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Presidential candidate @PeteButtigieg has turned heads with a slate of radical political reform proposals, including expanding the Supreme Court and eliminating the Electoral College, that may help differentiate him from the crowd. https://interc.pt/2Fqo8aW #Deconstructed
This week on #Deconstructed, D.C. bureau chief @ryangrim shares his thoughts on an increasingly crowded Democratic field. https://interc.pt/2JvZIAZ
This week on #Deconstructed, D.C. bureau chief @ryangrim shares thoughts on an increasingly crowded Democratic field. https://interc.pt/2JuMogn
RT @ZaidJilani: Joe Biden helped deregulate bankruptcy law https://www.salon.com/2015/10/21/joe_bidens_greatest_betrayal_the_one_senate_vote_that_makes_it_hard_to_support_a_biden_run/ Stacey Abrams deregulated banks in Georgia, shielding t…
RT @LegalAidNYC: “We saw right through it. The judge saw through it. And they can’t act in this manner. The administration can’t, through p…
The Trump administration broke the law when it denied hundreds of visa applications for immigrants who had been abused, neglected, or abandoned by a parent as minors under the Special Immigrant Juvenile program, a federal judge ruled on Friday. https://interc.pt/2JupLIV
RT @alicesperi: This is insane. Also, something the feds have known about for a long time. Re-upping my story from 2017 about how white sup…
“It also just reaffirms our perception of how this administration has been intentionally targeting some of the most vulnerable populations. We saw right through it. The judge saw through it.” https://interc.pt/2Fr5akv
RT @akela_lacy: .@USCIS broke the law when it denied visas to immigrants who had been abused, neglected or abandoned by a parent, a federal…
Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda faces another setback in court https://interc.pt/2FqKl90 by @akela_lacy
Presidential candidate @PeteButtigieg joins @mehdirhasan on this week’s #Deconstructed to talk about his White House ambitions. https://interc.pt/2FsybMY
New #Deconstructed podcast: Presidential candidate @PeteButtigieg joins @mehdirhasan to discuss the 2020 election, white nationalism, and Trump. https://interc.pt/2FqRbuZ
RT @theintercept: Beto O’Rourke slams Benjamin Netanyahu, saying Israeli has “openly sided with racists” https://interc.pt/2U1GPKd by @Robert…
RT @RobertMackey: Updated: When he was asked about Israel again on Wednesday by a Palestinian immigrant in Durham, New Hampshire, @BetoORou…
“I believe in peace and dignity and full human rights for the Palestinian people and the Israeli people,” @BetoORourke said. “The only way to achieve that,” he added, “is a two-state solution.” https://interc.pt/2Jsofaa
Presidential candidate @BetoORourke denied on Tuesday that donations from supporters of Israel had influenced his approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and denounced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in stark terms. https://interc.pt/2TYGuIb
Beto O’Rourke slams Benjamin Netanyahu, saying Israeli has “openly sided with racists” https://interc.pt/2U1GPKd by @RobertMackey
On the latest @Intercepted, historian @kathleen_belew discusses the history of white power movements. She also rejects the label “lone wolf” for the perpetrators of these massacres and argues that they are united in their heinous cause. https://interc.pt/2TTK5HH
Evidence of the complicity or direct involvement of government officials and police in hundreds of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines did not stop IBM from agreeing to provide surveillance technology to law enforcement in Davao City. https://interc.pt/2TZwEps
When IBM agreed to work with the Duterte family’s administration in 2012, his regime’s support of extrajudicial killings in Davao City had been well-established. (in partnership with @typeinvestigate) https://interc.pt/2JnqJqa
Many details of the operation remain murky, but based on interviews with Haitian law enforcement and government officials, as well as a person with direct knowledge of the plan, a picture of the clumsy effort emerges. (in partnership with Haïti Liberté) https://interc.pt/2TU5tMX
Even if IBM’s program was solely used to assist in legitimate police responses to crime and fires surveillance, researchers point out that it could have enabled extrajudicial killings simply by helping police capture or monitor everyday criminal suspects. https://interc.pt/2JnbnBV
“It’s the county’s responsibility to have a system set up so they know when people’s sentences end,” said Chris Benoit, an attorney for Noe Ortiz, a migrant seeking damages from the El Paso County jail for illegally holding him for 46 days. https://interc.pt/2Jq1Mun
Howard Schultz has been defining himself as a “centrist independent,” but the man running his communications is also a partner with Hamilton Place Strategies, a public relations firm for numerous corporate clients, including several big banks. https://interc.pt/2TZwLkY
RT @TravisMannon: Sick of the Islamophobic tropes dominating the news following the New Zealand mosque massacres? Muslim journalists @Nesr…
Tucker Warren, who has been running communications for Howard Schultz’s not-yet-presidential campaign since January, is also a partner with Hamilton Place Strategies, a public relations firm for numerous corporate clients, including several big banks. https://interc.pt/2U3hM9u
RT @ddayen: Up @theintercept, Howard Schultz's communications guy is a partner with Hamilton Place Strategies, the most big bank and corpor…
Howard Schultz hired a corporate mouthpiece for his “centrist” presidential campaign https://interc.pt/2Jou2NS by @ddayen
To understand Iraq’s current reality, we must confront not just 16 years of U.S. policy, but a history that spans the administrations of 11 U.S. presidents. https://interc.pt/2TZJ2ps
According to our investigation with @theappeal, many immigrants languish in jail after they should have been released. The delays appear to be so common that some local attorneys accept them without protest. https://interc.pt/2U31mxS
Noe Ortiz, a 33-year-old Guatemalan migrant charged with “illegal entry” into the U.S., repeatedly asked his jailers why he was being held past the end of his sentence. They said they didn’t know. (in partnership with @theappeal) https://interc.pt/2JqVbQm
U.S. airstrikes are killing civilians in Somalia, a new @amnesty report says, refuting the Pentagon’s repeated statements that no civilians have died. U.S. attacks have at least tripled under the Trump administration. https://interc.pt/2Ju39Iq Comic: @GRRD / @thenib
Guardian columnist @NesrineMalik joins @Intercepted to talk about the “ghoulish routine” in the media and among politicians that increasingly emerges in the aftermath of massacres of Muslims by white supremacists. https://interc.pt/2TZqG8b
This week on @intercepted, reporter @MazMHussain argues that the Christchurch shooter’s “writings reflect a worldview that is not just confined to the dark corners of the internet but is openly expressed in media and politics.” https://interc.pt/2TW3HLf
Some attacks could constitute war crimes, @Amnesty said, even though the U.S. has technically not declared war on Somalia. https://interc.pt/2JrbX1T
RT @georgejoseph94: SCOOP: Before his presidency, Duterte ruled Davao City, where Filipino police were consistently accused of enabling dea…
RT @NesrineMalik: I am on the @intercepted podcast today. A relief to have a well researched responsible discussion about radical white ter…
RT @jeremyscahill: On the new @intercepted, we look at the surge in extreme right wing white power terrorism with @NesrineMalik, @MazMHussa…
Inside the video surveillance program IBM built for Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte https://interc.pt/2TRKQB5 by @georgejoseph94
What at first resembled a comedic plot about a group of ex-soldiers looking for a quick and easy mercenary score was in fact a poorly executed but serious effort by Haitian President Jovenel MoĂŻse to consolidate his political power with American muscle. https://interc.pt/2Jrn62E
In El Paso jails, immigrants are incarcerated far past their release dates https://interc.pt/2JrmFoP by @DebbieNathan2
It was too good a deal for the band of semi-employed military veterans and security contractors to turn down, writes @matthewacole and @kimives13. https://interc.pt/2TYptxH
U.S. airs trikes are killing civilians in Somalia, a new @Amnesty International report says, refuting the Pentagon’s repeated statements that no civilians have died, even as U.S. attacks have at least tripled under the Trump administration. https://interc.pt/2JrhntG
Amnesty International investigated five U.S. attacks on al-Shabaab and uncovered civilian deaths. The attacks may be war crimes, @amnesty said. https://interc.pt/2Jr7BYy
“@Amnesty provides strong evidence that the Trump administration’s claim of zero civilian casualties simply cannot be believed.” https://interc.pt/2JoR6fn
U.S. mercenaries arrested in Haiti were part of a half-baked scheme to move $80 million for embattled president https://interc.pt/2Jqt2ca by @matthewacole, @kimives13
New @intercepted podcast: Radical white terrorism https://interc.pt/2U0txh3
Report: U.S. air strikes are killing civilians in Somalia in wave of attacks under Trump https://interc.pt/2TeAfM0 by @hysperbole
“The privileged can break laws and not have to worry about it. There’s no difference between blacks and whites for using marijuana, or even selling marijuana, but blacks are almost four times more likely to be convicted,” said Sen. @CoryBooker. https://interc.pt/2Tkm1t4
In Davenport, Iowa this weekend, Sen. @CoryBooker offered veiled criticism of the light-hearted way two of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senators @KamalaHarris and @BernieSanders, have joked about their past use of marijuana. https://interc.pt/2TSyQiH
RT @theinterceptBr: Fizemos um texto em inglês para explicar no @theintercept o que Bolsonaro e seus ministros foram fazer nos EUA. Os bras…
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (@AOC) on Government and Courage at #SXSW 2019 See her full conversation with @theintercept's Briahna Gray (@briebriejoy) here: http://ow.ly/C9RX30o5MME
Syrians are making use of every tool at their disposal to hold perpetrators accountable under international law, yet many of them hope to see these crimes prosecuted in a post-conflict Syria some day. https://interc.pt/2F7DK1I
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