More than 16 tons of cocaine worth up to $1B seized in massive bust in Philadelphia via @NBCNews
RT @SenSherrodBrown: Facebook is already too big and too powerful, and it has used that power to exploit users’ data without protecting the…
At Hulu, a key platform for targeted ads, ad revenue increased 50% in 2018, and the company is seeing similar growth this year
These steady dividend payers benefit from falling rates as well as bets on warehouse operators $IIPR
The Big Board proposed relaxing rules related to special-purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs. Now, the SEC weighs in.
Why Google’s advertising dominance is drawing antitrust scrutiny, explained in 3 charts
Iran to breach limits of nuclear pact, putting bid to save deal in doubt
Why does everything “good” have a downside? RT @CNBC: Worker confidence in finding a new job has hit a six-year high, but it might be a "turning point."
So buy gold? RT @ReformedBroker: Harry Dent is predicting a Depression in the year 2073, in case you’re wondering why I’m always pissed off.
RT @WallStreetBean: “An impact of EM capital transfer to the Western capital base has been the distortion of rates such that the nearly 70y…
Iran to breach limits of nuclear pact, putting bid to save deal in doubt
18 Months Of Recession Calls.......And No Recession -
RT @aeberman12: IEA ON PERSIAN GULF ATTACKS-OIL DEMAND-DEATH OF OPEC “An interruption of supply through the Straits of Hormuz would not be…
RT @LizAnnSonders: Courtesy of stronger retail sales & industrial production, @AtlantaFed’s GDPNow forecast for 2Q19 rose to 2.1% https://t…
RT @QTRResearch: Hope everyone has a wonderful week
“Middle Men” is one in insane story of the birth of credit card payments over the internet.
Support for US Cannabis Legalization Reaches New High, Poll Finds | Leafly
RT @mysteriousrook: Happy Father’s Day! And especially to all the dads who are barely hanging in there. Don’t give up. You’re still doing i…
RT @lenkiefer: at 120 months the U.S. expansion will match the long 1990s expansion for the longest in U.S. history this month (assuming we…
RT @Cover_1_: For the Bills, the number one defense is the goal. Here’s the path.
This is great
So many jokes for Poland here
Celebrating Father’s Day and Shane’s birthday
Drug to Replace Chemotherapy May Reshape Cancer Care - Bloomberg
RT @Roku: 41 years ago today: Grease was released in theaters. ⚡
How Did WeWork’s Adam Neumann Build a $47 Billion Company?
This is amazing
Refining Inputs Still Below Historical Averages $OIL $DTO -
RT @BobBrinker: It appears there is an entire generation of smart people who do not realize that we don’t need to reinvent money in order t…
Fed History Suggests A Rate Cut Coming -
So good.....
”i gotta little gettin’ even to do....” how can you not follow???
I love this.
U.S. puts Iran on notice and weighs response to attack on oil tankers - $oil $DTO The New York Times
No ride is worth that wait... $300 million Harry Potter coaster opens at Universal in Orlando to 10-hour wait - CNBC
RT @lachlan: Facebook's new cryptocurrency "will be pegged to a basket of government-issued currencies," which means I still don't understa…
It’s over
Fake science led a mom to feed bleach to her autistic sons — and police did nothing to stop her via @NBCNews
Neither, you choose who you follow
Love this ... “the Bills Mafia effect”..... How a Bills fan's final wish led to $100,000 boon for charity - Buffalo Bills Blog- ESPN
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