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US skater Mariah Bell accused of intentionally slashing rival with her skate
This 105-year-old WWII veteran dedicates his time to helping others and isn't slowing down anytime soon. He's been volunteering with for 12 years helping the staff with tasks like delivering flowers and messages to patients.
It's been a surreal year for Grammy winning @TPAIN who won the "Masked Singer" competition, dropped a new album and lost his brother during the taping of the show, "all this now is him doing it for me."
"I was planning on getting kicked off the first episode," says @TPAIN on his surprise win of the "Masked Singer" when he showed off his powerful vocals in a monster costume.
"Start at your own pace. If you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl," says Hannah Gavios on how she found the grit to run a marathon on crutches after surviving a gruesome attack.
A gruesome attack almost cost Hannah Gavios her life and left her with severe spinal cord injuries. She had to pursue months of physical therapy to learn to walk again. And then she ran a marathon, all 26.2 miles, on crutches.
Do you wash your jeans often? The @LEVIS CEO says you should never wash your jeans...or put them in the freezer.
A meteorologist is standing up for herself after receiving a letter criticizing her for not using her married name, "I'm sorry you felt the need to write such a malicious note without ever considering I may have thought about this decision very carefully," she said.
@sheinellejones is in the lead with 13 points for her NCAA bracket!
A relaxing afternoon at the pool turned into chaos thanks to some angry iguanas! #DalyClick
11 teams in this year’s NCAA tournament have started using a device called a force plate that can help predict the risk of injuries, and it could soon be coming to a gym near you!
@hodakotb’s at the top of our #MarchMadness leaderboard!
@Lupita_Nyongo plays both hero and monster in #UsMovie. She sat down with @WillieGeist to talk about working with @JordanPeele and more on #SundayTODAY.
5 game-changing products from the Glamour Readers' Choice Beauty Awards
An incident on the ice rocking the world of figure skating – the head of the Korean skating team is accusing American Mariah Bell of slashing Lim Eun-soo on purpose with her skate. The International Skating Union says there’s no proof that she did.
We're so proud of our @WillieGeist, who's featured in the latest issue of @Variety!
The college admissions scandal is spotlighting a new form of overparenting called “snowplow” – moms and dads determined to clear any obstacle from their child’s path. What’s the long-term impact of this over-involvement? Dr. Argie Allen Wilson explains.
Monica went back home! See Courteney Cox revisit 'Friends' apartment
A new puppy realized his companion, an older dog named Charlie who lost his vision to glaucoma, had a hard time doing things on his own. So, he decided to act as Charlie’s guide dog! #MorningBoost
Former President Jimmy Carter just set a record for being the oldest, living former US president ever. He’s 94 years, 172 days old!
Tyson is recalling three different products after customers said they found small pieces of metal in chicken strips.
#GameOfThrones star Emilia Clarke is going public with a health battle she kept private for years. The actress revealed she almost died, suffering two brain aneurysms, that required life-saving surgeries.
Caught on camera: Video that’s just emerging two years after a high-wire stunt featuring the famed Wallenda family shows an eight-person pyramid lose their balance during practice. Five members of the act plunged several stories to the ground.
An incident on the ice rocking the world of figure skating – the head of the Korean skating team is accusing American Mariah Bell of slashing Lim Eun-soo on purpose with her skate. The International Skating Union says there’s no proof that she did.
Facebook is back in the news after acknowledging that it stored hundreds of millions of user passwords for years in plain, readable text that its employees could access.
President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that would withhold federal research money from colleges that don’t promise to protect free speech.
20,000 people gathered in a park near one of the targeted mosques in New Zealand as part of a National Day of Reflection to honor victims of last Friday’s terror attack at two mosques.
Happy birthday, @RWitherspoon!
“Lives have been lost, Boeing’s reputation damaged.” @keirsimmons reports on Indonesia’s national airline trying to cancel a major $5 billion order of Max 8 jets
Reaction is pouring in from around the world to a sudden shift from President Trump’s that’s upending decades of US policy in the Middle East. @MitchellReports has the latest details from Jerusalem.
The feud between President Trump and John McCain’s family is still going strong today, despite growing calls for the President to let it go. @halliejackson has the latest.
Breaking overnight: Two US service members were killed while conducting an operation in Afghanistan.
“Elijah Cummings is demanding more info. from Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and other officials amid new info. that Cummings says shows they used private messaging services like WhatsApp for official White House business.” -@kwelkernbc
The anticipation is building for the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. @kwelkernbc has everything we know so far.
Today on TODAY: What we're now learning about the possible release of the Mueller report amid new speculation the special counsel's investigation is wrapping up.
New study finds patients 13 to 25 years old who had been newly prescribed amphetamines, such as Adderall and Vyvanse, were at increased risk. - @TODAYshow
Wait...@MikaelaShiffrin can sing too?! What can’t she do⁉️Check her out backstage at @TODAYshow belting out “Shallow” earlier today. @starisbornmovie @ladygaga @NBCOlympics
Ramona Singer apologizes for comments about Bethenny Frankel's late boyfriend
Are CBD skin care products worth the hype? Dermatologists weigh in
Thursday, March 21, is #WorldDownSyndromeDay. Here are 21 things parents wish they had known about raising a child with Down syndrome: #WDSD2019
Vasectomy cakes are a hilarious trend. Here’s why they’re so popular now
Wait, she can sing too?! @MikaelaShiffrin belting out @ladygaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” backstage at @TODAYshow. @starisbornmovie @NBCOlympics
Blind golden retriever has 'Seeing Eye' puppy to help him out
Wait, she can sing too?! @MikaelaShiffrin belting out @ladygaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” backstage at @TODAYshow. @starisbornmovie @NBCOlympics
Celebrate spring with a super fresh and satisfying spiced salmon salad
9 surprising facts about The Cheesecake Factory
How the 'Fab Five' helped a grieving father keep wife's memory alive
After a heart attack at 36, mom ditches unhealthy habits to lose 101 pounds
Nigella Lawson's hack for making perfect deviled eggs is super simple
Best brunch, buffets and takeaway feasts available on Easter Sunday 2019
Monica went back home! See Courteney Cox revisit 'Friends' apartment
RT @hodakotb: Happy bday to my ❤️
Meghan Markle's best maternity looks, from gorgeous gowns to casual outfits
Bride battling cancer refuses to change wedding date: 'We're not giving in'
RT @TODAYshow: Mikaela Shiffrin has shown us time and time again why she is one of the best skiiers in the world. But beyond the stats, sh…
RT @NBCOlympics: World Cup overall champion @MikaelaShiffrin joins @TODAYshow after an incredible alpine ski racing season. Tune in now! ht…
Catch this champion on the @TODAYshow this morning in the 9am EST hour! 💃🏼👏
Striking photo shows all the bacteria on an 8-year-old's hand - @TODAYshow
4 places to mark #WomensHistoryMonth - @TODAYshow
Inside the fake charity behind college cheating scandal - @TODAYshow
“It’s a retail revolution.” 🤩@TODAYshow 🤩
Women of NASA, Naval Station Oceana, and the NYFD offer advice to future female generations. #WomensHistoryMonth - @TODAYshow
Meet the FDNY’s female first responders - @TODAYshow #WomensHistoryMonth
"Leaving Neverland" has parents talking about childhood sexual abuse; here's what every parent needs to know. - @TODAYshow
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