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Leaving your digital life in a mess will be a giant headache for whoever’s in charge of untangling it after you're gone.
After 400 hours researching 125 blankets, sleeping under 28, and long-term testing our picks during three seasons, we found seven we'd recommend for most snugglers.
Heads up: We'll update our smart doorbell camera guide soon with a review of the Ring Peephole Cam, a battery-powered peephole camera, which may be handy for apartment dwellers.
You can have the ultra-convenience of a capsule-pod coffee machine and still something that tastes good with a Nespresso.
RT @JoelSD: Your Wi-Fi sucks? Bad Wi-Fi is more frustrating than no WI-Fi at all.
Our favorite accessories to make the most of your Nintendo Switch:
Credit card rewards (such as discounted travel and cash back) can help take some of the sting out of your holiday budget.
A good hanger helps to maximize closet space.
The best casserole dishes are good-looking enough to go straight from the oven to the table, saving you dishes and classing up even the humblest tuna noodle casserole.
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What, exactly, constitutes a @wirecutterdeals deal:
The best collapsible lights, tabletop lanterns, flameless candles, string lights, and pathway lights for all your outdoor adventures:
To find the best suitcases, we asked flight attendants to test bags for us in a fake plane fuselage in their training facility.
Since 2013, we’ve looked at 149 different handheld vacuums and conducted more than 100 hours of research and testing to find the best.
RT @wirecutter: For the super-early holiday shoppers (some of which, no judgement, start emailing us in August), we've put together an earl…
There simply aren’t any good-value, high-end iPad cases available, especially for the newest iPads. These are the best cases for your buck that we've found so far:
Make the most of the great outdoors.
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Our team has spent hundreds hours of researching and testing the best kitchen tools and tableware to get you through Thanksgiving alive—and dare we say, without breaking a sweat.
To find the most helpful items to have on hand in the event of a wildfire, we reviewed recommendations from FEMA, the American Red Cross, and the CDC.
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There's nothing wrong with using balance-transfer cards to manage debt—if you understand the fine print.
A smart doorbell camera lets you see who’s on the other side of your door even when you aren’t home, so you can weed out any guests that aren't selling Girl Scout cookies.
We talked to vets, airline officials, and animal behaviorists to learn what helps—and what doesn’t help—to make your pet’s trip as safe, calm, and comfortable as possible.
We asked six baristas, roasters, bean buyers, and coffee educators from some of the best shops around the country about the coffee gear they use every day in their own homes:
Note: Windbreakers can help to keep some moisture out, but they won't be able to save you in a downpour.
Remote workers have to explain what they do a lot—and no one ever truly understands.
Note: Beware rain boots that don’t fit your feet comfortably right out of the box, they won’t stretch like other boots do (because, you know, rubber).
We consulted four small-space experts to help you decide what to buy (and not buy) to optimize your small apartment:
With the help of seven testers, we cooked around 190 meals from nine different meal kits over the course of four months to find the best meal kit delivery services that can make dinnertime a bit easier. Our picks:
Clever storage, new linens and smarter organization can improve even the smallest spaces. Improvements for any bathroom (even if you rent):
Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the best at-home fitness system of them all?
Families are entitled to certain tax benefits (for middle-incomers roughly $233,000 per kid, pre-college)—but the trick is to take full advantage of them.
We think a good umbrella should fold up shorter than a laptop, so it can fit into a car’s glove box or a backpack’s water-bottle pocket easily.
To find the best notebooks, we had our very picky, quite opinionated Wirecutter staffers test pocket notebooks for this guide, both day-to-day and in side-by-side testing. Our picks:
If you keep important papers like birth certificates at home and want to make sure they survive a fire while also keeping opportunistic thieves at bay, we'd recommend the Honeywell 1104 document safe.
If you’re exploring the outdoors this fall, having truly waterproof hiking boots is crucial.
The best thing about portable Bluetooth speakers is that you don't need internet or any special apps to play music off your phone with.
Black Friday is November 29th, but our Deals team is expecting to see competitive price drops on items as early as the 1st of November.
For the super-early holiday shoppers (some of which, no judgement, start emailing us in August), we've put together an early list of 50 of our favorite picks under $50:
Companies are putting out new, fancy instant coffees that are a bit more hip, refined—and a lot more expensive. (Spoiler: They're not worth the hype yet.)
For some, putting on the sandals with socks is too reminiscent of camp counselors and food co-op employees to be cool; for others, it’s an advanced move best left to the extremely stylish.
Every home cook should have a chef’s knife—and it’ll make food prep on Thanksgiving, and every other day, faster and easier.
The best gear for flying with your cat or dog (or, in the case of one particularly intrepid Wirecutter staff writer, with both a cat and a dog):
The best luggage tags to help you identify your belongings in a sea of black suitcases:
We did 120 hours of research and tested nearly 100 products to come up with 31 that will be indispensable if a natural disaster strikes.
Even with the most careful handling, accidents happen and we don't think it's worth it for iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, when the result can be a $400+ out-of-warranty repair. But hey, if a case isn’t your thing, you do you. Our picks for everyone else:
Over several years, we’ve tested 31 rain boot styles by trudging through miles of mud, puddles, slush, leaves, slippery rocks, and melting snow.
Today In Testing: Illa is working hard to give action cameras a real run for their money. (Guide update coming soon!)
darth! This is what it'd look like if you were riding on Illa's back like an action camera:
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