Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone. Snapchat: tliboys
RT @MondoNews: We are thrilled to present the premiere vinyl release of @thelonelyisland's POPSTAR: Never Stop Never Stopping - Original So…
Popstar Soundtrack is finally on vinyl! 5 different versions!
RT @pitchfork: Never stop never stopping. @thelonelyisland’s Popstar soundtrack is now out on vinyl
RT @jormataccone: Austin Teh-has! You guys are the best!! Enjoyed myself immensely! Stay golden! - Troy Aikman @thelonelyisland https://t.…
RT @nerdist: If you want Alexa to play some @thelonelyisland, you can just ask for garbage:
Alexa, play me some hot garbage (this actually works) @amazonmusic
Poster for tonight’s show. Limited amount avail at the venue! By Neal Williams @epicproblems
Buying now... need a framed one for office tho 😉
Poster for tonight’s show! Only 100 made by Jim Mazza @MazzaArt available at the venue tonight
RT @edgarwright: I have watched this masterclass in line reading from 'Hot Rod' far too many times. I give you the 'Babe, wait' scene. http…
RT @jesseDavidFox: we also talk way more about Karate Guy than you'd expect (if you didn't know me). Love, Jesse
This art is crazy 👍🏻
How ya’ll feelin?!!
RT @SInow: “The stakes couldn’t have been lower. There were no expectations. Nobody ever came in being like, ‘Hey, when are we gonna hear t…
RT @JoseCanseco: Hey Big Mac
RT @SI_ExtraMustard: “The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience” was a true labor of love for the Lonely Island
This rules.
RT @billboard: .@thelonelyisland talk #BashBrothers @netflix special: "The ultimate joke is that the whole thing exists"…
RT @EW: .@thelonelyisland explain their bonkers visual album and casting @SterlingKBrown as Sia
RT @XavierWoodsPhD: The unauthorized Bash Brothers experience may very well be the greatest thing I've ever seen on Netflix - @thelonelyisl…
You are seen. ce
RT @jormataccone: Directing a new music video for my brother’s band @ElectricGuest in San Francisco TODAY!! COME BE IN IT! Sadly can’t pay…
RT @thomaslennon: I had no idea how I was waiting for a visual poem until I saw @thelonelyisland Bash Bros.
RT @UPROXX: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience is another impressive entry to the group’s catalogue, and as much of a musical succes…
RT @Slate: The Bash Brothers were first immortalized in song in the spring of 1988.
RT @YahooEnt: .@thelonelyisland's 'The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience' is a concept LP on steroids https://t…
RT @IGN: Have you watched The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience yet?
RT @Athletics: Chad drives in two, and it's 5-2, us! #RootedInOakland
RT @edgarwright: This special is incredigood. @thelonelyisland spoil us again.
Yooooo. Believe in your dreams...
Wait. That’s not a bash. Now our whole video makes no sense
RT @netflixIsAJoke: Thank you @thelonelyisland for letting us have all of the following people together in one video:…
Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit 🍕🤺🏰
RT @thelonelyisland: @Athletics We made a few alterations
RT @ThePCCLondon: Last chance to support "Equal Rights" & join our first ever POPSTAR : NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING SINGING ALONGING event!…
RT @ikebarinholtz: This is extremely my shit
RT @mikediva: We got a billboard in the timesquare!! 😵
RT @DarcyCarden: 💚💛 this is perfect 💚💛 (Also I am from the Bay Area. Also I was obsessed with the A’s. Also my family went to the A’s sprin…
Thank you Sethy 😚
The Lonely Island spoof Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire for a Bash Brothers visual rap album
RT @Sia: We're the Oakland Nights of the round table ✨watch the video for @thelonelyisland's "Oakland Nights" ft. Sia from the Unauthorized…
RT @netflixIsAJoke: Is this song what sex is? @thelonelyisland pls advise
This tweet genuinely made our year. We love you. Thank you, sir!
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