In God I trust. All others must bring data. Father, Speaker, Director, Photographer, Former Astronaut, Author:
RT @exploreplanets: Super cool animation 🚀 If Rockets were Transparent:
I love your new docking sim ⁦@elonmusk⁩ - definitely brings back memories of docking the space shuttle here on the ⁦@Space_Station⁩. I hope the power & data cables I helped connect work for the #Dragon capsule in a few weeks! ⁦@SpaceX⁩
I love this video featuring my space photography in partnership with @Artrepreneur_OG. Seeing the planet from space gives a perspective unlike any other. #AstronautPhotography @YouTube
Interested in AI? My friend Tom Coyle is teaching a free intro to #AI course this Thursday. As part of the class, students will develop their own object recognition camera. No experience necessary! #covidpromise
Happy #MothersDay to all the moms out there!!!
Celebrating Victory in Europe (VE Day) - I love this photo from 1945 London, 75 years ago today. Let's always stay vigilant to never again allow the rise of authoritarianism. #VEDay75 #VEDay
I’ll be speaking at #AIShowBiz in 2 hours (1500 PT/ 1800 ET) if you want to listen/ @zoom_us. “The future of tech- a global perspective” with some thoughts about using tech for good. #techforgood #covidpromise
Live on #AIShowBiz - the "May Day Impact Award." Companies doing amazing things are pitching their ideas for using "tech for good." Now we are hearing how to eradicate poaching in Sub-Saharan Africa. Check it out:
Going online in two minutes. See you here..
Kids bored at home? Have them tune in tomorrow for some Q&A with an astronaut- thanks to #COVIDPromise and @EBTSOYP #STEMatHome Live-stream it from @YouTube here:
Happy #StarWarsDay #MayTheFourthBeWithYou #MondayMotivation
It’s not too late to sign up for AI Showbiz, an online community of amazing speakers and activities focused on using tech for good, starting tomorrow. 4-6 May. Sign up here: @AIShowBizEvent #AI #AIForGood #Entrepreneurship
Want to meet an astronaut? Kids bored doing homework school? Have them tune into my talk and then ask questions on Tuesday 5 May at 1pm ET. See ya there. #COVIDPromise @EBTSOYP #astronaut #Homeschooling2020
Happy #EarthDay everyone. This year it seems more meaningful than ever. I always found a lot of comfort in seeing our planet from orbit- Earth has been around for a long time and will be around for a long time to come. It puts today’s worries in perspective. #WednesdayWisdom
Want something fun to break up Isolation monotony? Want to support a really cool charity - Guide Dogs for the Blind? Sign up for a greeting from me at @BookCameo I donate half to @GDB_official #COVIDPromise
A good look at surviving isolation by Chris Davenport, through the eyes of astronauts, polar explorers, and the @GratefulDead. There's even a good 🍌 story. Enjoy. @wapodavenport @washingtonpost #COVIDPromise @covidpromise #Isolation
I want to take a moment to thank a whole new group of heroes- healthcare workers, grocery store workers, @amazon and other delivery workers- you are keeping society functioning while risking your health. Thank you! #WednesdayThought #COVIDPromise #CovidHeroes
This is some good news! Well, actually it is. Some Good News! #SomeGoodNews @johnkrasinski #MondayMotivaton
Playing catch today. It’s been too long.... @mlb #baseball #playingcatch
One of the best days in baseball history and in American history- Hank Aaron hitting number 715 to surpass Babe Ruth. 8 Apr 1974. And Vin Scully with the call! @MLB @braves #HankAaron
The full moon, seen from Beijing. We all are under the same night sky! Photo by my friend Yang Yuguang. @yangyuguang1 #supermoon #photography #Astronomy
My best attempt at a handheld moon pic tonight, clear skies in Houston. This would be a pretty cool place to visit! #supermoon @CanonUSA #EOSM50 with 200mm lens.
Join me tomorrow at 1530 Central European Time / 0930 EDT to talk watches, spaceflight, and confinement, on @omega Instagram live. #SpeedyTuesday #SpaceStation #Isolation #Sponsored
Better than finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground. #LikeGold
Need something good to listen to today? Check out the #NothingPersonal podcast by my friend David Samson. Some baseball talk, and a great list of movies to watch. I have a queue now. #SaturdayMotivation
Thoughts on the “worm” being back?
What are y'all doing on this Friday night? I just filled out my census. #FridayFun @uscensusbureau #Census2020
RT @JebBush: I love this idea.
Reminder- see you in an hour. Bring the kids and bring questions as I talk about space, science, and whatever else you want to! #STEMatHome #Homeschool @NatGeo
A heartwarming and downright awesome story about a small Texas company doing a very selfless thing to help with the #ventilator shortage. Another reason I love #Texas! Contact him if you have spare manufacturing capacity. @TODAYshow #coronavirus
Hi everyone- tired of being stuck at home? Got kids who want some cool content? Join me tomorrow at 1 pm ET (10 am PT) for a @NatGeo "Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants" event. Follow live on @YouTube at #HomeSchool #Education #STEM #STEMatHome
Finally a great shot of the Alps, one of the best places on #Earth. #Europe #SpacePhotograph #AstronautPhotography #BeatCovidTogether
Next here's a hello para mis amigos en #España. #Spain #Earth #SpacePhotography #AstronautPhotography #SpainStrong
Let's share some photos of #Europe today, to bring some good vibes to my friends across the pond. First- #Italia Italia! #Italy #SpacePhotography #AstronautPhotography #ItalyStayStrong #Earth
Here's my thought of the day- let's work together to beat #coronavirus. Now more than ever we need to feel like we are all in this fight together. #BeatTheVirus #BeatCovidTogether #SundayMotivation
RT @rahulkanwal: How do you make the most of life in isolation. A man who knows a lot about living for long periods in extreme isolation, @…
While we are at it, here's another beautiful shot looking straight down at central #India at dusk, shadows pouring off of the clouds. Awesome! See you on @IndiaToday in 20 minutes.
Hello India! I'll see you on @IndiaToday in about 30 minutes, 830 pm IST. Here is a photo of central #India at dusk.
Has anyone else noticed that the night sky is really clear? I can see stars here in #Houston that I normally can't, it's a great time to go out and take a look up. It's not quite as good as this view from the ISS though! #AstronautPhotography #SpacePhotography #ClearSky
If you like baseball, the word of the day is “Hope!” In honor of what should be #OpeningDay - hope springs eternal. Check out this awesome podcast by ⁦@DavidPSamson. #NothingPersonal a-1f695ff095b2
Northern #Canada 🇨🇦in late spring, with the terminator in the distance. Beautiful from space, but it looks cold down there 😂 Also, check out this video to compare isolation in space with lockdown on Earth! #SpacePhotography #AstronautPhotography #Earth
What is your #COVIDPromise? To help a neighbor, perform a free concert, or open your business to customers in new ways? Share your creative ideas, and check out this new movement to beat the virus and quickly get back to a bright future: @COVIDPromise
Which would you prefer- being stranded in space, or stuck in lockdown on Earth? Check out this video to see my preferences 😂. And please subscribe to my new YouTube channel! #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronavirusLockdown
Scroll to the bottom of this article to see the global growth patterns of #COVID19. It's clear that in the next few weeks (i.e. #Easter timeframe) there will be a lot more infections. Let's work hard and follow instructions to stop #coronavirus ASAP.
Today's #Earth pic. #India. #Mumbai is on the right by the delta, and #Delhi is way in the distance. It's beautiful from space- now I need to go in person! Stay safe in quarantine, my Indian friends.... #AstronautPhotography #SpacePhotography #Astronauts #CoronavirusLockdown
I love this art by some of the neighborhood kids. How creative! Scroll through. #SpongeBob #Minions #StreetArt #ThingsToDoDuringLockdown
I love this shot- I had the exposure way down, aperture closed. Just the blackness of #Space and #Earth at night, the thin blue line of our atmosphere, and our sun. Awesome. #AstronautPhotography #SpacePhotography #Astronauts #Photography #Earth
A sunrise in space happens so fast, colors go from blue to yellow, pink, orange, red, even green, before being washed out by the blinding white light of the sun. It happens so fast because we are flying so fast. #AstronautPhotography #SpacePhotography #Astronauts #Photography
Today let's look at Sunrises and Sunsets from orbit, one of my favorite subjects! #SpacePhotography #Astronauts #AstronautPhotography #Photography #Earth
RT @disneyplus: Happy #NationalPuppyDay! 🐶😍 Here’s a list of flicks to stream with your furry friend. #DisneyPlus 1. Because of Winn-Dixie…
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