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TSA throughput is surging
RT @Canna_Media_org: Corona what??? Illinois recreational marijuana sales set another record in May with more than $44 million in transacti…
RT @robertgentel: @horseysurprise Did you know that grass isn't green but only looks that way because the human eye cannot see the color "g…
RT @michaelbatnick: 4 of the 25 worst days ever have come in 2020.
RT @LDrogen: How’s this for some pandemic safety theatre. After sitting on this plane for 4 hours, cabin crew says we should deplane 1 row…
How New York made matters worse: A Wall Street Journal investigation found that policies by state, city and hospital leaders led to grave mistakes in responding to Covid-19.
RT @IamJClary: Dolphins Twitter might shun me for this but I have a confession to make... I'm a fan of Josh Allen.
RT @litcapital: Robinhood investors after outperforming the boomer fund managers
anxiously awaiting all the "the market was down because......." posts
Subs: SPAC $$
Subs: SPAC
RT @wsmco: 2020 continues like this and there's no way aliens don't land in Times Square and do TV interview.
Mobility Trends Reach Pre-COVID Levels $$
Mobility Trends Reach Pre-COVID Levels
States with medical marijuana laws saw 20 percent drop in some opioid prescriptions - The Boston Globe
RT @profgalloway: To brighten the timeline ... Bezos as a kid.
RT @vitaliyk: I wish Nikola Tesla had a middle name, I'd name my company after his middle name and take it public.
RT @wsmco: Way overdue @mlb and I am hating the players for not playing already. The world is ending, family bus…
Of course we’re not Greece we love roofs.
Of course we’re not Greece. We have Cleveland and Buffalo and the Greeks would never let that happen
Has anyone updated Forest Gump’s $AAPL holdings? Assuming he never sold a share. Show your math please
RT @Canna_Media_org: Redefining the consumer cannabis dispensary experience
Kevin Harrington Joins Cannapreneur Partners as Investor and Strategic Advisor
Kelly Agnew’s Story Goes Down the Toilet
NBER Says Recession Started in February….Data Contradicts $$
NBER Says Recession Started in February….Data Contradicts
RT @JasonRaznick: Tesla Bull Vs. Bear: Ron Baron And Paul Meeks $TSLA
Mortgage demand from buyers amazes again, now up 13% annually
RT @mark_dow: I love how ppl are white-hot angry with the Fed because...wait for it...they have an opinion based on a misunderstanding of m…
RT @MarkCalabria: In case you missed my hearing this morning with Dr Carson |
RT @BoyarValue: Wow, does sentiment shift quickly! ~300 stocks in the S&P 500 are now trading at prices that exceed their consensus 12-mon…
RT @howardlindzon: If you made a few bucks over the years following me something nice for someone and pay it forward. If you have no…
RT @MarijuanaNews: Incumbent Senator Ed Markey and US Representative Joe Kennedy III, who both formerly opposed marijuana legalization, eac…
RT @TheStalwart: I don't really get how professional money managers can blame the Fed for their having missed the rally. Even if you stipu…
RT @EddyElfenbein: Dow +400
Cannabis Lighting by Gro iQ Podcast • A podcast on Anchor
Pepsi’s $40 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots
What It’s Like to Get Doxed for Taking a Bike Ride
This Man Has Been Receiving Pizzas He Didn’t Order for Almost a Decade
So good....... Antifa Member Lectures D-Day Veteran On How To Fight Fascism via @TheBabylonBee
Crazy fight
RT @ValueStockGeek: A 32 year old Warren Buffett talks about the the market decline in 1962.
RT @AroundTheNFL: Nine NFL bandwagons to hop aboard in 2020: Bills top list (via @AdamSchein)…
RT @sfgrannis: Lots of green shoots
If your under 65 in Canada your risk of dying from COVID is the same as dying in an auto accident
“The infection fatality rate is increasingly estimated to be as low as 0.2% or even in the range of 0.06% to 0.16%—which is similar to that of the seasonal flu. “. Calafia Beach Pundit: Covid-19 is yesterday's news
RT @davidmarchorn: To all aspiring value investors: Buffett has spent 6 decades building a legendary track record. He is one of the wealth…
This is amazing
Buy American next time???
RT @bclund: ...Aaaaand the kids want Mexican food. (Mexican breakfast for lunch to be exact.) It’s a joy on many levels to live in a place…
Paperwhite all the way
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