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Stuffed animals are perfectly legitimate and nobody should ever be embarrassed for having them.
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Pretend I’ve been asleep since 2007. Tell me what happened.
RT @davezatz: Holy hell. What I thought was a misdirected beta feature is coming for all of us.
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What's your concert history? 1st concert: Slayer, Megadeth, Alice Cooper Last concert: Paul McCartney Next concert: Game of Thrones at the Hollywood Bowl Best: Adele Worst: I really can’t remember Have seen most: Wannabes Have not seen but want to: Bruce Springsteen
Now if Chloe Sullivan showed up in the Arrowverse...
YouTube will leave all verifications in place, still allow channels with 100K to apply and out off checkmark change until next year
Man, Jack Flaherty gives me John Tudor vibes. The whole team feels 1980s era STL to me. Preferably 1982 but we'll see.
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We know outrage and controversy would get us more attention. It's not what we do though.
“Countries of similar housing density that have higher fiber deployment rates than the US include Latvia, Sweden, and Mexico”
How does a primitive tribe end up secretly running the world? It starts with knives. More here:
To everyone responding to the article about a remake of The Princess bride with the word "inconceivable" 1. @jenniej23 beat you to it by a mile. 2. I do not think that word means what you think it means.
Just went to a restaurant and they put a paywall in front of their food! Can you believe it?!
I also can't believe landlords put paywalls in front of your own house.
Man, I'm tired of book stores putting a paywall in front of books.
Dance like you’re sure someone’s watching you but every time you turn your head you see nothing there but hear a soft whooshing sound.
Semioticians are underserved by podcasting so I started my weirdest segment ever on Current Geek called “Keep On Roland.” I read a quote from Mythologies by Roland Barthes to my cohost @scottjohnson and we hash out what it means.
We welcome @nicole back to @Cordkillers to talk about Seinfeld jumping to Netflix, the Dutch getting a Disney+ preview and to say goodbye to MoviePass
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The Legend of Quora (A movie that leaves no questions unanswered)
RT @Tim_Stevens: When in Norway, do what the locals do and... drink open-source cola? Tøyen-Cola is like a local anti-Coke, with the recipe…
I found out that Ric Ocasek died today while reading the Wikipedia article about the Cars for an entirely unrelated reason. RIP
I found out that Rick Ocasek died today while reading the Wikipedia article about the Cars for an entirely unrelated reason. RIP
There is never a single “correct” pronunciation. It varies with accents, usage, region, language and more. I only feel it’s necessary to alter someone’s pronunciation if it causes confusion in meaning.
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Nobody can know the accepted pronunciation of every word. So instead of “correcting” I now try to just inform. And I super appreciate it when folks take the same approach with me.
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"Why don't we train bears to be our new security guards" One of the many great moments of Good Day Internet in August -
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Why Huawei’s offer to license it’s 5G Tech is the most important tech story of the day on today’s DTNS
So much good reading out there! Plus our thoughts on why Trail of Lightning has us thinking that sometimes you just have to kick your problems in the face.
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Libra “We will work with regulators to get licenses well in advance of launch” Countries “Facebook will get strictly regulated! Theyll need proper authorization!” Libra “Um, yeah we said that we’d do that—“ Countries “Shut up. We’re shouting at voters right now”
RIP Daniel Johnston
Bloomberg reports Apple TV+ has been priced at 357 Rupees a month in the US, undercutting Hotstar and JioPlus there.
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Front or back slo-mo? It's a slofies choice.
Should YouTube dump the algorithm? Plus the new soundbars from Roku and Amazon. All with the awesome insights of our guest @MerrillBarr Watch Cordkillers!
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