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A year ago at the #Emmys, long live the #Colbeard 😭
@StephenAtHome celebrating #Emmys weekend with @JohnnieWalkerUS at The Late Show’s private welcome party last night. #giftedbyjohnniewalker
Here's a look back at a big week at #LSSC Now we're off to the #Emmys! #LateShowMeMore
Goodnight, everyone! Hope you enjoyed Stephen's #BestOfSeasonFour! #LSSC
THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY! @StephenAtHome vs. @johnkrasinski #LSSC
The road to the White House runs through the Late Show. 🇺🇸#LSSC
Sorry, cat owners. #Meanwhile #LSSC
Always remember that @iamjohnoliver has the most appearances on #LSSC
Pick your favorite alter ego. #LSSC
Tonight we have a special show for you! Join us in 5 mins! #LSSC .
On #LSSC tonight: Thank you Mr. T for your wisdom.
TONIGHT: @StephenAtHome is on his way to the #Emmys but there is still a brand new show featuring some of the best moments from season four! #LSSC
TONIGHT: A collection of the best moments from season 4! #LSSC
- Our own President may be our country's greatest security risk - Meanwhile... UFOs are real! - @TherealTaraji has gone global - @aasif's new show 'Evil' debuts this month! - @kevincamia takes on racism -19-taraji-p-henson-aasif-mandvi-
Goodnight, everyone! #LSSC
@kevincamia wishes people had more to say than just "Go back to your country" #LSSC
“I don’t know if you guys know any Himalayans, but tell them their salt is delicious.” @kevincamia #LSSC
Just a reminder to @aasif in case he ever forgets. 😂#LSSC
REPORTERS! @TherealTaraji wishes you folks would ask her these questions on the red carpet: “Are you hungry?” “Are you hot?” “Do those shoes hurt?” “Would you like some slippers before I ask you the same 10 questions you were asked down the line?” #LSSC
That’s gonna be rough to watch. #LSSC
Intelligence Community Threat Level @colbertlateshow #lssc
The Inspector General considers the whistleblower complaint a matter of ‘urgent concern.’ That’s high on the Intelligence Community threat level. Here’s how it goes:
There’s a whistleblower in the Intelligence Community and Trump isn’t too happy about it! @StephenAtHome discusses in 5 mins! #LSSC
RT @aasif: I’m on @colbertlateshow talking all things #EVIL (the show...not the guy in the White House) - tune in tonight at 11:35 on @CBS!…
Stand-up comedian @kevincamia didn’t understand bigotry when he was a kid. #LSSC
You can see @aasif on the new @CBS show #Evil and he’s on the Late Show tonight! #LSSC
@TherealTaraji stars in the final season of @EmpireFox and she returns to the Late Show tonight! #LSSC
On #LSSC tonight: Somebody help that $20 bill!
TONIGHT: If you were worried Trump was a sleeper agent for a foreign government, get ready to continue being worried. #LSSC
Catch @aasif on #LSSC tonight and tune in for his new show #Evil coming soon to @CBS and @CBSAllAccess!
TONIGHT: The wonderful @TherealTaraji is here to talk about the sixth season of @EmpireFOX! Then @aasif from the new @CBS show "Evil" followed by stand up comedy with @kevincamia! #LSSC
Can't wait!! @JonBatiste 🎹🌟
Country music star @ThomasRhett sings 'Remember You Young' on the Late Show! #LSSC
@BillyCrystal looks back on the legendary roasts he participated in. #LSSC
Implausible Burgers are calling your name! #LSSC
Elizabeth Warren creeps up on Joe Biden in the latest polls. #LSSC
Trump is rolling back emissions standards in California. #LSSC
- Trump names a new National Security Adviser - Elizabeth Warren gains on Joe Biden in the latest polls - @BillyCrystal looks back on his roasting days  - PLUS music from @ThomasRhett #LSSC
Goodnight, everyone! 🍋#RehearsalRewind #LSSC
@ThomasRhett sings ‘Remember You Young’ at the Ed Sullivan Theater! #LSSC
Is that @BillyCrystal or @kevinpollak? #LSSC
When you’re trying to walk in New York. @BillyCrystal #LSSC
Fresh Veggies + Beef Cattle + Blind Processing Plant = Implausible Burger #LSSC
Finally, a full night of sleep. #LSSC
Picture perfect. #LSSC
In 5 mins, we embark on a voyage through an all-new episode of the Late Show! #LSSC
ACM Male Artist of the Year @ThomasRhett will be on the Late Show tonight! #LSSC
Comedy legend @BillyCrystal returns to the Late Show tonight! #LSSC
On #LSSC tonight: New Hot Wheels cars are coming your way!
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