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Inside Amir Farhang's darkly comic short film about Islamophobia in America: http://musebycl.io/film-tv/inside-amir-farhangs-darkly-comic-short-film-about-islamophobia-america @amirzero #ThePersian
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Lol as you read this @nytimes story on rats, they come scuttling along the bottom of the page.
Why McDonald's just built a tiny restaurant for bees: https://musebycl.io/advertising/why-mcdonalds-just-built-tiny-restaurant-bees
The BBC unleashes a Women's World Cup anthem with London rapper Ms Banks: https://musebycl.io/music/bbc-unleashes-womens-world-cup-anthem-london-rapper-ms-banks
RT @MUSEbyclio: These clever ads for eco-friendly paint mourn the ravaged colors of nature: https://musebycl.io/advertising/these-clever-ads-eco-friendly-paint-mourn-ravaged-colors-nature
The concept, the tech, the artists involved - a remarkable campaign by @mh_vccp. https://twitter.com/MUSEbyclio/status/1131201257278967808
These hateful ads lasted just 20 minutes outdoors, but that was enough: http://musebycl.io/advertising/these-hateful-ads-lasted-just-20-minutes-outdoors-was-enough
RT @PortalA: Our very own @nhoughte sits down with @MUSEbyclio while smoking a pipe and staring out a window (not pictured) to wax philosop…
RT @itsmeCaseyMc: Today I thought I saw a woman dressed as a handmaid about to jump from a building. I called 911.
Even cavemen hated lines, says this supermarket's ludicrous throwback ad: http://musebycl.io/advertising/even-cavemen-hated-lines-says-supermarkets-ludicrous-throwback-ad Via @MUSEbyclio
5 reasons New York is the creative center of the universe, and why it will continue to be: http://musebycl.io/obsessed/5-reasons-new-york-creative-center-universe-and-why-it-will-continue-be By @houstonmichael, worldwide CEO of Grey Group.
This canned wine is acting a lot like beer, starting with the ads: http://musebycl.io/advertising/canned-wine-acting-lot-beer-starting-ads
@corona's can designs in Mexico show how polluted specific beaches are: http://musebycl.io/design/coronas-can-designs-mexico-show-how-polluted-specific-beaches-are
How @finalcut_edit's Jeff Buchanan edited the Aretha Franklin concert doc Amazing Grace, 40 years after it was shot: http://musebycl.io/music/how-jeff-buchanan-edited-aretha-franklin-doc-amazing-grace-40-years-after-it-was-shot
@Wrangler embeds bonus footage of @LilNasX's "Old Town Road" right on your jeans: https://musebycl.io/music/wrangler-embeds-bonus-footage-lil-nas-xs-old-town-road-right-your-jeans
Heinz ketchup appeals to the beer crowd with the perfect visual: http://musebycl.io/advertising/heinz-ketchup-appeals-beer-crowd-perfect-visual
Volkswagen's dead simple print ads show just how stupid it is to drink and drive: http://musebycl.io/advertising/volkswagens-dead-simple-print-ads-show-just-how-stupid-it-drink-and-drive
@LACOSTE depicts love's destruction in epic ad from BETC and Megaforce: http://musebycl.io/sports/lacoste-depicts-loves-destruction-epic-ad-betc-and-megaforce
How to train your talent to have an invention mindset: http://musebycl.io/makers/how-train-your-talent-have-invention-mindset By @chuckfletcher, CTO of @WeAreBarbarian.
@IrisBApfel, 97, finally writes her will ... for an ice cream brand. https://musebycl.io/fashion-beauty/iris-apfel-97-finally-writes-her-will-ice-cream-brand
Influencer marketing, '80s edition. (But didn't ET get drunk on Coors in the movie?)
@WiedenKennedy's Ansel Wallenfang created a video game for the metal band @RedFang that you have to headbang to play: https://musebycl.io/gaming/you-have-headbang-play-wks-video-game-metal-band Via @MUSEbyclio
Apple's new ad salutes the glory of British music, past and present: http://musebycl.io/music/apples-new-ad-salutes-glory-british-music-past-and-present Via @MUSEbyclio
Legend https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/16/obituaries/im-pei-dead.html
@DesignArmy's latest ads for @HongKongBallet are incredible as usual: https://musebycl.io/live-entertainment/design-army-gorgeously-fuses-ballet-and-pop-culture-hong-kong-ballets-40th Via @MUSEbyclio
Happy 45th anniversary to the best bootleg concert recording ever. Neil Young's surprise midnight show at the Bottom Line in NYC, following Ry Cooder's set. May 16, 1974. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfb1P1pN2II
@BurgerKing invites @Twitch users to build their own signature Whopper: http://musebycl.io/gaming/burger-king-invites-twitch-users-build-their-own-signature-whopper
@BBHblacksheep just made one of the most poetic ads about men and masculinity: http://musebycl.io/advertising/bbh-just-made-one-most-poetic-ads-about-men-and-masculinity
RT @tonyposnanski: The social media director for Vita Coco coconut water pissed in a jug to send to me to own me. W...T...F. https://t.co/…
Why sound and voice are the future of brand experience: https://musebycl.io/music/why-sound-and-voice-are-future-brand-experience
@RollingStone made soundproof rock posters so kids can jam in their bedrooms in peace: https://musebycl.io/music/rolling-stone-made-soundproof-rock-posters-so-kids-can-jam-their-bedrooms-peace
@RollingStone made soundproof rock posters so kids can jam in their bedrooms in peace: https://musebycl.io/music/rolling-stone-made-soundproof-rock-posters-so-kids-can-jam-their-bedrooms-peace
Stephen Curry, Adam Rippon and how to make athlete series pop on YouTube: https://musebycl.io/sports/stephen-curry-adam-rippon-and-how-make-athlete-series-pop-youtube @StephenCurry30 @Adaripp @PortalA
@Zalando fashions will have you dancing to a very different beat this summer: http://musebycl.io/fashion-beauty/zalando-fashions-will-have-you-dancing-very-different-beat-summer
@Zalando fashions will have you dancing to a very different beat this summer: http://musebycl.io/fashion-beauty/zalando-fashions-will-have-you-dancing-very-different-beat-summer By @motherlondon via @MUSEbyclio
RT @ClioAwards: Congratulations to the 2019 #ClioSports winners! Take a look at this year's most creative #sportsmarketing work: https://t.…
@VitaCoco found the internet's most negative people and made them try its coconut water: http://musebycl.io/digital-data/vita-coco-found-internets-most-negative-people-and-made-them-try-its-coconut-water Via @MUSEbyclio
@jackBox leaps into esports with a delightful Full House parody for @DallasFuel: http://musebycl.io/gaming/jack-box-leaps-esports-delightful-full-house-parody-dallas-fuel Via @MUSEbyclio
Golf star @BKoepka attempts a crazy Hudson River shot for @MichelobULTRA: http://musebycl.io/sports/golf-star-brooks-koepka-attempts-crazy-hudson-river-shot-michelob-ultra Via @MUSEbyclio
Dos Equis made "Total Eclipse of the Heart" even more ridiculous in '80s-soaked ad: https://musebycl.io/music/dos-equis-made-total-eclipse-heart-even-more-ridiculous-80s-soaked-ad
@CalvinKlein goes truth-seeking with @billieeilish, @ShawnMendes and more: http://musebycl.io/fashion-beauty/calvin-klein-goes-truth-seeking-billie-eilish-shawn-mendes-and-more Via @MUSEbyclio
Grocery chain goes old-school with "Aisles of Glory" 8-bit video game: http://musebycl.io/gaming/grocery-chain-goes-old-school-aisles-glory-8-bit-video-game
What we learned about Gen Z from 1,000 kids and a film: http://musebycl.io/musings/what-we-learned-about-gen-z-1000-kids-and-film By Ellen Eastaugh of @RPA_advertising. Via @MUSEbyclio.
Ikea transformed an entire French subway station into a showroom: http://musebycl.io/advertising/ikea-transformed-entire-french-subway-station-showroom Via @MUSEbyclio
This @KitchenAid_CA billboard changes color in real time to match Toronto's CN Tower: http://musebycl.io/advertising/kitchenaid-billboard-changes-color-real-time-match-torontos-cn-tower Via @MUSEbyclio
@bodyform is taking vulva art to the bathroom stalls of London: http://musebycl.io/art/bodyform-taking-vulva-art-bathroom-stalls-london Via @MUSEbyclio
The @GameOfThrones characters in every ad agency. https://musebycl.io/worklife/game-thrones-characters-every-ad-agency
You feel @amazon @PrimeVideo shows in your bones in latest @droga5 ads: http://musebycl.io/film-tv/you-feel-amazons-tv-shows-your-bones-latest-droga5-ads Via @MUSEbyclio
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