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Do you get free sauce? https://twitter.com/cabachelder/status/1118928937030246400
I was once plagiarized by a publication that has earlier rejected me as contributor. LOL https://twitter.com/jposhaughnessy/status/1119013227424374790
In every sport “going down the tunnel” means “out of the game “. In hockey it means “going for repairs”
There are no better playoffs than the NHL. This not up for debate.
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“Movie 43” is literally one of the most f’d up things I’ve ever seen. Yet, I can’t stop watching
Dalio. He’s in full retreat https://twitter.com/thestalwart/status/1118858373221502976
“What’s so bad about being kicked in the nuts every now and then?” https://twitter.com/mark_dow/status/1118861948517371904
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And people will still say the market is efficient and fundamental analysis is garbage https://twitter.com/hipster_trader/status/1118931703769202690
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Maybe because you don’t understand the law? Just guessing https://twitter.com/jonfavs/status/1118928705768738816
Um, it’s been this way for decades.....that is why voters typically elect split government. Each party abuses its power when in total control https://twitter.com/ldrogen/status/1118965634182860801
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Historically every large drop in tobacco stocks is a buying op https://twitter.com/rationalwalk/status/1118892570162102273
Not many people actually listen to analysts https://twitter.com/investing_city/status/1118721350858706944
LOL. Mueller found no collusion, the Justice Dept found no collusion but twitterites who won’t even read the whole report will. Onto the next outrage please ???
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No idea. Not mad. Given me plenty of time to build large position https://twitter.com/peterkistenmach/status/1118699315281530881
Ok.. so add “removed taxpayer risk” and “Obama was stealing money from shareholders” ... true or not, it’ll play well with the crowd https://twitter.com/cgasparino/status/1118635995438682113
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Um, maybe because the gov has warrants on the common stock that could be worth $150B? Would be a nice profit to brag about in an election year https://twitter.com/cgasparino/status/1118633749816709121
$KMI just hiked dividend 25%. Forward yield 5%
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Heaven? https://twitter.com/reformedbroker/status/1118194037947809792
If only people actually realized this https://twitter.com/conorsen/status/1118171910439886848
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According to their logic Edison was a “failure” https://twitter.com/andyswan/status/1117977478205792256
This is great https://twitter.com/dashofinsight/status/1118155206947155975
Agreed!! https://twitter.com/wesbury/status/1118147870618804224
Dogs may accurately sniff out lung cancer through their super-sensitive noses, research shows https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/04/10/dogs-noses-help-sniff-out-lung-cancer-blood-samples-study-says/3415727002/
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