: Apple has extended the Keyboard Service Program! tip @Techmeme
RT @Techmeme: Sources: ByteDance, owner of TikTok, is developing a paid music service via a new app it expects to debut as early as this fa…
RT @Techmeme: Sources: US intelligence chiefs have been briefing US tech companies since Oct. to warn them on the risks of trade with China…
RT @Techmeme: Xiaomi beats revenue expectations with Q1 sales of ~$6.3B, up 27% YoY, and net income of ~$303M, up 23.5% YoY, thanks to grow…
RT @Techmeme: Y Combinator says it has promoted longtime partner Geoff Ralston to president; Sam Altman says he will no longer be the chair…
RT @Techmeme: Sources: after Trump's ban, chipmakers including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Broadcom have told their employees they will no…
RT @Techmeme: Source: Google will stop providing Huawei with any technical support and collaboration for Android and Google services, inclu…
RT @Techmeme: Facebook releases maps of population density, movement, and network coverage to help nonprofits and universities better map t…
RT @Techmeme: Despite Musk's exaggerations, there's a chance Tesla's vertically integrated approach and love of software will win in auto,…
Growth of impermanent formats like Stories, which may be shared more in 2019 than News Feed posts, shows awareness that digital pasts are a liability for many (@MikeIsaac / Brain Dump)
RT @Techmeme: A look at the rise of "tea" accounts on social media, which seek to boost their popularity by documenting gossip about influe…
RT @Techmeme: By 2023, Uber Eats may own 25% of the global food delivery industry worth $191B, but both DoorDash and GrubHub make more sale…
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