Madonna on the set of “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Take a look inside the work of Hollywood’s on-set photographers and how portraits like these are made. #WorldPhotographyDay
Richard Williams pushed animation to new heights. His work on the ambitious "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" earned him a Visual Effects Oscar and a Special Achievement Award for his animation direction. His love for his craft and his legacy onscreen continue to inspire us all.
Today, we remember two-time Oscar nominee Peter Fonda, who co-wrote and starred in the groundbreaking “Easy Rider.”
What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture during the year you were born? Get the limited edition Oscars Best Picture poster here:
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Meet the extraordinary student filmmakers who are now SAA finalists.
Wise. Powerful. Extraordinary. #WorldElephantDay
#SelfCareSunday mood.
Piero Tosi was an exemplary storyteller. A master of color, texture, form and flow, Tosi worked to mold actor to costume as much as costume to actor. His passion translated into five Oscar nominations, as well as an Honorary Oscar. He will be missed.
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"Well done. Now go get 'em!" A message to our graduating #AcademyGold interns from Oscar winner Rami Malek.
What are your favorite books about film? #BookLoversDay
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Congratulations to our new Academy President, David Rubin!
A talent beyond measure. Thank you, Toni Morrison, for your honesty and humanity. Your words will continue to inspire us all.
Tag the friends who always have your back. #NationalGirlfriendsDay
What do these three Oscar-nominated movies have in common?
Can you name the Oscar-winning film?
Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler rehearse backstage at the 91st Oscars. Nailed it.
"I know the change I want to make." A moment with our #AcademyGold interns. Here's to the future of entertainment. #NationalInternDay
You never know where inspiration will strike. Take our pocket journal with you everywhere.
“I think we're still processing the achievement itself. It's just the closest thing that history, [that] reality, have given us to myth. To fairy tale, you know?" - "First Man" director Damien Chazelle on the Apollo 11 mission #Apollo50th
Movies give us strength and hope. We send both to the Kyoto Animation team and their families.
Costume designer Judianna Makovsky takes us through her process of creating Chris Evans' stealth suit costume for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." What’s your favorite superhero costume? #SDCC Experience more Academy Originals here:
Former DC Entertainment executive @Geoffjohns and Marvel’s @Kevfeige got their start working for “Superman” director Richard Donner. Here, they recall driving down to San Diego @Comic_Con together. Tag the person you’d take on a road trip to #SDCC. #SDCC50
Give your Oscar speech using only emojis. #WorldEmojiDay
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It took over eight hours for Rebecca Romijn to transform into Mystique. What’s your favorite on-screen transformation? #TransformationTuesday
Congratulations to our knockout #Oscars team on their much-deserved #Emmys nominations.
Paul Frommer (Na'vi language creator for “Avatar”), Marc Okrand (Klingon, “Star Trek”) and David Peterson (Dothraki, “Game of Thrones”) take viewers through the process of what it takes to create an entirely new language for a film. What custom film language can you speak?
What movie character would you want to help you out of a sticky situation?
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We're ready for the #FIFAWWC final. Who are you rooting for?
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Happy #FourthofJuly!
Raise your hand if you drink hot coffee year-round. We've got the mug for you:
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