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How did summer reading become "a thing"? http://nyer.cm/rE37skw
I saw a Seamless ad that said “Food Is Bae” or something similar and lost my faith in the human race. http://nyer.cm/g9q3Eys
The second season of “Big Little Lies” is a little rude, and a little raw, and openly indebted to Andy Cohen and his army of Real Housewives. http://nyer.cm/kQkQm5F
The design of a twenty-dollar bill picturing Harriet Tubman was due to début in 2020, before the Treasury Department announced last month that it would be delayed until 2026. http://nyer.cm/hYtFw6W
After the eighteen-year-old activist Pat Sylvester had one conversation with Robert F. Kennedy, she came to embody a whole generation of idealistic young Americans for him. Then she vanished. http://nyer.cm/4m6Lnzw
Paul Manafort’s properties included a mansion in the Hamptons, a SoHo loft he had been renting illegally on Airbnb, a three-bedroom in Little Italy, and a condo in Trump Tower. http://nyer.cm/ajZeMGt
The reaction to the journalist Ivan Golunov’s arrest gave Russia a glimpse of the power of solidarity, collective action, and justice. http://nyer.cm/oJXJXjH
You've likely already seen the viral garlic-peeling video circulating the Internet this week. Our food correspondent @hels tries out the trick. http://nyer.cm/qUAv0yz
His final words were, “I should never have ended things with Danielle.” http://nyer.cm/Aa86PkH
Let's circle back in October.
Summer is all about catching up on the 47 podcasts you missed this year. http://nyer.cm/8mvHZM4
The Borowitz Report: According to the podiatrist, Eric Trump is unable to operate his feet while chewing gum. Meanwhile, one of Donald Trump, Jr.,’s feet appears to be permanently lodged in his mouth. http://nyer.cm/L3Cren3
There is a direct link from the Wall Street bailout to the Presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, @JohnCassidy writes. http://nyer.cm/35Pqseh
The award-winning writer Liu Cixin has established the sci-fi genre, once marginalized in China, as a mainstream taste. His work evokes vivid fables about mankind and its possible demise. http://nyer.cm/wH8OgB7
The author Jane Brox on going through her father’s possessions after his death, and the unquantifiable comfort of the things we own. http://nyer.cm/YUF5YwG
Fifty years after Apollo 11, private companies are raising questions about the rules governing space. Video produced in partnership with @RetroReport and @AmExperiencePBS. http://nyer.cm/Evcjm7Z
The new anthology “The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told” contains twenty-five pieces, and although the title may be a stretch, it signals a promising resurgence of Urdu literature. http://nyer.cm/vxjSaFt
What do the old Donald Duck comics demonstrate about the sins of colonialism and capitalism? http://nyer.cm/ytJ2nC6
Fifty years after the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, private companies are raising questions about the rules governing space. http://nyer.cm/6fqaCOA
The journalist Jackie MacMullan on her groundbreaking career, the evolution of the N.B.A., and the state of sportswriting. http://nyer.cm/yTKGv5y
Sony Rodríguez sued the government over her treatment in family detention, alleging abuses that are both illegal and ubiquitous at the border—and launched a new legal movement. http://nyer.cm/Sd7yyS2
Augusta National has more in common with the World Economic Forum, in Davos, than it does with Wimbledon or Fenway Park: from the beginning, it was a club for the rich and powerful—a “Coachella for C.E.O.s.” http://nyer.cm/FhZAjoa
He passed away in his Bushwick sublet, all six of his roommates at his bedside. His only notable achievement was being the oldest improviser to ever perform on a UCB house team. http://nyer.cm/9Gs2hMb
Is fiction meant to be an escape from the real world, or a commentary on current affairs? The award-winning writer Liu Cixin seems to be of two minds. http://nyer.cm/Enn32LF
“I have told the fucking truth to everyone I have ever met”: a Profile of the activist and author Larry Kramer. #TNYarchive http://nyer.cm/xTUmlx1
Ta-Nehisi Coates on the theft of resources from the black community and which Presidential candidate he thinks is actually serious about reparations. http://nyer.cm/tGIPuoo
What if it’s your biography, rather than your body, that prevents you from having a child? http://nyer.cm/FSUcGHX
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren offer similar policy prescriptions, but they could not be more different as people. http://nyer.cm/dZnPvxU
China’s leading sci-fi writer, Liu Cixin, reflects on the one-child policy, the treatment of Muslim Uighurs, and the possibility of democracy in China. http://nyer.cm/ksHu734
On Saturday, Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, announced the indefinite suspension of an extradition bill that, during the past week, ignited the territory’s largest demonstrations since the former British colony was returned to China, in 1997. http://nyer.cm/LNovqR5
"They do say Abraham Lincoln was treated really badly," Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos, of ABC News. "But nobody’s been treated badly like me.” http://nyer.cm/2WtRO6M
In our Weekly Crossword, 3 Down: "Jerry Maguire" actor Jay. http://nyer.cm/2Pv79Tj
@suehalpernVT on why tech giants are asking the federal government for *more* regulation. http://nyer.cm/xPj0kRm
François Truffaut’s writings suggest that the word “auteur” does not define a filmmaker or an artistic hero, but rather signifies a practice and a vision. http://nyer.cm/eKjUqM4
For twenty-five years, Arundhati Roy has produced rage-filled essays on demagoguery, inequality, corporate malfeasance, and the spoliation of the environment. A new book collects those essays in a volume that spans nearly nine hundred pages. http://nyer.cm/IFRJ0zZ
If Donald Trump views politics as prizefighting, then the challenge from Joe Biden gives him something to focus on—and someone to attack. http://nyer.cm/Gs2DrBN
How does an aspiring governor come back from a legacy of having lied, repeatedly, to the public that she purports to serve? http://nyer.cm/bqgSsuV
The cookbook author Maida Heatter, who died earlier this month, once tossed her legendary Palm Beach brownies into the crowd at the James Beard Awards, where her work was being inducted into the Cookbook Hall of Fame. http://nyer.cm/ODWyM3V
“Chernobyl” is structured as a thriller—a distressing thriller, but an exciting one nonetheless, @emilynussbaum writes. http://nyer.cm/TL2EHxM
The Amelia Bedelia children's series can be read as a product of mid-20th-century feminism and a reflection on class, domestic labor, and women's work. http://nyer.cm/84y4tNk
Jim Jarmusch fills his film “The Dead Don’t Die” with idiosyncratic characters and a cast of actors who wink at the cinematic worlds of David Lynch and the Coen brothers. http://nyer.cm/QEYzaPk
How “my wife” became a meme, and why she’s rolling off a cliff. http://nyer.cm/j90AllV
Elizabeth Warren has had an unusual path to the presidential race, but she has long focussed her work on the economic security of Americans. http://nyer.cm/6FTohu2
Why are humans so obsessed with cats? http://nyer.cm/CmXwK66
At twenty-four, Troye Sivan is something of a pop-music pioneer—his songs are based on experiences that are common to young gay men but are rarely talked about in the mainstream. http://nyer.cm/xP7GIR8
“The government has not been representative of the Hong Kong people’s will for a long time," Martin Lee, the founder of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, told @JiayangFan. "Now, it is openly betraying the will of its citizenry.” http://nyer.cm/o7CMR0K
“If you’re going to cough, please leave the room,” President Trump said. “You just can’t, you just can’t cough. Boy, oh, boy.” http://nyer.cm/J9jki5Q
Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited! Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited! Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited! Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited! Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited!
The consequences of waking up suddenly, and too early, include sleep inertia and social jetlag. http://nyer.cm/a9A35D3
Let’s do that thing I would rather do with you than with anyone else: lie in bed and look at our iPhones. http://nyer.cm/0fHaYJ1
In the canon of openly L.G.B.T. stars and celebrities, Troye Sivan represents something novel—a gay pop star forged on social media and marketed to a mass audience. http://nyer.cm/lT84CzW
When Sarah Sanders 'goes home,' will it (eventually) be to the governors' mansion in Arkansas? Few know Sanders' history and mindset better than @williams_paige of @NewYorker, and here's her latest. https://twitter.com/williams_paige/status/1140611800108548096
Profiles of Doris Burke, "the LeBron James of sportscasters", and other highly respected and popular women sports analysts and commentators (@NewYorker / New Yorker) https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/in-praise-of-doris-burke-basketballs-best-tv-analyst http://mediagazer.com/190617/p1#a190617p1
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RT @sbg1: My new Letter from Washington is up @NewYorker >>> Forget “No Collusion,” Trump Is Now Pro-Collusion https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-trumps-washington/forget-no-collusion-trump-is-now-pro-collusion
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