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RT @Reuters: U.S. government posts $208 billion deficit in May
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Congress: Both parties rejected fiscal responsibility last week. Us: “A pox on both your houses!”
SCHOLARSHIP ALERT: It's Pursuit's 2nd annual college scholarship competition! Write an essay or produce a video about generational theft, gov't accountability, or the importance of a well-informed public and compete for a chance to win $3k in scholarships.
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Federal government ignoring its own rules on tax cheats:
The DOD is developing 82 weapons systems, costing ~$1.69 trillion. To put that in perspective, if you spent $1 million per day, it would take 4,630 YEARS to empty the DOD account. You can probably guess how the DOD is managing. Read, if you dare:
Tax cheats shouldn’t collect a cent from taxpayers. But despite efforts to tighten restrictions, GAO found the federal government has given 4,600 contracts worth $18 billion to companies that owed a combined $1.8 billion in taxes. @BryanBerky
Those farm subsidies meant to offset US tariffs...they aren’t all going where you think they’re going.
Is the Senate’s most recent earmark ban an abdication of congressional power or a positive step towards fiscal responsibility? @RobbieRosamelia walks us through the battle against earmarks.
Want to see the world on the government’s dime? Travel to a trade show in places like Dubai, Hong Kong, or Verona and the USDA will not only reimburse you for the cost, they’ll pay you a per diem in the ballpark of $500 a day!
Credit where credit is due—Some good news out of Congress for once! 🎉👍🏼
Former Senator Tom Coburn talks about how crony capitalists work to keep your health care costs secret, which, in turn, keeps prices high, and limits access.
If there is one thing we can do to make health care more affordable, and more accessible, it's this:
It turns out trade wars aren’t good or easy to win. Who could have guessed? @RobbieRosamelia talks us through the latest in the escalating China trade war.
"Like the trade war or not, a Congress unwilling to hold the executive branch accountable and, in turn, be held accountable for its actions by the public is a startling rejection of the principles enshrined in the Constitution.” @RobbieRosamelia
Congress, after giving themselves a massive $300 billion spending increase last year:
Remember last year when Congress blew out the budget with $300 billion spending increases? Big spenders in Washington are trying to make that splurge the new normal. And they are getting away with it.
The budget process can be confusing. With terms like baselines, sequestration, and spending caps, it’s hard to know what’s what. @BryanBerky is here to explain everything you need to know about this week’s budget talks.
Spiderman, Spiderman. DoD spends money on whatever they can. @SenJoniErnst latest report found the DoD spent tax dollars studying Spidey Senses, teleportation, and lying robots!
Congress is about to rush through yet another extension of the massively flawed and indebted National Flood Insurance Program without any reforms. To learn more, check out our wonderful Little Mermaid parody and read our explainer:
GAO issued its 9th annual Duplication Report this week, adding 28 new areas to the list. The Dr. Coburn initiated report's findings have yielded $262B in savings so far! But there is more left to do. Only 33% of the recs to Congress have been implemented.
Regulation has economic costs. We always say it, but what does it mean? @ahardtospell looks at four specific ways regulatory changes could help make infrastructure more affordable.
It’s finally infrastructure week (maybe), and there are far better ways to pay for a plan than doubling the gas tax. @ahardtospell has at least four ideas. Read about them here:
RT @ahardtospell: Lowering input costs should be a part of any infrastructure policy conversation. My latest in @PursuitHQ: https://t.c…
The GOP's Path to the Throne
The transformation of Mulvaney and Kudlow from figures committed to addressing the growth of gov't spending 4 years ago, into apologists for reckless fiscal policies today raises the question, what happened to fiscal responsibility in such a short time?
In DC it’s easier to create something new than fix something old. We have: 15 financial literacy prgms 160 housing assistance prgms 94 green building prgms 253 crime prevention prgms 14 diesel emission reduction prgms 45 child care prgms 209 STEM prgms
The House recently passed the Senior Security Act, a bill that would set up a Senior Investor Task Force at SEC to help prevent elder financial abuse. One problem...8 federal agencies already have programs to address this problem, including the SEC.
The same week that we found out Boeing was hiding safety problems from FAA, the Senate acted to provide Boeing access to large, taxpayer-backed loans from Ex-Im for the first time in nearly four years. Read more here:
One DOE contractor cost taxpayers $600 million due to a waste drum explosion, while it only cost the contractor $65 million in a missed bonus. Are 94% of DOE contractors acing contracts or are DOE standards insufficient? @BryanBerky
M&Os also pay performance bonuses. Over 10 yrs 94% of bonuses were paid out. Only 3/84 times did a contractor not receive more than 50%. One still received 85% of their bonus despite being charged w/ and paying $4.7 mil to settle illegal lobbying charges
DOE spends 90% of its $30b budget on contracts, so for taxpayers, cost evals are critical. GAO found DOE falls short. -76% of DOE evals didn't mention cost - In avg DOE eval, 1 of 67 pages addresses cost -DOE doesn't req cost evals
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Since 2015 the Ex-Im bank has lacked the required number of Members to approve $10m+ transactions. Since that time: •taxpayer exposure dropped from $105 to $66 billion •support for small businesses grew from 25% to 63% •financing for Boeing dropped 99%
From ‘07-‘14 Boeing received more financial support from Ex-Im than all small businesses combined. Since the quorum lapse in ‘15 Ex-Im loans to Boeing dropped 99%. Boeing got private $s and taxpayers were off the hook...until now. The Boeing Bank is back!
The same week that we found out Boeing was hiding safety problems from FAA, the Senate acted to provide Boeing access to large, taxpayer-backed loans from Ex-Im for the first time in nearly four years.🤔 Read about it here: @BryanBerky
Sen. Warren is right to look at higher ed costs. But her plan doesn't solve administration costs. Capping the number and salary of non-teaching professionals would immediately slow needless administrative growth. More on solutions here: @RobbieRosamelia
When funding comes from the gov't, what's the incentive to control costs? Currently, the largest increase in cost per student at universities is administration, not instruction. Instead of encouraging reform, this simply fuels the current broken system.
A recent GAO report found the US Navy has a staggering 28 year maintenance backlog. Worse than the backlog, the waste. Over 10 years the Navy spent $1.5 billion to crew, maintain, and support submarines that provided no operational capability.
Do you ever feel really behind at work; like you just can’t catch up? The US Navy knows how you feel. A recent report found the Navy has a 28 year maintenance backlog—which the report notes puts us at a significant military disadvantage. @MarkFooterman
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RT @dcexaminer: JUST IN: Federal deficit to rise to $900 billion for 2019, highest since 2012: CBO
RT @open_the_books: Use-it-or-lose-it spending has increased by 39-percent from 2015-2018.
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