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TONIGHT: He is the sword in the darkness, the fire that burns against the cold, and the keeper of secrets no matter how hard Stephen tries to get him to spill the beans. He is Kit Harington.
RT @colbertlateshow: Stand-up comedian @aparnapkin is exploring new ways to meditate. #LSSC
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TONIGHT: We revisit our chat with Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington! PLUS we talk author of "Era of Ignition" @ambertamblyn and a performance from @Hozier! #LSSC
The latest edition of Brain Bites has everything you need to know before the tournament starts! #LSSC
I hope you turned in tonight for @colbertlateshow and that I made y’all proud. It is important for us to remember our history, and try to learn from it. Unfortunately history seems to be repeating itself. Good night folks
Goodnight, everybody! Dancing time! #RehearsalRewind #LSSC
Baby in therapy: “Waaaaaaaaa” Therapist:
Congrats @aparnapkin! #LSSC
@DougJones on whether he’s on the Left or the Right: “I call it the radical middle.” #LSSC
Hey @StarTrek, Paul Giamatti wants to be a Klingon, can we make this happen? #LSSC
Somebody thought he was on Showtime and said a naughty word. 😂#LSSC
RT @panicstlawyer: Always like a celeb who can laugh at herself. Thanks @MollyRingwald. #LSSC
@AOC finally has her own cereal! #LSSC
Andrew Yang has taken a public stand that he wants to keep male genitals intact. I can see the yard signs now. #LSSC
Spit it out! #AlterEgo #LSSC
CNN is stalking Robert Mueller. Especially Wolf Blitzer. #LSSC
@StephenAtHome looks at just how close we may or may not be to getting Robert Mueller’s report. #LSSC
Alabama Senator @DougJones chats with @StephenAtHome tonight! #LSSC
@SHO_Billions star Paul Giamatti is stopping by the Late Show tonight! #LSSC
On #LSSC tonight: It’s time to get those brackets in order!
Stand-up comedian @aparnapkin is exploring new ways to meditate. #LSSC
TONIGHT: It's Mueller Time! Or not. It's hard to tell. #LSSC
TONIGHT: The delightful Paul Giamatti from @SHO_Billions, Author of "Bending Toward Justice" @SenDougJones and a super funny stand up performance from @aparnapkin! Plus a special appearance from Rep. @AOC herself!
Hey folks, excited to make my first appearance on @colbertlateshow! Tune in tonight at 11:30 pm EDT to catch our discussion about my book, politics of the day and being on the #rightsideofhistory
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RT @B52Malmet: @colbertlateshow launches a parody account of a parody account because laughing at Devin Nunes is sweet and savage. https://…
Goodnight, everybody! What’s going on back there?! #RehearsalRewind #LSSC
Most people think @Oprah is the queen. #LSSC
@StephenAtHome is learning how to pose on the red carpet like Nico Parker. #LSSC
RT @DGebien: @colbertlateshow Thank you and @chrislhayes for helping making sense of this crazy world. Great interview! #lssc
When somebody asks you when Robert Mueller’s report is coming out. #LSSC
Hogwarts is getting raunchy. #LSSC
From the fine folks at @colbertlateshow #lssc
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Hiiiiiii @devinnunesskin 👋#LSSC
Say cheese. #AlterEgo #LSSC
Wow. “Department of Homeland Security” has got to be the worst porn star name ever. #LSSC
Devin Nunes is suing Twitter for fake accounts. @StephenAtHome discusses if he has a case in 5 mins! #LSSC
Nico Parker stars in @Dumbo and she makes her Late Show debut tonight! #LSSC
The host of @allinwithchris is here! @chrislhayes is on your screens tonight, don’t miss out! #LSSC
On #LSSC tonight: In space, no one can hear you scream. But they can totally see that cold sore.
TONIGHT: Trump makes a big deal about how little of a deal it is that he is donating his salary to the government. #LSSC
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TONIGHT: The host of @allinwithchris @chrislhayes is here! Then star of the upcoming @Dumbo film, Nico Parker, stops by! #LSSC
Mick Mulvaney wonders how many times he has to say 'the president is not a white supremacist.' #LSSC
@VickyPJWard says President Trump doesn't have it in him to fire Jared Kushner and Ivanka. #LSSC
@Lupita_Nyongo gets asked for selfies everywhere. #LSSC or-stephen/
Joe Biden spoke too soon about his presidential plans. #LSSC nnouncement/
The President thinks late night shows are colluding with Russia. #LSSC
Can you write out a few lines in Russian for your host to open the next monologue with?
- Trump tweets away the pain of losing his Fox News hosts - Joe Biden accidentally announced his 2020 plans - @Lupita_Nyongo eyes are 'scary chic' - @VickyPJWard knows all about Jared Kushner - And @KarenO and @DangerMouseJuke shoot a music video! #LSSC
It's almost time for the premiere of @KarenO & @DangerMouseJuke's 'WOMAN' music video, directed LIVE at #LSSC by the one and only #SpikeJonze! Join us at 11am ET right here:
Join us at 11:00am ET for the premiere of the 'WOMAN' official music video, directed by #SpikeJonze! @KarenO @DangerMouseJuke
Goodnight, everybody! Anybody hungry? #RehearsalRewind #LSSC
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