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Cold Boredom vs. Hot Boredom, what are the differences between the two? @JerryColonna (Author of “Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up") explains👇 Part 6 of 6
How can you support people who are suffering with depression and suicidal tendencies? @JerryColonna provides valuable insights on how to best support loved ones experiencing severe pain. Thx @onepeloton! Go to and use promo code "TWIST" to get started!
@JerryColonna talks about the feeling and experience of "having enough", his working relationship with @fredwilson and the reasons behind why he left the venture industry. Part 4 of 6
@JerryColonna talks about the feeling and experience of "having enough", his working relationship with @fredwilson and the reasons behind why he left the venture industry. Part 4 of 6
@JerryColonna opens up about his childhood, how his mother’s mental health issues impacted his world views and created a need to appease others. Powerful discussion. More 👇 Thanks @Invisionapp! Streamline your workflow from design to development at
@JerryColonna talks about choosing the path of entrepreneurship, why founders often sabotage their success & his true purpose for writing his book (help people understand their unresolved issues). Part 2 of 6 Thx @LinkedIn! Receive a $100 ad credit at
How are we leading & living today as founders, investors or as an industry that could be better and less painful? @JerryColonna (Investor & Executive Coach) - 🎤 “1 of the first deceptions & myths out there is that everyone is crushing it. That’s bulls$%t”. Full conversation👇
#Flashback to 2011, when Instagram... ⭐ Had 11 Million users (2019: +1 Billion) ⭐ Was not sold to @facebook ⭐ Was not even available on Android Co-Founder @kevin was on @TWistartups to talk about his fast growing startup🚀! Part 1 of 5. #SocialMedia #Growth #Startup #Tech
You’re all of sudden unable to respond to even your friends who send you requests to collaborate —which could be amazing opportunities offered with sincere intent—and you have a profound sense of guilt your can’t give your friends the courtesy of a response!
As @Casey, described in his podcast with me, a very small percentage of folks have no boundaries & get upset at you for not putting your kid on the ground to take a selfie with them. Or they show up at your office because they have ideas they want to pitch you on THEN...
Great discussion 🌟 (14:48)
ICYMI "ANGEL": @rrhoover, founder @weekendfund & @ProductHunt, on building early-stage fund, betting on founders with strong perspectives, excitement for new markets & bringing expertise & passion for creating communities to venture capital-w/@Jason
Today in the studio 👇 @MartenMickos - CEO of @Hacker0x01 🔥 We’ll be live streaming at 4:30PM (PT) to our patreon group:
@Jason telling @Klow7 what the ideal runway for a startup seeking a series A is 😬
9 founders pitch @Jason & @dsamuel for candid feedback at Founder University 🦄 🎧: Bonus 3 pitches available on our Patreon:
Today in the studio: @ryanQualtrics (Co-Founder & CEO @Qualtrics) 🦄 We’ll be live streaming to our patron group here: Join us!
VIDEO: Scaling Your Startup E8, "Marketing": Finding North Star, social channels & content to grow audience, retargeting, converting customers & understanding marketing tools w/ @Jason, @samantha____a & @JacqKD
RT @Courteney__Real: Another great episode from @Jason and the @TWistartups crew featuring one of my favorite founders @MelanieCanva from @…
@canva CEO & Co-Founder @MelanieCanva shares insights from growing her college startup into global unicorn w/over 1b designs & 15m MAUs, being the 1st investment from Mary Meeker's Bond, realizing vision to be one of world's most valuable co's-w/@Jason
@bling0 (Founder & General Partner, @blingcapital) reveals which companies are a part of his anti-portfolio and shares his views on foreign money (From countries such as Saudi Arabia and China). Part 6 of 6
What does the future of AR/VR look like? @bling0 🎤 "I think a lot of people say VR is the next mobile. But I think those people are too young to realize that with mobile there were lots of failed platforms before Android and iOS." More 👇 Part 5 of 6
@bling0 talks about his motivation to start his own firm, his fund size (hint: $90 Million) and how working for 6-years at @khoslaventures gave him the opportunity to branch out and invest in companies he was passionate about 🚀. Part 4 of 6
@bling0 talks about the art of startup valuations and what founders need to consider when choosing investors. Part 3 of 6. Thanks @salesforce essentials! Get 50% off Salesforce Essentials at
"When you have $100 Billion dollar markets, then sometimes you can have 2,3,4 winners." - @Bling0 on instances when he backs the #2, #3 companies in a market. Part 2 of 6 Thanks @LinkedIn! Receive a $50 credit toward your first job at
On the latest episode of Angel, @bling0, General Partner at @blingcapital (prev. @khoslaventures) talks about @Google's early days, life in San Francisco post dot-com bubble, and his very first investment 🔥. Part 1 of 6
@ChrisRedlitz (General Partner, @TransmediaCap) shares one particular venture horror story he once lived through. More 👇 Part 6 of 6 #tech #VC #startups
@ChrisRedlitz talks about pro rata, plus why he looks for these 3 Ps in an entrepreneur... ⭐️ Passion ⭐️ Presence ⭐️ Perseverance Full story 👇 Part 5 of 6
With early investments in unicorns🦄 including @AngelList, @Twitter, @LinkedIn, @Snapchat and @Wish, @ChrisRedlitz shares wisdom on what it takes to become a great seed/early stage investor 🔥. Part 4 of 6
@ChrisRedlitz started an accelerator/incubator in 2009 during the financial crisis and explains why this period led to the creation of some very thoughtful/innovative companies 🔥. Thx @embroker! Enter code ANGEL10 at for 10% off! Part 3 of 6
What does The Last Mile program cost per person? @ChrisRedlitz explains how @TLM program works (*cost: $5000 per inmate per year) plus what it was like being an Angel in 90s. Part 2 of 6 Thx @LinkedIn! Visit for $50 credit towards your 1st job post.
@chrisredlitz (Partner, @TransmediaCap) talks about his amazing initiative - The Last Mile prison reform program - how it started and what it has been able to accomplish 🔥. Angel E25. Part 1 of 6
@tobi talks about the possibility of @shopify retail locations/pop-up stores and the future of retail 🔥. Filmed in 2013. Full talk👇 Thanks @Zendesk! Qualifying startups receive Zendesk free for 1-year. Get started today at
Back in 2013, Co-Founder, @tobi was on the pod & shared the story of how @shopify initially started out as a snowboarding company named "Snowdevil". More 👇 Thx @EightSleep! Get the sleep you deserve & supercharge your health & productivity w/ The Pod 👉
VIDEO Scaling Your Startup E7: "Fundraising: Diving into the Details": Ideal numbers, finding investors, refining deck, what to do during & after first meetings, term sheets & due diligence w/@Jason & LAUNCH Managing Directors @AshleyRaeWG & @JasonDemant 418
Looks like @Jason is getting pushed too hard with our 5-days of content per week 🤣 New #ScalingYourStartup released today and another 🦄 founder episode tomorrow (@arielcoco - @TripActions!)
RT @stonlyb: Forever grateful to @Jason for the value he brings to startups in, out of, or soon to be in - his portfolio. Great conversatio…
@Jason's suggestion to Julia Paul (on scaling up her startup @HeardFromFriend) is to try out Patreon or paid email newsletters and see if she can convert a high number of her existing users into paying customers🚀. More on this 👇 Part 7 of 7 #Tech #Scale #monetization
"ANGEL": @ChrisRedlitz, General Partner @TransmediaCap shares @TLM success teaching tech to incarcerated, investing/advising in 90+ startups, networks, deal flow, syndicates, smart money first, & backing founders w/passion, presence & perseverance-@Jason
Happy Wednesday! We've got a special 🦄 founder in the studio with @Jason today! @MelanieCanva, Co-Founder & CEO of @Canva 🎨 The episode will be live-streamed at 4PM (PT) to our patreon supporters! Sign up here: ps. graphic below was made on @Canva 😁
How do we go from a cozy spot with users to scaling it in a much larger way? Jason's recommendations for Julie Paul, Founder & CEO of @HeardFromFriend are... Part 6 of 7
@BeckyFlintSF explains the biggest challenge she is facing with her smart product roadmap platform Dragonboat Inc.... What is the best way to scale when on-boarding for the product requires a lot of time? Part 5 of 7
@Jason's advice for @HodaMehr (@StockCardHQ) - on monetizing from services outside of the core offering - is to keep an open mind to it, as many companies have had success this way (@netflix and @Amazon Prime). Thx @Carta! Get 20% off at Part 4 of 7
@HodaMehr asks for feedback about her startup @StockCardHQ (an online tool for DIY investors)... How do we balance retention and traction to appeal to angel investors? Part 3 of 7 Thanks @LinkedIn! Get $100 off on your first ad campaign at
Anne Cocquyt (@getguilded) reveals how high the price of a business connection is. @Jason's recommendation 👉 start with a price that makes it easy for the early folks to say YES! Thx @invisionapp! Streamline your workflow, from design to development 👉
Office Hours with Jason: Anne Cocquyt, Founder & CEO of @getguilded asks 👉 How do I price the B2B side of my product? Part 1 of 7
Having grown from a 6-person company to a multi-million dollar business, how does @StyleSeat maintain the same discipline around spending now having more💰? @MelodyMcC talks about maximizing opportunity and minimizing risk. Part 6 of 6. Filmed at http://Founder.University
@MelodyMcC answers how @StyleSeat on-boards creatives for success, sharing how the app was built to deliver an experience catering to creatives' needs, goals & interests (significantly different from other personality types). Part 5 of 6. Filmed at http://Founder.University.
@MelodyMcC shares the story of how she connected with her existing network's connections in the beauty industry and pitched the idea of joining @StyleSeat to them🔥. Thx @PilotHQ! Sign up for Pilot for your bookkeeping and tax. Visit Part 4 of 6
@MelodyMcC answers... How after raising the money did your team plan/make the decision of how you were going to spend the money for the growth? Part 3 of 6. Filmed at http://Founder.University Thx @Ripplingapp! Get 20% off your startup's HR & IT at
@MelodyMcC talks about @StyleSeat's 3 phases, how her team reached them and what they measured along the way🚀🔥. Part 2 of 6. Filmed at http://Founder.University Thanks @Squarespace! Enter code TWIST at checkout for 10% off ->
@MelodyMcC shares how her company @StyleSeat is helping independent beauty professionals succeed in their businesses🔥 + shares advice on the challenge with growth (hint: be methodical about it)🚀. Part 1 of 6. Filmed at http://Founder.University
VIDEO: @segment Co-Founder @reinpk shares lessons from pioneering customer data infrastructure (CDI) to unseat CRM, failed product launch & pivots, importance of customer pain as North Star, & building the unicorn that actually protects privacy-w/@Jason
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