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How Mike Pompeo rewrote his business troubles into a success story—and reinvented himself as the ultimate soldier for Donald Trump. http://nyer.cm/kTKDCba
In 1929, thousands of spectators gathered to watch a champion of white supremacy get eviscerated by a brilliant black debater. http://nyer.cm/1VMBiGM
Silicon Valley seems to be reckoning with what its technology has unleashed on the world. But is this really deep introspection, or just a canny P.R. move? http://nyer.cm/Gy9RJKd
The next President will have the power to nominate new Supreme Court justices—and the Democratic candidates have had almost nothing to say on the subject thus far. http://nyer.cm/ElO4WL0
Earlier this week, 12 Presidential candidates gathered in Sioux City to address policy issues that affect indigenous peoples. http://nyer.cm/o8w0pVr
A peek inside the August 26th issue of The New Yorker, on newsstands now. http://nyer.cm/XTrXaQ7
Baby boomers did not, in fact, contribute much to the social and cultural changes of the 1960s, although many certainly consumed them, embraced them, and identified with them. http://nyer.cm/3jUOah6
2/ We focussed the piece not so much on his rhetoric as on his bio, putting new facts and reporting on the record about his turning a troubled business history into a "remarkable success." -Susan
3/ FWIW, Pompeo’s first race for Congress featured an attack from a supporter on his Indian-American rival as "turban topper," a nasty turn that we mentioned in the piece. -Susan
1/ Pompeo has a long history of inflammatory comments. His past statements criticizing Muslims, his rejection of climate change, his views on homosexuality, are all well chronicled, striking departures from previous Secretaries. -Susan https://twitter.com/Eric_Alterman/status/1164290033748193282
Pompeo has repeatedly batted away questions about running for Senate in Kansas in 2020 (for now). . . . But he has left the door open for a future Presidential bid. Most of those I spoke with for this piece told me that Pompeo is very very ambitious. https://twitter.com/Chris79699884/status/1164288557781082112
2/ The oath they swear is to protecting the Constitution, not to Trump. -Susan
1/ All Secretaries serve at the pleasure of the President. But I don’t remember any previous Secretaries defining their role and that of the American diplomatic corps so narrowly around being “the premier agency serving the President of the United States.” -Susan https://twitter.com/epriamelo/status/1164283911221862400
Some folks I talked to see him as the last "adult in the room," post-Mattis; others saw a cunning act with Pompeo telling the fopo establishment what it wants to hear. Hard to imagine him resigning on principle as Mattis did, with a public rebuke of POTUS on the way out. -Susan https://twitter.com/R_E_Frederick/status/1164286328407777282
2/ Another big priority is the Iran post-nuclear deal Trump pulled out of. Result so far: heightened tensions, more sanctions. -Susan
1/ Since Pompeo defines his role as serving President Trump, his legacy is tied up with Trump’s, which is to say it’s still incomplete. Trump assigned him lead for North Korea denuclearization talks (no deal as yet and also Pompeo is “very skeptical,” I was told). -Susan https://twitter.com/ElpopGolf/status/1163569616679055360
2/ He told the @washingtonpost in 2011 that they only provided 2% of the total investment for his Thayer Aerospace, but public docs showed it to be close to 20% as of 2003, plus board seats for key Koch officials, advice on "environmental risk," and more.
1/ One striking thing I learned reporting this was how Pompeo’s ties to the Kochs predated politics; in fact, their venture fund was key to Pompeo’s business career. -Susan https://twitter.com/angryadoptee/status/1164283880716681216
Good question! He has been asked this on Capitol Hill, last year, and claimed not to know at the time. . . . -Susan https://twitter.com/ClaudiaOctavi10/status/1164283657315606528
2/ Another aspect of Pompeo's success with the boss: frequent mentions of his "mission set" from Trump, and portrayal of himself as someone just saluting and following orders. He's an Army captain, not a general. -Susan
1/ Yes. Rule #1: never ever let there be any “daylight publicly” between them, as a former senior WH official told me. -Susan https://twitter.com/Donald_Lindeman/status/1164282647629258752
Let’s just say that after years of covering diplomats, U.S. and foreign, it’s not the kind of thing I have ever heard before about an American Secretary of State from a respected ambassador. -Susan https://twitter.com/jabush/status/1164227836888195072
2/ His “mission set” from POTUS has so far focussed more on disrupting traditional U.S. alliances (Denmark, we are talking about you) and pursuing grand but unrealized deals with places like North Korea and China. -Susan
1/ Pompeo is the most overtly religious Secretary of State we’ve had in modern times—but it’s Trump’s agenda he says he’s executing. -Susan https://twitter.com/eligit/status/1164256704718082048
2/ Pompeo tweeted at Trump days after his win to “make the undemocratic practice of executive orders a thing of the past.” Then Trump made him C.I.A. director; Pompeo deleted his Twitter account; Trump did not heed his advice. http://nyer.cm/hEV1gWZ -Susan
1/ Pompeo often bashed Obama’s use of executive orders to bypass the G.O.P. Congress. In 2016, he warned that Trump would also be an “authoritarian” who ignored our Constitution. -Susan https://twitter.com/barracudalover/status/1163613808411185152
For the next 45 minutes, New Yorker staff writer @sbg1 will answer your questions about her story, "Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Trump," from this week’s magazine. Ask away!
Anastasia Samoylova’s photographs of Miami show the seductive contradiction of a place drowning in its own mythical images as it also drowns in water. http://nyer.cm/ynQ2tKa
How taxidermy became a potent symbol in contemporary literature—like in Kristen Arnett's "Mostly Dead Things" and Ocean Vuong's “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.” http://nyer.cm/HxgZs5J
Beto O’Rourke speaks powerfully about the lessons that El Paso can offer America, but he has struggled to convince people that he understands the rest of the nation. http://nyer.cm/mSnfALT
For an easy way to feel accomplished, make a mental note to book “appointments”—but don’t specify which ones. http://nyer.cm/5b1hYyX
Subscribe to the magazine for more vignettes from New York City: http://nyer.cm/y6YhvoD
In a post-apocalyptic musical, a hero searches for love in the aftermath of a chemical war. http://nyer.cm/LQi7wNQ
A pair of never-worn Nike Moon Shoes sell for a record-breaking price of $437,500. http://nyer.cm/c1vg2yA
A pair of never-worn Nike Moon Shoes are sold for a record-breaking price of $437,500. http://nyer.cm/c1vg2yA
"Salome," an opera with unsettling sexual and racial politics, raised the curtain on 20th-century music. http://nyer.cm/H12HCDc
Coming this fall: “The Middle-Aged Woman on the Train,” “The Middle-Aged Woman with the Dragon Tattoo,” and “Middle-Aged Woman, Interrupted.” http://nyer.cm/lP3C3p2
Today at 5 P.M., @sbg1 will answer your questions about her story in this week’s issue, "Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Trump." Ask your questions below, and Susan will start answering at 5! http://nyer.cm/ABfXZpn https://twitter.com/NewYorker/status/1163407762380009474
In her lifetime, Françoise Sagan wrote many books, but none were as successful and hence as troubling to history as her first, which was published when she was just 19. http://nyer.cm/UPN8xyO
At 37, a millennial becomes the youngest-ever mayor to be elected in his town in Long Island. http://nyer.cm/T2nVs40
From Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” the staff writer Amanda Petrusich deciphers the Presidential campaign-songs of the 2020 race. Read more: http://nyer.cm/QvBEHRS
What's going on in New York? A restaurant throws a dinner party for Instagram-famous dogs—with venison, wild Alaskan cod, and a $42 grilled rib eye. http://nyer.cm/PyIzcq3
How are you feeling, @Marvel?
How taxidermy, a kitschy relic of an art form, has found new life as a literary metaphor. http://nyer.cm/8l52RCC
“If the millennial fascination with plants is about starting to take care of something, the obsession with crystals is the exact opposite,” said @jayasax, the author of the forthcoming essay collection “Crystal Clear.” http://nyer.cm/d0OwDIP
An ode to the Popeyes chicken sandwich, which is being embraced as a challenger to the hegemony of Chik-fil-A. http://nyer.cm/D9VPuod
The 2020 candidates have begun rolling out their campaign songs—a genre-crossing group that encompasses Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” Mary J. Blige’s “Work That,” and even Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” Who chose what? http://nyer.cm/MYR6eWx
Earlier this week, the Trump Administration decided to reduce protections for endangered and threatened species and their habitats. http://nyer.cm/R6nm04m
“I want you to promise me that they’ll live. The children. My husband. I want them to live. Nothing must happen to them.” Flash fiction by Linda Boström Knausgård. http://nyer.cm/1tJGg5k
As part of their itinerary in Israel, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib would have met with activists who had hoped to expose them to various voices of criticism from within Israel. http://nyer.cm/d0g6Jhg
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RT @lainnafader: If you love @NewYorker and digital strategy, I have a job for you! We're hiring an audience development manager to work c…
RT @ohanzhang: For @NewYorker, I wrote about a Chinese online publication where "post-truth" and monetizing clicks meet nationalism. https:…
RT @NewYorker: A 2016 video obtained by @sbg1 shows Mike Pompeo warning Kansas voters that Donald Trump—like Barack Obama—would be “an auth…
RT @NewYorker: A 2016 video obtained by @sbg1 shows Mike Pompeo warning Kansas voters that Donald Trump—like Barack Obama—would be “an auth…
RT @greenhousenyt: Am thrilled and honored by this very nice, respectful and intelligent article in this week's @NewYorker magazine about m…
RT @sbg1: In 2016, he said Trump would be an "authoritarian president who ignored out Constitution.' My @NewYorker profile of Mike Pompeo,a…
RT @NewYorker: The Borowitz Report: “Denmark would be interested in purchasing the United States in its entirety, with the exception of its…
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RT @NewYorker: How did the Koch brothers get so rich, and how did they use that fortune to buy off American action on climate change? https…
RT @NewYorker: How did the Koch brothers get so rich, and how did they use that fortune to buy off American action on climate change? https…
RT @lainnafader: @NewYorker Another exciting job opportunity: @NewYorker's audience development & analytics team is expanding again and we'…
RT @NewYorker: The Borowitz Report: “Denmark would be interested in purchasing the United States in its entirety, with the exception of its…
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