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New Episode Alert 🚨 @lolitataub and @tauebel join @Jason on News Roundtable and talk about ⭐️ Under-represented founders in tech ⭐️ Zoom shutting down Chinese pro-democracy accounts ⭐️ Michael Seibel joining Reddit's BoD ⭐️ Wall Street bets + more 🎥: https://bit.ly/30uyqSu
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New Episode Alert 🚨 @mjones, CEO of http://Science-inc.com shares insights on ⭐️ what makes a great Direct-to-Consumer Founder ⭐️ investing early in Dollar Shave Club ⭐️ economics of a venture-studio 🎥 Watch the latest Power of Accelerators: https://bit.ly/3hfp7Mb
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Contest closes on Friday, June 12 at 5:59PM PT #sales #contest #startups
Contest closes on Friday, June 12 at 5:59PM PT (8:59 PM ET)
CONTEST TIME! Who's been on the horn closing deals? Reply with your sales win of the week 👇and we’ll give the one with the most likes a free year of Mint Mobile. Thanks to our friends at http://mintmobile.com/twist
Jason is LIVE with @steepdecline for a Fireside Chat at STHLM Tech Meetup 🔥 Tune in 👇 https://twitter.com/Jason/status/1270395235567144960
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We're recording an #AskJason today! Get featured on our podcast Submit your video question on https://bit.ly/375Vzf9 or tweet us your question on @TWiStartups
We're recording an #AskJason later today! Submit a video question here to be featured on the podcast! https://bit.ly/375Vzf9
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New Episode Alert 🚨 @Jason's epic chat with @alexisohanian (Co-Founder of @initialized and @reddit) on... ⭐️ @Reddit's crypto origins ⭐️ turning VC into a team sport at Initialized ⭐️ fatherhood ⭐️ plus much more! . Watch episode 1069 at 🎥: https://bit.ly/2Bt4cVu
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It's Book Club tonight on the TWiST slack 📘 We'll be discussing the 2nd half (Part 5 to end) of @rorysutherland's "Alchemy: The Dark Art of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life." Join us at 6PM PT (9PM ET) tonight! http://thisweekinstartups.com/slack (join the #books room)
Our #growth Jam Session with @craigzingerline is this Friday! Founders, come learn 👉 The Ultimate Activation in 5 Steps When: Friday, June 5th at 12PM (PT) Register at: https://bit.ly/2XOHkHB Be sure to join TWiST slack channel #jam_craigzingerline https://bit.ly/2TZ19up
New Episode Alert 🚨 @Garrytan shares insights with @Jason on 💥 dealing with downstream investors as a Seed-stage firm 💥 software companies acting as governments 💥 possibility of building IPO-level companies while fully-distributed + more E1067 🎥 http://bio.fm/twistartups
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"Exceptional people will figure it out and find the opportunity. You always back exceptional people." - @joshuabaer's advice to investors (based on mistakes he made early in his career) 🎥/🎧 - Full episode E1063: http://bio.fm/twistartups
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Join us on June 5th for another great #Growth Jam Session on the TWiST slack 🎉 Growth Advisor @craigzingerline will be teaching his 5 step process on getting the most out of your activation efforts 🔥. Sign up : https://bit.ly/3canI5y Join slack channel #jam_craigzingerline
New Episode Alert 🚨 On the latest Power of Accelerators, @dbrown, CEO & Co-Founder of @techstars talks about 💥leading the virtual accelerator trend ⁣ 💥benefits of going global ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣💥sustained vs. temporary changes from COVID ⁣ Watch E1066 🎥: https://bit.ly/2XI8m3o
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Looking for #startup advice from a top early-stage investor? @NEA's @bnarasin is hosting an AMA on Friday 🔥 to answer your questions LIVE. Interested in participating? 1/ Register 👉 http://bit.ly/2M0f5QE 2/ Join TWiST Slack #ama_bennarasin (https://bit.ly/36By4uf)
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@bnarasin (Venture Partner of @NEA) is joining us this Friday for a LIVE AMA 🎉 Entrepreneur turned early-stage investor, Ben has 3 decades of company-building expertise. Register for event: https://bit.ly/2M0f5QE Join TWiST Slack #ama_bennarasin (https://bit.ly/36By4uf)
@dhassell (of @15five) reminds us why it's important for us as leaders to take care of ourselves. Quote featured in Episode 1045. Watch 🎥 or listen 🎧 on: http://bio.fm/twistartups
New Episode Release 🚨 @thesamParr & @zachcoelius discuss news of 💥Barstool Sports vs. Call Her Daddy 💥@SoftBank's $17.7B loss 💥@TikTok poaching former @Disney exec as CEO 💥@Facebook's launch of shops & more On News Roundtable E1064. Tune in 🎧 http://bio.fm/twistartups
really good jam session on #copywriting here on Zoom right now https://us02web.zoom.us/w/85910731390?tk=HJ-wj1yiPHrW6BvA55P5cJnLSyOkNCwIleA4Q_tqajQ.DQIAAAAUAK26fhZUVnpjZ3ZZblJsaURScjRvNGlkT3RBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&uuid=WN_3Vh65v48QJuNW_Sr1XXprw
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New Episode Alert 🚨 Power of Accelerators, E5 - @joshuaBaer, CEO & Founder of @CapitalFactory shares lessons from ⭐️ investing in 400+ startups ⭐️ transitioning accelerators to remote best practices ⭐️ insights on @sxsw cancellation Full Ep.E1063 🎧 http://bio.fm/twistartups
New Episode Alert 🚨 News Roundtable with http://Acquired.FM Co-Hosts @Gilbert & @djrosent on 💥Clubhouse pre-launch $100M valuation 💥@joerogan to @Spotify 💥@Uber layoffs 💥food delivery wars 💥@Facebook buys @GIPHY Full Ep. 1062: 🎧 http://bio.fm/twistartups
We are LIVE now with @IlirSela (Founder of @Slice) Have questions you'd like to ask? Post them in our TWiST slack (http://thisweekinstartups.com/slack) in channel #ama_ilirsela https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPFMj-rxl6I&feature=youtu.be
T-minus 1.5 hours until AMA with @ilirsela (@slice) 🍕 Ilir will be answering your questions LIVE (on everything from his business model & vision to his recent round). Join us in #ama_ilirsela (https://bit.ly/2ZsUnkv) on TWiST slack Post your Qs there or email nick@LAUNCH.co
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Our #copywriting Jam Session on Thursday is almost full! Learn copy writing strategies to persuade your customers from @trylately CEO Kate Bradley 🔥 1/Register today at http://thisweekinstartups.com/copywriting 2/Join TWiST slack #jam_kately https://bit.ly/2ZhIlKx
@dpup, CEO of team success software @RangeLabs shares insights on 🧠psychological safety and managing teams remotely 💻 Episode 1052 🎧: http://bio.fm/twistartups
Our Management Jam Session (Webinar) with @maryfox20 (of Marlow) is happening today at 1PM PT! You can still register until 12:30 PM PT (we've extended the DDL) 1/Sign up at: http://thisweekinstartups.com/management 2/Join TWiST slack - channel #jam_maryfox (https://bit.ly/36fjYP4)
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@ilirsela is helping local pizzerias compete with chains with his startup @slice 🔥 Ilir joins us for an AMA this Wednesday! Have Qs about his journey, @slice or raising $40M (during a pandemic)? Post them to #ama_ilirsela (https://bit.ly/2ZsUnkv) or email nick@LAUNCH.co
Founders, In case you missed today's amazing live Ask-Me-Anything with @hustlefundvc's Elizabeth Yin (@dunkhippo33), the full segment is now available! Check it out 👇 https://youtu.be/XS_aJHlFd7Y?t=13
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