Electric cars, giant batteries and solar
How will insurance rates for @Tesla #Cybertruck compare to conventional pickups? We consulted an insurance expert for some insights. Read more here!https://www.motortrend.com/news/much-will-tesla-cybertruck-insurance-cost/
We made our @Tesla Model 3 fart using emissions mode: http://crdrv.co/5dAFXxJ
The @Tesla service centers are frustratingly incompetent also
We get a first ride in the @Tesla #Cybertruck, the wackiest, most polarizing pickup truck to date. Check out the video here!https://www.motortrend.com/news/video-ride-tesla-cybertruck?sm_id=organic_tw_social_MT_191209_sf225672978#sf225672978
The latest @Jaguar I-Pace update boosts range, but still can't touch a @Tesla: http://crdrv.co/d0Xqlwf
Just in case you make your roofing decisions based on slo mo videos
Model X just earned 5 stars from Euro NCAP in safety testing
I'm gonna tell my kids this is the first pick-up
More utility than a pick-up Better performance than a sports car http://ts.la/cybertruck
Cybertruck Unveil livestream starts at 8pm http://livestream.tesla.com/
Cybertruck Unveil starts at 8 Stay tuned for livestream
We were very honored to accept one of Europe's most prestigious awards yesterday, Das Goldene Lenkrad (the Golden Steering Wheel), with Model 3 scoring the highest of all tested cars 🏆
Solar Roof uses durable glass solar tiles to generate electricity.   Our latest version only takes a few days to set up and is comparable to the cost of a composition shingle roof + electrical bill.   Installations begin next month. https://ts.la/369cFb1
Submit questions for our Solar Roof Q&A ahead of our 2pm launch:
Submit questions for our Solar Roof Q&A ahead of our 2pm launch:
Join us at 2pm PT today to learn all about our V3 Solar Roof product. Visit http://ir.tesla.com to listen in.
One of us, One of us. Become a Production Associate: https://ts.la/35KWAYT https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1184232118223822848
yesterday we almost tweeted that we have a great rash lab instead of crash lab and we all had a good laugh as we all had a good scratch https://twitter.com/Tesla/status/1184202345170817024
Do you want a sneak peek of our crash lab? Of course you do. It’s one of the reasons why Model 3 is among the safest cars on the road. https://youtu.be/IoNe7QMumaM
Caraoke is all fun and games until you alienate your children by knowing every single word to Let It Go.
(this is the worst tweet we have ever done)
Czech (…) it out - orders for Tesla vehicles in the Czech Republic are now open! https://ts.la/2oIHdzi
It's in our V .̷̛͙̪̀͑̐͌̍͛̑͆͗͐̀͆̿͗͘̕͠͠.̶̨̢̧̧̛̫̱̯̠̮͇̤̠̫̯̺̪̭̻͇͚̅̎͂̀̀̔̃̃́̈́̈́̒͋ ̏̓̓̓̓̀̆̄͋̎̈̏͠ͅ update
has anyone found the Easter Egg in your Tesla which releases Cthulhu, our dark lord?
let's all take a moment and think of our friends and family who can't watch videos, sing karaoke and play videogames with their car
147,730.9 gallons of maple syrup to be exact. But, also, it is an inexact science unless we have a volunteer who loves maple syrup. (We also apologize to 7-year-olds everywhere for this tweet)
When a child turns 7 they: • Scream • May or may not poop themselves When our Supercharger network turns 7 it: • Churns out as much energy in 1 day as eating 147k gallons of maple syrup (2.25GWh) • Will be coming to Saskatchewan and Manitoba soon 🇨🇦 https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/26/20885337/tesla-v3-supercharger-expansion-canada-energy-battery-pack
Tesla Theater turns your car into your living room while parked, so you can: • Make everyone watch that AMAZING YouTube video you HAVE to see (which you definitely don’t have to see) • Watch live TV on @hulu@netflix & charge
is here. Get excited.
Do you have friends? Make them into enemies with your questionable taste in music AND your awful singing voice with Car-aoke. (We didn’t post a video because you don’t want to hear Tesla engineers belting out Old Town Road. Trust us.)
You don’t know what to do. You don’t know what to eat. You trust the opinion of strangers, but you don’t want to talk to them. With V10, your Tesla can direct you to the nearest highly rated places and the best food. You just need to say whether you’re feeling 🍀 or 😋.
Before V10: I love waking my kids up with my Tesla’s chimes, it’s great. It’s the best when they’re awake and crying. After V10: Quieter chimes in Joe Mode keeps my spawn in a peaceful slumber. Life is good.
Basically, Version 10.0 is so good you’re going to want to name your children after it. Especially if it’s your tenth child. The update is rolling out over the next week and you can try it in one of our stores. See what else is packed into the update: http://bit.ly/2mXdpOE
Finnnnaaaaallllyyyyyyyy Spotify <3
🚨 Tesla Has Live Hulu 🚨
Where have you parked your Tesla? But also, who cares? Our Smart Summon feature means your car collects *you* from the parking lot.
First up: Cuphead. In this run-and-gun game you: • have a cup for a head • have gambled your soul with the Devil (and lost) • and have to collect souls (with the help of little finger guns) Get ready to have fun, but also get ready to rage quit. A lot.
Software Version 10.0: Your brand new Tesla is here. Buckle up, we have a lot to get through ⬇️
Do you ever dream of a day when it’s not ‘electric vehicle’, it’s just ‘vehicle’
Powerwall is all fun and games until the whole neighbourhood crowds into your garage’s sports bar because you’re the only one with electricity. https://twitter.com/bigbigspoon/status/1176371501555052544
does she ever ask you what you're thinking and you say 'nothing' but you're actually thinking about whether Tesla secretly employs thousands of tiny hamsters to power their cars and it's not batteries at all https://twitter.com/vincent13031925/status/1159795535911407616
RT @RahulPrasad74: @Tesla @elonmusk Thank you for an amazing experience in our #Model3Au We are loving being part of the revolution..This i…
To be clear: don't break the law to get a test drive. Just schedule one with us instead: https://www.tesla.com/drive
Wonder how many Bargersville residents are going to get themselves arrested just so they can have a test ride https://twitter.com/ToddBertram1/status/1167127898660179968
⠀ (\__/)    ⠀  (•ㅅ•) Tesla Powerwall  _ノ ヽ ノ\ __ / `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ (  (三ヽ人  /   | | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ ヽ___>、___/    |( 王 ノ〈 (\__/)    /ミ`ー―彡\ (•ㅅ•) me wanting to play Teenage Dirtbag on repeat during a power grid blackout
It's almost like using the daily free energy pumped out by the sun instead of fossil fuels is a no-brainer. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-09/gas-plants-will-get-crushed-by-wind-solar-by-2035-study-says
“What do you think of electric cars?” *excited screaming* https://twitter.com/SayDiversity/status/1175066293696958464
Anyone riding a UFO out of Area 51 today can recharge at our nearby Supercharger in Beatty. One day only.
Until then, auf Wiedersehen Germany 👋 Here’s some of our initial Model S Plaid data to keep you buzzing until we return:
Data from our track tests indicates that Model S Plaid can achieve 7:20 at the Nürburgring. With some improvements, 7:05 may be possible when Model S returns next month.
Model 3 has earned the IIHS 2019 Top Safety Pick+ Award, earning top scores across all eight tests covering crashworthiness, occupant protection, crash avoidance, and headlight systems.
We installed a Supercharger at Nürburgring. Makes it feel like home, you know?
Plans for tonight: • playing The Sims • naming a character Internal Combustion Engine • making them go for a swim • deleting the swimming pool ladder
You can't actually marry your Tesla (sorry) but this is the next best thing: https://twitter.com/idreamincode/status/1166378685173129216
What's the first thing in your Tesla that you showed your grandparents? https://twitter.com/kchau/status/1170760213571354625
Jk no one ever gets tired of Africa by Toto
What's your go-to tune for showing off your car's sound system and making your neighbors call the police because its 2am and they're tired of hearing Africa by Toto?
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