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In case you’re stressed this morning.... 😂 #ThursdayThoughts
We had a wonderful tribute for Toni Myers today at @Imax HQ in #Toronto, where they renamed the theater in her honor. What a profound impact she had on millions. #Legacy
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Happy #SpringEquinox to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. What a great opportunity to celebrate the first day of spring on the #InternationalDayOfHappiness !
Asteroid #Bennu images reveal unexpected discoveries. @OSIRISREx
Anyone else interested in taking 1 hour inter-continental flights instead of today’s 12+ hour flights? The demand is there, I hope the new space economy can build the vehicles to do this safely and efficiently.
RT @Mike_Seeley: I couldn’t resist: This is my “heat” edit of the @ulalaunch #WGS10 #DeltaIV rocket engines (made by @AerojetRdyne & @nort…
RT @ExplorersClub: Apollo Astronauts at #ECAD2019. Photo by @felixkunze L-R: @Cmd16Duke (Apollo 16), @TheRealBuzz (Apollo 11), Walter Cunn…
#OTD in 1965 cosmonaut Alexei Leonov performed humankind's first ever spacewalk. Leonov is 84 now and is also known as an artist and a writer #LivingLegend
Such an honor to present Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke with his @ExplorersClub plaque. It doesn't get better than this! #ECAD2019 #Apollo @TheRealBuzz
RT @ExplorersClub: Rusty Schweickart “we all went into space and discovered Earth” #ECAD2019
RT @Space_Lectures: Ireland and UK swathed with green aurora - Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀 Image credit Nasa astronaut Terry Virts https://…
RT @NatGeo: Northern lights dance over the iconic island of Sanna off the Norwegian coast in this long exposure image captured by Your Shot…
RT @NASAHubble: Happy #StPatricksDay! Are you wearing green today? This Hubble image shows illuminated material far outside the radius of i…
Well said Scott. Standing with #NewZealand
RT @ScienceChannel: Photo of the Day: NASA has revealed the last photo sent by the Mars Opportunity Rover – a 360-degree panorama composed…
Happy #StPatrickDay from #NYC!
At the Explorers Club dinner in New York celebrating the 50th anniversary of the #Apollo landings with Charlie Duke, Mike Collins, Walt Cunningham, Rusty Schweickart, and Al Worden. Life doesn’t get better than this. @ExplorersClub #Apollo #FridayNight #NYC
RT @usairforce: It's time for #AirForce #WeekinPhotos! Which one is your favorite?
The @Space_Station is returning to normal ops with a crew of 6- congrats on the successful docking of #Soyuz MS-12
Just got back from #Apollo11. Again. I wanted to see it on the big screen one more time while it’s still showing- it’s that good. I’m not sure what’s my favorite part- the visuals, audio, or soundtrack. I’m any case, powered descent was my favorite scene. @imax @TheRealBuzz
It’s hard to overstate how significant this development is - @NASA discussing alternative options for the future of human space exploration other than SLS. It will be good to “separate crew from cargo” if it happens.
Congrats to @roscosmos on a successful launch! Welcome to space @AstroHague, Alexey and @Astro_Christina And glad MECO was a little higher this time! @NASA
RT @roscosmos: #SoyuzMS12: Crew arriving at the launch pad №1. The live broadcast will begin on the Roscosmos website at 17:45 UTC → http…
Sometimes the prudent course is to wait and prove that it's safe to fly, rather than wait to find out it's unsafe. @NASA has learned that lesson the hard way several times. #Boeing737max
So true
Happy birthday www! Thanks for making our lives easier. Sometimes.. #Web30
Concur - this could have real applications, maybe someday making "The Martian" novel come true. #Mars2020 @NASAJPL
Good luck @AstroHague @Astro_Christina and Alexey Ovchinin!
RT @NASAEarth: Pop the image on the left of #Earth or #Jupiter? (Follow the link to find the answer.) #N…
The soundtrack for this #Apollo11 film was spectacular. Toni Myers taught me the importance of sound when filming @IMAX's A Beautiful Planet, and the sound in @apollo11movie really makes the film, especially during the suspenseful moments. @CNNFilms
RT @scilitweek: An astronaut felt this movie was more intense than actually blasting off. Go see it. Kudos to the team behind @apollo11movi…
Best space movie I've ever seen - #Apollo11 documentary! My heart was beating faster watching Neil, Buzz & Mike launch in this film than it was when I launched for real on the Space Shuttle or Soyuz. Good work @CNNFilms @NEONrated @apollo11movie. Go see it on the big screen!
This was me this morning #DaylightSavings #NationalNappingDay
Check out these books to learn about space!
RT @ScienceChannel: Photo of the Day: How much does the Milky Way... weigh? The latest data, combined from ESA Gaia's mission and the Hubbl…
I first met Ralph Hall in 2002 at a school speech I was giving. He was funny, gracious, and full of stories. A real gentleman. Rep. Hall served in Congress as both a Democrat and Republican- from a bygone era of occasional bipartisanship and collaboration.
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! #IWD2019
Glad to see #Ripley survived another space mission. Congrats @NASA and @SpaceX on opening this new phase of human spaceflight!
I think we are luck that our sun is in the Milky Way and not the cigar galaxy, that magnetic field would mess with our compasses....
Enjoy the ride home Ripley, as the first commander of #CrewDragon! @SpaceX #dm1
The Universe is both sublime and humbling, when examined with reverence. It renders the temporary pursuit of prestige inconsequential and trivial. #WednesdayWisdom
Like space documentaries? This is a good list to check out. Proud to say that Toni Myers has three films in here. She left an amazing legacy for future generations. #ABeautifulPlanet
Hopefully not being chased like she was in #Alien! @SpaceX
Great to see a successful launch this morning of @SpaceX crewed Dragon. Next stop- the ISS. @NASA
Looking forward to seeing you in Kansas City, MO on Mar 29! #PhotosFromOuterSpace
Time to sign some some books! @hbsalumni @hbsexeced #ViewFromAbove
It’s a great day at the Johnson Space Center- the future is looking brighter already! @NASA @NASA_Johnson
Great news! #Canada @csa_asc see you on the Moon, eh?
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