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The confidence that fuelled the 1979 resurgence of Southern Baptists is long gone
At the same time lifespans have been increasing for black Americans, prospects for whites, especially the non-elderly, have sagged
America is wrestling with what to do with its unclaimed dead. In New York City about 1m people are buried on an island
Why ABBA would not be enthused that Bernie Sanders wants to force firms to hand shares to workers
More Americans describe themselves as conservative than as liberal; yet Americans prefer left-leaning policies
Scott Warren gave food and shelter to two migrants. He faces up to 20 years in prison
Despite improvements in the racial gap, inequality in life expectancy by class and income still remains
A split over Donald Trump and slew of sexual-abuse scandals have left Southern Baptists in crisis
Now that Kawhi Leonard has brought Canada its first-ever NBA title, he might be tempted to build a dynasty of his own
The latest explosions in the Gulf of Oman forced crews to abandon both ships. It also sent the price of oil upwards
New York City buries its poor on an island off the Bronx. About 1m people lie there, in all
Scott Warren's use of religious-freedom laws acts as a mirror image of the tactics energetically employed by conservatives
On policy preferences at least, America is moving leftwards
In 2011 the black-white life-expectancy gap had narrowed from over 15 years to 4.4 years for men and just 3.1 years for women
Trading away DeMar DeRozan, a long-time Raptor and local fan favourite, in a deal for Kawhi Leonard proved successful
Bernie Sanders’ plan, which forces companies to hand over shares to workers, was originally met with opposition from ABBA
Many hardliners in the Middle East would like to see America go to war against Iran
The Southern Baptist Convention’s membership of 15m, concentrated in the Bible belt, is its lowest in 30 years, and falling
In New York City, poor and unclaimed people are still buried in pine coffins, usually marked only with numbers, not names
RT @JamesMAstill: Southern Baptists' embrace of fundamentalism and the GOP has become a major threat to America's biggest Protestant denomi…
The Supreme Court refuses to hear the appeal of Moath al-Alwi, who served as a bodyguard to Osama bin Laden according to the Department of Defence
Protection of many of America’s wetlands depends on their being close to protected streams
On June 10th, the Supreme Court refused to entertain Moath al-Alwi’s latest legal challenge to his detainment
Why you should never start a trade war with an autocracy
Moath al-Alwi and some three dozen fellow detainees languish at Guantánamo with little hope of release
The incumbency effect in 2020 will probably be weaker than in past election years
In one study, pre-schooled children had more success in employment, increased earnings in mid-adulthood and better health than their peers
A mysterious disease has been killing apple trees across America’s northeast for the past six years
Populism can be beaten back by libraries. Really
Facebook and WhatsApp's terms of service forbid users under 13 from signing up. That is blithely ignored by millions
At least half of all Americans have their faces in databases to which police can get access
American history is replete with horrific episodes that prevented the accumulation of black wealth
New research suggests pre-school enrolment can have a lasting effect
When school budgets were cut during the Great Recession, what happened to the pupils?
What could be worse than being spied on by a smart speaker? Being pestered by one
The number of American college-age students studying Chinese fell to 53,000 in 2016—a drop of 13% since 2013
Intergenerational inequality may be reduced by early education
The initiative may target the online activity of certain individuals, such as young Muslim men
America is still an attractive place for educated migrants. But its strict visa rules are deterring would-be workers
Country music lyrics are changing. Songs are less about being a stand-up guy, and more about objectifying women
An encouraging history of religion in America
RT @TheEconomist: On “The Intelligence” today, @ARobertsjourno speaks to a death-row inmate who’s spent half his life in solitary confineme…
America has just notched up its wettest 12 months ever. Floods are worsening across the Midwest
Fixing America’s economic defences before the next recession looks unlikely
The left sees Nancy Pelosi’s reticence on the issue as part of a broader want of conviction
Climate change has evolved from a niche issue among Democrats to one of great urgency
Baseball is more than a game in America, it is a symbol of the country's belief in its own extraordinariness
Virginia is one of 17 states in which more people are killed by guns than car crashes
Some of America's frustrations with China and other trading partners are justified
The State Department now obliges visitors to offer details of their identities on any of 20 different social-media platforms
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