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Devumi settles FTC charges that it sold fake followers and likes; cosmetics firm Sunday Riley also settles with FTC for allegedly posting fake online reviews (@broshea91 / CNET)
IAB and PwC: US online ad spending reached $57.9B in H1 2019, up 16.9% year-over-year but lower than the 23.1% growth in the same period last year (@gsterling / Marketing Land)
Researchers find open database that leaked 179GB+ of customer, US govt, and military records from Autoclerk, a travel reservations system owned by Best Western (vpnMentor)
Sources: Adobe will preview Illustrator for iPad at its Max conference in November before launching it in 2020 (Bloomberg)
Sources: SoftBank to take control of WeWork, spending $4B-$5B on new funding and existing shares in The We Company, valuing it between $7.5B and $8B (CNBC)
EU says preliminary results of its probe into software used by EU institutions raises "serious concerns" over Microsoft's compliance with data protection rules (@riptari / TechCrunch)
Instabase, which sells app making tools to enterprise, raises $105M Series B at a $1.05B valuation (@mcbridesg / Bloomberg)
SAP has struck a three-year deal where Microsoft will sell a bundle of SAP cloud services directly to customers who run SAP on Azure (@natjlevy / GeekWire)
Self-driving car startup Zoox raises $200M in convertible note funding that will be folded into a Series C, its first raise since firing CEO Tim Kentley-Klay (Axios)
Verizon's rollout of 5G to three NBA arenas and over a dozen NFL stadiums only covers some of the seating areas in each facility (@jbrodkin / Ars Technica)
Google hires Javier Soltero, Acompli co-founder and former head of Microsoft Outlook, to run G Suite (@inafried / Axios)
Sources: SoftBank to take control of WeWork, spending $4B-$5B on new equity and existing shares in The We Company, in a deal that values it between $7.5B to $8B (CNBC)
Tim Cook becomes chairman of the advisory board of China's Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, a 3-year position; he joined the board in '13 (@julipuli / MacRumors)
Hackers breached the internal network of Avast likely aiming for another supply chain attack on CCleaner; Avast says it didn't find malicious changes to the app (@ionut_ilascu / BleepingComputer)
On this day in Techmeme history📜: - Flock, a "social web browser" integrating blogging, RSS, and Delicious, opened its beta (2005) - A DDoS attack on Dyn from Mirai-commandeered IoT devices disrupted major Internet services (2016)
...but please note that was a different Flock from Slack competitor @flock or HR platform @FlockSoftware or license-plate reading network @flock_safety or messaging app @flockwme or drone insurer @flockcover.
Facebook bans networks, three originating in Iran and one in Russia, running "inauthentic" accounts, Pages, and Groups misleading users in the US, Latin America (Facebook)
Sources: Founders Fund is raising ~$3B for two funds, and the bulk of it is intended to be poured into more mature startups like Stripe and existing investments (Wall Street Journal)
Facebook says it will more prominently label content that fact-checkers deem false on Facebook and Instagram, will append new labels to pages run by state media (Facebook)
Facebook now requires some page owners to disclose the orgs running them and if they're tied to state-owned media, bans four networks of "inauthentic" accounts (@tonyromm / Washington Post)
Nielsen's SVOD Content Ratings now tracks Amazon Prime Video, two years after launching with ratings for Netflix (@sarahintampa / TechCrunch) http://www.techmeme.c om/191021/p22#a191021p22
Surface Laptop 3 (15") review: great keyboard and trackpad, AMD config performs well for productivity tasks, but GPU struggles, and has only two USB ports (@dcseifert / The Verge) features
Microsoft acquires Edmonton-based Mover to bolster its cloud migration solutions, just weeks after acquiring Movere, another cloud migration company (@kyle_l_wiggers / VentureBeat)
Surface Laptop 3 ("15") review: great keyboard and trackpad, AMD config performs well for productivity tasks, but GPU struggles, and has only two USB ports (@dcseifert / The Verge)
Microsoft announces Secured-core PCs, which will come from many vendors like Dell and adhere to security best practices for better firmware attack protection (@epro / VentureBeat)
Online influencers are expected to make $4.1B-$8.2B in 2019, but with no way to measure sales, some advertisers are beginning to question whether it's worth it (Wall Street Journal)
Sources: Google's attempt to cancel and reschedule an employee-led talk about unionization at its Zurich office drew attention to it and riled up rank-and-file (@shiringhaffary / Vox)
NordVPN confirms it found out a few months ago that one of its datacenters was hacked in March 2018, which could've potentially led to man-in-the-middle attacks (@zackwhittaker / TechCrunch)
Facebook is rolling out a new web interface, which it announced at F8 2019, with a new dark mode option, to some users (@khouryrt / Android Police)
Upstream Security, which provides a centralized security and analytics platform for connected vehicles, raises $30M Series B led by Alliance Ventures (@psawers / VentureBeat)
Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL review: fast face unlock, smooth display, and great still camera, but average video recording and battery life, and no ultrawide camera (@backlon / The Verge)
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review: great performance, is cool and quiet, resumes quickly, and has USB-C, but no Thunderbolt 3, design is dated, and lacks LTE (@tomwarren / The Verge)
The AMD Ryzen Surface Edition: 15-inches of 'the best AMD Ryzen Notebook in its class', according to AMD. We've tested the Ryzen 5 version, and taken a look into what @Microsoft and @AMD have created. (By @brettHowse) Tip @Techmeme
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have privately recommended several potential hires to Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign, two of which were hired (Bloomberg)
Commercetools, which offers an e-commerce platform for enterprises to sell to consumers, raises $145M led by Insight Partners, source says at a ~$300M valuation (@ingridlunden / TechCrunch) for-large-enterprises/
Joint UK and US probe finds that a Russian cyber espionage unit hacked the tools of a hacker group linked to Iran's government to lead attacks in 35+ countries (Financial Times)
Gojek CEO and co-founder Nadiem Makarim resigns to join Indonesia's new cabinet, the other co-founder Kevin Aluwi and president Andre Soelistyo to be joint CEOs (@f_potkin / Reuters)
How The Last Mile, a program to teach coding in prison at 15 facilities in five states, helped one man go from a life sentence to a $100K+ engineering job (@zzcrockett / The Hustle)
Researchers show how malicious voice apps for Alexa or Google Home eavesdrop on users, as Amazon and Google take a lax approach to vetting the platforms (@campuscodi / ZDNet) htt p://
The Indian government is trying to tempt cellphone manufacturers with lower taxes, incentives, and less red tape, to make the country a major source of exports (Wall Street Journal)
The growth of 'headless' e-commerce engines like this is part of the same trend as DTC: a swing away from 3rd party marketplaces, co's taking their own digital commercial destiny back into their own hands. Sources tell me the valuation is around $300M tip @Techmeme
A look at the Tsunami Democràtic Android app, which uses geolocation and friend-to-friend technologies to organize protests and avoid the police in Barcelona (Laurie Clarke / WIRED UK)
Comparing Hong Kong with Kashmir shows that manipulating social media by flooding it with propaganda may better tackle unrest than shutting down the internet (Bhaskar Chakravorti / Bloomberg)
SpaceX submits paperwork for 30K more Starlink low-earth-orbit satellites, on top of the 12K already approved by the FCC (@chenry_sn / SpaceNews)
A deep dive into music licensing in games, where the wrong type of licenses or expired ones may force developers to stop sales or game releases on new platforms (@matombler /
"...a whiff of deceit now taints the influencer marketplace. Influencers have strained ties with advertisers by inflating the number of their followers [and] damaged their credibility ... by promoting products they don’t use." /tip @Techmeme #InfluencerInflation
As Amazon regularly fails to prevent expired food from being sold by merchants, concerned brands are often compelled to police marketplace listings on their own (@annierpalmer / CNBC)
RT @Techmeme: Amid growing skepticism about Libra, David Marcus says the group may consider stablecoins pegged to national currencies, inst…
Google says it will update the Pixel 4 "in the coming months" with an option that requires open eyes for the phone's face unlock to be successful (@backlon / The Verge) http: //
Travel reservations giant Sabre acquires Radixx, which sells passenger service systems to small and budget airlines, in a deal worth ~$110M (@sean_oneill / Skift)
Google says it's aware iPhones can backup Original Quality HEIC photos to Google Photos for free, says it's a bug, after users wanted Pixel 4 to offer the same (@khouryrt / Android Police) ays-its-a-bug/
Amid growing skepticism about Libra, David Marcus says the group may consider stablecoins pegged to national currencies, instead of the coin it has proposed (@andrea_shalal / Reuters)
Inside "Rebble Alliance", an unofficial group that documented Pebble APIs and created replacement web services that have helped keep ~200K smartwatches running (@kevinpurdy / iFixit News)
“For some reason I don’t see myself doing that as much on VSCO, because it feels more comfortable, more like I’m contributing to the community rather than trying to look a certain way.” —Thato Sepanya /tip @Techmeme #VSCOGirls
Meanwhile, @vsco is having its own moment... “On Instagram, it’s easier to compare yourself, and you get lost in it and forget that people put their best work out there and the finished product out there, and you start to feel inadequate.
Twitch CEO Emmett Shear talks about company's approach to content moderation and changes announced at TwitchCon, including new tools for moderators, and more (@bijanstephen / The Verge)
Comparing Trump and Democratic 2020 presidential campaigns online: it is "like a supercar racing a little Volkswagen Bug", with Democrats being the Volkswagen (New York Times) /p8#a191020p8
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RT @Techmeme: Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle, dies at 62 (@jordannovet / CNBC)
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The Information to launch a tech news app, Ticker, later this fall, costing $29/year and including summaries of the day's tech headlines and an event calendar (@anthonyha / TechCrunch)
On this day in Techmeme history📜: Steve Jobs announced support for third-party native iPhone apps, in a note posted to Apple's “Hot News” page twelve years ago.
And here's the full text of that note!
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About a month ago I got an invitation to go visit a place that, at the time, I didn't even know existed. Join me for an exclusive tour of @Tesla's Crash Test Lab and a look at how the Model 3 earned all those stars. via @Roadshow
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