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Most Democratic presidential hopefuls want to dismantle the private-prison industry
Homelessness it is an acute and worsening condition in America’s biggest, most successful cities
Rudy Giuliani has reached what appears to be the worst crisis of his increasingly scandal-plagued career
Preparing for disaster is nothing new
African languages are growing rapidly in America, especially in bigger cities, mostly because the migrants arrived so recently
Estimates suggest moving to a half-past eight start across America would boost the economy by more than $80bn within a decade
Private prisons may fail in myriad ways, but the question is whether they are worse than state institutions
Since 2009, studies show a 12% decline in homelessness nationally, but increases of 50% in Los Angeles and 59% in New York
Rudy Giuliani was once a serious politician prone to indiscipline. Now he is wild
On “Babbage”: what future disease-prevention challenges does the @GlobalFund face?; founder and CEO of @Duolingo @luisvonahn has a new project to improve global literacy; and why some net-zero carbon emission targets are based on the wrong data
School districts across America have begun to move start times back. California is the first state to take the leap
There is a difference between using foreign policy to support American interests, and using it for a president’s personal political benefit
To tackle climate change sufficiently, countries need to take full responsibility for their carbon footprints
At the height of the cold war, people built shelters to prepare for disasters. Today, the prepping business is still going strong
Some people believe that Aspen embodies the establishment complacency that led to the rise of populism From @1843mag
The chief culprit of homelessness is the cost of housing
This week in five charts
Private prisons have indeed profited from America’s obsession with incarceration, but they did not cause it
Rise and shine—American schools are moving towards later start times for students
The African-born population in America reached an estimated 2.4m last year, up from just 80,000 in 1970
Uncertainty in America's immigration policy will persist. It may be that this is just what Donald Trump wants
On “Babbage”: what future disease-prevention challenges does the @GlobalFund face?; founder and CEO of @Duolingo @luisvonahn has a new project to improve global literacy; and why some net-zero carbon emission targets are based on the wrong data
The White House admitted that military aid was held up because Donald Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate a conspiracy theory
Grasping hold of Donald Trump’s coat-tails, Rudy Giuliani made a political return brimming with resentful craziness
This week in charts: trade and global warming, slowing growth in China, Congo’s shrinking rainforest and more
Despite significant public efforts the problem of homelessness is worsening in Los Angeles and other major cities across America
America's withdrawal has reshaped the Levant, and ensures that a settlement in Syria's civil war will now be orchestrated by Russia
Institutional conservatives would condemn Donald Trump
Alaska is a vibrant state with a swelling population, while Chukotka's population is meagre and its standard of living vastly inferior
An unresolved trade war could cost America $125bn of forgone output next year alone. The cost to China could exceed $300bn
The case for the abolition of private prisons is much weaker than it might seem
Over the past 20 years, the @GlobalFund says it's saved 32m lives fighting the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. On “Babbage”, @natashaloder describes the challenges it faces in the future of disease prevention
Fifty years ago, Americans feared nuclear fallout or destruction. Today, the list of disasters to be prepared for is much longer
Many women use cannabis to ease morning sickness. Evidence suggests it may not be safe for babies' brains
Barack Obama’s top diplomat runs for miles each day, but she hates every second of it From @1843mag
For the past 70 years the Aspen institute has helped to shape the spectrum of acceptable views in American politics From @1843mag
Swahili and other central, eastern and southern-African languages are the fastest-growing in America
Later school starting times correspond with improved attendance, less falling asleep in class and better grades
The world's second-biggest rainforest is shrinking. Our chart on deforestation in Congo and more from this week's issue
The White House argued for weeks that there was no quid pro quo—and then it admitted otherwise
A widely-believed myth is that homelessness in cities is the result of migration. In reality, it is a home-grown problem
Closing private prisons alone will not address the underlying problems of mass incarceration
Rudy Giuliani is going to really hate it when the president and his entire party flatly disown him
On this week's “Money talks” podcast, an exclusive interview with all three winners of this year's Nobel prize for economics
@luisvonahn has made a career out of finding more efficient ways to use our time, from the creation of CAPTCHA, to @duolingo. He speaks to @kncukier about his new challenge—reducing global illiteracy—in “Babbage”
“My concern is, ISIS is going to bounce back...we're going to have to do it all over again, but this time we will be alone.” Former defence secretary Ash Carter talks to @JohnPrideaux about the consequences of America’s abandonment of the Kurds in Syria
Poor children of every race are likely to become the next generation of poor adults
Today on “The Intelligence”: a dubious future for a new Brexit deal, a lopsided ceasefire agreement in Syria and the burgeoning business of therapeutic psychedelics
Frank Gilliam is the sixth mayor of Atlantic City since the 1970s to leave office in disgrace
For gay and transgender employees across America, the stakes in these cases could barely be higher
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