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TONIGHT: Are corporations jumping on the rainbow bandwagon just to bring in the green? @jaboukie hits the Pride circuit to find out:
TONIGHT: DNC Chair @TomPerez is here! 📸: @ruminasean
The only way to beat Trump at his own game is to not play the game at all. #BetweenTheScenes
According to Pete Buttigieg, statistically speaking, America has probably had a gay president.
We all know what that cough was about…
Phoenix police threaten to shoot a black family suspected of stealing a Barbie doll. Full piece:
O.J. Simpson is now following you!
That didn’t sound like a real cough. That sounded more like a “Shutthefuckupaboutyourtaxes.” Full piece:
Phoenix cops caught on tape:
Phoenix cops spark outrage for threatening a family, George Stephanopoulos interviews President Trump, and Trevor chats with managing director of the IMF Christine @Lagarde. Listen and subscribe:
Here’s the full interview with @Lagarde:
“You know what’s most troubling about this? How many people have been arrested and put in jail because everyone assumes the police version of events is always the truth.” Cell phone footage shows Phoenix police threatening to shoot a family over a stolen Barbie.
TONIGHT: International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine @Lagarde is here! 📸: @ruminasean
TONIGHT: Trump treats George Stephanopoulos to the weirdest episode of “Cribs” ever.
RT @TheDailyShow: THIS WEEK: @Lagarde, @TomPerez, @arturocastro85 and @lindseyvonn stop by!
When grandpa's telling the same stories again and you can't get him off the phone
Turns out humans have been getting high since 500 B.C.
Biden, Sanders, and Warren are out of their dictatorship prime. Full piece:
THIS WEEK: @Lagarde, @TomPerez, @arturocastro85 and @lindseyvonn stop by!
“I’ll have you know my father works at Red Lobster!”
RT @tweakyourpc: @cgreenba @TheDailyShow This Electoral College tweet will Make Anagrams Great Again
When TSA Pre-Check comes with a complimentary post-check. #BetweenTheScenes
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RT @motothero: Had the best time at #DailyShowLibrary! Good to know that while we may live in a dumpster fire, at least we can still laugh…
Trump: * exists * Every other world leader: 😐
Should fathers in the U.S. get longer parental leave ? Full “@DesiLydic: Abroad” special:
D.C. you need to be in line for the #DailyShowLibrary by 4:30pm if you want to get in tonight. We’re sorry. This was the largest audience to ever witness a Presidential Twitter Library, period, both in person and around the globe.
“If I stick a straw up my nose, I could get 35 million views on YouTube?” Why are people rallying to ban plastic straws? @ronnychieng investigates.
If you’ve ever been in an Uber and thought, “I wish we could do this 10,000 feet in the sky,” you’re in luck. Full piece:
Happy Father’s Day to David Oyelowo’s dad and David Oyelowo’s dad only.
“The women’s team wasn’t just playing to win a game – they were playing to win a lawsuit.” @DesiLydic breaks down the U.S. women’s soccer team’s historic 13-0 win:
Here at the Trump Presidential Twitter Library in D.C., we take research and data visualization very seriously. Happy Father’s Day. #DailyShowLibrary
Today’s the last day! 12-8pm at The Showroom - 14th and L
Happy Father’s Day from The Trump Presidential Twitter Library - D.C. #DailyShowLibrary
Happy Father’s Day to David Oyelowo’s dad and David Oyeleowo’s dad only.
Tired of CBD? Try @TheLewisBlack's CTFD. Full piece:
“I wanted to give opportunity to women that look like me, to young girls that look like me." @thedanieb passed on movie offers to perform ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ for free. Full interview:
Amen! ✌️
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Obama hits the podcast world and escaped lions hit South Africa.
The Vatican might want to take a look in the mirror before maligning the trans community…
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@realDonaldTrump, the people of D.C. are LOVING your Presidential Twitter Library! #DailyShowLibrary
Trump loves law and order… until the law doesn’t follow his orders.
The first defendant sentenced in the college admissions scandal is a former Stanford sailing coach who accepted 610,000 in bribes. Full piece:
Open today and tomorrow only:
New in the D.C. Trump Presidential Twitter Library: A tribute to Melania Trump, aka the new Jackie O, and her effort to combat cyberbullying. #DailyShowLibrary
"It is a little sad that the friendship tree died, but at the same time, it did last longer than most people do in Trump's White House." Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump's friendship tree has died. Full piece:
RT @TheDailyShow: Can’t stop watching these world leaders sit there while Trump spews his nonsense
Some "behind the scenes" action from my visit to @TheDailyShow!
We would like to invite all, even the haters and losers, to the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library - now open in Washington D.C. #DailyShowLibrary
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