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The coronavirus pandemic, as has often been noted, offers an opportunity to reopen with a greater recognition of inequalities. For the school system, there is a risk that the reopening process will only amplify those divisions. http://nyer.cm/dTmQf8I
@tamareadler’s sourdough starter sat in her refrigerator, unused. One breakfast, she looked up what to do with it. “They were the best pancakes I’d ever eaten,” she writes. “They were the best pancakes anyone had ever eaten.” http://nyer.cm/NFzuguT
If the economy rebounds rapidly after widespread shutdowns, the dangers of a debt blowup could recede. But if the slump is extended, the markets could well start to pay more attention. http://nyer.cm/dMdwwem
Joseph Brodsky, who was born on this day in 1940, was one of those poets who can write confessionally and make it sound as if they were describing an entire social phenomenon, Keith Gessen writes. http://nyer.cm/t7oCBtF
In this week’s cryptic crossword, 6-Down: Goddess lives and breathes? (4) http://nyer.cm/lQno9dP
“I think this puzzle piece belongs in a different box.” http://nyer.cm/jJg9WXL
The Borowitz Report: Dr. Fauci also recommended that President Trump throw away his phone and stop talking to the press. http://nyer.cm/SW77wZq
“I have $773 in my bank account. My rent is $958.65. I paid in April, but now I can’t,” a domestic worker said at the end of last month. Now, she is holding rent-strike meetings for nearly 200 renters on Zoom. http://nyer.cm/EGOJRXn
On Bob Dylan's birthday, revisit Nat Hentoff's Profile of the musician who melds Huck Finn and Woody Guthrie and writes songs that sound drawn from oral history. http://nyer.cm/CWDNWaU
Ad-Rock on growing up, mellowing out, and the importance of snacks. http://nyer.cm/4XtmtQs
“I feel I should be discussing the matter with Dr. F, but Dr. F remains maddeningly unavailable to discuss his own death,” the author Andrew Solomon writes, of losing his beloved psychotherapist of 25 years. http://nyer.cm/FD6mSut
A selection of pieces from the #NewYorkerArchive that capture artists, writers, and other notable figures when they were young and less well known. http://nyer.cm/K4QX6xx
In the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, what will become of the Catholic practice of drinking from the communion cup—and the vineyards that provide sacramental wine? http://nyer.cm/kwCnne0
A cartoon by Suzy Becker. http://nyer.cm/qsCspuL
@tnyfrontrow recommends 12 movies to watch with your kids, including one that is absolutely inappropriate for children (“but our daughters loved it”). http://nyer.cm/FwpCEhf
“George of the Jungle” costume: seven letters. http://nyer.cm/Di66x6W
As long as the economy was doing well, the debate about the potential dangers of excessive corporate debt remained theoretical. But what happens when it isn’t? http://nyer.cm/yWuV83N
The cost of keeping children out of classrooms is high, educationally and socially. But, without a COVID-19 vaccine, many schools may stay closed—or be forced to close abruptly in the face of a second wave of infection. http://nyer.cm/DalNvZF
“While watching ‘The Asian Americans,’ it was hard not to feel the uniquely cyclical character of this community’s history,” @huahsu writes, of PBS’s new documentary series. http://nyer.cm/19lclBi
“Nobody wanted to believe Eva when she said that Paul Biga had seemed like a perfectly ordinary boy.” A short story by Fiona McFarlane. http://nyer.cm/DWdaVTE
With “How I’m Feeling Now,” Charli XCX hasn’t fallen into the trap of taking quarantine too literally. Instead, she reveals the discomforts of quasi-captivity in brief glimpses. http://nyer.cm/1sVWdvb
Mental-health experts unpack the mortal danger of the President’s mind. http://nyer.cm/ML42OiH
Within their borders, Heather Glazzard’s FaceTime portraits show all the tools used to make them: a computer with 68-per-cent battery remaining, a rectangular application window, two faces on either end of an Internet connection. http://nyer.cm/YYHZWi8
On the battlefield, a codpiece signalled martial swagger; in the royal court, procreative swagger; and, everywhere else, swagger at large. http://nyer.cm/y21hT8a
In this week's episode of our podcast, a legal scholar reflects on the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts. http://nyer.cm/dSpyoou
In these suspenseful times, let us turn to the Master of Suspense himself—though perhaps this is one horror film in which he might *not* want a cameo. http://nyer.cm/rLTSvVc
The members of the American Ballet Theatre face practical, financial, and existential questions as they fight to keep their art alive. http://nyer.cm/w1uZ2Ov
For the past 40 years, Republicans have been seeking to starve, strangle, and sabotage the U.S.P.S., hoping to privatize one of the oldest and most important public goods in American history. http://nyer.cm/pBCvmiL
@tnyfrontrow recommends 40 movies you can stream on Netflix now. http://nyer.cm/EOFuTQD
Writers from Tolstoy to T. S. Eliot have written about the mystery and majesty of voyaging by train at night. http://nyer.cm/1Sq0bSd
RT @NewYorker: In the 1870s, the German biologist Max Schultze, lying on his deathbed, observed that he was leaving a world where “all the…
The thesis that viewing others as objects or animals enables our very worst conduct would seem to explain a great deal. Yet there’s reason to think that it’s almost the opposite of the truth. http://nyer.cm/UJWn1aS
Those of us who manage to come through this crisis without serious illness, the loss of loved ones, or ruinous debt will look back on this as a most extraordinary period to have been alive. http://nyer.cm/GOVTcqM
A tech C.E.O. was asked to start a Web site that would match hospitals and medical suppliers. What followed provides an inside glimpse of the dysfunction emanating from Trump’s Washington in the midst of a pandemic. http://nyer.cm/Orjg6XA
A cartoon by Sofia Warren. http://nyer.cm/fqjRvz6
When his children were growing up, @tnyfrontrow wanted them to experience movies outside of the monoculture of mainstream popularity. Here are 12 of the films his family most enjoyed. http://nyer.cm/wHkXauw
“I’ve never, ever thought I was funny like my dad. Or as funny as my dad. I’ve never really felt a competition, because I would lose, hands down.” Ben Stiller on his father, Jerry, who died this month. http://nyer.cm/J2rD28u
A historian has argued that codpieces were, in a sense, the P.P.E. of their day, born as a means of containing a disease—in this case syphilis, which was then sweeping through Europe. http://nyer.cm/MNnKPEn
Traditional science is often incentivized by publishing, patents, and competition, rather than the public good. What can the D.I.Y.-bio movement teach us about open access to scientific learning and expertise? http://nyer.cm/jn224Rj
With her new album, Charli XCX has not only embraced the physical and emotional conditions of lockdown but, in a mere 39 days, has produced one of the more enlivening artifacts to emerge in the COVID-19 era. http://nyer.cm/qPXDBG5
Pending the results of an efficacy trial this summer, a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for approval as soon as the fall. http://nyer.cm/5MVzmKn
Before any plants were taller than three feet, and before any animal with a backbone had made it out of the water, the earth was dotted with two-story-tall, silo-like fungi. http://nyer.cm/GHEfIsQ
In March, President Trump theorized that he might have a “natural ability” for medical science. The magazine’s latest cover, by Barry Blitt, explores that possibility. http://nyer.cm/aj24s0N
It was so nice to see you last night on Zoom! Sorry if I ran out of things to say after ten minutes. http://nyer.cm/jE1w2il
Ayatollah Khamenei has spent decades placing loyalists throughout Iran’s major institutions, building a system that serves and protects him. What happens when he is no longer in power? http://nyer.cm/zGje2do
“___ is what happens when language fails,” via @MargaretAtwood: three letters. http://nyer.cm/dZaEcGr
@EmilyFlake on her changing relationship with food and alcohol during quarantine: “Seeking satiety, comfort, and numbness felt somehow morally wrong.” http://nyer.cm/NS2wC10
During quarantine, the artist Heather Glazzard has been taking remote photographs of their friends using FaceTime, resulting in images that are somewhere between selfies and formal portraits. http://nyer.cm/56JkQ0x
Nanni Moretti’s feature “Caro Diario,” from 1994, exemplifies the filmmaker’s artistic ideal of the film as personal sketch. http://nyer.cm/pXMgk6X
Jair Bolsonaro is not only not doing anything about the coronavirus crisis, he has actively campaigned against efforts to control the pandemic. http://nyer.cm/jg3AC62
“Late in our work, I said that I was in chaotic depression and felt like I was melting away. He looked at me for a minute, then said, ‘If you turn into a pool of water, I’ll find a glass.’ ” The author Andrew Solomon remembers his therapist of 25 years. http://nyer.cm/HDv48Tq
RT @NewYorker: Based on current trends, predictions say that more than 80,000 Brazilians could die from COVID-19 by August. Even Donald Tru…
RT @NewYorker: “We can design a better system”: How groups of amateur scientists around the country are attempting to circumvent Big Pharma…
Good and accurate but incredibly depressing article in the @NewYorker from @jonleeanderson on why Bolsonaro has been by far the worst world leader on Covid-19 -- nobody is close -- and how Brazil's public health & its democracy are now imperiled: 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/the-coronavirus-hits-brazil-hard-but-jair-bolsonaro-is-unrepentant
Fascinating: The Mysterious “Sweating Sickness” in Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” Trilogy and the Private Country of Illness https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/the-mysterious-sweating-sickness-in-hilary-mantels-wolf-hall-trilogy-and-the-private-country-of-illness?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=the-new-yorker&utm_social-type=earned via @NewYorker
In a matter of weeks, Bolinas, California, a tiny separatist retreat of surfers, artists, drifters, and venture capitalists, claimed a place at the forefront of pandemic strategy. How did the town do it? http://nyer.cm/kZhCI7S
Missing from story: house prices of $4 million are typical. Which kind of makes this not so much a hippie town saving itself as a town of rich people (vegan, natural fibers) driving away outsiders and saving themselves.
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