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The climate emergency is not a “single issue” — it is the single precondition for every other issue’s existence https://interc.pt/2zanwSW by @NaomiAKlein
RT @AlexEmmons: A new report released by Brown University's Cost of War Project argues that U.S.-Taliban negotiations urgently need to addr…
Taliban peace talks must not ignore CIA-funded Afghan militias, report says https://interc.pt/2PmSpib by @AlexEmmons
To call the firing of an officer like Pantaleo an act of “anti-police extremism” shows that the suggestion of even minor policing reform when it comes to deadly racist practices will be met with screeching resistance, writes @natashalennard. https://interc.pt/31T1dNX
Trump accuses most American Jews of “disloyalty” to Israel, deploying anti-Semitic trope https://interc.pt/2Mu18N9 by @RobertMackey
Government insiders charged under the law are not allowed to defend themselves by arguing that their decision to share what they know was prompted by an impulse to help Americans confront and end government abuses. https://interc.pt/2zdQ91u https://twitter.com/FreedomofPress/status/1163486406615941120
The pass given to Pompeo by the New Yorker is only the latest glaring — and depressing — example of the way in which Islamophobia still passes “the dinner table test” in the U.S., writes @mehdirhasan. https://interc.pt/2z7s38P
Anti-racist and anti-police brutality activists have stressed how Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s dismissal is not only insufficient but a potential boon for a police department seeking absolution through bad-apple narratives. https://interc.pt/31STyiF
RT @MazMHussain: Important points by @mehdirhasan about Mike Pompeo. If a sitting Secretary of State had talked about Jews the way he talks…
Bills backed by American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers expand the purview of law enforcement, classifying peaceful protests that seek to block the construction of pipelines as a violent threat. https://interc.pt/31SJ5ny
RT @bridgeinit: 'Shouldn’t every analysis of Pompeo's close relationship with the president mention, their shared prejudice toward Muslim A…
RT @KenRoth: Beyond China's abuse of Twitter to spread disinformation about Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, China was also using Twitte…
Nearly 1,500 miles from Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters, at a company outpost in Austin, Texas, moderators toil around the clock to screen and scrub some the most gruesome, hateful, and heinous posts that make their way onto the social network. https://interc.pt/31S9dyQ
RT @mehdirhasan: “Mike Pompeo Has Extreme Views on Muslims — and Liberals Don’t Seem to Care” - my latest for ⁦@theintercept⁩, in the wake…
RT @natashalennard: “If I was a cop, I would probably be mad at me,” said the police commissioner about the decision to fire Pantaleo. The…
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The decision to fire Officer Daniel Pantaleo will not alter the entrenched police ideology that allows for deaths like Garner’s — showing why reform will be slow and tough, writes @natashalennard. https://interc.pt/2zbZBmc
The appointment of Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton was met with concerns about the duo’s extreme views on Islam and Muslims. But there has been a deafening silence since then, writes @mehdirhasan. https://interc.pt/320XiyT
RT @CREWcrew: The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, a lobbying group that represents major chemical plants and oil refineries, c…
The NYPD finally fired the cop who killed Eric Garner — but the police reaction shows how little will change https://interc.pt/31UADUv by @natashalennard
Mike Pompeo has extreme views on Muslims — and liberals don’t seem to care https://interc.pt/2zbLjCc by @mehdirhasan
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers — a powerful lobbying group that represents major chemical plants and oil refineries — is leveraging its political power to criminalize protests of oil and gas infrastructure. https://interc.pt/2zb26Fs
In July, amid global condemnation of the treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang by the Chinese government, Twitter began promoting several Global Times tweets about the region. https://interc.pt/2zaEEb8
RT @mehdirhasan: “Five Lies on Iran We Need to Refute to Stop Another Illegal War” - me for ⁦@theintercept⁩ https://theintercept.com/2019/08/14/trump-iran-worst-lies/
Portland has joined Berkeley, New York, Charlottesville, and Seattle as liberal cities that have become flash points for far-right violence since Donald Trump took office in 2017. https://interc.pt/31QkuQ5
A review of Twitter advertisements from between June and August this year showed that the social media giant promoted more than 50 English-language tweets from the Global Times, a Chinese state media organization. https://interc.pt/2zaVh6x
RT @rj_gallagher: Twitter helped to promote Chinese government propaganda & disinformation denying human rights violations in Xinjiang, whe…
Twitter helps Chinese government promote disinformation on repression of Muslims https://interc.pt/31MXzoJ by @rj_gallagher
Americans often respond to tragedy by turning to ill-considered ideas. But the suddenly popular idea of launching a domestic version of the war on terror in the wake of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton is one of the worst ever, writes James Risen. https://interc.pt/31QWCMh
In an audio recording obtained by The Intercept, @AFPMonline concedes that it has been playing a role behind the scenes in crafting laws recently passed in states across the country to criminalize oil and gas pipeline protests. https://interc.pt/2z96HI6
Oil lobbyist touts success in effort to criminalize pipeline protests, leaked recording shows https://interc.pt/31Pse4Y by @lhfang
Google’s renewed engagement with Egypt comes just a year after the company sparked outrage when The Intercept revealed that Google planned to develop a censored search engine for use in China. https://interc.pt/31LzoqO
RT @jbwashing: How CBP officers routinely rewrite stories and refuse asylum seekers claims for protection. https://theintercept.com/2019/08/11/border-patrol-asylum-claim/ My inv…
WLEX, a Kentucky TV station, fired host Matt Jones, who has been pondering a primary challenge to Amy McGrath, at the urging of her campaign manager. https://interc.pt/2z9WVWg
With Sen. Tom Udall retiring, the Democratic party establishment is unified behind Ben Ray Luján. The Working Families Party endorsed Maggie Oliver. https://interc.pt/2z5rRqF
Amy McGrath’s Senate campaign manager helped get her potential primary opponent fired https://interc.pt/31HGVa2 by @ryangrim, @akela_lacy
Democrats have an open Senate seat in New Mexico. Will they elect a progressive or the former head of the DCCC? https://interc.pt/2OZwM78 by @ryangrim
In response to perceived threats from its great power rivals, AFRICOM has launched a five-year campaign plan designed, in part, to counter the “increased presence” of China and Russia on the continent. https://interc.pt/2z2FxTl
Since he formally launched his congressional bid, @remmons2020 has been highlighting the ways gun violence is linked to the other issues that impact Chicagoans in his district, like lack of access to job training and mental health care. https://interc.pt/31LjqNc
Texas candidate for U.S. Senate @cristinafortx is embracing progressive policy stances like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, “massive divestment from Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” and rejecting all corporate PAC money. https://interc.pt/2z5czlO
A group of bounty hunters and bondsmen, in pursuit of money, killed an innocent man in Tennessee. They were mostly let off by a jury. https://interc.pt/2z2kS1F
The Koch brothers funded Third Way to push free trade to Democrats, according to new book. https://interc.pt/31KRZn2
Google is set to re-staff its Cairo office, which more or less went dormant in 2014, following the military coup that brought Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to power. https://interc.pt/31LXykS
Bounty hunters are a lethal weapon in a justice system corrupted by money https://interc.pt/31KuIkX by @ShaunKing
Google is deepening its involvement with Egypt's repressive government https://interc.pt/31L7MlG by Vic Ryan
The Trump administration’s lies on the topic of Iran are now beyond parody. There is, however, nothing funny about them, writes @mehdirhasan. U.S. government lies can have deadly consequences. https://interc.pt/2z5fivi
RT @theintercept: Extensive research has shown that low levels of the chemicals PFOA and PFOS interfere with developmental, hormonal, repro…
Extensive research has shown that low levels of the chemicals PFOA and PFOS interfere with developmental, hormonal, reproductive, and immune function. Industry is using a 3M-funded study to argue that the chemicals aren’t as dangerous as they seem. https://interc.pt/31J3lro
Solitary confinement can spark and worsen anxiety, panic attacks, and other emotional or mental distress, and should be used sparingly or not at all, experts say. https://interc.pt/2z49MZT
Stephen West was killed in the electric chair on August 15, and abolitionists are vowing to step up the pressure to stop executions in Tennessee. https://interc.pt/31ENtWW
National security experts are calling for a war on terror akin to the fight against Al Qaeda and ISIS. But that campaign has been a disaster. https://interc.pt/31NomkV
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