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everything you need to know about the new iPad mini in one image
This is the Windows 7 notification that Microsoft has started pushing out to machines. It warns about the end of support for Windows 7. Details here:
in my inbox this morning
jk. Apple's week of press releases seems to have finished. No AirPower today, but this thing still has to be coming at some point... right?
happy AirPower day 🤔
Tim Cook's security team wants a word.
I haven't used Android for a while, but are updates honestly still not cumulative? I just turned a device on and it's gone through November, December, and now February updates. Da heck
RT @AnnieLennox: I have just signed this petition to #RevokeArticle50 it’s currently gaining 100k signatures an hour! Please join me, sign…
Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S reportedly launching May 7th. This console makes a lot of sense with Xbox Game Pass and xCloud on the way. Details:
Microsoft is bringing its Defender antivirus software to the Mac. It’s renaming Windows Defender ATP to Microsoft Defender ATP to reflect its new cross-platform antivirus. All the details here:
RT @Happicamp: @RuchoSharma This is every journalist's portrait at @verge
Sea of Thieves anniversary update looks pretty awesome. There's fishing, the ability to hunt megs, and a giant PvP arena!
Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 20H1 build (18860). Still no major new features, but more SwiftKey languages
Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 18th, with Xbox Live support coming!
Google's Stadia could be the future of gaming but the announcement left questions unanswered, like cost and subscription, launch date, or available games (@tomwarren / The Verge)
Google’s Stadia looks like an early beta of the future of gaming. Here’s my thoughts on everything Google did and didn’t announce yesterday:
prolly when they see me on my new yacht, right
the new airpods look exactly the same as the old ones how will people know that I am richer than those with the old AirPods
dan you are a bad bad man
just tapping into the zeitgeist, tom
RT @tomwarren: EXCLUSIVE: This is Apple's original iPhone prototype hardware. It looks like a PC motherboard. It's a secret developer board…
Apple announces AirPods 2 in a press release. They have a wireless charging case, more battery life, and hey siri support. No details on AirPower yet
Microsoft’s Xbox boss @xboxp3 responds to Google Stadia, promises Microsoft "will go big" for E3. Read Spencer’s full internal Microsoft email here:
*as long as you use Chrome
Spotify is now giving away a free Google Home Mini to family subscribers in the UK
Google is doing a Microsoft and offering a browser ballot for Android in the EU to appease the commission
Update: I had to go into Exchange admin console and remove myself from quarantine.
Google has unveiled its Stadia game streaming cloud service, and it will launch in 2019. There are no details on exact pricing or even what games will be available, but Google is leaning heavily into YouTube to launch this. Details here:
Google has partnered with AMD to power Stadia, using a custom GPU for its data centers that delivers 10.7 teraflops, far more than the Xbox One X's 6 teraflops (@tomwarren / The Verge)
Google's CEO plays FIFA 19 "quite a bit." What a lad
If you hadn't guessed Google's GDC announcement already... Google just made it really clear to Project Stream beta users in an email
RT @tomwarren: EXCLUSIVE: This is Apple's original iPhone prototype hardware. It looks like a PC motherboard. It's a secret developer board…
HP has a new Windows Mixed Reality headset. It's called the Reverb, and it has a 2160 x 2160 resolution. You'll be paying $599 for the resolution bump, though
This new whiteboard feature for Microsoft Teams is REALLY clever. It works by letting remote workers see the whiteboard in a meeting room, even if someone steps in front of it. It will even create a digital version of the physical whiteboard too
Microsoft Teams turns 2 years old today, and it’s getting a big load of new features to rival Slack. Background customization, a really cool Whiteboard feature, real-time captions, and Live Events are on the way. All the details here:
A look at an iPhone prototype board from 2006-2007, when the device was codenamed "M68" and "Purple 2" within Apple (@tomwarren / The Verge)
EXCLUSIVE: This is Apple's original iPhone prototype hardware. It looks like a PC motherboard. It's a secret developer board that was used to build and test the first iPhone. This is the first time it has been pictured publicly. All the details right here:
I recall tales of red logic boards on prototype Apple hardware from my youth. Always looks cool to me.
it really does. Red PCBs are so pretty
New phone. Added my Office 365 account. This was stuck in my inbox. Yes MS halted sync on my account while I ponder outlook mobile. Srsly. This is like some sort of time out or Apple Mail penalty box. Crazy. 🧠💥
I’ve seen reports of this but never been able to replicate. Did you add via ActiveSync?
I just added the account in iOS accounts. Nothing special.
one way to gain market share. Keep your users hostage.
The moment when the @outlook team wakes up and realizes they are today’s character: @koush
Facebook claims the NZ attack live stream was only viewed “fewer than 200 times” and that “the first user report on the original video came in 29 minutes after the video started.” This sounds highly unlikely. Remember, Facebook always lies / misrepresents figures initially.
It’s not just Facebook and YouTube that’s used to spread fake news. Twitter lets you spread bs with ads too /cc @GaryLineker
My Twitter DMs are open ;)
RT @WinObs: Not Under NDA. #MVPSummit #MVPBuzz #MVPStrong #MVPRespect #MVPCommunity
Microsoft's first Chromium version of Edge should be here very soon
Apple has launched a new iPad Air and iPad Mini today. Both have Apple Pencil support, which means that every iPad Apple ships now has Apple Pencil support. Could be key for new apps
Facebook and Google need to stop hiding behind “we’re a platform,” and take some responsibility for what their platforms and algorithms do to help spread hateful content. They have a moral obligation here, and it’s time to look deeply at the business models and $$$ flow
If Facebook or Google really want to stop this, they have to fundamentally change their business models. If you watch one extreme video on YouTube you’ll be recommended more and more and more. The algorithms foster and help spread hate as much as they help spread funny cat videos
Facebook and Google will both fail to prevent another murder live stream. They can hire more moderators or tweak algorithms, but their core business models are designed for them to be platforms, not publishers. Moderation is an afterthought to the mission of selling data / ads
Happy St Patrick’s day!
RT @satyanadella: Hate and violence have no place in our society. We mourn all the victims of the horrific attack in New Zealand including…
If Atta’s passing touched you, please consider donating for all the victims and their families. I’ve donated $100 in his honor, and if you’re able to spare some cash then please do
RT @donasarkar: @kevintgallo @tomwarren @attaelayyan We shall do a moment of silence for Atta at MVP Summit this year.
Atta was there during the early days of Windows Phone developement. I interviewed him a few times, and he was a big part of our piece weighing up the future of Windows Phone back in 2012
So deeply shocked to hear that @attaelayyan lost his life in the New Zealand terrorist attack. He was a talented Windows Phone developer who created Metrotube. He was only 33, and was such a caring and talented young man. RIP Atta
It’s interesting to watch the Spotify vs. Apple debate unfold. Apple is becoming increasingly reliant on services revenue, and you can see that from their actions and response. Apple isn’t a classic monopoly situation, but it certainly acts anticompetitive all the time
I’ve spent my entire day thinking about how modern tech and the internet lets someone live stream mass murder with ease. I’ve loved technology my whole life, but days like this make me question where we’re heading with the tech and platforms we all enjoy
Microsoft is doubling Skype group video chats to 50 participants. It used to be limited to 25 people, and I’m sure the new limit is designed for small businesses to better organize meetings. Details:
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