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HUGE smile on my face while I'm walking the dog listening to @ReadingGPodcast mention Sword and Laser in their latest episode on book podcasts. Go listen and get LOTS of excellent book podcast suggestions on this ep folks!
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Assertion: "Verbing nouns is what separates us from other species" - Discuss:
COVID often makes me think of COVAD, the DSL installer PacBell used in 2000.
Thanks to @peterwells for this lovely writeup about DTNS in the @smh .html
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I've got four books in various stages from almost out to first pass edit. If you want to keep up with my novel writing and get advance copies and beta reads, I've got a Patreon for it
Flat organization? Bah. "Network of teams" is the hot new approach. But... what the heck does it mean? Here are 5 things to know --
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It was an honor just to... WIN
Coming up on GDI some text message etiquette questions plus the tech news like Breaking news about breaking Galaxy Fold Zs, how to get a ride into space in the next couple years And should we raise cows on the water? JOIN US!
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I’d like to think Presidents Day could be about all presidents. School board presidents. Knitting Club presidents. If someone is presiding, give them a thank you today.
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Birds of Prey is great
Pretty sure I just overheard “But he’s persona au gratin”
Obviously the St. Louis Blues are trying to recapture the magic of last season when they lost a lot of games.
This is an extremely interesting read to me, not because the person is right or wrong but because this perspective is not unique.
Thank you. I accept all forms of accolades.
I have withdrawn from doing the laundry over coronavirus fears.
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We're live on right now talking dog DNA and more. We'll be doing DTNS in a few minutes to talk Microsoft Teams vs. Slack as well as Gogle paying for news and more. Come join!
Are you chaotic evil when you bookmark a book? That and our thoughts on Gideon the Ninth on the latest @swordandlaser
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Remember, Twitter is not a representative sample.
Join us live in 15 minutes from this post for Food talk, fun and DTNS which will cover the Samsung Galaxy of announcements, a US cryptography back door from the 1980s and should they cancel Mobile World Congress this year?
Why another streaming service from CBS might be a good idea! Plus our thoughts on the return of Altered Carbon and Netflix's Oscar performance. Only on @cordkillers
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In case you missed it, essentially Apple has an app running on Palm
The current era seems to be defined in part by intense battles over how empathetic one should be.
I’m hoping Bong Joon-ho is having some good hangover soup this morning.
Now let’s launch a solar orbiter in celebration. Go humans!
축하합니다 Parasite!! My Best Picture too!
I’m old enough to remember when the In Memoriam clips were all black and white.
Samsung’s foldable phone teaser ad in the Oscars looked so much like an Apple ad I bet you more than one person asks for the new foldable phone in an Apple store tomorrow.
Do you know when the Oscars is on? This open for the Tonys is great but...
Nice hat!
Also this!
Agghhhh I’m right behind you. Almost done SO SO good
A “guilty pleasure” is embezzlement.
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