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This can’t be RT enough https://twitter.com/jivebunnymuzik/status/1219698105622368257
Lol. Fredo wonders why nobody watches his network https://twitter.com/wsmco/status/1220568650975006720
RT @QuickestTempa: You don’t even have to know the rules or the goal to know that was incredible 😭😭😭 human beings are so dope man https://t…
RT @RoboTaxiBot: "Tesla will have over 1 million robotaxis on the road next year" -Elon Musk, 22 Apr 2019 Days elapsed: 276 (44.6%) Days l…
💯 TRUTH https://twitter.com/mahoneyw/status/1220463021174247424
@BernieSanders America https://twitter.com/sullycnbc/status/1220384111031918604
Ralph Nader Jumps In On The Tesla FUD | CleanTechnica https://cleantechnica.com/2020/01/23/ralph-nader-jumps-in-on-the-tesla-fud/
Rumsfeld said it best “there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know” https://twitter.com/mr_victor7/status/1220560956171915264
RT @srussolillo: Are markets immune from #coronavirus? Global stocks almost always drop immediately after an epidemic starts before bouncin…
Subs: $2.9B Valuation https://buff.ly/3aD5YR6
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Subs: $2.9B Valuation https://goo.gl/fb/ghwWv8 $$
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Oil Update https://goo.gl/fb/kE8tFq $$
Oil Update https://buff.ly/38AUA6l
Honestly, the @Giants and the NY Media don’t deserve Manning. Never has a player delivered so much and been shit on so much by the media and fan base. Best of luck with Jones. LOL
It’s Telemundo https://twitter.com/andrewyang/status/1220004138282618880
Castrate myself https://twitter.com/calebjhull/status/1220045919825072128
This is why he will never be President. Fundamentally doesn’t understand history https://twitter.com/berniesanders/status/1220124103090343937
The crime rate? https://twitter.com/zck/status/1220124725331947520
For those wondering “what happened to Antonio Brown”. One can never fully appreciate the damage to the brain from the sport https://youtu.be/o8iFSP_S5h8 via @YouTube
RT @Thoriumwealth: Ummm you may want to go back and read the history again. If you pay it all back plus a significant profit it’s not socia…
I call bullshit. https://twitter.com/hipster_trader/status/1220058367357542401
Amen!! https://twitter.com/alephblog/status/1220221584448933888
You mean to get constantly shit on by the NY media despite winning more Super Bowls than any QB in team history?? Who fucking cares!!!?!? https://twitter.com/stephietweets/status/1220107615088398338
RT @andrewrsorkin: Fact check: This is misleading, if not inaccurate. 1) JPM took a $25B loan from Treasury because the govt insisted; it d…
Despite S&P Rise There Is Still Widespread Pessimism https://buff.ly/2TMYZis
Cannabis Taking A Larger Share Of Alcohol Industry Amid Concern Over Calories And Hangovers https://buff.ly/38z4Koa
Support for legalizing marijuana in New York reaches all-time high https://buff.ly/36dw9tX
Subs: “Committee Recommends Conversion” https://buff.ly/30KEcxf
Despite S&P Rise There Is Still Widespread Pessimism https://goo.gl/fb/8Vb4YS $$
Subs: “Committee Recommends Conversion” https://goo.gl/fb/ZKsNup $$
Chemical Barometer Hits Record High https://buff.ly/2TNyR79
Chemical Barometer Hits Record High https://goo.gl/fb/qHr12f $$
Chemical Barometer Hits Record High https://buff.ly/2uqUFKQ
Can’t argue with this at all https://twitter.com/dickc/status/1219695948730781696
Truth https://twitter.com/michaelsantoli/status/1219699294023929857
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Stuart? https://twitter.com/eddyelfenbein/status/1219816207039258625
Rflol https://twitter.com/greenbackd/status/1219779191815557120
Stop!! At this rate you’ll be dead in a month!!! https://twitter.com/alphatrends/status/1219801509774315520
#billsmafia would welcome you with open arms!!!! Come join the family https://twitter.com/yannickngakoue/status/1219818669129240576
Retail Sales Trend Continues…… https://buff.ly/2RfEGZm
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The New “Dr. Copper”s…”Dr. KSU and Dr. FAST” Indicate Higher Equity Prices Ahead https://goo.gl/fb/yNAMsE $$
RT @EddyElfenbein: RT if you ever went to the library to read Value Line.
Policy Matters: History of Bank Lending to Deposits, Sub-Prime Lending and Dodd Frank https://buff.ly/37fVULH
The New “Dr. Copper”s…”Dr. KSU and Dr. FAST” Indicate Higher Equity Prices Ahead https://buff.ly/2NMPH1T
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